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Amaranthine is a storytelling game of epic action and romance, where lifetimes of memory informs your stories about today's adventure.
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Long Time No See: Amaranthology?

Posted by David A Hill Jr (Creator)

Hey all. It's been a while. 

I wanted to touch base. I know Amaranthology's not in hands. It was rocky to begin with. I only received about half the expected drafts, but I do have those. So, I want to level, and present a plan for getting these out to you. 

I probably can't realistically get physicals out to everyone. The printing and the shipping right now would kick my ass pretty hard. I just can't make it happen feasibly. But as an alternative, I'm thinking of offering it as mobi, epub, whatever other formats you'd like. And I could put it up as an "at cost" print option, so if you want to order physical books, you could get them for the price I could order them from. This would be particularly beneficial if you want a copy outside the United States, since our Print on Demand partner prints in different places all over the world. And print on demand for this would really only be a couple of dollars. 

I'm debating on options for filling it up. I can offer a short Amaranthine game content supplement as part of the package, or I can try to get a couple more stories into the collection. Again, budgeting's restrictive, so I have to be careful. If you have thoughts, let me know. 

In other news, I'm actually looking to do a second edition of Amaranthine, using different rules. For simplicity's sake, I'm thinking Fate or Fate Accelerated. Might this be a thing you'd be interested in?

There you go. Just trying to get this wrapped, since it's been outstanding for a while. 




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    1. David A Hill Jr 7-time creator on

      Sounds good to me then. I've wanted to fuss with Amaranthine for a while, and Fate's just really ideal for that style of "awesome people doing awesome things" play. So, unless I hear some big complaint, I'll totally do Fate.

    2. Scott Acker on

      I'd love to see a Fate implementation. Especially as I'm using Fate for Amber these days and some of the work for Amaranthine could be useful. Thanks for continuing to plug away.