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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
7,934 backers pledged $423,564 to help bring this project to life.

Chinese New Year Delays, Shipping Updates

Posted by Made In College (Creator)

Lovely Backers! 

We wanted to give you a quick update on our shipping timelines. Our factory finally finished the first large batch of lightning cables last week. We found out that our fulfillment center was closing early for the Chinese New Year and would open back up in early March. So, we went ahead and researched a couple other fulfillment options and picked one that we thought would work. The plan was to have the cables shipped out of China to avoid CNY closings, and into Hong Kong where they would be fulfilled. That way the fulfillment wouldn't be affected by the holiday closings we mentioned in the last update. Unfortunately, our factory got behind and wasn't able to ship the cables out before CNY closings over the past week. Between customs and shipping couriers closing for CNY, they couldn't get them out in time. We even looked into having the cables driven into Hong Kong where they would then be dispatched by courier. We spent a week and a half organizing and setting up the channels to make the fulfillment work, and were really hoping to skirt CNY with this tactic.

The good news is our factory has promised they will ship on the first batch of lightnings on 24th of Feb, and the fulfillment facility will receive it on the 25th (just a week from now). They will take a couple days to process it and then they will be off. Again, this should fulfill the majority of the cable orders (finally!!). Then by mid March they will finish the rest, will ship to our fulfillment center, and the remainder of our backers will be good to go! Woo!!

Many of you have already received your cables and have told us how much you are enjoying them! Thanks for that! We also really appreciate your patience as we get the remainder of these cables manufactured and shipped out! 

With love,

The BelayCords Team

Some fulfillment receivings photos
Some fulfillment receivings photos
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    1. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Eric, from main Comments page -
      Dave W 1 day ago:
      Since they aren't responding here, I'll post what they are sending me:
      "They will all ship in March actually, we have had MFI approval for weeks. Black is shipping next week once the factory returns from CNY. I understand that we promised we would ship earlier this month, unfortunately our factory failed to meet their projections. That pushed us back until after cny as our last update indicated. It wouldn't be fair to give you a refund and not anyone else. We would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars by offering everyone refunds, which has already been spent on expenses. Most of our backers understand that delays are possible and occur often with these projects. I am hopeful that you will receive your BELAYCORDS and be appreciative of the quality, as we're both upset about the delays. Staffing emails and managing disappointed backers has been very hard and expensive for us, additionally we feel burdened to deliver these as quickly as possible--but are at the mercy of our two factories. There's only so much pushing we can do. I hope you understand and can be just a little more patient. I know it's a lot to ask."

    2. Jonas Bull on

      Is there any way of getting the order confirmation resend ?
      I have lost my initial order confirmation and can´t log into Celery anymore for whatever reason.

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Stackman on

      Does anyone know if the lightening cables are certified now, or are they punting on that matter and shipping?
      I bought some very similar looking, non-reversible USB uncertified cables on Amazon 3 for $12 shipped.

    4. Natasha on

      @ Cody
      There should be a link for order look up in your order acknowledgement, as long as the item hasn't been dispatched, you can change your shipping address there.
      The confirmation email itself is from Belaycords (or look like it is) and will have a subject like "Thanks for you order! (#number)"

      The order look up link will be in the following format… order number)&email=(your email address)
      Hope this helps!

    5. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Daniel, would that be what Updates are for? To update people? Five days before pledges closed, they were already 90 times funded but no mention about the delivery date.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cody Bryant on

      I have been attempting to change my address. I received one response telling me to use the celery confirmation. I do not know where to find this confirmation, as I do not have the original email. I have responded twice to that email asking for more instruction, but have received no reply. This is starting to bother me. Can someone please give me information on how to change my mailing address?


    7. Missing avatar


      @Peter Cartwright As you stated 'first time making something'. Maybe the delivery estimation was optimistic, but when it started it was not 100 times funded. Once someone pledges at a certain level, the creators can not go back and change it. I did not back this project according to when I was supposed to receive it, but on the product itself. You backed this project so you could fill the comments with worthless rants and junk. Yet when I pointed out a similar project with the same claims and a probably impossible delivery date, you say nothing. That leads me to the conclusion that it is not the product you have an issue with but the product creators and you have absolutely nothing to stand on now that the cables are getting to the backers.
      I backed a project that projected delivery 6 months after funding, but since they went 265+x their original goal, the delivery date has been pushed about 6 months longer. Sure there are a lot of backer complaints and comments, but they pledged for a product not $1 so they could waste real backers time.

    8. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Phillip, Creator's first time making something. 100 times funded. I have a very good idea it was unacheivable. You haven't answered my second question. Do you think they'd have raised 400K if they estimated 5 months delivery, not 4 weeks?

    9. Phillip Thrush on

      @ Peter , you have no idea if it was achievable so you can not argue that point, would you say the same thing if someone estimates you'll get a product in 3 months and you got it in 1! You'd moan than it messed your plans and that you weren't expecting it. Dude, seriously. I hang my head and shake it at you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Phillip, so is it OK to set an estimate which is completely unachievable? Do you think MIC would have raised $423,000 if they'd estimated 5 months delivery, not 4 weeks?

    11. Phillip Thrush on

      @ Peter........The words are right there on the page and which yo have quoted to " estimated delivery " Exactly that - yes we would all like our products asap, your entitled to be unhappy but as stated - Estimate!
      Im waiting for 2 lightning cables myself, did i wish i had them sooner, yeah sure, am i going to get them soon, yeah, its not something that i desperately need, if people needed something like this asap they should have gone else where. You want milk......are you going to buy some from a shop that may take months or just get some from the local! If people are desperate they should have looked else where - this is not Amazon.

    12. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Phillip, yes it does matter.

      If they had already been MFI certified, they would be in Apple backers' hands starting two weeks ago but, as it is, many won't get them until April (5 months late). Also, if you ordered mini/micro and lightning cords the creator said that your shipping will be held up until the last one is available. Also, there is a section on the Story page called Risks and Challenges. Having set an estimated delivery date of Nov 2014 (the same month when pledges closed) there was never the slightest chance of delivering lightning cords when the notoriously slow and arduous process of getting MFI certification had not been completed. So, yes non-disclosure does matter. Seriously.

    13. Phillip Thrush on

      @ Peter

      Seriously does it matter that they weren't MFI certified when the pledge closed! surely it's a matter of - if it turns up on your doorstep MFI certified there's no problem. There can only be an issue if they ship them and they are not certified, then your well within your rights to moan as much as you like. Up until people receive their lightning cords there is no argument.

    14. Phillip Thrush on

      @ Peter

      Seriously does it matter that they weren't MFI certified when the pledge closed! surely it's a matter of - if it turns up on your doorstep MFI certified there's no problem. There can only be an issue if they ship them and they are not certified, then your well within your rights to moan as much as you like. Up until people receive their lightning cords there is no argument.

    15. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @Natasha, do you think they broke the rules by not disclosing on the Story or Update pages that the cords for iPhones/Pads were not yetcertified by Apple as at the closing date for pledges?

    16. Natasha on

      @ Fred M,

      Read KickStarters FAQ's section on accountability. You will see there that they quite clearly state that they are not responsible for any funded project.

      As backers, we have to understand, and take into account, that the items we back on KickStarter are not available as items are in a store. We are backing an idea that we wish to see come to life. We, as backers, take on the risk when we back a project that it might not be completed. However, we are more than in our right to ask for clarification, but we can only do that by harassing the creator.

      If you personally feel that MIC have broken KickStarters Rules or Terms of Use then feel free to report the project to KickStarter. I, however, do not feel that they have. They've just been rather bad at communication, which could be for a number of reasons.

    17. Missing avatar

      Fred M on

      Pledged for two cords to give one out for Christmas. Looks like this may still be possible....for this coming Christmas. Product should be renamed Delayed Cords. When does Kickstarter become accountable for this?

    18. Zdenek Hornych on

      I think these guys are probably joking me. I've contacted them several times because I still didn't get my cords but no reply from their side. I'm really disappointed by them. Will not support any of their campaign anymore. And I'm going to recommend the same to all my friends who use Kickstarter. One thing is having problems with shipping but for no communication is no excuse.

    19. Sharon Kasey on

      I have written twice before and received no answer. I received my cord in January. The second time I used it on my iPhone, when unplugging it from phone the lightening pins stay in phone with only the black housing (printed with A/C on it) coming out! Very disappointed! More disappointed that I have received no response! Can this be fixed or exchanged! Expected more from Kickstarter participants. Ordered 2 meter kickstarted

    20. Harvtron on

      thank you for proof-of-life photos... now gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!

    21. Tinny on

      Just bought three cables from Amazon, it's taking too long

    22. Carlos Pacheco on

      Really looking forward to these. My Apple cords are all fraying and its really annoying to have to buy new ones from them again. As soon as BelayCords become readily available I'll be ordering more!

    23. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      i just re-read the last update, and if I understood everything corretly, they did not have MFI certification ready by then, right? are there any updates on this topic?

    24. Missing avatar on

      After all the months that I ordered and mailed with Belay, I still have not received anything.
      I think Kickstarter should pick up this problem.

    25. Missing avatar

      Saloom Mohammad on

      It takes too long time
      It was planed to ship with in one month
      Now we reach 3 month with no shipping

    26. Missing avatar

      Mark Gamble on

      Thanks for the update ~ looks like the wait is nearly over!

    27. Diederik De Keyzer on

      Great update. I don't understand why so many people are whining and complaining. You will get the cords in the end and they will meet all the promised specifications. And yes, they are a bit late, like 99% of the KS campaigns. Big deal! You know when you back a projects that timelines are almost never met, if you don't like it then KS is not something for you.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ben Burton on

      This is my first time backing a project on Kickstarter and now unfortunately, probably my last. I can understand that projects overrun and face unforeseen challenges but these were originally forecast for November delivery. BelayCords should be doing more to keep backers informed. Looking forward to finally receiving the finished project.

    29. Zoe Martin

      Thankyou for this update. You guys are doing a Fantastic job yes you have hit a few bumps along the way but atleast you have kept us all informed so I thank you for that. I look forward to receiving my cords and I look forward to seeing your future projects as well. Keep the ball rolling : )

    30. Missing avatar

      Sandra Stirnweis

      Android cables were sent out first, I believe, because they did not have to wait for MFI certification. Apple slowed the process for everyone else. I have seen this happen on other projects that were dependent on Apple approval to move to completion.
      @laura-I have seen MUCH worse campaigns. I'm sorry you're thinking of leaving KickStarter over it. For me the point of being a backer is to help new start-ups. Anyone who expects new projects to go smoothly will surely be disappointed.

      I believe the Creators will take what they've learned on this project and apply it to improving every aspect of their business going forward.

    31. John Pierre on

      My order #101609789 was cancelled for no reason and the Belay Cords group has not responded to several e-mails since 01-14-2015 asking what is going on. Definitely no customer support.

    32. Johnny Salami on

      So as others have noted, I too was one of the first investors and can't understand how the first folks in weren't the first to receive your first shipments. Honestly, your updates have been entirely inaccurate with each update apologizing for the inaccuracies of the previous update. Setting false expectations is not the way to build a brand and grow a business. Even if the cords turn out to be great (assuming I ever receive them) I'd be hesitant to purchase additional product or to recommend Belay to friends or associates. How do you fix this moving forward? I'd suggest personalized emails with a firm ship date. And you ought to be crediting every purchase with at least a 20% refund based on your incredibly long delays and consistently inaccurate updates. I know this is a negative post, but that is what happens when a supplier fails to honor commitments.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Vazquez on

      I was an early backer, like literally one of the first backers... You said that you have sent some to the backers already why wasn't i one of those?? how do i know when I will get mine?

    34. Missing avatar

      Shaun Meehan on

      This is a joke. You're now impacted by the Chinese New Year! Wonderful. I wear an XL...we all deserve T-shirts that say "I survived the BelayCords" Kickstarter. Only make the in the US.
      Sincerely, DelayCords.

    35. Missing avatar

      William Enright on

      Like the (green) cord but I have to say that I don't particularly like the red thingy that secures the folded version. And why red? Black would have been a better choice. The red looks really ugly with the green cord. Sorry!

    36. Missing avatar

      Laura McCool on

      This has been the most disastrous kickstarter I've invested in (and I funded the Lizzie Bennett Diaries DVD). I ordered this cord thinking I'd get it by October, as promised, because my other cord was about to go kaput. It finally did a few weeks ago and I had to go buy myself another. Yes, yes, things could be worse but it feels like my money went down the drain. I'm just really disappointed and I definitely won't be funding a kickstarter campaign again.

    37. Missing avatar

      kevin rodriguez on

      Got mine! Awesome work.

    38. Missing avatar

      Todd Smith on

      Chinese New Year/Tet is The Great Destroyer of Western Schedules. Don't sweat it.

    39. Uday Dass on

      I had ordered the longer lightning cables to be delivered to India. Many of them were supposed to be gifts to friends and family. Is there any way to find out if my order will be fulfilled in the first batch? All these orders were to be dispatched in end nov 2014 and that is why I had placed the order in the first place. All my old apple charging cables are disintegrating and I do not want to sprang another penny on a new one. Have been waiting for the belay cords since so many months now like other backers. Please tell me if I can expect my order to be fulfilled in the first batch of lightning cables. Thanks.

    40. Jason Patterson on

      Thanks guys, I love my cord.