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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
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March Shipping Updates!

Posted by Made In College (Creator)


Gold and Black Lightning Complete!

Our factory finished the first batch of lightning cables a few weeks ago (black and gold colors). These have made their way to our fulfillment facility and they have processed and shipped them! Yay! For the orders they were able to fulfill, you should receive a tracking number via email. You can track the status of this order at 

This should put us at about 40% shipped!!

Additional Color Manufacturing

We started with black and gold because they were the most ordered colors. The remaining colors are now in manufacturing. The factory has promised by March 14th to have the rest of the colors complete. We're a little skeptical based on their track record, but we'll remain optimistic and continue communicating with them day by day to keep them on track. If they finish them on March 14 as promised, they'll deliver them to our fulfillment center on that Monday, the 17th. Then they will be processed and will ship them that week. Shipping will take between 10-20 days to be delivered. You will each get an email with tracking for those orders via your kickstarter registered email address!

We're probably more anxious to get these cables out than you guys are to receive them! It's been a long time coming and it seems like we're constantly chasing supply chain management issues and excuses from manufacturers. We really appreciate your patience and understanding in the delays! We're still getting emails every day from thoughtful backers cheering us on. What an amazing community! <3! 

Backup plan!

As we mentioned in our previous update, we have enlisted the help of a second factory to produce additional lightning cables for us. We did this as a backup for the first factory's delays and to make sure we're producing these as quickly as possible and not getting strung along. Those cables will be complete on March 31st, and will then be ready for shipping at our fulfillment center. That is our backup plan for the tardiness of the first factory. 


So, to recap! First factory has promised to have everything complete by March 14th. We will receive and ship those the following week. You'll get an email tracking number, check that tracking number at !

With Love!

<3 The BelayCords Team

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    1. أسامه الضاوي on

      untill now 16 jan 2016 i didnt recive my cable :(

    2. David Batu

      Actually I have received mine over a week a go, I works great and I love the design, thank you! Might purchase again shortly for a gift.

    3. Sami Soltan on

      I finally received my order. Unfortunately I found that one of the cables was cut...

    4. Missing avatar

      Sally Brook on

      It's April 11, and I've tried emailing, but have still heard nothing. I realize that there have been production problems, but would like to hear something definite about my order, not just a general comment about when you expect to ship items. If they aren't coming this week, then I'd like my money back.

    5. Arthur Crook on

      This is now April 10, and I have not received any email telling me that they have shipped. Please inform me as to the status of my order. Thank you.

    6. Oliver Held on

      Hallo aus der Nähe von Hamburg/Lübeck. Das Kabel ist angekommen. Meine Frau hat nun ihr Weihnachtsgeschenk. Danke. Cya.

    7. Missing avatar

      ahkan on

      Hi - finally Got IT :-> everything correct. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mohammad ALMailam on


      I received my cables yesterday and i like them ;) but i notice that 3 of them with out magnetic keeper ?

    9. Damian on

      I am disappointed that only one of my cables has the magnetic keeper and the other cable has a bit of plastic cable twist. I would of liked a choice over which cable got the keeper as the 'keeperless' cable is going to travel a lot more than the other cable.

    10. Peter Charrington on

      Although I'm not quite used to not having to worry which way to plug the USB in My cables work fine for charging My Iphone 5S when connected to both a Windows computer and to the mains outlet using the plug provided with my Phone with no problems at all syncing to Itunes.

    11. Gordon on

      Same here, slightly disappointed that one of my cables had the keeper and the other a bit of plastic cable twist rather than what was promised, especially after waiting so long for them.

      I also never got an email saying cables were on there way, just arrived out of the blue this afternoon.

    12. John Luker

      Like Sally, I too was expecting a keeper for each BelayCord. Alas, only one was included.

      I think I figured out why we both thought that:

      "You all requested it! To add a free Magnetic Keeper to your BelayCord purchase, just share our project on twitter or facebook from the buttons below our video! Then comment to let us know how you shared! [BOLD]Every BelayCord you buy will include it's own Magnetic Keeper.[/BOLD] Patent pending.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eli Matoren on

      I hate when people rant BS. I just emailed couple of hours to Belay Cord and they responded quick!!
      Yup! If you read the faq it says they are mfi certified
      On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 12:35 PM Eli Matoren wrote:
      Are the cables MFI certified ? There was no information posted on the kick starter.

    14. Sally Crispo on

      Hi Got my cords yesterday and I love, love, love them :) I wanted to ask why I only received 1 magnet cable holder? I thought I was getting 2. I would have preferred the holder on my silver cord. Please let me know if I am mistaken, and if so, can I order one? Thanks so much.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jenny Hart on

      So I finally received notification that my cords had shipped with a tracking number a week ago. The tracking number gave no information until today when it was finally updated to say it was posted *today*. Wondering what it has been doing for the last week? No chance of it reaching me before Easter then.

    16. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Zdenek, Do standard Apple cables work when you connect them through the Thunderbolt display? Do the Belay cables work when you connect them to a wall charger?

    17. Zdenek Hornych on

      Folks do your cables work when you connect them thru Apple Thunderbolt display? Mine not (I have too and I both don't work). I'd like to know if all have the same failure...

    18. Missing avatar

      Sandra Stirnweis

      My shipping notice was in my junk mail so if you have not received your, check there. Hope to see them in my mail when I get back in town next week.

    19. Bob Jouy on

      Rémi :
      Je suis en France et j'ai reçu le mail disant que ça a été envoyé aujourd'hui. T'inquiète ça arrive.

    20. Mark Smith II on

      Finally received my cords! yay. Very nice quality. The fit and finish is very impressive. It took a little longer than I would have liked but at the end of the day I'm glad I backed the project. Also I did not get any email or tracking number like the update said but found the cords in the mail today so for hose of you still waiting maybe you will get lucky and find your Belay cords in the mail in the next few days as well.

    21. Johnny Salami on

      This campaign is a total joke. Belay is proving to be dishonorable and they are in violation of their own terms and conditions of campaign owners. I live in the USA, ordered my lightning cables six months ago, and I still have no idea of when to expect them. The updates are hollow and inaccurate and they never reply to emails. Rip-Off!

    22. Missing avatar

      Chris Hsieh on

      Waiting...... Waiting .......waiting about 5 month. How long that we have to wait

    23. Alan Barrington-Hughes on

      Five months and no shipping notification from DelayCords. I do hope this finishes soon. Very tired of waiting...

    24. Nawee Sribhadung on

      My order is for 1 black and 1 gold but i have not received the email with the tracking number

    25. Tinny on

      5 months after, still waiting

    26. alexone Dizac on

      please what's about my shipping to France ... my 2nd new cheap cable buy is dead ... and i wouldn't buy one good because i wait for belaycords ... but my wait is enormous !!

    27. Missing avatar

      Edwin Sánchez Sosa on

      Please about status shipping to Peru¿?

    28. Maxim Smirnov on

      No any Shipping notification (((

    29. 이지수 on

      I don't receive E-mail.

    30. Shiki Matsuri on

      I'm going to assume that I chose gold when I set the color of my cable. I was wondering how long it takes for the email for shipping to be sent? I still haven't gotten mine yet.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sandor Zsigmond Jr. on

      Yay! Shipping notification popped up in the afternoon. I almost forgot about this project but I'm excited now. I really hope the shipment will not disappear halfway.

    32. Alx0363 on


    33. Tom on

      @peter cartwright You should try to help people instead of assuming like you always do.

      @Sharon Kasey I am sorry you are having trouble with your "Mamba cable" Unfortunately you have been contacting the wrong kickstarter. Please contact Awesome Cable aka "A/C"

      This info is based off of your previous posts.

      "I have written twice before and received no answer. I received my cord in January. The second time I used it on my iPhone, when unplugging it from phone the lightening pins stay in phone with only the black housing (printed with A/C on it) coming out! Very disappointed! More disappointed that I have received no response! Can this be fixed or exchanged! Expected more from Kickstarter participants. Ordered 2 meter kickstarted green....."

    34. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Sharon, when you say you emailed Belay, what address did you use? Have you tried sending a PM using the blue Contact Me link at the top right of this page?

      Another suggestion. I think you're better off posting any Kickstarter comment in the main Comment page rather than as a comment on this Update page. I hope you get your problem resolved. So much for the lifetime guarantee!

    35. Ollie 'Reach' Denning on

      Still being only 40% shipped is pretty fucking abysmal

    36. Thomas Ott on

      nothing here in germany either

    37. Sharon Kasey on

      Got my cord in January. It broke 2nd time I used it! Plugged it into my phone and when pulling cord from phone the pins stayed in phone and the rest came off!! This is my 4th message (emailed belay & kickstarter) and have received NO reply from ANYONE. Very disappointed in Kickstarter and Belay. Don't know what else I can do. Any suggestions??

    38. Missing avatar

      Roger Williams on

      Are they MFI? I'm going to assume not as you would have mentioned it.

    39. Wafiq Ali on

      hey guys i have no idea where my pledge stands today. can you tell me what the status is and when we can expect it?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jim L on

      Great news! I ordered two black (1 standard and 1 long) but haven't received a shipping email yet. I checked my spam folder. The update said they shipped or are shipping? When can we expect this shipping email? Thanks for all the hard work!

    41. Tanner Matthews on

      Anjay, they sent me a msg and said that MFI is good to go

    42. ポール ウェッブ on

      I've also experienced excuses and incompetence from an overseas manufacturer recently as well, so I understand. I forget what color I chose, but am looking forward to getting it.

    43. Bob Jouy on

      Awesome guys ! Can't wait to plug those in !
      Cheers from France.