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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
7,934 backers pledged $423,564 to help bring this project to life.

Up & Running! Micro & Mini in production! Keeper bottleneck fixed!

Posted by Made In College (Creator)

 Magnetic Keepers are golden!

We had a couple more issues with the keepers which we were able to address. Basically they sent the first thousand last week and in production we noticed some quality control issues. Some of the seams weren't closed correctly and needed to be addressed. 

glad we caught this one!
glad we caught this one!

So, we sent back the keepers to the factory, they re-sowed the keepers to make sure they don't open again. Now they are back on track for delivery of 500 per day to our cable manufacturer. In retrospect adding the keepers was a lot more work than we anticipated. At first we were trying to convince different manufacturers that we wanted magnets, not velcro--and that was much harder than you can imagine. Then we had to send samples and 5 attempts later, send actual instructions. Then twice more we had to quality control check the keepers to make sure they would hold up. Additionally, making a brand new product (rather than a variation of an existing one like our cables), seems to have its own hurdles. Luckily we seem to have overcame them and the keepers have been testing really well. The magnets are just strong enough to hold even the 2meter cable together, but not too strong that it might pinch your fingers or mess with postal delivery. The stitching and feel of the keepers seem to be on point...which we are psyched about!

One shipment of Magnetic Keepers
One shipment of Magnetic Keepers

 Micro and Mini Manufacturing

With the keepers in regular and approved supply, we can finally move to manufacturing. As we mentioned before, we weren't able to start manufacturing until the keepers arrived. The keepers have to be added before the USB port goes on and we couldn't leave one end exposed for any period of time because there is a chance for oxidation to occur which would affect the quality of the cable. Once they're done with micro and mini, they'll move on to the next adapters! Go, Go, Go Factory!

Thoughtful details, high quality components
Thoughtful details, high quality components

We've already started micro USB manufacturing. The factory will start with black micro USB, make all of those cables, and then switch to the next color. This way the plastic that they use for the injection, strain relief, and internals is not wasted. Then they switch to the next color plastic and create the next batch! We're pushing them to manufacture and deliver as quickly as possible, as we've been in their queue for quite some time. In batches, as they are made, the cables will go to the fulfillment center where they will be shipped around the world to your front door. Then we can all share in some stress free, charging cord love! 

Inner molding is expensive, but helps keeps the components from wear and tear
Inner molding is expensive, but helps keeps the components from wear and tear

Off to the races!

We're the first cable company to offer any label on their cables, which we think helps differentiate brands really well. However, we also wanted to add some functionality and utility. Many backers are super excited to have their cables magnetized to their bed stand or lamp, so they don't lose them to the floor each night. Others are excited they don't have to carry rubber bands to keep the cables together, or have their cables become a tangled mess in their bags. All of these applications sound great to us and we're so excited to solve them for people with our patented invention!

Sexy Cable Photos!

We did our final approvals of the keeper/cable combos and are super happy with the results! Check them out below! We hope you're excited about the quality!

In the palm of your hand soon!
In the palm of your hand soon!
Finally, a cable that goes "both ways"
Finally, a cable that goes "both ways"
<3 GoPro!
<3 GoPro!
In our favorite color, "college" blue
In our favorite color, "college" blue
Laser etched details, juxtaposed against rugged fabric
Laser etched details, juxtaposed against rugged fabric

And now...

A Big Hug!

Your amazing support (and cash money) has already paid for Minimum Order Quantities, moulds, cables, components, licensing, and more. It's given us the ability to compete with the big cable manufacturers, and in a way you've helped sculpt and direct. We literally could not have come this far without you. 

Thank you so much for your patience and loving messages!

We had originally planned on only making a few colors and a few hundred cables, and the overwhelming support has been tremendously amazing! We really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding regarding the delays. The magnetic keepers, staffing customer service emails, managing larger order, fulfillment logistics, and factory timeline delays has been hard to overcome, but we're getting super close! We've received lots of amazing emails from you guys already telling us to take our time and push for quality, quality, quality. And that means the world to us! You can't imagine how great it is to check your email each morning and getting to talk to such a great support network of backers. Good Karma to you lovely people!

As always if you need help with your order, need to change your address, or just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to email us at ! We'll get to your request as soon as possible and make sure you're taken care of! We've chatted with over 1,200 of you already <3! 

Always here for you,

The BelayCords Team <3

PS: You didn't think we forgot to send you your weekly dose of love did you? Have any fun new years resolutions? Anything you've been wanting to do for awhile but need a little extra push to get to? Write it below in the comment section and do it this year! Check out one of our favorites below from kid president!

"I think we all need pep talk!"

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bruce Craig on

      The last update was late January. Here we are in mid February. Can you please let us know the current situation? Will you be shipping soon? I understand the difficulty of a new product and new production lines but please do us all the courtesy of keeping us up to date. Of the total orders how many have shipped and more importantly what's the status of the Lightning Cables?

    2. LaurenLaz on

      Pls disregard my last comment

    3. LaurenLaz on

      Would really, really love to see an ETA on the lightening cables.

      I don't pledge expecting to get a product asap, so I'm not frustrated that I haven't received it yet even though I could really use a long cable right now.

    4. White Fox


    5. mohammed busher naim on

      i need my black lightning cables!! keep the keeper for you i can't wait any more !!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Mutters on

      And additionally as some have stated.... I signed up for the cables.... Not the keepers. They are cool and all, but should in no way be holding up your delivery of the cables. Hope we get some updates soon.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Mutters on

      Adding to the mix. What about the lightning cables? Especially since Griffen is already showing their version of this. Should I cancel my 10 cables? What's up?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dalton Smiley on

      Lightning cables???

    9. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Lightning cables? Oh yeah, almost forgot about them. I got distracted by the breathtaking news about the world's best cable tidy and the inspirational video from a pip squeak about pep talks. MIC must have got distracted too. Lightning cables update?

    10. Missing avatar

      MZ on

      Lightning cables update?

    11. Oliver Held on

      Oh, das erfreut uns sehr. Wonderful photos. And the "one and only" lighting-connector products are maybe the best parts? We are waiting and enjoy the journey of your life. We think you have done an amazing work. Go on. (It is a surprise for my wife... X-mas) ;)

    12. Amanda Helstrom-White on

      What about the lightning cables?

    13. Robin Matsumoto on

      Oh yeah, what about the lightening cable?

    14. Robin Matsumoto on

      I like the look and quality from the photos. Thank you for doing all the hard work and designing something useful and nice to look at. I'm waiting in anticipation.
      Sincerely Robin

    15. Missing avatar

      Laurent on

      What about the lightning cables ????

    16. Missing avatar

      Mark Gamble on

      An update on the Lightening cable would be appreciated ...

    17. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Srsly? This is such an empty update. The only info you give out is: Yeah, we're still working on something.

      NO delivery dates (for all cables). NO info on certification. NO info on production schedule.

      This is the worst kickstarter project I have backed so far (and I'm a backer of a project that is now over a year late - doesn't matter, they have stuff to work on and manage to communicate with their backers).

      Please, provide a proper update. What are your problems with the lightning and 30-pin cables? It seriously sounds like you have given up on them by now.

    18. Jordan Tan on

      Sad to see no mention of the lightning cable.

    19. julian on

      Any chance we can get more photos of the different colours? I still can't decide between silver and black.

    20. Lucky Loser on

      You're awesome!!
      Continue your good work and keep on sending updates.
      BTW Do you have some statistics about the choosen cord types?

    21. Stefan Eggli on

      Are you kidding me?? Give us an update about the lightning version. NOW!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Eli Matoren on

      Can you please give us an update on what is happening with the Lighting Version?
      Did you received the approval from Apple yet ?

    23. Alex Leung

      Sounds like the Lightning cable is last on the manufacturing list. At least that's what it seems.

      Please give an update on the Lightning version. Thanks!!

    24. Missing avatar

      JohnPAtlanta on

      As a backer I have a right to speak my mind here so here it goes.
      With CES 2015 almost done and this project not even shipping and now it looks like the lightning cables being even more delayed, I think everyone that backed/paid for lightning cables should just chock this up as a learning experience. Sometimes there's just no need to over-engineer something like this. Only die-hard geeks like me have affinity for high-quality cables like this and lets be honest, we are a very very small percentage of the populous. Of course I will use the cable, if/when I ever get it but can pretty much guarantee you that I will not be stocking up anytime thereafter.

    25. Chris Pawlowski on

      No love for lightning? That's a little suspicious, did Apple reject you or did you not have any updates? Looking forward to some good news on that front!

    26. Zoe Martin

      Ummm I backed a cable not a cable strap please give us information on the lightning cable. Thankyou

    27. AJB Designs on

      Ummm.. Apple? I have heard from my sources that although the 'Flipper' USB that you are using has received USB certification, Apple is not granting MFI certification so you will not be able to pair the USB to the lightning. Is this correct?

    28. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Vogt on

      Happy new year!

      As you can see here, there are some people which are asking for an update on the update. May you please please with sugar on top drop us Apple users an information?

    29. Sciurvilla on

      But the main products are not the lighting cables? No interest in a poor product as the magnetic keeper (I can found similar, even better, everywhere). I pledge for the cables not for the keeper. Please add updates on the main products, if not looks like that you want just hide real problems!!!!!
      Please be correct with who trusted in you!!!!

    30. White Fox

      I've been holding off buying $20 Apple lightning cables for months, waiting for these things.

      I think you should rename them the DELAYCORDS !!

    31. Nate on

      Hey guys! Does the silver cord have one silver tip and one white tip? Pardon the question if it's obvious, I'm colorblind and it looks like one white tip and one silver one. Please let me know.

    32. Missing avatar

      frederx on

      No News regarding the lightning cables??

    33. Missing avatar

      John Phan on

      Hey creators, thank you for the update but please don't leave us apple device users hanging regarding updates on the lighting cable. Even if you are still waiting on approvals just letting us know could go a long way.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Curious how there is not even a mention of the lightning cables. Even if there hasn't been much (or any) progress, it is still better to have you address it than leave us here with zero information.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Young on

      This is a long update with no new information about the progress of the lightning cables. Thanks for ignoring the main issue yet again.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael J on

      No mention of Lightning cable status in the post...

    37. Neil Alleman on

      Lightning cables??????