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The famous manga by Sonoda Ken'ichi comes to life in this action-packed Anime mini-series, available for the first time in stunning HD!
Estimated ship date: April 2019
The famous manga by Sonoda Ken'ichi comes to life in this action-packed Anime mini-series, available for the first time in stunning HD! Estimated ship date: April 2019
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Love Hurts

Posted by Robert J Woodhead (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Time for another update. Today's topic is the design of the “Grenade Pin” goodie.

We've settled on a basic design for the pin, as follows:

However, as always, we'd like your comments and suggestions before we get a prototype made.

One thing that definitely isn't set in stone is the text on the pin. We had a little fun with it and have come up with a few alternate possibilities...

Natsumi likes this one…
Natsumi likes this one…
This one is perhaps a bit too passive-aggressive…
This one is perhaps a bit too passive-aggressive…
…last summer?
…last summer?
If only it were a thermal detonator!
If only it were a thermal detonator!
Umm… Sasha… We need to talk about oversharing…
Umm… Sasha… We need to talk about oversharing…

So, do you have any good suggestions for the caption? If so, post them in the comments. We'll pick the best ones and run a poll to decide which one to use. If you can't post because you backed the project after the Kickstarter, just email your suggestion to us.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brad Eldridge on

      "Rest In Pieces" came to mind, in case this is still open for suggestions. It is an explosive after all. Sorry if missed the cut off or was already suggested, but didn't see a date and looks like it wasn't previously suggested. Definitely love the grenade pin option!

    2. Felaguin

      LOL @ the last caption ...

    3. Ethan on

      I have to say I'm with, what looks like, the majority here. The any of the first 3.

    4. Jonathan Torres on

      "You never called!"
      "Love is like an open door of explosions."
      "Play *my* game, get hurt!"

    5. Missing avatar

      Tara on

      I like from may with love.

    6. cybereye on

      I wonder if the ribbon can be at the bottom of the Grenade Pin? That can give more detail of the Grenade itself.

    7. cybereye on

      @Kryssen Robinson, I take one of yours note idea on the heartfelt one and change to "I Love you this much. NOT."

    8. Kryssen Robinson on

      -Heartfelt ones-

      You're the pin to my heart.
      You keep me from exploding.
      I love you, this much.

      My feelings are a grenade and your love is the pin. And you keep me from destroying it all.(Kinda long though.)

      -Funny ones-

      I'm explosive.
      My love is explosive.
      Let's go out...with a bang.
      All's fair in Love and War.
      My love will blow your mind.
      This is for you sweetheart.

    9. Melinda Davidson on

      I like “From May with Love”, I think that’s the best one!

    10. Missing avatar

      Bryan Davies on

      Keep it short and simple as possible, maybe even "Love, May"

    11. Daikaiju on

      Kiss, Kiss, Flashbang

    12. Steven Waugh on

      The six picture works best

    13. Missing avatar

      George Camile-Perkins on

      I like from May with Love.
      My suggestions would be: Boom Boom Kitten
      Ken's Girl
      Small Package, Big Bang!

    14. Missing avatar

      John Deemer

      I like "From May with love."

    15. Missing avatar

      Carsten Lund Adelhøj on

      ''From May with love'' or ''Feel the love'' are fun. ''You know what you did'' are also a fun one.
      So those 3 I would be happy with.

    16. Missing avatar

      Timothy P. Coyle on

      From May with love, hands down. Why? It says Gunsmith Cats like nothing else.

    17. Josh "Panda" Farley on

      I vote "From may with love"

    18. Missing avatar

      Nathan Campbell on

      "Pull May's pin! Dare you!"😘

    19. Stark

      I like 'From May with Love' the best though the last certainly made me laugh!

      Other Ideas/suggestions
      Bombs Away, Baby
      Sayonara Sweetheart
      Going out with a BANG
      Tick Tock... Boom!
      Handle with Care
      Just for You
      For an Explosively Good Time
      and my favorite from my personal history with explosives, the classic...
      Fire in the Hole!

      Still I like your first one best.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ashton Savoy on

      “Love Hurts” , then “From May with Love”

    21. cybereye on

      An extra word, "From May with love and kiss". On the grenade replace the heart with a lip. Or maybe a bigger heart with a lip inside the heart.

    22. Missing avatar

      Russell on

      I like "From May, With Love," and "Feel the Love."
      "You know what you did" is funny, but to me it doesn't feel appropriate.

    23. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      “You Know What You Did” followed by "From May with love"

    24. kristopher gonzales

      “You Know What You Did.”

    25. Vey on

      "From May With Love" then "Love Hurts"

    26. nagi on

      "From May With Love" is classic, best option. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Simon Mark de Wolfe

      explosive kiss !
      I like the with may with love

    28. Missing avatar

      D.J. on

      I'd put in another vote for "Now it's my turn!" just because that seems appropriate.
      Of those listed, 'From May with Love' seems the best to me.
      Other than that? Some possibilities:
      "Contents may be volatile"
      "To whom it may concern"
      "Mr. (Ms?) Grenade is not your friend"
      "BOMBS AWAY!"
      "Michael Bay? No--Minnie May!"

    29. cybereye on

      The idea I came up can't be out do "From May with love". I do like "Love hurt" is similar as "Love kill"
      These are the idea.
      "Kiss Da bomb, sweetie"
      "Sweet dreams"
      "Find what you love and it kill you"
      "Sweet revenge"

    30. EvaUnit02 on

      I choose "Love Hurts"!

    31. Beh Kok Seng

      The first one looks good.

    32. Joshua R. Herbert on

      "From May with Love."

    33. Dax Cushman on

      I really like “You Know What You Did.”

    34. Jon Chang on

      You Know What You Did or the last one...

    35. Vivian McCarty on

      Dittoing Maura Werner's comment.

    36. James Tighe

      @Max Geary "It goes of in your mouth and not your hand" Mmm mm

    37. James Tighe

      "A blast from the Past"

    38. James Tighe


    39. T Allan Hobbs on

      I think May would be a Taylor Swift fan and quote her a lot with things like "I got a blank space Baby" or my personal favorite..."Look what you made me do"

    40. Maura Werner on


    41. Maura Werner on

      Love the first three! Any of those would work! :) While the last one is funny, I don't see the practicality of it. You did get a good laugh of me for the last one though!

    42. Missing avatar

      Wesley Miaw on

      I like "From May With Love" and "Love Hurts".

    43. FlamingFirewire on

      Definitely like Feel the Love the most of the bunch :P

    44. Missing avatar

      Dakota Shallow on

      "From May with Love " is my top pic

    45. Daniel Smith on

      Love Hurts and From May with Love are my likes

    46. Ed Martinez on

      "Can't be Helped"
      "Now It's My Turn!"

    47. Missing avatar

      Manuel Moran

      "From May With Love," is definitely my favorite real one but overall the Greg one takes the cake though x'D

    48. Missing avatar


      I really meant to call, May, something just came up.