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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
7,934 backers pledged $423,564 to help bring this project to life.

BOGO COUPON! Updates! And Our new partner,!

Posted by Made In College (Creator)

Dear Lovies,

It's been a hot second since we wrote you last. In March 2015, we wrote you saying the final shipments of BelayCords were being sent out. In April 2015, we wrote a BIGGGG thank you letter to you, our amazing backers. And boy are we still thankful! 

It's been quite a journey. Overcoming concerns about MFI Certification from Apple, Packaging, Manufacturing Delays, Avnet Lightning Connector sourcing strains (that the entire industry felt), and more. But, you never doubted us once and WE DID IT TOGETHER!

It's pretty cool seeing an idea move from conception to reality, and even as far as store shelves. Thanks to Kickstarter, the Kickstarter Community, and our amazing backers, we've accomplished a ton! Much Love!

Together we've created over 20 miles of charging cables, that's over 30,060 meters! 

The Burj Khalifa is the largest building in the world and if you put our cables end to end you could measure the building over 36 times! What!!! Or for our American backers, you could measure the Empire State building over 78 times!

Stress Tests and Warranty

We've stress tested our cables before manufacturing and shipping them your way, and boy can I tell you, we tortured them. They survived 35 Newtons of force at a maximum rate of 12.5 mm per minute on insertion, 10 Newtons minimum at 12.55mm per minute on extraction, over 2,000 cycle tests at 30 cycles/minute, pulling forces measurement, extreme temperature testing, Salt Mist tests, PH Tests!, ROHS Compliant, and more. 

In laymen's terms (and some of our customers), "they're tough as f***".

Some of you have managed to break them, which deserves some praise in itself! We're more than happy to replace them under our lifetime warranty (except abuse or abnormal wear and tear). Just pay shipping, or stop by our Chapel Hill office! We'll give you a brand new cable :). The high-end cable components and adapters are kind of expensive, so please don't abuse this policy! We want to keep it around for everyone! We've received some pretty messed up cables! Let me tell you!

To get return instructions, just email us at .

Goal Update

We set out initially to accomplish a couple of simple goals:

  • Create a simple, durable cable that would last
  • Incorporate patented Reversible USB technology and Magnetic Cable Wrap to make using that cable easy
  • Standing behind our cables and our promise
  • Offering our cables worldwide on Amazon

Today we can say we've accomplished all four! Thank you Amazon, our new sales and fulfillment partner!

We're so excited to work with Amazon and have our cables stored, shipped, and fulfilled by their amazing team. Customer support and service is handled quickly via a call or chat, they have a huge distribution network, and are a standup company. Cheers to them!

It's a Celebration (BOGO)

To celebrate this awesome accomplishment, and maybe apologize for a bit of the deliver delay ;) , We're doing a Buy One Get One (BOGO) for our Kickstarter backers (thats you!). 

Just add two BelayCords to your cart and use the coupon code:


We did say it was just for you! It will give you a free cable with the purchase of one, that's two BelayCords for just $30! that way you can check out our amazing packaging, get another cool Magnetic Keeper, grab a couple extra for the car, or one for your new phone or device. We still offer Micro, Mini, Lightning, and 30 Pin Options!

Don't forget to leave us a review! 

Thanks again, for all of your amazing help and support through the process. We love Kickstarter and the community that makes it great. 

With Love Always,

The BelayCords Team

Other Notes

If you still haven't received your BelayCord, please check your Kickstarter email for the survey we sent in November 2014. Please fill it out so we know where to ship your reward! I imagine these will continue trickling in for months (maybe years?) to come. 

Check out prior updates at for more info if you're lost!

Feel free to email us at if you need any support!

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    1. Bodhi Durant

      My cords have stopped working. How do I get replacements.

    2. Luis Julian Lopez on

      @madeincollege Can you please have someone actually respond to my email not just some bot. It is getting really annoying that i have not yet received my cords.

    3. Juan Rossi on

      Haven't received my cords and customer service is completely unresponsive. I don't understand how they still sell this via Amazon and haven't gone bankrupt (Maybe is because they steal your money).

    4. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Creator, you've withdrawn the BOZO coupons already? That lasted about as long as most of your cables. No more love for your amazing backers?

    5. Devon Strzelewicz on

      BOGO coupon for Amazon isn't working

    6. Terry Kimura on

      Dear Team,

      The BOGO coupon returns an error message on Amazon. Is there a deadline to the availability of the coupon, or is there are a problem on the backend? Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Indrajit Motala on

      these guys are Scammers , along with the whole Kickstarter group who most likely get commission on the scam. They collected pledge funds from me in 2014 but never delivered, They want a survey in order to fulfill but DO NOT HAVE AN ACTIVE SURVEY on the Kickstarter webs site and Kickstarter ignores and avoids the issue.

    8. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @david bunce, no need to post a review. Plenty of others have beaten you to it. For example:

      1. Throwing $35 in the trash would be a better use of your cash
      By Ph6222 - January 20, 2016
      Worst cable I have ever owned. The $5 gas station cable is a better quality then this junk.

      2. By mattmma22 - January 17, 2016
      if zero stars were an option, you would get it. the cord didn't charge my iPad out of the box, regardless of being attached to a certified apple wall plug. contacted belay, no response. just look at the reviews here on Kickstarter. steer clear of these fly by night con artists.

      @david, I couldn't have said it better myself.

    9. david bunce on

      Hard to post a review when I still don't have one.
      I have sent you quite a few (more than 2 at least) to which you have not even bothered to reply to or acknowledge. All together not a happy experience.

    10. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Same old camouflage tactics from BelayFlaws. Wall of text to try to hide criticism. Try to contact them? Good luck with that. Rubbish product, terrible customer service, premium price.

    11. Made In College 3-time creator on

      If you are having trouble with your cable please email us, we're happy to replace them under our warranty (normal wear and tear, does not cover abuse)! To initiate a warranty please email us at or visit
      If you haven't received your cable yet, please ensure you filled out your survey we sent in November 2014. It was sent to your kickstarter email address. Please read our updates at
      If you have any questions or concerns please write us at as we do not monitor the comment section. Emails are assigned a ticket to measure response time and ensure prompt customer support.
      Always yours,
      The BelayCords Team

    12. Made In College 3-time creator on

      Below are some answers to commonly asked questions:
      I haven't received my Kickstarter reward. Where is it?
      You were sent a survey in November of 2014 to your Kickstarter email address. Please fill out that survey to get your reward.
      It wants to charge me for the cable!
      The value of the coupon will show up before checking out. Please continue the checkout process.
      It wants to charge me shipping for the cable!
      Some shipping costs are covered by the customer, we pay a portion of them to the fulfillment facility that ships the cables.
      Can I return these cables for a refund?
      We do not accept returns on used or opened merchandise.
      I want to change my shipping address!
      Please change your shipping address via the celery order confirmation.
      It was shipped to the wrong address!
      We ship cables to the address the customer selects. We cannot change addresses once the cables have already shipped.
      Has it shipped yet?
      You'll receive an shipment notification when your order ships.
      How does the warranty work?
      You may email for warranty information. The warranty policy does not cover abnormal wear and tear or abuse.
      Have you received my warranty replacement?
      We ask that you ship your cables with tracking to ensure delivery and proof of delivery. We cannot be responsible for cables that are not received or do not have proof of tracking. We send all cables to the manufacturer for warranty replacement, please be patient as we process returns.
      How do I use this coupon?
      You may use it at Please click "Promo Code" to enter it.
      Why don't you cover return shipping?
      If it arrived broken we would surely replace it for free. Additionally, we test and QC all of our cables immensely. We know we manufacture and sell high quality cables and they are tough--but not indestructible. If they break, we will fix them for free--but you are responsible for the shipping costs.
      Most companies do not replace their charging cables--and if they break, they won't help you. We stand behind our cables, but want to stay in business to continue replacing cables as they break. Additionally, we've experienced some instances where customers take advantage of this policy to attempt to change colors of their cables or adapter types when they upgrade to new phones. This policy helps prevent abuse.
      If your concern is not covered above, we'll assign a support ticket and will staff your request as soon as possible! Thanks!
      With Love,
      The Belay Cords Team

    13. Missing avatar

      far minded on

      I'm still waiting for my cables , i have yet to receive anything I have sent messages and not gotten a response.


    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Combes on

      Everybody should go on Amazon to tell what BelayCords quality and customer service really is :…. Like many others, mine stopped working after 1 month, and customer service asks me to pays twice for shipment, while it is 100% their fault... And they stopped answering to email. So everybody should rate BelayCords as many many people have the same kind of problems, it might help them to remember all the beautiful promises they made to us?

    15. Matt on

      your product is broken, so is your reputation.... guess which is the only one you can fix?

    16. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Here's a fairly typical review on Amazon.

      "I bought two of these cords through their Kickstarter. They charge very slowly compared to other cords. Each lasted for about 4 months before being unable to charge at all. Their warranty sounds good, but in practice they require you to pay for *tracked* shipping of the defective cords back to them and for shipping the replacement cords to you. Given that not insignificant cost and the many, many reports of other customers receiving defective cables as *replacements*, I elected to buy Native Union cables instead, which I don't regret. Their "customer service" is incredibly belligerent and will post walls of text of "proof" of the quality of the product, despite all evidence to the contrary. I cannot recommend these cables."

    17. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Beh Kok Seng, so it's a "mudguard" - shiny on top but full of crap underneath.

    18. Beh Kok Seng

      Belay cord is a good design, but two out of four of my cables are not working properly after usage for two months.Doh!

    19. Ian Hardacre on

      Mine was delivered without the promised magnetic cable catch - my note ignored about this

      And now your offer only apply to your domestic US customers

      No congratulations from this dissatisfied backer

    20. Vincent B. Donadio

      I'm having a hard time comprehending all of these negative comments.. but there are a lot of negative reviews on Amazon, as well....

      I got my BelayCord (Lightning) way back when rewards were shipped and it has actually been my most reliable cable so far (with the exception of an Anker cable that is still going strong). All my other cables (including official Apple cables) have stopped working within 1-4 months. BelayCord going strong for quite a bit longer than that, now.

      I was going to order 2 more (one for wife and one for me for travel) but the negative reviews are making me thing that maybe my GOOD cable is actually the "lemon" and the majority of the cables out there are not as good... It makes me wonder, do most people have the Micro-USB or the Lightning? Micro-USB is a shoddy connector standard to begin with...

    21. Leon

      Actually, I thought I was never going to see these and going to be the first one I've joined to fail. But I noticed the other day, they did the survey/order outside Kickstarter and was the reason I missed in. Finally filled it out and they came in this week. Now I have a bunch of Anker, Tronsmart, Remax and Nillkin cables out of China already. Of which some are double sided at both ends (the microUSB part) as well. But still, it's nice to be able to check this project off the list.

    22. Julie Sorrell on

      Thanks for the offer. But won't ship them to the UK, so I can't use it. Rather disappointed.

    23. nik zahn on

      mine broke too but finally got it replaced. wasn't the Kickstarter Green supposed to be a campaign exclusive?

    24. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      Use facts. The pin connector length is too short for a robust setting in the surround. This makes it too easy for the connector to leverage out alignment and break the connection. I'm still waiting fir my replacement cable.

      The fact is, I can buy a more reliable $5 lightning cable.

      Stop marketing and start engineering and send out replacements.

    25. Tammy Sy on

      such a big overclaim! the cord is not lasting at all!! i bought 2 back then, and 1 is not functioning and another is not in use coz i dont find it any better than other cords. i charge up so slowly! i was super upset about u charging me 10x the shipping cost while the product was only delivered from china to hong kong. not to mention that before i receive urs, i found there were so many same kind of cords available in the market! u r just repacking product already available and im called stupid to hv pledge for ur products

    26. Ramon Lyn on

      It would be so nice if I could ever get my cords. And yes I did fill out the survey and since moved and my cords been shipped to the wrong address and never forwarded to my new address. Customer service is really terrible with these guys

    27. Davik on

      My cord fell apart and is now trash. Went ahead and bought Dark Energy's paracord-wrapped cord. Thing rocks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kirk S. on

      Between these comments and the reviews on Amazon, it's an easy decision. We won't buy more.

    29. Griffmiester on

      Should I be able to order them from Amazon to be shipped overseas?
      I'm getting this error in my Amazon Cart:

      "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order."

    30. Missing avatar

      Katie Bashford on

      I never actually received my cords (and neither did a lot of other Kickstarter supporters), so pardon me if I can't get excited for your "big success." Maybe go back and fulfill orders and demonstrate some actual customer service before you attempt to go bigger. Boo.

    31. Kayne Strippe on

      I got my cords thru Kickstarter and had a bad experience with these cables and the company. The cords stopped working in just a few days. I sent them back, paid for shipping and received new cords. The new cords stopped working after just a few days. I refuse to pay for shipping again. Save yourself a headache, don't buy these cords.

    32. Dean Meyer on

      I've sent multiple emails to the provided email since my cable stopped working with no reply.

    33. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      Same here... I bought two cords over Kickstarter and one of them only works for charging, not for file transfer. Shipping from Germany is just to much to send in the cable. Ridiculous warranty...

    34. Jonathan43551

      Thank you, the original lightning cord I ordered through this campaign has been fantastic. I'm also a happy Amazon prime member, being able to order 3 new cables for my other devices through Amazon then being able to get one of those discounted is awesome. Thanks again :)

    35. Elaine Caulfield on

      I used my cable for about 2 weeks, normal indoor use and it stopped working. It would cost me a fortune to return to you in the USA and to be honest I wouldn't want another one as I read the numerous complaints about thousands of faulty cords before you disabled comments on Facebook. This update is really quite insulting as it implies they are difficult to break?!! I know I'm not alone on this one. In the end I binned it to put the whole sorry saga from my mind. I'll never back another kickstarter project again due to Belaycords and hope Amazon are aware of how poor your product is. Please remove me from your mailing list. I do not wish to hear from you ever again.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michele Finotto

      I haven't receive mine yet and customer support doesn't help...

    37. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Yet more lies from BelayNoWay.

      From their Kickstarter campaign page:
      "Our dream is to sell BelayCords in every Apple store. Inevitably the price will have to be more expensive than this KickStarter run. We're planning the MSRP to be $39.95 per BelayCord charger."

      Now from Update 18:
      "We set out initially to accomplish a couple of simple goals:
      Create a simple, durable cable that would last
      patented Reversible USB technology and Magnetic Cable Wrap to make using that cable easy
      Standing behind our cables and our promise
      Offering our cables worldwide on Amazon

      Today we can say we've accomplished all four! Thank you Amazon, our new sales and fulfillment partner!"

      So Amazon (not Apple) and $25-$30 (not $39.95). Their concept of goal achievement is as sound as their product.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Beebe on

      @madeincollege ... Okay - so the cords are only available on, none of the other countries, and are refusing to ship them outside the US ... seems like they haven't done you as good a deal as you thought, especially since your website only offers them as a source to buy the cords!

      My original cord stopped working after a couple of months and it wasn't worth the shipping from Canada to return it for your "investigation". However, I did like the concept so was considering buying a couple with this offer ... but I guess you REALLY don't want any custom from outside the US ... good luck!

    39. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Still waiting for my cords. Your are the reason why I stopped supporting Kickstarter projects.

    40. Andrew on

      Never mind, i found the response

    41. Andrew on

      I returned my cable to the address provided a few weeks ago and have not heard back. Please let me know. The emails just send back form responses.

    42. Kim Togo Andersen on

      No use for me :-(, sad sad panda..

      "This item does not ship to Denmark. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally.
      Sold by BelayCords and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.“

    43. Brad Braddels Mace on

      Your cables aren't on so your offer is only for your us customers I take it?

    44. Josh Waranch on

      My cord stopped working after 6 months, I emailed you and you told me I had to pay for shipping in order to receive a properly working cable. This doesn't seem right, the cable shouldn't stop working and if it does I shouldn't be the one to have to pay for it, after already paying for your cable in the first place. Not pleased with the product or service and am very unlikely to buy again.

    45. Gourven on

      I never received my cords !!!!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Roger Beers on

      My cord has already quit working. Can it be replaced?
      Thanks Roger Beers