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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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The Pro is almost here!!!!

Posted by M3D Team (Collaborator)
Dear Backers,  

           The entire team here at M3D would like to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. Without you, we would not have been able to grow and develop into the leading innovative 3D printing company that we are today. For this reason, we would like to express to you our sincerest and deepest gratitude for helping to make the Micro and M3D brand a reality. During the last two years, we have learned much and continue to do so on a regular basis based in part on your feedback and user experience. In providing us with this feedback, you have given us the information we’ve needed to continue to improve upon the Micro and our company. As such, it is important to us to let you know that we plan to continue to upgrade and support the Micro as we move forward into the future to ensure that it is able to produce and meet the needs of the community. Thank you once again, and we look forward to your continued support moving forward!  

-Team M3D

The M3D Pro  

Have you been anxiously awaiting news about our new and anticipated M3D Pro? The wait is finally over! As the original backers of The Micro M3D Printer, you are getting a heads up on all the details of the M3D Pro before anyone else. Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that pre-orders for the M3D Pro will become available during the middle of next week through an all new Kickstarter campaign! Keep reading to find out about the M3D Pro, the new Kickstarter Campaign, some exclusive first looks at the Pro in action and what you, as original backers, can look forward to during this new campaign! The Pro is the first of it's kind in the 3D Printing Industry. The Pro will ensure users a reliable and accurate printing experience regardless of their experience level, something no other system on the market has been able to claim. Both beginners and advanced users alike can rest assured! In addition, our power efficient heated bed (uses 8x less power than conventional heating beds) will make printing with problematic or prone to warping filaments much easier as well as opening the doors to a variety of third party filaments that may have been previously off limits.

How to Support the Pro  

To support us in the development and production of the Pro and breaking the barriers to reliable at home printing, please consider backing our new Kickstarter for the M3D Pro. We have listened to your feedback and designed a printer with all the features you’ve always wanted and then some. We would not be where we are today without your generous support, and for that reason, we are proud to offer you, our original Kickstarter backers, a special reward if you choose to back our new M3D Pro. Only original Kickstarter backers for the Micro are entitled to this deal!

Our Special Micro Backer Reward  

If you back our new campaign for the M3D Pro, 50% of any amount pledged towards the Pro will be available as additional Micro backer pledge credit* valid for use on accessories, filament, shipping, and apparel via the M3D store page. (*Additional pledge credit CANNOT be applied to VAT or to original/additional pledge/s)

To make pledging for the M3D Pro even easier, all pledges will now be verified via Kickstarter internally. This eliminates the need for an external transaction ID number and will make the process of receiving your reward that much easier!

What We’ve Learned  

During the last few years, we have learned a lot in terms of what you, the consumer, are looking for in a 3D Printer and what you desire from us as a company. When we first got off the ground, we were not equipped with a full customer support staff. However, this is something we soon realized you desired (and that we needed to provide). We now have an expanded support staff ready to assist you. In fact, we currently employ over 50 employees company wide. We also acknowledge that sometimes changes need to be made quickly. If we find something that needs to be improved upon based on your feedback, we listen and make it our first priority to find and apply the necessary solutions no matter how minor they may be.

In addition, we have added a customer support manager who is passionate about ensuring that you and your Micro get the advice and service you need. We have also added a scrum master to provide regular and adaptive updates to the software as fast as improvements can be designed, as well as more comprehensive quality control checks so that every printer will be the tool you need it to be when it arrives. Furthermore, we have created better and more accessible user guides covering every category from settings management to full repair tutorials, a user manual that has been designed to benefit both the novice user and the more experienced user, and available print testing so that we can help scan and identify any problems in your print files to ensure the success of your projects. M3D will also be launching our own print file database very soon. This database will be full of models tested for reliability and optimal settings for use on the Micro and the M3D Pro.

We have also received substantial feedback from customers about the difficulty of printing with traditional ABS. To address this issue, we have designed a brand new filament (ABS-R) that has the characteristic strength of ABS without the warp and the odor that ABS is known for. One of the reasons we created ABS-R, was that it is more environmentally friendly and it eliminated the need for a heated bed. We have decided to include a heated bed as a feature for the M3D Pro because many of you expressed to us that having a heated bed was something you desired and we wanted to give it to you.

We also saw a need to develop a filament that was strong, flexible, and resilient to heat, so we designed Tough 3D Ink. Our Tough 3D Ink is unique in the industry because it is extremely versatile as it bonds to itself extremely well, is virtually unbreakable, and can be printed with flexibility or rigidity depending on the settings you use.

A first look at the Pro.

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In Conclusion  

Once again, we would like to thank you, our original backers, from the bottom of our hearts for making our idea a reality. We truly would not be where we are today without you. You have given us the ability to make this technology accessible to the average everyday consumer, a technology that was once only reserved for engineers, architects, designers, scientists, and the like. We have certainly come a long way since we first launched the Micro and have learned a lot throughout this journey and we look forward to continuing to improve this technology and making it accessible and easy to use for as many people as possible.

For those of you who may have missed our communications on how to receive your Micro or were waiting for Linux to be available before receiving your printer (Linux is now available for download here), please log into the portal so that you can submit your backer information (your username is the email address you used to place your Kickstarter Pledge). After you have done so, please contact us at so that we can further assist you in claiming your printer. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your printer, please let us know. We have a staff here at the ready to assist you with whatever you may need.


The M3D Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      Specs may deviate very slightly during final production

    2. Missing avatar

      Yves Cools on

      @ M3D Team : contact me via email (you have my contact details).

    3. Mike Morrison on

      There were problems printing with the original micro, but if you take the front cover off the print head it prints fine. I have had several 3d printers and this is the most reliable

    4. Shoham Blau on

      How much will it cost ?

    5. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @David van Ballegooijen
      Thank you for the kind words, and yes it's true the whole of the M3D team is committed to supporting and helping our customers with any troubles. We are always looking for better ways to help and offer support.
      Head of Customer Support M3D

    6. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Yves Cools
      We reviewed your ticket, Because we ship a large numbers of units to every country the VAT values have to be the real value and any marked different are readily rejected by or adjusted by customs and could jeopardize the shipment of future backers as well. We remain committed to sending you your reward printer once you finish your shipping payment.
      Head of Customer Support M3D

    7. David van Ballegooijen on

      I've always found Customer Service to be helpful to be honest.. In the early days there were times where they clearly were under a decent amount of pressure, or getting frustrated. But when aa problem was clear and solvable they always took great care, even if it meant the CS person would personally fix any hardware or shipment issues.

      Don't forget that Customer Support are humans as well. With that in mind I always take my good time to write emails that clearly state the problems and what I tried myself already. Or add photo's or video's if I think those could help clarify things better. — Even when getting upset, instead of venting, it helps your situation more if you keep making sense and stick to facts. That way your complaint becomes indisputable, and CS is more inclined to jump through hoops to make you happy. In short, being respectful pays off.

    8. Missing avatar

      Yves Cools on

      @Riggs Marietta or whoever is (ab)using the kickstarter profile by that name : I cannot contact you via PM, but you have my email address from previous communications. I expect (and insist) that you review all previous communications and then contact me via email to discuss this DEBACLE and to provide a PROPER SOLUTION that I can accept as satisfactory.

    9. Missing avatar

      BGW on

      My Micro is sitting in the closet collecting dust from shortly after I received it. I could never get it to print ABS and the PLA prints (when they did finish) were far from acceptable. After pressing the Start Button there would be allot of waiting, some clicking and banging, more waiting. The print head would move around (more clicking and banging) go down and hit the table and after a very long time the print might start but usually didn't. No help from M3D so it ending up in the closet. Very frustrating and I don't think I want to try another M3D product.


    10. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Patrick Sauvillers
      "The general idea is that in 10 years 3D printers can achieve a fraction of the dream of becoming an everyday necessity and fulfilling huge consumer needs. Eventually it can even become a bit like star trek replicators but there are countless companies decades, and iterations needed to get there and the Micro and the Pro are a very fine layer of building blocks along this path. I can't thank you enough for appreciating the iterative process"

    11. Missing avatar

      Patrick Sauvillers on

      The micro has always give me perfect prints, it is normal for a prototype or Kickstarter project that it is refined until you get the better version. You support the developers in their project and give them your feedback. 3D printing is still some inventing but give you oh so much fun. So developers and m3d team keep on the good work on the pro.

    12. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Mazen Eadeh
      The Micro is far from useless and the Pro is a major improvement on printers in general not just over the Micro. If your Micro is having problem our expanded support team is ready to make that right. We are here and waiting to help please reach us at so we can show you are only goal is bring 3D Printing to everyone, we have made mistakes along the way but we are committed to correcting them and improving on our past works

      Head of Customer Support M3D

    13. Missing avatar

      Mazen Eadeh on

      I have an Idea Replace that useless first one with this one.
      I could never get the first one to make a proper print of anything!
      If this one is the same as the first one then shame on you.
      You took advantage of many good people.

    14. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Scott Wilkins

      Thanks Scott, It's always nice to see someone getting the most out of the Micro and enjoying it. We appreciate you recommending the Pro to others. Let us know if you need anything for your Micro.

    15. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Yves Cools
      Please PM me your phone number right away and I will get this resolved immediately. We stand firmly behind getting rewards to all of our backers. We would never deny someone their entitled rewards refuse to provide service to any customer.

    16. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Bob Keifer
      Agreed. Making a quality product like the one you upgraded to is exactly the goal of the pro. The micro was a barrier breaker in price at the time and now it has its fundamental limits. We couldn't improve it any further without a total redesign which is exactly what we did with the Pro. In general the Pro is about 4 to 5 times faster than a micro is now. We'll do a side by side print time lapse so you can see. Thanks for your feedback.
      - creator

    17. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Brian Anderson
      @David McCowan
      @Ivan Matasić
      @Bob Keifer
      @Manfred Winter

      As with most Kickstarter project we were building a company and our first product with a Micro and we know there were things we could have done better, We have made major improvements to the Micro and to our software, and your right the Micro was not as open as it could have been and our early support could have been better prepared to help backers with issues. M3D has worked hard to address all of those concerns with the Pro and with our continued improvements to the Micro. I'd like to help all of you so if you contact me here I'll personally take care of any issues and if they can't be resolved remotely I'll set you up to replace your older units. I'm again sorry for your experience but please give me a chance to show you how we have improved.

      Head of Customer Support M3D

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott Wilkins on

      I don't get all the negative comments here. I was an original backer of the M3D printer, and loved it! So much I got a second one later on at full price. This little printer got me hooked on 3D printing, and I've purchased other printers since then. Yes, the original M3D was a "starter" printer, and not quite up to the standards of many other 3D printers on the market, but it wasn't priced the same as those more expensive models when it came out. I'm not in need of a new printer at this time, but I will recommend the Pro version to anyone who asks about what to get.

    19. Manfred Winter

      Thanks but No thanks. The whole process was a farce, printer is hardly usable, the Software is terrible, and I will look into other companies which follow Software Standards instead of trying to write their own closed source program. Good luck, and bye!

    20. Bob Keifer on

      Sorry, but I have to agree with most of the other comments here. My micro was a fun little toy and a good learning experience, but even after getting a replacement printer for the original which was plagued with issues, I have had to struggle to get any decent prints out of it. It's definitely not consumer friendly. Aside from that, the print speed is atrocious. I can't see anyone in their right mind getting a pro, which appears to have the same print speed! How long does a full size print take? I'm guessing days, if not weeks! I don't see a future for the pro. You should have focused on improving the quality, reliability and speed of the micro instead (both hardware and software). Then maybe you'd have a product you could be proud of.

    21. Missing avatar

      Yves Cools on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ivan Matasić on

      Since the original M3D failed on so many levels, i will not be backing another M3D. Every time need something printed nicely, i have to ask a friend to print it for me... every time i see the difference i curse in at least two languages, and get tears of frustration... Customer support has been less than helpful, I show the mail I received at parties, when we talk CS, for a laugh. People are baffled. If you decide to back this product, good luck.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dave Mapstone on

      Can we have a video of the original Micro3D and the Pro side-by-side, printing the same object ?
      I think it'd be very useful for comparison.

    24. David McCowan on

      My kickstarter M3D sits unused and gathering dust, due to poor reliability, poor beta software and just an overall disappointment with the original kickstarter support.
      The offer to back another M3D is interesting, but given the lack of satisfaction with the original, I will not be looking to back another M3D at this time.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brian Anderson on

      My Micro3D was a useless peice of junk with about 90% failures on PLA and 100% failures on ABS. At the time support was less than useless, i printed less than 100 hours and the fan began to make buzzing noises. It cost me in excess of $600AU all up with exchange rates. In the end I bought another printer that I have had 100% success rate with from day one.

      I wont be venturing into M3D area again, but I hope this time around their product and support are much better than before. Good luck to anyone that gets one.

    26. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Mubarak Al Bulushi Thanks so much for saying so. We are happy to hear of your enjoyment with the Micro and that you like the direction we are going with the Pro. We think you will also be happy with the software features and improvements we have in mind. We couldn't be more pleased at your satisfaction

      @Touchable Reality We are sorry you had such trouble operating your Micro. Please contact us and we will do what we can to help you become satisfied with it's operation and join our over 50,000 satisfied users.

    27. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @David van Ballegooijen the Pro is designed as a single extruder printer but we have software feature planed such as pause and recovery allowing users to change filament color mid print.

      @Joel Marans Our software runs on Mac with very few reported problems. If you give us specifics we can help you in tech support.

      @Raffy Tima There is no trade in program on the Micro but we can certainly repair it and your Backer pledge credit from on a Pro pre-order would easily cover the shipping and repair costs for you.

      @CTDay It's a regular spool holder made for the Micro

    28. Missing avatar

      Mubarak Al Bulushi on

      M3D was my first introduction to 3D printing. It was a magnificent experience, watching it printing from scratch. I was waiting for the concept of 3D Pro, a much larger printing bed, easy removal of objects and significantly faster. I would also expect vast advances in the software. Thanks for the entire M3D team, for making our dreams a reality (with very low cost and efficient products).

    29. Touchable Reality

      The first Micro3D was junk .. I would be very wary of another model from them.

    30. David van Ballegooijen on

      Does the Pro have dual nozzles? I saw a dual nozzle printer at the 3DHubs office last week and was impressed. It's extremely innovative! More than you imagine right now probably.

      It can obviously be used to speed up printing but the innovation begins when using two colors at once! This opens the door to printing much more useful and complex objects. Just take the face of a clock for a relatively simple example.

      Printing a clock face with white background and black numbers+minute indicators could suddenly be printed in One SINGLE Run instead of a complex project that requires several printing runs plus having to glue everything together afterwards.. A horrible task not many people would seriously consider...

      If you would take this already great idea a tiny step further and be able to have 2 colors per print head with a parking mechanism, then things start to become seriously groundbreaking for home use printing!

      Liquids & Laser powered 3D printers can produce superiors print quality but they won't allow for multiple colors. So to me this feels like the most logical step to explore for next gen nozzle based 3D printing. Not in the least to get the general public seriously interested, who expect to be able to print in multiple colors.

    31. Missing avatar

      Raffy Tima

      Hi, my Micro 3D printer does not turn on anymore. I've been planning to ship it back for repairs. Can i still send it back but get the Pro in return? How much do i have to pay. Thank you very much.

    32. Joel Marans on

      How's about some reliable Mac app that doesn't require a funky emulator or additional software to run?

    33. CTDay on

      What are you using for the spool holder in the video?

    34. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on

      @Bjørn Borud
      The Pro is designed to be open and offer choice to users, we are sorry you don't prefer our software but please know that we are constantly updating it based on user feedback.

    35. Bjørn Borud on

      I have an M3D and the biggest reason it currently gathers dust is that it cannot be used directly from my preferred 3D printing software.

      To me, a 3D printer that comes with pretty terrible, proprietary software and that doesn't work with popular slicers such as Simplify3D directly (not through some roundabout way), is pretty much worthless.

      Will this support printing directly from Simplify3D? Will the protocol specs be opened so third party software can add support for the printer?

      If no: then I'm not interested. There's lots of printers that do support third party software and do have open specs.

      Focus on the printer and not the software. You are not good at software. Don't drag down your hardware with a software product that only costs you time, money and effort to make. And then ends up lowering the overall product value.