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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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Mini Update, Mega News

Posted by M3D LLC (Creator)


  • CE Week Show Floor Schedule  
  • Meet the M3D Pro!  
  • User Content Contest’s Results

Dear Backers,  

This week (June 21st-23rd), we are attending CE Week in New York City. Come check us out at Booth 128 and see an early-release prototype of our brand new M3D Pro!  

Wednesday, June 22  

  • 3:00-6:00 pm: Exhibit Floor open to VIP Press 
  • 6:00-9:00 pm: Exhibit Floor open for getgeeked NY tech enthusiasts 

Thursday, June 23 

  • 9:00-5:00 pm: Exhibit Floor Open

Meet the M3D Pro!

We are extremely excited and proud to introduce the M3D Pro, a 3D printer designed in direct response to customer feedback, your feedback from earlier surveys. The new printer represents a paradigm shift in 3D printing. It is outfitted with an innovative tempered heated glass surface and boasts a larger build volume, faster print speed, embedded recovery mode, stand alone mode, advanced sensory network, and more!


Micro (left), M3D Pro (right)
Micro (left), M3D Pro (right)

The M3D Pro was designed to bridge the gap between consumer and commercial use. The larger, quicker, and more advanced M3D Pro delivers a reliable 3D printing experience derived from a number of innovations leading to new features. The Pro will offer the same ease-of-use and accessibility that has become synonymous with the M3D brand. Professional printers are often priced for more than $1000 while the Pro will be available for an entry-level price of $499 at pre-order.

The M3D Pro was designed in direct response to customer feedback. The new printer is outfitted with a heated bed option, outer dimensions of 10.5” cubed, and a larger build volume, allowing objects as tall as 7.8” to be printed—in turn making the Pro the most space-efficient printer ever to hit the market. Every hardware component within M3D’s newest model was built to optimize efficiency and accuracy while maintaining its inherent accessibility and affordability, simplifying the process of taking a 3D file to a 3D print for consumers and professionals alike.

The M3D Pro is the first 3D printer driven by two ARM-core processors and a network of more than two dozen sensors. By rapidly pooling and fusing data, the M3D Pro maximizes the performance of the printer while also improving the overall printing experience through better consistency and reliability. This monitoring includes multiple measurements of speed, filament usage, temperature, and power levels. A standout feature of this sensory data allows the M3D Pro to recover from power outages by saving information as power levels drop off.


  • Heated Print Bed: An innovative tempered heated glass surface automatically adjusts temperature, providing a consistent printing experience and allowing for easy removal of printed objects 
  • Large Build Volume: Print objects up to 7.8” tall or 7.2” x 7.2” wide 
  • Embedded Recovery: The M3D Pro can recover from print failure, such as from power outages, pauses, and filament shortage or jams 
  • Stand Alone Mode: M3D’s software will automatically start printing and transfer print jobs to an internal memory chip, allowing the print to continue without being tethered to a computer
  • Advanced Sensor Network: The world's first dual-ARM processor system fuses data from more than two dozen sensors to provide industry leading consistency and reliability 
  • Construction: Precision ground metal components, glass surface heated bed, durable ABS Frame 
  • Accuracy: 25-350 micron layer heights, 0.40 mm nozzle extrusion 
  • Print Speed: Typically prints filament at 60mm/s, and travels at speeds up to 120 mm/s

Software and Third Party Support

  • Third Party Filaments: Compatible with all industry standard 1.75 mm filaments, including particle-filled materials and high-temperature materials (up to 270 C)  
  • Third Party Applications: Accepts standard G-codes, making it compatible with most 3rd party applications 
  • Free M3D Software: Available on Windows and Mac

Check out a time lapse video showing the new M3D Pro in action!

"I'm very proud of the team here, who went WAY above and beyond to help us create our second product in a very short time. We had a few solid ideas from before and combined with feedback from responses from our users, we used all of our prototyping skills to develop the right product package with features that we now know that you want and at an extremely affordable price. Our greatest hopes are now behind the Pro, which we believe will serve the industry for a generation to come. The Micro was a fantastic first product, and got us to being called the 2nd largest producer of 3D printers by volume (which feels weird given our relatively humble space). Like with all great tech companies, it will ultimately have been seen as the stepping stone, or the training wheels that carried us as we figured out how to hone our skills to create the perfect product for this industry. You'll see the Pro in production as soon as October 15th, so get ready!" - Michael Armani, CEO & Co-Founder of M3D

Sign up for updates at! We also encourage you to check out the following articles about the M3D Pro:

User Content Contest’s Results

Thank you to everyone who took their time to submit entries for our user content contest! We were really impressed with all of the fantastic submissions that we received and would like to applaud all of you on a job well done. Without further ado, we would like to congratulate the grand prize winner of the contest!

Congratulations, Robert Green!

Robert will be the recipient of our entire collection of Tough 3D Ink! We will be in contact to arrange the delivery shortly. Amazing job, Robert!

Robert created a fully custom 3D printed enclosure for a laser etching tool using his Micro 3D printer. He says “It was necessary to fully enclose the laser because it is added to an existing CnC milling machine, and dust was going to be an issue if a suitable environment could not be maintained for the item.”  

You can view the entire project here:

We had a tough time picking just one winner, so we would also like to congratulate a few runner ups! Each runner up will receive a *special* extra large spool of our Chameleon 3D Ink. Great job, everyone!

The official contest may be over, but please do not let this stop your creativity! We are always happy to see and reward your exciting projects, so do not hesitate to share your creations on our M3D forums and participate in community discussions.

As always, please reach out to us using the contact form on our website if you have any questions or concerns and we will make sure that everything is taken care of as soon as possible!

Yours Truly,  

The M3D Team


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    1. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Dov Lavi
      I got your message and look forward to working with you. Please see my email for the next steps

    2. Missing avatar

      Dov Lavi on

      @m3d LLC
      I have reached out to use via the form as requested using Ticket Number: Kickstarter
      What next?

    3. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      We will continue to support and develop improvements on the Micro Software, we have no intention of leaving anyone behind. The details on the Pro software are not out yet but the goal is to allow one program to run multiple printers including Micros and Pros from one program. We Understand many have tried to replicate our success with lower cost printers and similar features however we have not seen any that have had the success and satisfaction with users like the Micro has. Others may have a different opinion but the only opinion that matters to use is what our users want and the Pro was designed in direct response to our users feedback just like each version of our software is a step towards providing the requested features and adjustments we hear from you and others. Cheers to you and your trusty Micro.

    4. Jonah on

      I've had my M3D Micro for nearly 1 year now and have had moderate to high success with it printing PLA. My main concern is that over that year there has been only moderate progress with the software (still in beta) and yet you are revealing a new piece of hardware.
      As one of your Micro backers, I feel somewhat neglected on that front. Especially considering the large variety of cheap printers (with equal or better features and price) that have emerged since your kickstarter campaign. A vast majority of them use open source software that has benefited from years of feedback and iterations.
      Will the M3D Pro be using the same software as the Micro or will it be a new and improved program? If so, will the new software be compatible with the Micro?
      My little Micro has been a reliable workhorse with only a few issues that I was able to fix myself so you have done very well from a hardware standpoint. I wish you all the best with the release of the Pro but ask that you support existing customers first. Thanks M3D.

    5. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Yoann Lechopier

      We don't have any details concerning special offers at this time, but we will share that information when/if we do. Thanks for the kind words and support.

    6. Yoann Lechopier on

      Taht's super great ! the micro was a bit small for my projects even if i managed to print parts half by half.
      I see that people keeps experiencing problems sometimes, i would be glad to share my experience with the micro like i did before with my VR headset. Printing issues is part of the experience but are avoidable and predictable with practice.

      @Creator Any chance to get a little discout for M3D owner and/or Kickstarter early backers ? :)

    7. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @David van Ballegooijen
      We received it, you'll be hearing from us shortly. Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns.

    8. David van Ballegooijen on

      @creator thanks, I did! A ticket number was required so I wrote "kickstarter"...

    9. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @C. Kohlhaas
      So glad to hear you're enjoying the Micro. While I don't have information on future price deals or offers, I'll be sure to post then as soon as I do.

    10. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @David van Ballegooijen
      @Erich Zann

      I apologize for your experience thus far. If you three contact me at I will see what can be done for each of you so that you have a Micro in your possesion that meets your needs and requierments. We are committed to supporting our Backers in every possible way, I'll make it right if you give me a chance.

    11. Erich Zann

      @David van Ballegooijen I am in the same boat, except I can't even get a spool holder (too bad the one built into the printer doesn't work). I have found that if I print something with a very small base (LEGO Mini figure heads and nano-bots from Big Hero 6) no matter how tall they print fine. Anything else, is garbage. I am very disappointed by my printer, it isn't even heavy enough to be an effective paper weight.

      I've been told I need to calibrate my bed, which I have done numerous times. I have adjusted it every which way I can and it is still a piece of junk.

    12. Missing avatar

      Indigoglass on


      We have great fun with the Micro and certainly interested in the Pro.

      You have targeted the Pro to be faster than the Micro and see that you have posted some speed values. How do those compare with the actual speeds of the Micro on the market today?

      While we found the Micro to be extremely easy to use and reliable, the print speed seemed much slower than the 60mm/s quoted in the original Kickstarter FAQ.

    13. David van Ballegooijen on

      Sigh.. I haven't been able to print a single thing correctly with my M3D, except for a spool holder and one battery holder.. Everything else always curled up, didn't stick or fell apart like tiny thin threads of noodles.. Mostly because it's lacking a heated ground plate.. So it's needles to say it's been a very disappointing experience after having looked forward to receiving the thing for so long...

      So when I read this big news I expected to at the very least see some kind of a sorry and a big discount on the M3D PRO or an improved version of the original, for financing your R&D process laying the groundwork for where M3D is today. But I didn't spot it.

      Will this come later or not a chance at all?

      If this was any other kind of product I would have been send a replacement in a heartbeat, or offered another solution. And I have been in contact about my issues with the printer (forum and messages here on Kickstarter.

    14. Missing avatar

      C. Kohlhaas on

      Well well. I received my Micro a long time ago and it sat for almost a year without use, as I simply didnt have the time to tinker and get to use it. Then last month I finally got around to it and was quite happy, aside from a wercked ABS print and one or two wasted prints I got decent results.
      So now I'm interested in the Pro, but whenever I try to enter my email into the "stay updated" field, it tells me to enter a valid email... Using the one that I registered on M3D!
      Please advise. And of course, an extra rebate for the original backers would be appreciated.

    15. Missing avatar


      Unfortunately I have to agree with the comments here about the problems with M3D Micro printer. I was unable to print a nice decent object using this printer. Nothing sticks on the printer bed. The printer made a huge mess of plastic rather than making an object. It is really unusable. I own other printers that I have used to 3d printing on daily basis.

    16. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Glenn McMath
      Thank you so much for your assessment. The team will take it to heart. We have learned a lot and we are grateful everyday to our backers for making that possible. We want to make it right by all our backers that that is why I encourage Backers that are still having issues to contact our support team. They have been given significantly more resources to help get people what they need to help their Mirco meet expectations.

    17. Missing avatar

      Glenn McMath on

      It's nice to see so much communication from M3D in these comments. If there had been this level of communication from the start, you wouldn't have so much bad blood between you and your backers.

      I felt like the Micro didn't live up to my expectations (which were based on your rhetoric and promotional videos), and I'm clearly not alone. It seemed like a lot of things were over-promised and under-delivered with the Micro, so I think you'll have an uphill battle in convincing your KS backers to buy a second product. I can especially see some people being upset that features which were promised for the Micro (reliable ABS printing, for example) showing up in the new printer, and never being delivered for the one they paid for.

      I sincerely hope that you have learned a lot of lessons from the production of the Micro, and that your new printer really is a significant improvement (though an ABS frame isn't filling me with confidence). As a specific suggestion, could one of the 12 sensors on the Pro be some sort of distance measuring sensor (a laser, maybe?) so that the print head can actually detect the height of the print bed and properly auto-level itself? On the Micro the auto-calibration is useless, so I have to manually calibrate the print head to the bed level if I want to get anything resembling acceptable results. A sensor to automate this would be a huge improvement.

      Ultimately, like I said this is going to be a pretty big uphill battle for you to win us over. A lot of us feel wounded by the Micro, and you bragging about your great new product feels a bit like salt in the wound. A significant "loyalty" discount might help, but more than that you're going to have to provide some concrete proof that your new printer performs as well as promised, and is consistently reliable in doing so.

      Best of luck to you.

    18. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jian H

      We are always improving on the Micro with better guides, tips and support. I am confident we can get you past any issue you ran into with the your Micro. Contact us in support and we will get you what you need.

    19. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Darren Wade
      Sorry you ran into trouble with your Micro. Contact me and the support team and we will make it right by you. I think I can solve your motor issue. We are very impressed with our Pro printer and we believe we have created a great machine based mostly on customer feed back such as yours. Please give me a chance to make it right with you and your Micro.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jian H on

      In addition to (Or instead of) making M3D Pro, why don't you make a upgraded version of Micro that just works well?

    21. Darren Wade on

      Much like others here I tried getting a working solution and even exchanged one but the Micro has never really been usable and certainly not usable from the internal spool holder that was one of the "cool" features. I used my Microcenter knockoff replicator duo to print parts to make a filament holder and even that wasn't a great solution. The fact that the filament extruded motor can't even empty a roll of your own filament because the cool tension is too high says a lot. Though I used an entire roll just trying to just debug this brick. Even having a bajillion sensors and a super computer cluster won't fix the problem if the motors are worthless and the sensors have no accuracy and in truth are the wrong sensors.

    22. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @David Dick

      Please reach out to me and my support team here I'll take care of getting your Micro working personally. Just ask for Rob. If your not happy I'm not happy, please allow me to help fix the situation.

    23. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Roger Shaffer
      I don't have the details on specific software for the Pro, but if you're looking for a Linux version for your Micro the early release version is available if you contact Support

    24. Missing avatar

      David Dick on

      I was an early backer of this project and received my M3D a long ago. I have 2 other 3d printers and have been 3d printing for a few years now. I have had no good results with the M3D. I have been able to get 1 print to come out fair and only 1 other to even finish. I can not get the printer to even start a print now. The Extruder seems to be to high off bed and nothing sticks to bed. I have update software and firmware and recalibrated 50 times to try to get this thing to print with no luck.
      I would not even think of spending more money on the pro. I wasted money on first.

    25. Missing avatar

      Roger Shaffer on

      Will the Pro finally come with a Linux driver/software?

    26. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Reinhard Mitschang
      We are not making fun of anyone, I swear. I'm sorry if you're unhappy with your Micro and I'd love to help make it right with you. All our promises have been kept and while some took longer than others, it's thanks to backers like you that allowed us to create M3D, so if you need our help or feel you missed out on something we are ready just give us a shout in support.

    27. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      We really can't say much against a printer that costs nearly twice what a Micro does betting a more industrial printer, but we can say the Pro can take on any printer in it's weight class. If your Micro is not what you hoped then contact us in support, we will take care of our backers and help out to make the most out of your Micro. I mean who doesn't want to have two printers?

    28. Scott Wise

      Will this new printer slow down updates to trying to get the Micro of live up to expectations. Like many I have worked with support for months, but still cannot get any usable prints after 5-6kg of filament and countless ours of trial and error and calibration.

    29. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Dov Lavi
      Please reach out to me I will see what I can do about helping the your Micro make good on your expectations. We do not have any information on the possible deals to be offered at this time, but we will share them as soon as we do.

    30. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Adrian Bennett
      I'm Rob the Head of Support, Please contact me here
      I'll make sure everything is resolved to your satisfaction. I assure you my highest priority is making sure our backers Micros are working for their needs. I apologize this was not handled in your first contact.

    31. Reinhard Mitschang on

      I feel as I've been made fun of...many of the claims made for the M3D Pro were made for the micro too and still not fulfilled

    32. BlueBeetle on

      Prusa i3 Mk2 is $699 and better in every conceivable way, I went through getting my printer replaced 2-3 times with it continuing to never work right, it now sits in a corner collecting dust. Even when it did make a successful print that same file with identical settings and identical filament was 10x stronger and more solid.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dov Lavi on

      Will there be a cheaper option for Kickstarter backers? Since some of us aren't too impressed with the original M3D, I wouldn't mind purchasing your new 'updated/pro' option, however id rather not fork out another few hundred dollars. Would there be any cheaper option for us?

    34. Adrian Bennett on

      Hope its a hole lot better than the paper weight that is the first printer you sent me. Never got fixed and appalling communication! Funny how you manage to send me an email when you want more of my money. Good luck though eh!

    35. Nigel Allen

      Can you display metric measurements in your specs as well please.