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Update #8

Updates and Progress!

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All the pieces for your pledges are coming in and fast! 

*I've got a sample of the Book of Puzzles  for you. It hasn't been through an editor yet, so things may change, but this is meant to give you a taste of things to come!

*The 3D Printer is in. We'll need another week or two to get it running and have some samples made. At that point, we'll let you all vote on your Special Thank you gifts. 

*Lunch Boxes are IN! Decals are on their way. 

*Working on the Building Pieces as we speak. It looks like they'll have magnet backings, so you'll be able to store them on your fridge and they'll slip around a lot less in the lunch box! Yay! 

*You still have time to get me your information if you're getting a personalized building for the Book of Buildings. 

*I have in all the art for the Book of Obstacles. My artists out did themselves, its all really SUPER charming. 


    1. Yakisoba%20hotter%20002.small

      Creator Brian Vo on March 9, 2012

      I am looking forward to the lunch boxes SO MUCH.

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    The Wily WRENCH You're just watching this, checking it out to see where it goes, and we can respect that! A list of all backers will go in the Flatpack Book of Puzzles, a companion book for the core rules. That includes you!

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    The Resourceful WRENCH You mind, your physical footprint, and appreciate a great quality PDF. At this level you'll get a fully indexed, hyperlinked PDF of the Flatpack: Fix the Future core rules in both full fancy color, or printer/file size friendly version. But that's not enough for you! We'll also be giving you the Flatpack Catalog. That's a printer friendly PDF Catalog of all the Flatpack building game pieces in easy top-down format to print, cut out, and use in your game!

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    The Egotistical WRENCH If you understand that you are awesome, and that knowing how awesome you are is a good thing, you might consider flaunting your pride and backing at this level. Not only will you get the PDFs described above for your convenience, you'll also get a print version of the core rules in full color, perfect bound glory. As glorious, in fact, as you are! And before anyone else can get the physical book too. Flaunt it!

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    The Nostalgic WRENCH You remember the good old days, when game books were physical, and everything was better with supplements. No problem! At this level you get all that new fangled PDF stuff and the physical core book, but that's not all. For going the extra mile, we'll include a physical copy of the Flatpack Book of Puzzles (working title) which will be page after page of ways to use real world games and puzzles in your adventures in the Optimistic Apocalypse. Checkers, Chess, Go, Three Minute Mysteries and Word Games can all work in place of mechanics, and this book explains how! (With tips on using the same techniques in other roleplaying games)

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    Retailer WRENCH: This is for stores wanting to carry Flatpack: Fix the Future. We'll provide six copies, shipping included within the USA. We'll be marking them for retail at $21.99 unless something unexpected happens and we can afford a super big print run. You could sell them for whatever you want, but we think $19.99 is a great, square number. Also, we back all our products with PDFs. So, you can work that out with us directly, or through the bricks and mortar initiative.

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    The Curious WRENCH You're willing to see how far down the rabbit hole goes. You're curious enough to see where we go with this whole thing. You're our kind of backer! At this level, you get everything described above, physical and PDF of all the listed material. Additionally, you'll get a Flatpack branded metal lunchbox so the other people are work can be SO jealous. Plus, I'll hand make you game Flatpack building game pieces to bring an air of fancy to your game table. Who doesn't love fancy?

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    The Hopeful WRENCH You don't know us well, you're maybe hearing about our games for the first time. Or maybe you're a game store and you're looking to pick up a sample of our quality. So you're not content with just grabbing up a copy of Flatpack, you want to see physical and PDF copies of all our games! No problem! At a steal, this level gives you physical copies of Flatpack, the Book of Puzzles, Amaranthine our game of immortals, swordfighting, and romance, Maschine Zeit, a game of ghost stories on space stations, and Guestbook, flash fiction gaming with a collectible edge. (More on all those games at our website .)

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