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I am a Toy Designer and Concept Artist looking to launch my 1st art book entitled "Don't wake are about to start dreaming"

I am a Toy Designer and Concept Artist looking to launch my 1st art book entitled "Don't wake are about to start dreaming" Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 26, 2012.

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About this project

About me and the project:

Hello all you cool Kickstarters!   My name is Joe MacCarthy.  I am a Dad, Toy Designer, and Dreamer living in Oakland, CA. I have been designing toys and products for about 17 years. I graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from UW-Stout in 1994. 

At the tail end of 2009,  I started studying and executing Concept Art with all of my available steam.  I have been working like a mad-man and staying inspired  with the help of some of my heroes like  Daniel Simon, H.R Giger, Syd Mead, Scott Robertson, Salvador Dali, Ashley Wood, Glenn Barr, Mark Ryden and all the "cool cats" on Coroflot. 

I have been "on the board" doing this artwork mostly digitally along with my camera, a few permanent markers and my ultra supportive wife.  To learn new methods and grow in new ways I have had the chance to  attend a few concepting workshops at Gnomon Workshops in Hollywood, CA.   I practice and sketch whenever I can get a chance. ( It is usually when my kids are sleeping so Shhhhhhhh..)   

With all of this practicing, studying and experimenting on my patio and in my studio (above image)  I have put together hundreds of images in my portfolio.  Last October I had my first gallery show at Ruby’s Cafe just up the street from Pixar Studios and I have another two shows in the area locked & loaded.  The show was a great success with the selling a lot of the show and  I also had some nice offers to do some commission work.

In late October of 2011 I was also lucky enough to be one of the six desigers featured in the Blurb  Genius Gallery on Coroflot. My portfolio was selected from out of over 200,000 outstanding global portfolios.  Shortly after being entered into the gallery Coroflot did a cool article on my initial book launch through Blurb.  *The book I laid out through Blurb was way too expensive, they keep the money,  and their business model is not intended for mass production. 

Why I need you...

 I want to put a book out on the market called "Don't wake are about to start dreaming." (hit this link to see a video of the book pages being flipped)  It will feature the greatest hits of my first few years of  artwork.  It will showcase over 307 tasty images showing the ways in which I play, experiment and think, and expose my process for a few projects. I will  also give you a laugh or two along the way.  

I really want this book to be available and affordable.   Not only to designers and art students but libraries, local book stores, and for free to local High Schools and Junior High Schools to promote this career choice and the arts in general.  The first press of this book would also be a limited edition and I would run around 1,000- 1,250 copies. I plan on selling this book for around 25-30 dollars if this is funded.   If it is not funded the book will not happen.  1,000 copies is the magic minimum number of books that I need to do for any publisher to touch it. 

Reward Details

 Limited Edition 5 x 7 Postcards:

Limited Edition 8 x 10 Prints:

"Vitruvian Echoes" Black Tee:

*Shipping is free on all items shipped in the USA.  Purchases outside of the USA will be charged actual shipping fees to that location.

Thank You!

Joe MacCarthy

Book Image Samples


  • Yes! I will have 2-3 images broken down to show and explain different techniques in stages from initial sketch / idea to final illustration.

    Last updated:
  • All products that are shipped to the USA will be shipped for FREE!! Actual shipping will be charged if it is shipped outside of the USA. I will let you know what it is when I swing by the post office.

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  • If the project is funded I will send you a message to confirm. I can also send you a high resolution image of the selections so you are sure you got the right one!

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $2 or more
    About $2.00 USD

    0 backers

    You get to know that you helped fund my 1st book! Yeah! Good karma will sprinkle over you on a random rainy day. I will also stick your name on the credits page in back of the book.

    Estimated delivery:
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $12 or more
    About $12 USD

    2 backers Limited (298 left of 300)

    You will select and receive (1 of 4) limited edition 5x7 Giclee printed postcard on 100% rag textured art paper. It will be signed, numbered and mailed to you with a smile. I will run 4 postcard designs and each will be a run of around 50-75 prints.

    Estimated delivery:
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $20 or more
    About $20 USD

    6 backers

    You will receive a hi-res digital PDF of the book for you to keep and check out on your device. The book will feature over 307 high resolution images. You can entertain your peepers and make your brain start to pop and crackle!

    Estimated delivery:
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more
    About $25 USD

    3 backers Limited (397 left of 400)

    You will select and receive a larger limited edition 8 x 10 Giclee print on 100% rag textured art paper. Choose 1 of 4 designs that are printed on heavy textured paper. It will be signed and numbered. (See image to Select) Just pop it into your favorite IKEA frame to enjoy. Shipped in a classy envelope!

    Estimated delivery:
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $30 or more
    About $30 USD

    4 backers

    You will receive a t-shirt with my design entitled "Vitruvian Echoes". The design is inspired by the famous sketch Vitruvian Man by good ole' Leo. It is all about math, science and techy-sassofrass. Just let me know your size and if you would like a male of female shirt. See the end of my video to get a good gander at the design or see the image.

    Estimated delivery:
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more
    About $50 USD

    17 backers Limited (483 left of 500)

    Holy Cats! You will get one of the first limited edition hard cover books right off of the press! The books will be printed with lustre pages and the cover will have a spot varnish detail.

    "Where is the beef?" HERE IT IS! I will personally sign and stamp each book with my sexy, custom, inky stampy six-shooter. Bang! Bang!

    Estimated delivery:
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more
    About $100 USD

    5 backers Limited (95 left of 100)


    "The Mother Load". With this tasty package you will receive the signed and stamped book along with the sweet t-shirt. I will also magically "hurl" in an 8 x 10 print of your choice. This is your bag baby!

    Estimated delivery:
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $125 or more
    About $125 USD

    0 backers

    Grab this golden ruby encrusted crown and put it on your dome already! I shall now call you the "PRINT KING!" With this package you will get all four 8 x 10' Limited Edition, Giclee prints to cherish. *Jester not included

    Estimated delivery:
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $200 or more
    About $200 USD

    2 backers Limited (48 left of 50)

    "Oh lordy lordy lordy!" as Jack Tripper would say. This is way beyond the tastiest of all key lime pies! With this package you get the book, the shirt, and all 4 of the 8x10 limited edition, signed prints.

    Estimated delivery:
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $350 or more
    About $350 USD

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    If you live in the Bay Area I will personally come out to your studio, classroom, or house and give a demo on how I work. Before arrival we can talk about what you want to learn and get out of our session.

    I will give a catered presentation, live demo's (I will bring my Wacom and Laptop) and shower you with a personalized signed book and PDF version to share with your peeps or class.

    Estimated delivery:

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