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Support the creation and installation of artwork in my first major exhibition!

I will be in a two-person exhibition, “Time Bandits”, at The Creative Alliance at the Patterson in Baltimore, Maryland this May. This is a major opportunity for me because it is my first large exhibition since graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art. As a recent graduate, I must often make compromises in the production of my artwork due to a lack of funds. For this reason, it is unlikely that I will be able to execute this exhibition as I imagine it. However, with your help I will be able to accomplish my ideas as they were meant to be. 

Your generous contribution will fund various aspects of my creative process for this exhibition. With your funds I will be able to frame and print photographs that have never been shown because I could never afford it. The raw materials for my sculptures are costly and not easily acquired. Your pledge will allow me to purchase more raw materials and therefore make more work. As an arts professional I am aware of the implications and nuances of how works of art are typically displayed. For this reason I will be constructing pedestals and other methods of display that are custom made for my sculptures.

Keep up with my progress on my blog where I have a weekly update called "Studio Notes." Click here. 

And view my artwork, resume and bio on my website. Click here. 

For a basic understanding of my artistic goals I've included my artist statement below:

1. Use technology to facilitate the discovery of the self through a hallowed relationship with nature.

2. Assign value to the experience of small phenomena using methods of documentation that are repetitive, simple and direct.

3. Create objects, provoked by an innate fear of death, that possess and perpetuate small memories not preserved in books. These small memories, which I believe are what make us unique, are fragile and vanish with us in death.

4. Collage together experiences, memories and histories as a way to emphasize the deficiencies of human perception, the shortcomings of technology, and the inadequacy of art making.

5. Sustain a sincere, albeit delusional, pursuit to achieve enlightenment and posses the sublime.

6. Essay a doomed ambition to reproduce excerpts of the human experience with identical vividness and complexity.

Below are some examples of what your contribution will go toward:

Improvements for "The Power Of Twenty-Seven," 2011, 60x36x6x.5" including adding a layer of sand and layers of glass. I would also like to reproduce and frame all twenty-seven 4x6" photos in a long row to be displayed on a wall nearby this floor installation. 

Printing and framing a photographs such as the one below in two sizes: 43x66" and 5x3". 

The production and display of another "Star Mask," similar to this one:

Printing and framing of six 32x23" images from my "Cyanotype Print Series." 


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    You get an internet shout-out on my website! Your name included in a daily digital (and ridiculous) thank you note, all of which will be displayed on my website after my goal is reached.

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    All of the above + A hi-res desktop wallpaper image of the exhibition (You can pick from a few choices)

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    All of the above + A constellation postcard inspired by the "Star Mask" sculpture experience. Hold up the card to light and see the stars! Signed edition made just for you by me!

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    All above + Join me for a champagne toast at the Creative Alliance Marquee Lounge after the opening reception!

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    A one-of-a-kind 10x10" drawing by me and inspired by your suggestion!

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    A 8x10" full color print documenting the exhibition! AND a section of the knot sculpture in the exhibition!

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    A one-of-a-kind 10x10" drawing by me inspired by your suggestion! AND A 8x10" full color print documenting the exhibition!

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    A framed 32x23" cyanotype from the exhibition! (Does not include S&H)

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