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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
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Delivery Schedule, MFI, and a little <3

Posted by Made In College (Creator)

Ahhh-mazing Backers,

We've been making some great progress on our belaycords. In the last update we touched on the magnetic keeper fine tuning, and manufacturing progress. We've been working on a lot of facets of the project simultaneously, with multiple different factories producing different components and we're getting super close!

Micro/Mini Shipping this week! 

Finallyyyy, Micro and Mini connectors will be shipping this week! On Jan. 21 they'll be sent to our fulfillment facility, who will then take a few days and then dispatch them to your lovely homes. They should arrive in 10-20 days via air mail after that. You will also receive tracking info via email so you can keep an eye on them! If you ordered a mixture of cables (some lightning some micro for example), those will be shipped together when they're all in the fulfillment facility. You are going to LOVE your belaycords! We particularly like charging our GoPros and Android phones with them! The best part is there are no silly proprietary parts or hoops to jump thru! Yay!

Lightning Update (woop woop!)

We've enlisted two MFI 6 companies to help get our BelayCords certified and manufactured. This is somewhat unorthodox, but it has helped us make tons of progress in creating a brand new product that isn't on the market or certified yet. The first factory initially struggled with making the samples correctly, which resulted in a failed test called "differential impedance". It wouldn't be noticeable on the consumer end, but it's still a standard we (and apple) hold to. They also struggled securing the metal housing which, with extreme use, would pull out. That obviously needed to be addressed during our quality control testing. We're glad we were able to catch these issues early with our local agents, so they could be corrected. One of our biggest fears is sending out over 20,000 charging cables with defects that would need replacing. 

After a couple of these issues and with missed delivery deadlines, we made a hard decision and  hired a second factory. It's quite a difficult one to make because the MFI approval process takes months, AVNET official connectors have a delayed delivery time, and then there's the actual manufacturing time. It's almost like you're married to the factory, or at least caught in a long term relationship. If you switch "partners" you have to start completely over. Luckily we recognized the issue early and the factory has already received approvals for MFI with our reversible USBs, we just need to apply those MFI approvals to our aluminum housing upgrades and additional length stretch goals that we added towards the end of our campaign. Even though we ordered and had on hand thousands of lightning adapters to help meet demand, we ended up having to order thousands more in late November. We're waiting on that batch of AVNET connectors from Apple. 

Our factory has promised to release the first batch of lightning cables in about two weeks (Feb 4th). This should allow us to fulfill the majority of orders and allow us to ship them before the dreaded "Chinese New Year". For anyone who doesn't work in manufacturing, the holiday can last the whole month severely impacting deliverables. Luckily, our factory has promised only a partial closing, where they will continue production and finish by March 14th at the latest, with batches sent to fulfillment as they are completed. It's not the most affordable or easy way to fulfill orders, but we needed to get these bad-boys out to you as soon as possible.

We're with them every night checking on progress and reminding them they have over 8,000 people anxiously awaiting their work! We'll keep pushing them to deliver quicker than they promised and hope for the best! Go factory, go!

Thanks for all the support!

We're changing charging, and we couldn't do it without you. Creating something brand new is hard. While we initially thought we could ship in late November, delays from the fabric cable factory, poor estimates from our first MFI factory, a huge amount of backers, and some pushback from trying to get reversible USBs MFI approved added to the estimated delivery time. We have over 56 SKUs or products for this campaign (which anyone in retail can tell you is a lot to manage!). You all have been super supportive of us throughout the whole process--and that means the world to us. Your hard earned money has gone towards everything from tooling, to laser etching, to kraft bubble packs. You've told us that kickstarter is about the experience of manufacturing a brand new product, and going on a journey together, not going to the mall and buying something. It's a sneak peak at the nitty gritty of manufacturing, world trade, and seeing a tremendous amount of moving parts come together seamlessly. You've been super supportive in understanding the hurdles we've jumped thru together and for that we have to say, THANK YOU!

<3 The BelayCords Team

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    1. Missing avatar


      They prefer specific requests to be emailed to except Peter C. has never used direct communications because then he has an excuse to complain the his comments were never responded to.

    2. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      I have a specific request.
      Truth in advertising.
      Thank you.

    3. Tasha Turner

      Specific request should be sent directly to BelayCords. Use the "Contact Me" just a little below the big green box "You Have Pledged" on the right side up by the video.

    4. Missing avatar

      Siavash Bahreini on

      I can respect the effort to make a good product. But at this point, don't even want the cords anymore. Just want a refund.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Mutters on

      Well, being one of the backers that got 10 cables ..... Disappointed doesn't sum up my feelings. Unfortunately this has put a bad tast in my mouth for Kickstarter, even though my other backings were manufactured and delivered on time. This was the more I was most excited, I guess it was too good to be true. If no update or shipping soon I would like to know how to cancel and get a refund.

    6. Backing Projects on

      Time for an update on the Lightning cables - 9 days past when your manufacturer has promised to release the first batch. Sadly, this is the way of Kickstarter now... delay, after delay, after manufacturing blunder, after failed part, after shipping disaster... when you have issues, or are WAY off on your expected delivery date, you need to update the people who gave you money more often then *when you feel like it.*

    7. Missing avatar

      gary on

      Hi,have you started shipping yet` excited about getting my cords !

    8. Natasha on

      The communication is weak with this one..

      Though to be fair, some people are starting to get their cords but updates are slow in coming for those who are still waiting for news with regards to the MFi lighting cables.

    9. Kim Togo Andersen on

      Got my 2 BelayCords today! - Fantastic build quality. Feels really nice.

    10. Derek Sellers on

      Got my micro usb cord today and must say, it is fantastic quality. The all metal housing is a huge upgrade over all of the plastic ones.

    11. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Story: "We want you to know that if you're a backer. You're family. We're looking out for you. We will deliver what we promise, and we'll bust our a** getting it to you. We got your back. Simple as that."

      @Creator, your family is missing you. Waiting, waaaiting, waaaaaiting ... zzz.

    12. Missing avatar

      Claire Benz on

      3 months late and 3 weeks without an update! I would be ok that the cords are a little late, as long as they gave updates every couple days, but three weeks. Too much!

    13. Kenny Pollock on

      This is crazy I didnt prepay to get a cord 6 months later.
      How can we get refunds?

    14. Missing avatar

      Hani on

      Communication is so very weak here :-(

    15. Justin Glambeck on

      I never got a email with a tracking number yet..

    16. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @John, good news / bad news.
      If you want 30-pin they're on the way, but they're not certified.
      If you want Lightning, they seem at least another two months away. But they won't come at all if they don't get certified. In that case you should get a refund - if MIC are feeling generous.

      More info in the main Comments page.

    17. Johnny Salami on

      When will the iPhone cords ship? We've been waiting patiently for a long time now!

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Casero on

      15 days without any update!

    19. Beh Kok Seng

      Its important that your cables works! That's my main emphasis. Good Luck!

    20. John Pierre on

      I've paid for my cord several months ago. Two weeks ago I get an e-mail that says my order is cancelled for no reason. I e-mailed them several times and got no response. I hope their customer support is better.

    21. Breanne Geaghan on

      Are people serious with wanting to change their selection at this point In the game? My goodness... This campaign team works and has worked so hard and updated us all along giving us every opportunity to change something if necessary when it was possible.... Back then... Geez!

    22. Breanne Geaghan on

      Where is the update on the 30-pin cable? Part of my order is lightening ( loved the lightening update by the way, thank you!!) and part is 30-pin... So when finished reading I was concerned that there is nothing in the update about 30-pin. Did I miss it somewhere? Thanks !!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Chan on

      Is it too late to switch from a lightning cable to a micro usb version? I just picked up a charging case and it has micro usb and I plan to use it for quite some time. Apologies if this is not the right avenue to request this.

    24. Missing avatar

      Sandra Stirnweis

      Thanks for another detailed update. Don't be surprised if your factory does NOT work during the holiday. It wouldn't be the first time a Chinese factory told the creator of a project that there would only be a partial shutdown only to find the entire factory closed. I'm happy to wait so if you do get product before the holiday, send to those who seem to be in hurry first.

    25. Dennis Muensterer on

      Great update! I'm so glad that you finally talked about the Lightning cables. Can't wait to get mine...

    26. Johnny Salami on

      I've been psyched, for so long, to receive these cords; I am guessing that the very long wait will be worthwhile! I'm glad that you're making certain that everything is top-quality before just pushing these out to us, as I'd prefer to wait for a fantastic product than receive junk in a hurry!

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Kirwin on

      Thanks for the update, can't wait to get them in my hands.
      Have a Great Day!


    28. Dave W on

      I've emailed your help account twice with no response. Please respond.

    29. Breana Muckenthaler on

      Thank you for spending the time(and money) needed to create quality work. This is something I wanted, but don't "OMG NEED RIGHT NOW", so making sure everything is in top working order is more important than anything else.

      Keep it up! :D

    30. Dave H

      This is an awesome update. I posted my main comments on this in the main section but thank you Belay Cords! Way to go we are getting there.

    31. Lai Eisen on

      wow still have wait! I'm so excited !!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Kerry on

      OMG! Awesome guys. So excited. Thanks for the update.

    33. Manu Kapur on

      OMG!! Still so long to wait for my lightning cable. Sad.

    34. Ravi on

      Is there any way that I can change the color now ?
      College blue and Kickstarter Green looks damn good

    35. Robert Paramo on

      Thanks for the Lightning update

    36. Missing avatar


      Have a question:
      How do I let you know what kind of cables I want to get?

    37. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Tse on