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The famous manga by Sonoda Ken'ichi comes to life in this action-packed Anime mini-series, available for the first time in stunning HD!
Estimated ship date: April 2019
The famous manga by Sonoda Ken'ichi comes to life in this action-packed Anime mini-series, available for the first time in stunning HD! Estimated ship date: April 2019
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June Update

Posted by Robert J Woodhead (Creator)

Greetings everyone!

Time for a progress report on the project.

Before we get into that, just wanted to give everyone a headsup that there is less than a week to go on Mr. Sonoda's Bean Bandit Kickstarter. They've met their initial goal but it'll be interesting to see what the final total is.

Subtitle Sausages

For the last month we've been grinding out translations and subtitles. We've got second-pass subtitles completed for the main program, and first-pass titles done for the original production featurette, the original English commentary and Mr. Sonoda's Drawing Tips. We're also completing initial translations on the two Japanese commentaries.


A big part of the artbook is on hold pending receipt of new original art from Mr. Sonoda and his Dōjinshi artist friends. However, we've done the graphic cleanup on most of the ~150 pages of settei and translated all the artists notes. So when the final artwork does become available, it'll mostly be a matter of slotting it in the right places.


Based on the feedback from the goodies poll, we are planning to add both a pair of rubber straps and a logo t-shirt to the list of goodies. We are already in the process of getting samples of the rubber straps made, and they should be arriving in a few weeks.

We are also working on initial designs for the t-shirt, coin, keychain, pin, squishy grenade and patches. We'll be running those by you in the coming weeks.

We've decided not to run the Kickstarter Backer Survey until after the designs for the goodies are mostly finalized. This is because you'll be able to make your initial goodie choices as part of the survey, and while you'll be able to change your mind at any time, it'll mean less work for us doing it this way. Same goes with address updates– the later we do the survey, the fewer people will move by the time we ship.

That's all for this time!

Robert & Natsumi

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    1. Cmercur on

      I agree. The strap should have something like a logo/copyright info printed on the back side:…

    2. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      I noticed the Rubber Straps being one sided and not two sided. Shoudnt there be a portrait on both sides and not just white seeing as most will probably use these for phones? Or is the white sided back pretty normal when it comes to straps?

    3. Kenneth Callaway on

      Oh and big thank you to Robert and Natsumi for the Bean Bandit link, I'm so glad I could kick in my part for more Bean Bandit goodness! haha

    4. Kenneth Callaway on

      As the owner of "The Jacket," I'm all about a tshirt!!!

    5. Ben Taylor on

      Looking good. Thanks for the progress update

    6. Vince Vazquez

      Just found out about the new Bean Bandit project from Mr Falcon Punch's YouTube channel today, haha. Couldn't head over there fast enough. Super cool timing between this project and that one - so glad to see this\these properties back in the spotlight!

    7. Maura Werner on

      AWESOME! Rubber straps, whoo-hoo!!! :) They look SOOOO adorable! I can't wait to see pictures of the samples!

    8. MerryX on

      Looks awesome!