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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

2-Year Anniversary Update

Posted by M3D LLC (Creator)


  • Introduction
  • Reflecting on What We Accomplished 
  • Reviews Settling Towards 4/5 Stars 
  • Innovation in 3D Printing: Tough 3D Ink™ and ABS-R™  (20% Off Only for Backers)
  • What We Would Have Done Differently 
  • International Delivery and New Decreased Shipping Costs 
  • Fill Out Our User Focus Survey  (One Time Throwback $299) 
  • Enter Our User Print Image and Story Contest  (Win Entire Tough 3D Ink Collection) 
  • Conclusion

Dear Backers,

We are happy to congratulate you with M3D’s 2-year Kickstarter anniversary! Thanks to you, our project was not only funded, it was successful! How we define success is that the Micro established a whole new generation of products - and by extension you have voted with your dollars to decide what consumer 3D printing would effectively look like. Before the Micro was revealed, 3D printers rarely (if ever) had such minimalist designs, lower power consumption, a UL/CE safety rating, high space efficiency, affordable price points, and many color options. Auto calibration is now standard on many printers, as well.

While we recognize that many of these trends were emergent in our industry, we definitely feel that the influence of our campaign has inspired many new products. To our surprise, however, the Micro’s crowdfunding campaign still holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Money Pledged For A 3D Technology Product.” We believe that this is due to our Kickstarter project’s great timing, the evolution of a sleek, space-efficient, affordable consumer 3D printer, and even a little luck.

We also have to credit Kickstarter itself, as well as backers who constantly research and support new projects, because a great service has been done for creators like us who started with just a dream. There is always a chance of failure, especially in today’s complex tech industry, and perhaps even a bit more so in the 3D printing space. There have even been a few sensational stories lately of some campaigns that did not make it. This is why your support is that much more appreciated. Together we’ve made the Micro a reality and established an innovative brand that created a new consumer product category and brought 3D printing to a much larger range of users.

Reflecting On What We Accomplished 

Our initial team at the time of the campaign’s launch (April 7th, 2014) was only 7 people… and that has grown to about 70 full-time employees, contractors, and advisory team members! We’ve created many new jobs and filled highly technical and skilled positions in the fields of production, communications, marketing, software, engineering, finance, and management with talented and passionate individuals. We moved from the basement to a relatively massive headquarters where all research, coding, assembly, fulfillment, and customer support take place (Learn more at

The M3D Team in April 2014
The M3D Team in April 2014
The M3D Team in February 2016
The M3D Team in February 2016

One of our favorite accomplishments is that we’ve successfully grown a US-based manufacturing company and proven that we can compete on a global level (Learn more at

Yet, we are starting to feel like an island of manufacturing here in the US. We think it’s not only viable, but smart to manufacture in the USA. We believe that the key to our success is having everything happen under one roof. This allowed us to deal with issues in extremely short order. We could see how if we had a distant contract manufacturer or production facility, the issues would stack up and solutions would be delayed if not even catastrophically late. We realize that every country can produce both awesome and shoddy products, so we feel the key issue is the physical separation of the design, production, and management teams. So, we are quite perplexed that so many companies, especially ones with much greater experience and funding, have seen hardship lately, especially in tandem with moving production overseas (Learn more at

Another thing we’ve seen happen in the industry is aggressive product line expansion, whereas our focus has been to hone a single product experience based on user feedback. Basically, we aim to do just one thing and to do that really well before moving on to something new. We chose this strategy because we see that 3D printing is only just starting to move away from the first adopter stage. Lots of users initially purchased their 3D printers largely out of curiosity and now that 3D printing has become so accessible, people are starting to focus on the technology’s practical and creative applications for day-to-day use. We believe that it’s our job to educate these potential users and this is where we need your help (Please see our user feedback survey and print contest below)!

As part of this focus, we’ve become a leader in making new 3D Inks, such as Tough and ABS-R, which were developed and inspired by your feedback. We have heard many people say that they want materials with low-warp, no-odor, and strong adhesion so that they hold up in real world use. That's exactly what we’ve created with these new offerings! Learn more at and keep reading for a backer-only promo code!

We’ve also stuck to our promise to keep the filaments open. Our philosophy is to provide users with value rather than to force them into a razor-and-blades strategy. We now offer more color and material options than anyone we know in the industry!

Lastly, we’ve had enough time to hone our support strategy and have grown the team massively to meet the needs of so many users. We’ve also seen the growth of an exceptional online community of M3D enthusiasts & supporters. Our backer forum allows Micro 3D users to come together and share their 3D printing ideas, tips, and accomplishments. Micros are now produced quickly and efficiently so new orders are always shipped out within 1-3 days of the purchase date, and our support team is almost always online to help answer any of your questions.

Reviews Settling Towards 4/5 Stars

Along with everything we accomplished above, the M3D team has also been making great progress when it comes to tweaking the Micro 3D Printer, software, and support. All have improved tremendously over the past 2 years. Our product is getting very consistent marks of 7 to 8 out of 10 in press reviews and it looks like they will settle around 8 out of 10. This is because most reviews went live 6-9 months after printers were provided. We are consistently given high marks for design, low noise level, ease of setup, and compact size. Suggestions for improvement consistently include shortening print times and not having to be tethered to a computer. The majority of reviewers also recognize that the process of 3D printing itself requires some trial and error and that this aspect is not unique to M3D.

Overall we feel these ratings are completely fair, and note that they are actually among the best for budget 3D printers. In fact we are:

  • #1 in “Entry-Level 3D Printer” - 3D Forged
  • #1 in “Best Budget 3D Printer” - Tom’s Guide
  • #10 across ALL 3D Product categories - "The 2016 Best 3D Printers" meta-review by Aniwaa

We also love quotes from these major press reviewers:

  • "Small, inexpensive and downright adorable." - Computer World 
  • "The first true consumer 3D printer to hit the market." - 
  • “Print quality is similar to printers at triple and quadruple the price point.” - 
  • "Simple yet handsome design and is unusually (and blessedly) quiet in operation." - PCMag 
  • "If you've been looking to dip a few toes into 3D printing, this is one of the most affordable ways." - CNET 
  • "If you’re after a solid entry-level printer, look no further." - DIGITAL TRENDS Magazine 
  • "The Micro is a straightforward, consumer-friendly option that you can order today." - 
  • “This machine is a winner that I can recommend without reservation.” - Computer World "
  • "Can be set up in 10 minutes or less even by a novice user." - Digital Editions 
  • “The dominate player in the consumer 3D printer marketplace.“ - Capitol Communicator

We appreciate the positive feedback from the press so far and seek to earn better marks in the future. As a startup competing with a few of the world’s largest 3D printer manufacturers, we consider this a great success. 

The only thing that can be better than feedback from all of these widely respected sources above is your satisfaction, as well as continued excitement and willingness to incorporate the Micro into your day-to-day and professional use.  Please share your positive experiences online! They are extremely encouraging and uplifting and inspire us to continue improving the Micro and invent new printing materials for you to play with. :)

Innovation in 3D Printing: Tough 3D Ink™ and ABS-R™ (20% OFF FOR BACKERS) 

Just recently, we introduced new specialty filaments that allow consumers to 3D print truly useful objects. Tough 3D Ink™ and ABS-R™ are our proprietary blends not offered by anyone else. Tough 3D Ink is like leather in strength and feeling, and ABS-R is a drop-in replacement for traditional ABS (Learn more at and be sure to check out our uncrushable Tough Ink in the video below).

Since these new materials were not available as part of your backer rewards, we would like to give all backers a discount allowing you to stock up and fully test them out. Please feel free to use the coupon code 2YRKSINK to take 20% off of ALL individual filament spools at This exclusive discount code expires at 11:59 p.m. EST on May 31st, 2016.

ABS-R Prints and Filament Spool
ABS-R Prints and Filament Spool

What We Would Have Done Differently  

With all this great news, we want to humbly thank our original Kickstarter backers as well as our growing community of creators. We would like to look back and also reflect on what we could have done better.  We take note of successes quickly but we spend most of our time focusing on feedback that would give users the best possible experience. Consumers have high expectations, so our philosophy is one of continuous and never-ending improvement. We also want other project creators in our place to learn from our mistakes. 

ABS: One of the main things that we wish we did very differently during our Kickstarter campaign is offering printing with ABS filament. The Micro was in fact initially optimized to print with high-temperature materials like ABS and, while small objects can be printed with ABS, the options are limited. We expected people to largely use ABS for printing small figurines, and not for printing large objects like enclosures which would inevitably warp.

We did, however, realize that many of our backers supported the project because of Micro’s ability to print with high temperature materials like ABS. They want to use it because it has more durability than PLA and is better for making engineering parts. We were constantly tweaking the Micro in order to find adequate software settings for printing with ABS. The closest solution that we came to can be found in our Printing with Phantom White ABS support article. However, if we could go back. we would not have offered ABS. Even though the product supports it for expert users, we do not recommend ABS to novice users and have completely discontinued its sales on our website. Instead, we developed ABS-R, the best ABS replacement filament for engineering needs that The Micro handles beautifully. Please refer to the "Innovation in Field of Filament Making: Tough 3D Ink™ and ABS-R™" section of this update for additional information and an exclusive discount code.

Software Development: We also wish that we could have expanded our software team faster. We tested the software on several dozen computers in house and thought we had the bases covered… but we never could have predicted the long tail of isolated user issues that would surface in the field. At the time of our Kickstarter campaign, our software team was extremely small and therefore it took us longer than anticipated to develop a well-rounded software release. We have recently expanded our software team, so future software releases should be coming out with greater refinement. You will be able to access our latest software releases using the following links:

Earlier software development could have also helped us ensure cross-platform compatibility. Due to limited time and manpower, we had to develop software one platform at a time. As such, Windows software was readily available while Mac was still being tested and updated. Supporting other platforms is still a priority as we continue to expand our team and resources, but the product by design is open to accepting G-codes and we’ve had some independent platform development that supports The Micro such as the M3D Fio.

Instructions: We should have spent a great deal more time investment in providing clear instructions for the following two processes: completing backer surveys and shipping payments, as well getting the Micro set up and running optimally.

During our Kickstarter campaign, we did not emphasize the importance of keeping your email addresses updated on Kickstarter and informing us of any changes via email. Some user accounts were automatically pre-registered on our backer portal using email addresses used to support our campaign, many of which seem to not be monitored resulting in our communications not reaching you. That’s why there are still a few backers each month who ask where their printer is and they are directed to complete their backer surveys and shipping payments on Please reach out to us via the contact form on our website to follow up on your reward status. We are excited to hear from you and are looking forward to delivering those few remaining rewards.

As for the Micro itself, we wish we thoroughly explained that despite The Micro being so user-friendly and consumer-oriented, there will still be some learning involved, as with any 3D Printer. With any new technology, you will need to invest some time learning it's new concepts and processes. 3D printers will evolve towards better models of perfection over the next few years, so we suggest a little bit of patience with such new technology entering your homes. In the meantime, we will continue doing everything we can to make 3D printing easier and more intuitive.

EU Deliveries and VAT: Last, but definitely not least, one of the aspects that we wish to have handled better is the EU-friendly shipping. In one of our earliest Kickstarter updates we mentioned that our hope was to collect VAT and shipping fees from you in one transaction when we send out our backer surveys. Once this was done, we wanted to provide a direct delivery from within the EU to save the time it takes for customs inspection and post-delivery VAT charges.

We’ve attempted collecting and handling VAT on our end in every way possible, but it unfortunately did not work out no matter what approach we came up with. We sincerely hope that this did not cause any major inconveniences to our backers because, as explained by one of our backers on the Kickstarter comment board, "The difference is that you pay the courier the VAT (plus an admin fee) rather than paying M3D the VAT. Either way you still pay VAT." At this time we have to agree that the only way for us to ensure that your VAT payment is correct is for you to pay it directly to the carrier at the time of delivery.

International Delivery and New Decreased Shipping Costs

All things considered, we shifted our focus from collecting VAT to delivering your rewards safely and in a traceable manner. We’ve negotiated good international rates with DHL and UPS, and are providing USPS, UPS, and DHL tracking numbers for all domestic and international shipments on our M3D portal.

We have also managed to lower our international small package shipping rates significantly, making it more affordable for backers and customers to purchase accessories at and have them delivered WORLDWIDE! We very much appreciate everyone's patience and country-specific feedback that allows us to continue working on international shipping and improving everyone's delivery experience.

User Focus Survey 

We are dying to get your opinion on The Micro, and what you’d like to see in future generations of this technology. Do you have any ideas for how we can improve? If so, help make the difference today by filling out our survey. This information will provide critical feedback that will guide the development and improvement of our products. To complete the survey, please click here.

Contact us by private message (KS) to let us know that you’ve completed the survey and we’ll send you a one-time Kickstarter anniversary throwback coupon code (to get a standard edition pricing at $299).

M3D’s User Print Contest

We want your best images and stories showing stunning prints or awesome projects. We want to know how The Micro has impacted your life. We will be choosing the most impressive projects as voted by the M3D team. The winner(s) of the contest will receive a bundle of our entire collection of our Tough 3D Ink ™ (12 colors in all valued at $216). In fact, we may even select multiple winners depending on the quality of submissions received. There is also no limit on the number of submissions, so feel free to submit as many of your best prints and stories as you would like.  

Tough 3D Ink Collection
Tough 3D Ink Collection

Photo guidelines for entry:  

  • All images need to be well lit and of good quality.
  • Entire print needs to be included in the photo(s). Please note: by entering the contest, you agree that M3D will have the right to use your content in its marketing and advertising.
  • If you have a story about how the print affected you for the better or helped you achieve a major goal, please share! It will be considered a major plus.

Please enter here. The deadline for contest submissions is June 10th, 2016.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing what you guys are able to make!


We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our idea a reality as having so much grassroots support for making this technology accessible was our biggest dream. Hopefully, it can help make some of yours come true, as well. A special shout out to everyone who’s been stopping by our booths at the trade shows - meeting you is truly an honor and a great pleasure. Thank you again for believing in us!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign and have not ordered your Micro yet, you will be able to do so at New orders are being shipped within 1-3 business days and you will be able to enjoy a great selection of products on our website. The Micro 3D Printer is now offered in two different packages: standard and retail, so be sure to check them out here


The M3D Team

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    1. Rage

      Rob, the only thing I want is for you to get a courier to pick up the printer and three rolls of filament to get it back to you and for you to arrange me a refund.

      If you can arrange that then great. If not, it's just more hot air I'm afraid, I can't even sell the thing as no-one wants it!

    2. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Lou Braga
      Please don't forget about it. We haven't forgotten you or your rewards. As we have mentioned before you just need to finalize your backer info here Use your email as your user name.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lou Braga on

      I have NOT received my printer.
      I've sent you Emails asking about the status of my Kickstarter
      order but haven't heard back.
      Will I ever get it, or I should forget about it and cut the losses ...?

    4. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jian H
      The compact design does have some limitations in the total print bed area of the machine but we have miniaturized everything possible to provide as much print area as possible in a desktop machine. Now while not as fast as it's counterparts that sell for $1000 or more, we hear from the majority of our customers that the performance and quality meet their needs perfectly. We are always improving the Micro to meet more of the heightened expectations of the technology as more and more uses come about for 3D printing. Now this comments section is not the greatest way to address specific concerns but if you contact me via our support link here We can go over specifics and I can see what the team can do to meet your needs.


    5. Missing avatar

      Jian H on

      One good thing almost all user comments said about Micro is its compact design. But its performance is obviously lacking. I am wondering if there is a relationship between two. If not, I would like to see a printer with similar design and much better performance.

    6. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      Sorry for the typo in the name. But seriously, contact us and we will take care of you.

    7. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      Please contact us in technical support We can address the issues you seem to be unhappy about. We are committed to the satisfaction of all our customers and I'll take a look at your requests personally.

      Head of Support

    8. Rage

      I also wanted the ability to use open source software/ ability to use Astroprint, who for some reason would love to work with the M3D printer, but you won't allow it.
      If you had been honest about this from the beginning I would never have bought this very expensive paperweight/desk clutter.

    9. Rage

      I wanted a refund before you sent out the printer several months late due to your ineptness to source the silver case and then another delay to get the clear one.

      Nothing would get you to give a refund and you even rushed the delivery through as I was on a wait list of 2 weeks when I complained for the last time and stated clearly that I only wanted a refund not the printer. The next day the printer was shipped. Total joke.

      It's still sat in its box unopened and unused, and I still want a refund as I can't even sell the damn thing as no-one wants it!

    10. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      We still have a few backers that need to finalize their order with us. Please enter your information here (user name is your email) then contact us at to finalize your shipping information. We can get it shipped in 1 to 3 days.

    11. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @ Jim Field
      Sorry to have you waiting you might have missed our email for how to finalize. No worries we will get it right out to you. Please enter your information here (user name is your email) then contact us at to finalize your shipping information. We can get it shipped in 1 to 3 days.

    12. Missing avatar

      kani on

      I never got mine too. I had waited so long.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jim Field on

      I never got mine!

    14. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Muhammad Abdullah
      Every one is free to share their experiences with us, community feedback is taken very seriously and were are constantly striving to improve and innovate. If you are having concerns you don't feel are being addressed, please contact me here:

      I'll make sure your concerns are addressed in full

      Customer Service Manager

    15. Suhail Saeed

      Interesting that you skip those who complain and ask the satisfied for their stories. I would not have commented again have I not read your comment below "Don't be fooled the vast majority of Micro users report on its reliability....etc".

      "Don't be fooled"?? Those who complain are your users, and backers, not competitors. "Don't be fooled"?!! What a shock! So I supported a project on KS to go live and prosper, and when I complain you think we're fooling people and complaining out of nothing? You think our jobs are tied to M3D like yours that we'd waste time to visit this old page and comment for nothing? We complain because we expected better. But hey, "don't be fooled", they're just real people complaining.

    16. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Michael O'Donnell
      That was great to read your story, we are so happy that you are enjoying the Micro, Please share your story and prints in our contest for a chance at the tough bundle. We would love to see what you have been making. Keep on making

    17. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Steven Wijaya
      You will need to enter your information here then contact us at to finalize your shipping information. We can get it shipped in 1 to 3 days.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steven Wijaya on

      Have yet to receive mine :(

    19. Michael O'Donnell on

      I received my printer in May 2015. I was happy to let 5000 go out before mine was put together and I think a lot of problems had been solved by then. Luckily for me I had taken a conservative newbie approach and got mostly PLA to print with. I had one problem early on with a jammed nozzle but M3D sorted it out on live chat and sent me a replacement nozzle (and fan) free with just $3 postage.
      I have enjoyed printing with PLA but it is not strong enough for some things I would like to print so I have bought some MakeSolid PET+ locally and it works fine if I tell the printer it is ABS and set the temperature to 252. I use glue stick all the time and it works great. I only use a raft for prints that have a small area at the bottom.
      The software had problems for a long time with prints shifting after a while but this and calibration problems seem to have been solved in the latest version. I had a lot of problems caused by the resistance of the filament where it piled up on the (external) reel so I just have to be careful about that. The ABS on the M3D reels gets too curved and stiff towards the end and jams. I was able to get a Windows TW802 tablet from Micro Center for $80 and a friend brought it to Ireland for me on her holidays. It is running Windows 10 and I run it remotely with TeamViewer. I have a project to use OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi with camera but I haven't achieved this yet.
      Overall I have been pleased with my purchase. I am the envy of my friends who haven't (and in most cases won't) taken the plunge. I would of course like a faster and larger 3D printer but my next task is to learn to use software to create models instead of just looking on Thingiverse so I have bought a book and installed 123D from AutoCAD.
      I have congratulated you before on actually managing to complete this project without being overwhelmed by the way it was massively oversubscribed. I am delighted for you that you seem to have a viable continuing business as I was afraid that things would dry up after the Kickstarter rewards were shipped so well done.
      best regards
      Michael O'Donnell

    20. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Michael Matzka
      I'm sorry you have missed out on so much print time. We have thousands of Mac users that are enjoying the software. We shipped out printers when the Mac software became available. As I stated before, we fully stand behind our software and we refer to it as a Beta version since we have not finished adding all the features we want to it. However it is fully capable of operating the Micro from a Mac. If you have a question about your warranty you can contact us in customer support and we will help you with your concerns.

    21. Michael Matzka on

      My printer is still in its shipping box. You were not supposed to send it until final Mac software had been released, but you did so anyway. You then informed me that my very short warranty would begin to run from the moment I first used the printer. How's it going, you say. My answer is that I am unwilling to have my warranty on the hardware run out while the only software I have to use with it is still in beta.

    22. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Michael Matzka
      Our software is still in Beta and we stand behind it. We would never call our software anything other than Beta until we are 100% sure that it is in it's best possible state. We made the Micro to be open to all different software programs for 3D printing. We also decided to create a free program that is available for anyone to work with the Micro. We have not yet reached a point where we consider that program to be in it's final state, hence it is a beta. We would love to hear your thoughts on it and how we might improve it. Let us know here

    23. Missing avatar

      J Rod on

      I had some initial issues with my Micro, but a bit of superglue fixed it. Sure, I shouldn't have had to do that... For long term ownership, being able to fix the printer myself is a concern, as is the overall durability. I had to try various computers to get the software to work, and only had luck with one computer that I didn't want to use with the printer. So I didn't use the printer much at all. I've ordered some filament via the discount, and plan to dive back in. If the Micro can't deliver, I'll just use the filament in my other printer.

      With regard to the beta label, in all fairness Google is easily the top offender for this. Microsoft and other large companies release software without the beta label, but it CLEARLY is beta-grade software. Finally, beta itself is not particularly scary. It should be close to production quality. Alpha is the label you would want to avoid.

    24. Michael Matzka on

      If you are prepared to stand behind your software, take the "beta" label off it. To the rest of the world, "beta" means unfinished, use at your own risk. I don't want to use at my own risk. I want something that you have finished and stand behind.

    25. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Touchable Reality
      I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the Micro. The majority of our user have great success and really beautiful prints. Contact us in Tech Support and we can see what your doing to cause your prints to fail

    26. Touchable Reality

      Some real engineering flaws.. the print head jams often.. the alignment bed isn't sturdy enough for the calibration software. The best print I get is grainy and often doesn't finish. I wouldn't purchase the M3D if you are looking for a quality print.

      I don't common often and I have backed many projects, but this one just didn't work.

    27. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Patrick Crawford
      We just sent you some information so we can get you your reward. Don't be fooled the vast majority of Micro users report on its reliability and the great designs they have printed.

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick Crawford on

      Judging from the some of the comments below, perhaps I should be grateful, but I never received mine.

    29. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Peter Vandenbempt
      We are so glad you enjoy your Micro, please share your story with us in the contest, we love hearing about people journey and how 3D printing has made an impact in their lives.

      @bill rae
      Can't wait to see what you create. Hit us up in support if you need anything to get going again.

    30. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Mike Morrison
      It's a cool idea for sure. We tend to focus on the at home portion of 3D printing and vapor baths use some pretty noxious chemicals, but I'll take it to R and D they are always working on new things for customers

    31. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Brian Anderson
      We don't like how much international shipping costs are either and that's why we have dedicated a large effort to negotiating better rates for our customers over the last two years. I think you will agree however that VAT charges and customs are not within our control as they follow policy set by the government of your home Country. As for the problem with the prints not sticking to the bed for the PLA it sounds like you nozzle position is too high or that you need to adjust the temperature up a few degrees. Micros need to be adjusted to the specific conditions (Heat humidity) of where they are printing and the model you are attempting to print. If you contact us at we will be ready and able to help you adjust whatever is needed to make the Micro part of your printer operation.

    32. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Michael Matzka
      The Micro is Mac compatible and all of our software, both Windows and Mac, are beta versions due to the fact that we are constantly improving them and updating them during the major OS change to Windows 10 and El Capitan. We would love to hear your feedback on our software and how we might improve it. Please lets us know here

    33. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Ido Barzilay
      It's not that the ABS is no good. Our ABS is still a great filament. We made the decision to not supply ABS any more in favor of our ABS-r as we find it superior due to its low odor and lack of need for special bed preparations such as heating. We don't recommend ABS to new users since it's a difficult filament to master, but their is no reason not to use ABS with the Micro if you familiar with the difficulty of using ABS in general. We didn't say anything about it 3 months ago because we didn't have ABS-r then.

    34. Missing avatar

      ido barzilay on

      well, around 3 months ago, i ordered 10 spools of ABS, and now i read that you are no longer selling them as they are no could have said something when i made the order...thats not i have 10 ABS spools that you advise not to use...

    35. Michael Matzka on

      Congratulations? At the outset, you advertised your product as being Mac compatible. How is it that you have managed to reach your second anniversary and you STILL have not released Mac software other than alpha or beta test versions.

    36. Missing avatar

      Brian Anderson on

      Mine was , and still is a horrific printer for what I ended up paying for it. All up with shipping this printer has cost me in excess of AU$500 and thats not including the wasted filament on mostly disastrous prints. I could not get anything to stick to bed without help, PLA will only stick using double sided tape, which more often than not wrecks the base of the print anyhow. ABS is simply not possible on mine, even with double sided tape it warps so bad it literally lifts the tape from the bed then warps, without the tape i get about half hour into the print and it just falls off. The software was initially a complete mess lacking most basic features. Im not sure if it got better, i ended up buying a flashforge dreamer, ironically for only double the price of the Micro and it has printed excellent prints from day one, dual head, heated bed and almost triple the build volume. I realise this was a kickstarter, but M3D's head in the sand arrogance has completely turned me off even wanting to give them a second chance. I just wish i could recoup some of the wasted money somehow. Anyone want to buy a slightly used Micro ? Its only done about 10 successful prints (oh and about 80+ failed messes)

    37. Missing avatar

      bill rae on

      Enjoyed the update and the journey. I went through a couple of the printers during the beta and eventually had to focus more on school and put away my m3d. This update makes me want to get it out and start making things again.

    38. Mike Morrison on

      congrats and thanks for sharing.

      as a 2nd product what about a product to smooth the prints. a vapour bath? that way you provide a complete solution

    39. Peter Vandenbempt on

      I have never experienced anything wrong with my printer, so far it has printed everything I asked for in a marvelous way. The only failed print I had was when I left it to print without considering the supply of my PLA spool. It's an excellent machine to get to learn the absolute basics of 3D printing and as plug and play as you can get.

    40. Missing avatar

      Glenn McMath on

      I believe that the M3D team did eventually turn a lot of things around with their printer, but considering the absolute disaster that this printer was at launch (and still is, to many people), the triumphant tone of this update is a bit much. When I first set it up, I got one successful print out of 9 attempts. Being dissatisfied with that, I shelved it and only recently reconnected it. Results since then have been a bit better, but on the whole I still feel this project was overhyped by the Kickstarter campaign and not handled very well from a number of angles (biggest of which was customer service).
      The "What We Would Have Done Differently" section barely scratches the surface of ways in which this campaign was unsatisfactory. I'd say you still have a lot of work to do.

    41. Missing avatar

      David A on

      I never received mine personally. Having enquired where it had got to, I was eventually told that bringing it into the UK would cost me way more than the initial price. There was no way that after paying that much to begin with I would be hit by another fee, and one that I hadn't been warned about prior to backing. I rerouted it to a friend in Texas instead. It eventually got there, but I don't know what happened after that. To me, this was a horrific waste of money.

    42. Suhail Saeed

      If anyone wanna buy mine. I used it once, didn't work well, don't know how to fix it. I made a mistake by thinking it's possible for causal users, where I design and print without much maintenance. it needs an enthusiastic hobbyist.

    43. Missing avatar

      theo c on

      Unfortunately after spending a LOT of time on the forums and having had 2-3 successful prints, everything else just becomes spaggheti after a few hours. I have followed the (very sparse) instructions in your forums to no avail. The reviews I have seen around the internet settle around 5/10 and I think that is more than fair...

    44. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Karen Strauss
      Please make sure you have filled out your shipping information at then contact us at to finalize your shipping information.

    45. Karen Strauss on

      Thanks for the update. It reminded me that you never sent me my printer

    46. Henry Bman on

      Contacted. I have read of others using glue stick. Not sure that is a viable solution.

    47. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Henry Bman

      Sound like you might need to adjust some basic settings. I'm glad you found a second print but you should contact me team at we can help you get your Micro set properly to avoid that basic error and get you printing again.

    48. Henry Bman on

      Well.. if its any consolation to those who have not recived thier $300 paperweight.. its just that. I can't get it to print anything. It pulls the print about 2 to 3% of the way mostly after the raft is complete! And the real joke.. got to a B&N and u can pick up a printer with much bigger print capacity umm right way! KS FOR THE WIN!

    49. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @R Travis Brown
      Thanks for your comments and support please check out the competition in the update you could win a whole lot more Tough to play with.

    50. M3D LLC 3-time creator on

      @Ayaz Surka, Please contact me personally via this portal I'll make sure you are taken care of.

      M3D Customer Service Manager