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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
7,934 backers pledged $423,564 to help bring this project to life.

2nd batch of surveys sent, progress updates!

Posted by Made In College (Creator)

Lovely backers!

Some payments were received from Amazon a little late, which means you missed our first batch of surveys. No problem! We just sent a second batch! If you haven't received your survey yet, just email us at and we'll get you sorted out! We'll probably send a 3rd batch next week for some of these still "processing payments".

Many of you were able to add additional cords to your order, pay for international shipping, upgrade your lengths, and select your adapter/length/color/packaging with no problem! We wanted to say once again, BIG THANKS to for making this custom solution!! It turned out super well and we couldn't be happier!!

Status updates

Manufacturing has begun! We're shipping out Micro USB, then Mini USB, 30-pin, and lightning! We're still on track for shipping later this month! We're playing a little bit of a waiting game with Apple for the MFI on our cables--but we've recently found out that FoxConn has tested and passed certification for the reversible USB! We've been using and testing our cables for months--with great results, so this fortifies our opinion that you guys are going to LOVE your belaycords!

We'll continue pushing for approval, and the second we get it--we're shipping! This will be the first publicly available MFI certified cable, made possible by the reversible USB patent holder (which dates back to 2009!!) and your backing (just this month!!). We're creating something that truly doesn't exist yet! You literally can't get these anywhere else and together we're making it happen! Get hyped! Big love! <3!


  • Top length ordered was 1.2m. Top colors were Black, College Blue, and Kickstarter Green--Who would have guessed!
  • We're producing over 30,060 meters of BelayCords! 
  • That's Over 98,000 feet!
  • And over 20 miles of charging cable! Any marathoners or IronMen out there?
  • The Burj Khalifa is the largest building in the world, if you put our cables end to end you could measure the building over 36 times! What!!!
  • Or for our American backers, you could measure the Empire State building over 78 times! 
  • Can you imagine how large the shipping pallets are of these cables?? HUGE!

Manufacturing has begun!

Our micro USBs are in production! We've selected a fulfillment company and will be shipping via Hong-Kong Post worldwide. Shipping time will depend on location and more details will follow! We're going to have really fun updates showing what it takes to make a charging cable, from the housing to the assembly (which is super complicated btw!), and all the nitty gritty of launching such a tremendous campaign! Between legal expenses, patent licensing, fulfillment, samples, 3 agents in China to manage the three different factories, the magnetic keeper, packaging, MFI licensing, other certifications, and more--it's a ton to manage! But we're on it!

Here are some of our cable spools, taken by one of our sourcing agents!

College Blue
College Blue
Kickstarter Green
Kickstarter Green

Magnetic Keeper Update

A lot of backers wanted a shorter cable to plug into their computers and not have a huge amount of cable sitting looped around their computers. They wanted the ability to manage their cables without them getting tangled and easily be able to store them. So we created (and patented) the Magnetic Keeper! Matt actually built the first sample himself (you can see the earlier updates for the photos). We assumed it would be a lot easier for a company to make the units after Matt's sample, but as many of you know a lot can change with a 12 hour time difference and a language barrier. We weren't very happy with how these samples turned out--despite what we thought were pretty simple directions (and matt's turned out so well and he's far from a seamstress!). 

We're still working on some issues with the manufacturing company and we assigned managing the revisions to one of our Chinese agents. It will be fixed promptly! Rest assured, the final magnetic keepers will look MUCH better than this! So please don't fret! This is just in the spirit of transparency and having you feel as much as part of the manufacturing process as you were the funding! We can't do it without you!You don't normally get to see the nitty gritty of product manufacturing--and it's super fascinating. 

So, We're trucking along! Keep up to date via our KickStarter updates--we'll try to post at least 1 every 1-2 weeks and keep you in the loop. Some people have expressed that they don't want to receive these updates. At the bottom of your email you can click to opt-out so we don't spam you! If you have any issues or concerns, feel free to email us! That way we'll have all of your details to respond and manage it via our ticketing system. Kickstarter messages can be tricky to manage and we don't want to overlook your notes!

With deep love and admiration,

The BelayCords Team <3

PS. To our backers, Aim high. Reach your goals and believe in yourselves!


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    1. Betty Shih on

      Still can't get any survey

    2. Brian Murray

      I have still not received a survey despite both Kickstarter messages and an email.

    3. Granola Strolla Inc. on

      We haven't gotten a survey or any information

    4. Missing avatar

      kannyaku on

      I see that the second batch of surveys has come out but I have not received any. Are you emailing everyone?

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua Deville on

      Any update?

      I've completed my survey, the money has come out but not heard anything for a while?

    6. Concept96 on

      I sent you guys an email about not getting a survey, even though the payment came out on time. Could you please reply to me.

    7. Daniel Szeitz on

      any update on the iPhone certification? The cords was said to be delivered in November. Don't seem like it will be done.

    8. Missing avatar

      Anneka Owens on

      I haven't gotten the survey

    9. Daniel Djurovic on

      I have not gotten my survey, please let me know

    10. Zdenek Hornych on

      Hi Belaycords, unfortunately also I have not gotten the survey. Thanks for letting me know how we can process it.

    11. Thomas Markel on

      I have not gotten my survey!

    12. werewulf!!

      Hoping that I'm not being too much of a troublemaker, but the family is going phone shopping over thanksgiving, so I'm kind of holding off on the survey until then in case I need a different cord after that.

      I know I run the risk of getting my cord delivered late, but better that then to miss out on the *proper* cord!

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Karrass on

      I haven't gotten my survey! :-(

    14. Missing avatar

      Fiona on

      Thanks so much for the updates and promptness with survey-dispatch, it's been a joy to back this project!

    15. Andy on

      Excellent update and product! I can't wait to receive mine. Keep up the good work!

    16. batpigandme on

      Props (and thanks) to you guys for continuing to keep us in the loop- excited to see the end product, and hear more about the journey getting there! Also, the Celery platform was easy for us, and we loved the UI (no disrespect to our other kickstarter-ers out there, but the survey phase often throws a kink or two in the process)!

    17. Missing avatar

      Meike Krug on

      Thanks for sharing the details and manufacturing wins and challenges. You're absolutely IS fascinating!!!

    18. Dylan Fôn Thomas on

      Hope got my payment??

    19. Conner Dugan on

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop, as an engineering student I'm really fascinated by the process. I'm also excited to get the cable itself and I have high hopes that they will go over well as Christmas presents! Thanks for your hard work!