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“Sanity is Slavery” is a 2 CD digipack compilation (with a free digital bonus disc) released by activist label and alt modeling agency machineKUNT.
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Transhuman X

53 backers pledged $3,305 to help bring this project to life.

A book on radical insanity, a morbid graphic novel, an ink drawing, an Experiment Haywire megaphone, & a custom MK photo shoot: oh my!

Hello to the free world,

We are finding the others. If you've been following the voices of the Mad Pride movement I am sure you have heard of Randy Dethrow. He recently wrote the book "Crazy People" which discusses what it's like to live as a sane person in an insane world. As a fellow musician, SubGenius, and Discordian there are no mental limits he is afraid to cross in "Crazy People" which is why he has decided to give this book away to one lucky supporter of Sanity is Slavery.

There's more. A few years ago I picked up the comic book "Industriacide" by Sean Dietrich and was blown away by the sheer creepiness and beauty of his illustrations. I don't want to give too much away but it involves a girl and an evil teddy bear who escape to a far off land where everything is about as industrial as you can get. I'm talking about factories and oil refineries here. Dietrich has signed "Industriacide" along with a personal ink drawing of his for the Sanity is Slavery compilation.

What else? An Experiment Haywire megaphone. In the middle of my move to Santa Cruz I realized I still had mine from my gig with Babyland in New York City. You can definitely see the scars here but the megaphone does indeed work. It has the lyrics to "Game Called Life" on it + a bunch of other bizarre thoughts that I scrawled on it while I was backstage.

machineKUNT model Fische. She's been kind enough to offer a custom photo shoot to one (in)sane person. The concept of the photo shoot will be entirely up to you. Fische is one of our hardest working models at machineKUNT and is featured as a Bizarre Magazine Ultra Vixen. With an extremely versatile style she can go for any look and concept that you desire. Simply create a story and she will visually manifest it for you with one of her professional photographers. Be as specific as you'd like.

This is the $250 package which also includes a BIG thank-you on the linear notes, a copy of the 'Sanity is Slavery' 2 CD digipack, (plus the digital bonus disc) & a machineKUNT poster. It is the only package like this available. It will only go to one person. Will it be you?
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