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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
7,934 backers pledged $423,564 to help bring this project to life.

Big Thanks!!!

Posted by Made In College (Creator)

Dear Amazing Backers!

It's been a whirlwind journey on kickstarter with such an amazing story. We've had some setbacks between waiting for MFI, quality control issues, fulfillment and more...but you all stuck with us until the end! And boy do we appreciate you! 

It started with a minor annoyance, broken cables that only plug in 1 way. That evolved into an idea, then a prototype, friends testing (and loving), and finally we finally launched it on kickstarter with the help of friends and family. 

You saw a product that you couldn't believe didn't exist already, and put your faith in us to deliver. Because of your support (and the help of the kickstarter platform) something that literally has never existed suddenly does. How many thousands of cables have been sold, over how many years, all with a normal USB? Or with a shoddy design? Together we changed that. How cool is that?

Many of you have sent us messages or emails saying the belaycords were well worth the wait! We couldn't be happier!

So it's with a heartfelt thanks that we say,



If you haven't already received your belaycords or tracking info, please check your spam folder! Some deliveries can take up to 30 days, especially if you've forwarded mail to new addresses.

If you have any issues with your order, please write us at so we can assign a ticket and get you all squared away as quickly as possible!!

Want to tell your friends about belaycords or buy more? Check us out at

Always yours,

<3 Matt & The BelayCords Team


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    1. Leo Breebaart on

      Has anybody been in contact at all with the BelayCords people recently? I have tried to contact them in email to about a problem three times now, but I just get sent the FAQ as an autoresponse, with no actual human response.

    2. Missing avatar

      Cherie Tseng on

      I have not received my belay cords. Have sent chasers to no reply.

    3. Eric on

      The belaycord doesn't work with my iphone 6s - what a waste!

    4. Missing avatar


      Still waiting and they don´t even answer messages

    5. Danny Russell on

      I've had my belaycord for a few months now and I absolutely love it. Everything it promised, just what I wanted. Thanks.

    6. Gourven on

      Still waiting
      Receive nothing

    7. Iwata Motonori on

      Hi, where is my reward?

    8. Alberto Bermejo on

      I am so disappointed. Up to now I have no received my Delaycords. And the firm do not answer my messages. This is a nonsense!

    9. Missing avatar

      Rachel Crockett on

      Warning! Do not update your phone to the new iOS or the cord will quit working like mine did. They clearly are selling an inferior product that is not really Apple certified. When I contacted them regarding their alleged "lifetime warranty" I got the same response as other customers. 20% off coupon for another faulty cord, what?!? Or pay to ship it to them, but if there is nothing physically defective with the cord (it is a software issue on their end), they will not replace it and I must pay to have it shipped back. The shipping both ways when they inevitably decide not to send it will cost as much as I paid for the device in the first place. This company is a total scam and clearly making an inferior product. Better off just sticking with original Apple cords which are the same price.

    10. White Fox

      Come on guys.....where are my Delaycords???

    11. MrTerenceChan on

      i have received nothing as of this date too. kindly expedite and explain.

    12. Missing avatar

      Max Then on

      I receive nothing as of this date.

    13. alexone Dizac on

      i'm astonished, kickstarter do nothing about the problem , i haven't received mine too ! ... and now 2 month they say me it's arrive soon ... but now i'm sure They have robbed me more than 65€....
      i am really angry, it's the second kickstarter i do and don't receive it ! ...
      when i read i'm not alone in this problem ?!! ...

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrea Brannen on

      I have not received mine. Are they still being shipped? My daughter ordered one too and has had hers for a while. Thank you for checking on this.

    15. Missing avatar

      raphael locher on

      Exactly like me Omair.... They want me to repay, rechoose.... They have all the details and the money but they don't send the cables askîg and reasking the same thing.... They have robbed me more than 65€....

    16. R Berry on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    17. R Berry on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    18. Missing avatar

      Omair on

      Well I used the local messaging app from their website (for those who can't awaiting some response form belay cords) and we developed a conversation or rather 2 pre-made emails in response.

      What is confusing is once I told them I hadn't received my cables they promptly cancelled my order (despite international shipping and cables type and order was confirmed) and mentioned I needed to reorder? Now they don't answer why they cancelled my KICKSTARTER back'd order immediately (despite another few mails and receiving the same "automated reply ) but gave me a reorder phrase for the amount I paid (inclusive of shipping) and now want further "coin" to ship it to me.

    19. André Ouwehand on

      Hoofd to know everybody is happy with their chords.. But I still don't have one, you even didn't ask my address?
      Please respond to my mail?

    20. David Fabian on

      I'm still without cable and hardly any communication from Belay. Not pleased with this company!

    21. Missing avatar

      artguy on

      My belay cords were shipped to my old address (which I unsuccessfully attempted to change in the celery shipping thing) and when I let them know - all they could say was "sorry!" We can't help you - but here's a coupon if you want to order some more! WTF???

      I back their project, put my faith in them as we all did - and then get treated like I'm a vagrant looking for a handout. Here's the email:

      Hey there!

      I'm sorry for the issues with your order. Unfortunately we can't change shipping addresses retroactively. The survey should have sent you a confirmation about the shipping address when you made your order, and you should have been able to change it via the Celery Confirmation for a period of time afterwards. We tried to be upfront about when we were shipping each item so people had time to change their orders too.

      If the mail was stolen this may be your next best option. Here is a link:

      The shipping and fulfillment is one of the most expensive parts of the order and we would lose money sending you an additional cable. I'm not sure how best to help you...If the mail was sent back to us we would certainly send it back to you, but the confirmation says delivered. I can offer a 20% off coupon as a courtesy. Would that work? We really appreciate your support and are sorry you're not happy :-/

      Coupon: "OOPS" at checkout


      With Love,
      -BelayCords Customer Support

      I PAID 55 BUCKS TO BACK THIS PROJECT FOR 2 CABLES. I HAVE ZERO, ZILCH, NADA. If this is how you treat the backers who helped get you off the ground - how the hell are you going to treat your "regular" customers???

      If you want to do the right thing, send me my 2 cables - not a "oops" coupon. That's a slap in the face. Good luck to everyone else they've screwed. I'll be sure to send people to Bed bath and Beyond for lightning cables just like these for ten bucks each!

      Thanks for the love Matt / Belay Cords

    22. Desmond Ting on

      Hey i have't receive anything yet!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Dimitris Bogatsiotis on

      The same with the guys above.i haven't received anything( email or cords).
      What I have to do?

    24. Missing avatar

      David on

      Cord broke. What do I do

    25. Eric Fu on

      Hi, same as Omar below. Have not gotten the cord nor email with shipping information. To whom am I suppose to address this issue? thank you.

    26. Omar

      I neither have received my Belay cords (2) nor have I received any email containing a shipping number. I would like some help with this as soon as possible.

      I don't want my money to go to waste!

    27. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      "Can you describe the Lifetime Warranty?

      We're building BelayCords with high quality materials and construction. We were tired of having charging cords break and stranding us with a dead cellphone. That's why we built BelayCords. We hope you won't have any issues with your purchase, but if you should--know that we stand behind BelayCords with a lifetime warranty. That means if you should encounter a problem with your BelayCords, we've got your back!

      Our lifetime warranty covers your purchase from normal wear and tear and manufacturing defects. We extensively quality control test our BelayCords before shipment and know you'll love them. If you should encounter a problem, just contact us via our website (site will be fully functional when our project ends). Once we receive your return, we'll send you a new replacement free of charge. Please note we can't cover abuse or negligence--we'd go out of business that way!!"

      How silly of us to think a lightning connector breaking off a cord within a month of light use should be covered by the lifetime warranty!

      @James Wang, I suggest you don't take 'no' for an answer.

    28. Missing avatar

      James Wang on

      My Lightning Connector broke out of the cord within a month of light use. Contacted customer service and was told it wasn't covered by Lifetime Warranty. Offered 15 dollar coupon for another 35 dollar cord. Ridiculous.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kathy on

      Love love love these! Thank you!

    30. Tammi Newman on

      Love all my cords! :-) Thanks!! :-)

    31. David Fabian on

      Thanks for fucking up shipping on my order! I wish I hadn't backed.

    32. Jason Arena on

      Don't have my cord or a tracking number. Also didn't get a reply to my email.

    33. Dru on

      Fantastic product guys! Wish got a few more hehe

    34. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Tse on

      Got my BelayCords, very nice. And I found the Magnetic Keepers really useful!

      The only complaint is that the colours don't match the colours in the photos: College blue is a bit too fade, Kickerstarter green is a bit too dark.

      But I am very happy with the product overall. Well done guys!!

    35. Ally Scott on

      Hey guys! Nothing received in Edinburgh as yet. Any details?

    36. Paul Vanderheyden on

      Got my two 2 meter cords in the Netherlands. They look, feel and are really functioning great! You did a wonderful job. So I consider a reincarnation to outlive these cords. ;-)

    37. Jordan Drexel on

      Both of my cords arrived and they are both beautiful! Work so well and the USB part is great!

    38. Moose Hooson on

      No tracking info but I got the cables - they are awesome thanks 1 quick question when using on the iPad and the 12 w charger it seems to get really hot and quickly - is that normal?
      Otherwise all good

    39. Maxim Smirnov on

      Got it in Moscow, Rus. They are great! But...without Keepers (((

    40. heather on

      I am still waiting,I had the shipment notice on 21st March, then nothing?

    41. Missing avatar

      James C on

      Hi - I received my 2 lightening cables a week or so ago, and I already wish I'd order some micro USB ones to match! Thanks!

    42. Missing avatar

      Roger Williams on

      You still haven't explicitly stated that you actually have MFI status. Just talk about delays. Do your cables have MFi status, Yes or No?

    43. Gordon Heydon on

      Other than the minor issue of the keepers being missing you on a few of the cables they are great cables and I love the reversible usb.

    44. Kim Gissemann Jørgensen on

      Hello BelayCords.
      I have recieved my nice gold BelayCords and happy, that i supported this project.
      Thanks guys.

    45. Ravi on

      The cable is really solid, glad to support this project.
      Thanks guys :)

    46. Robin Matsumoto on

      It was worth the wait. They are solid, strong and nice to look at.

    47. Missing avatar

      Alasdair Grant on

      Lightning cable fell apart within two days. I think you still have quality issues.

    48. David Batu

      hello, there is issue with delivery and have sent both email and KS message to you. Please help!

    49. Ims Fortune on

      I did't recieve any tracking info yet. Can you resend it to me please?