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Update #29 - For backers only

Farewell to Fear, Our New Game


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    You'll be listed in the final product as a backer.

  • Pledge $20 or more
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    At the $20 level, you will be listed as a backer in the final product. As well, you will receive the PDF version of Amaranthine upon release. We're exploring options for alternate digital releases, such as HTML, Kindle, and other formats. You'll be given any such formats as well. You'll also be given the digital proof copy before it goes to publication.

  • Pledge $30 or more
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    At the $30 level, you'll all previously listed benefits. As well, upon release of the digital copy to the public, you'll receive a 1gb USB flash drive imprinted with the Amaranthine logo. We're still hammering out the specific details, but it'll have a pretty wooden or leather case.

  • Pledge $60 or more
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    22 backers

    At the $60 level, you'll be listed as a backer in the final product, and receive the digital form of the game. As well, you'll be the proud owner of the hard copy of Amaranthine. This will be a 200-300 page hardcover, full-color text.

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    This is a package deal. You get the PDF, the flash drive form, and the hardcover form of Amaranthine.

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    Just like at $75, you'll get PDF, USB, and hardcover forms of the game. As well, we'll write you into the game fiction of the core rulebook. Your copy of Amaranthine will be personally signed.

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    This is the "friend of Machine Age" level. You get a lot of cool stuff. 1) The PDF/Digital version of Amaranthine. 2) The hardcover of Amaranthine. 3) The USB Flash Drive version of Amaranthine. 4) A print copy of Maschine Zeit. 5) A flash drive of Maschine Zeit. 6) Three adventures for Maschine Zeit, in one print anthology. 7) Written into Amaranthine, per the $100 level. 8) Special thanks in the front of Amaranthine. 9) Your copy of Amaranthine will be personally signed.

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    Special friend level? You get all eight things listed in the $150 level. As well, we owe you a meal. At the next convention we're at together, we'll get food with you. Nothing spectacular, but more to the point of spending some time with us, where we'll talk on our thanks, our upcoming projects, et cetera. We'll be doing release at Gen Con. We go to a number of conventions per year. Or if you're in the SoCal area, we'll just make it happen here. Either way, we'll owe you a meal.

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    This is the "Employer of Machine Age Productions" level. As above. But, we will work for you. Going rate for writing in RPGs is about 3-5 cents per word. Since we're really dedicated to getting Amaranthine funded, if you give us $500, not only do you get a whole ton of awesome stuff, you are effectively hiring us at a premium rate. We'll work for two cents per word (about 25,000 words) on whatever you want. Do you want your own game based on an idea you've been mulling over? Done. Do you want us to develop and flesh out something you've been working on? Done. Do you have a 25,000 opening on an RPG project and a tighter budget than you'd like? Done. In fact, we'll repeat this rate for anything higher than $500. Discuss the details with us. We can produce 25,000 words in about a month, depending on our current workload. More words, we'll have to discuss terms. We'll write up a contract. You can have whatever rights over those words you want, so long as we're credited. If you want, this offer can extend to development, editing, consultation, or any other game design work you'd like. Are you writing something you're not sure about? We'll develop it for you, and polish it into something we'd play. If you pledge at this level, we'll discuss what it means for you. We'll err on the side of Doing More Cool Things For You.

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