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$5,325 pledged of $24,000 goal
By MADmade
$5,325 pledged of $24,000 goal

Recent updates

Thank you for your support, everyone!

Unfortunately we didn't make it for this campaign, but we're still moving ahead with the FireFly. I wanted to thank everyone that supported us, and I also want to let you all know that the questions and comments have really helped us to steer the production of the FireFly into the best direction.

We're planning on funding this on our own, but hopefully it won't take too much longer than if we were successful here. But if anyone that has backed us here would still like to get a FireFly, please let me know and we'll let you know as soon as they're available. Plus we'll honor the same KickStarter pricing (unless we're actually able to bring the price down). Not to mention, everyone asking about the battery pack...we've made the decision to also move ahead with the production of that as well, so it will be available as an optional accessory when we release the FireFly.

If you're interested, send me an email (bmanning at, and I'll add you to the list.

Thank you again for your support!!

5 Days (of Funk) Left!! (plus new image)

We can do this, everyone! With only 5 days left, its really coming down to the wire. I wanted to show everyone what the custom art versions would look like for the $200 reward level. This was a piece done for one of the backers, and seeing it printed in its full size (the image takes up the entire back surface of the FireFly) was pretty cool.

Yes that's a rockin' Old Ben Kenobi! He never gets any love, since the prequels came out. But now, this bad boy is gonna grace the back of a FireFly! The logo in the middle lights up, so the template that we will send out includes the placement of the logo, so you can adjust your art to avoid it (or incorporate it into the piece, like we did here).

New Video!

I know some people mentioned that we should probably do a nicer video, so luckily I was able to get some really nice people to help me put this new one together. Thank you again for your support, KickStarter community!

New Rewards added!

We've had several people ask if we could offer the custom art versions of the FireFly in groups, like the regular version. So what we did was add two new reward levels for the three (3) and five (5) groups.

Also, yes, I do plan on making the video nicer :( so please bear with me while I'm taking care of that.

Thank you for all of your support and interest!

- Brian