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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
7,934 backers pledged $423,564 to help bring this project to life.

New Project! Kozē - Lightweight, Inflatable, and Amazing Comfort Anywhere

Posted by Made In College (Creator)

Amazing Backers!

We thought we would check in again! It's been almost two years since we last went on a journey together. And we wanted to let you know what we're up to!

If you haven't checked us out on Amazon here is a link. We're also getting our Amazon UK fulfillment set next week, so we'll have another surprise to make it up to our European backers soon!

Check us out on Amazon!
Check us out on Amazon!

Warranty, Pledges, Etc.

If you haven't received your pledge yet (There are still some of you who haven't filled out your survey!), please read our FAQ below and get them to us! We want to make sure you get your rewards!

If your BelayCord has broken, fear not--we stand behind our products! Just email us at for warranty information (does not cover abnormal wear and tear or abuse).

New Project!

We're excited to announce our new project! It's taken awhile, but we're finally live! 


Kozē - Lightweight, Inflatable, and Amazing Comfort Anywhere

Hammocks are great, but there aren't always two perfectly spaced trees to use. For the beach, park, and festival, now there's Koze. 

Back us today!

With Love Always,

<3 BelayCords

BelayCord FAQ: 

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions: 

Where can I buy BelayCords now? You can buy them on amazon here:

I haven't received my Kickstarter reward. Where is it? You were sent a survey in November of 2014 to your Kickstarter email address. Please fill out that survey to get your reward.

It wants to charge me for the cable! The value of the coupon will show up before checking out. Please continue the checkout process.

It wants to charge me shipping for the cable! Some shipping costs are covered by the customer, we pay a portion of them to the fulfillment facility that ships the cables.

Can I return these cables for a refund? We do not accept returns on used or opened merchandise.

I want to change my shipping address! Please change your shipping address via the celery order confirmation.

It was shipped to the wrong address! We ship cables to the address the customer selects. We cannot change addresses once the cables have already shipped.

Has it shipped yet? You'll receive an shipment notification when your order ships.

How does the warranty work? You may email for warranty information. The warranty policy does not cover abnormal wear and tear or abuse.

Have you received my warranty replacement? We ask that you ship your cables with tracking to ensure delivery and proof of delivery. We cannot be responsible for cables that are not received or do not have proof of tracking. We send all cables to the manufacturer for warranty replacement, please be patient as we process returns.

How do I use this coupon? You may use it at Please click "Promo Code" to enter it.

Why didn't you deliver on time? We originally planned on selling $4,000 of pledged cables. Because of your amazing support, we raised over one hundred times that amount! Additionally, strains on the AVNET lightning adapter and our certification with apple being the FIRST AND ONLY MFI certified reversible USB by apple :). We ended up shipping a couple months late, but are super happy that our customers have received and enjoyed our products for over a year!

What does Lifetime Guarantee really mean? We'll replace your broken cable with a replacement cable free of charge, just pay shipping. Does not include cables that have excessive wear or abuse. We will continue to stand behind our cables and process warranties. We got your back!! You can also now buy our cables on!

How many cables have been returned under this policy? We've used an internal standard of less than 1% defect rate to determine quality testing. We've received less than 500 inquiries over the past two years for warranty requests with tens of thousands of cables sold. Needless to say, we are very pleased with these numbers!

I'm glad you shipped so quickly and stand behind your products. Some projects don't...Why do some kickstarter projects deliver late? Or not at all? Unfortunately, you're right. You can see CNNs article here on the timelines of Kickstarter's most famous projects. You may also view the Kickstarter independent analysis by the University of Pennsylvania found here: Among that research, it shows that Kickstarter projects have a 9% chance of failing to deliver rewards.

Why don't you cover return shipping? If it arrived broken we would surely replace it for free. Additionally, we test and QC all of our cables immensely. We know we manufacture and sell high quality cables and they are tough--but not indestructible. If they break, we will fix them for free--but you are responsible for the shipping costs. Most companies do not replace their charging cables--and if they break, they won't help you. We stand behind our cables, but want to stay in business to continue replacing cables as they break. Additionally, we've experienced some instances where customers take advantage of this policy to attempt to change colors of their cables or adapter types when they upgrade to new phones. This policy helps prevent abuse.

If your concern is not covered above, we'll assign a support ticket and will staff your request as soon as possible! 


With Love, 

<3 The Belay Cords Team


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    1. Phillip Thrush on

      What is the surprise for European backers?
      I have seen the cables on Amazon uk now at £29 I know you offered a discount before but that was for previous backers.

      I already have 2 from you via Kickstarter and use them everyday, without fault. I'm pretty sure to the people that are moaning about only 1 magnetic keeper- that when this got mentioned Creator did originally say that it would only be on one cable no matter how many you ordered.

      I hope to see a similar deal you offered .com to the Amazon uk users (backers only)


    2. Matt on

      exactly.... the first thing the creator of belay keeps says is "ship it back," that cost time and money and I'm not willing to put another dime into anything until my original pledge of a working cable is fulfilled.

    3. MaccaBot on

      3 cables already failed and I'm using them normally, your are one of the 2 weakest over the 5 different kind of cables I have used.
      You expect me to pay more than what a cable cost for shipping it...
      Well... Maybe "you stand behind your products", but you stend FAR behind them... NO MORE SUPPORT to you guys, SORRY, you have been VERY DISAPPOINTING...

    4. Made In College 3-time creator on

      Creator Made In College about 6 hours ago
      If you are having trouble with your cable please email us, we're happy to replace them under our warranty (normal wear and tear, does not cover abuse)! To initiate a warranty please email us at or visit
      If you haven't received your cable yet, please ensure you filled out your survey we sent in November 2014. It was sent to your kickstarter email address. Please read our updates at
      If you have any questions or concerns please write us at as we do not monitor the comment section. Emails are assigned a ticket to measure response time and ensure prompt customer support.
      Always yours,
      The BelayCords Team

    5. Made In College 3-time creator on

      @davis replacements are brand new, we'll be here if you change your mind

    6. Made In College 3-time creator on

      @alexey tough, not indestructible. Email us at for the free replacements.

    7. Made In College 3-time creator on

      @andrew doa cables are rare. We're happy to replace any for free. Just write us at so we know about it.

    8. Made In College 3-time creator on

      @matt all cables sent to us via the warranty are replaced. Feel free to write us at with your order if you think it's been lost in transit to us.

    9. Made In College 3-time creator on

      @kayne thanks for your support! We've sold over 20,000 cables and have received less than 500 warranty inquiries. We use our cables regularly and know how tough they are. If you'd like to utilize the warranty just email us at

    10. Dāvis Freimanis on

      Trash cable thatlooks good but worked only for few months, waste of money, and their service sucks, I will not pay money to ship back this crap and hope for a replacement.

    11. Alexey Makarov on

      Pledged for 4 cables. To the moment, 3 are died, and one was with no magnetic clip from the beginning.

      BTW, magnetic clips on other cables are broken itself after some time.

    12. Andrew christiansen on

      One cable works the other never did.... Have requested a replacement several times and all I get is the automatic response for a normal warranty replacement that I need to pay for shipping..... Why should i have to pay for shipping if it never worked. I put money into this and now you want more for something that never worked.... I think not

    13. Matt on

      the cord you sent me didn't work, promised a replacement by belay, never received. you guys gotta be kidding about asking us to buy more stuff from you, right?
      how bout you get the first project right, then ask us about funding a second mmmmkay?

    14. Kayne Strippe on

      Your cords were garbage. Your customer service stinks. I'm certainly not going to support another project by you and will discourage others from doing so.

    15. Made In College 3-time creator on

      @Julia We'll get you sorted out :) I can hand ship yours. Indeed we charge for shipping now, but we should have gotten your survey in before the last year. Can you write us? Thanks!

    16. Made In College 3-time creator on

      @jonathan @julia did you receive a survey? we need you to fill it out and so we know where and what to send you. I'll follow up personally if you email us at

    17. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      I am out $55 for this project. The reward description explicitly includes shipping for US backers, but I was told more than once that I would have to pay.
      I was sent a new survey link late last year, but it's for Patrick Strauss,, who is certainly NOT me.

    18. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      I have also never received my cords, having been told that I would have to pay to get them. I would never back another project by this team. I have backed over 300 projects and have never been treated so badly by project creators.

    19. Jonathan Kho on

      Hi, until now I have not received my belay cords and I am one of your backers.. I sent countless emails to your team and they kept asking me to buy it when I have already backed your project. Seriously, I have given up hope in getting my belay cords..