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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

September Mega Update

Posted by M3D LLC (Creator)



  • Join us at Maker Faire NYC
  • You are in the Guinness Book of World Records!
  • The Micro is the #1 Trending 3D Printer 
  • The winner of our sponsored 3D Design Competition announced

Orders and New Products

  • 99% of Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders have been delivered
  • New orders ship within 1 week of purchase
  • Chameleon, color-changing 3D Ink™ is now available 
  • The Micro will retail soon at a higher price

Customer Experience

  • First cross-platform software release (Windows, Mac & Linux) coming soon
  • Multi printer software release coming soon
  • Customer support response times have dramatically improved
  • Great feedback from many backers and new customers

Dear Backers,

These past few months have been dedicated to revamping our customer support systems, making quality improvements, and pushing forward with exciting innovations for the growing community of Micro users. As we wrap up the last remaining Kickstarter rewards and move towards the retail market, we’re eager to update you on all of the latest M3D developments, starting with some very exciting news!

Bring your Micro to Maker Faire NYC! Sept 26 - 27

Want a free M3D T-shirt, exclusive filament, or perhaps a new retail Micro?! Bring your Micro to Maker Faire New York, show it off, and enter to win one of these awesome M3D prizes. (Visit our booth for more info.) Don’t own a Micro yet? That’s okay. In addition to filament and accessories, we’ll be selling every color Micro at the show except silver. And don’t forget your mobile devices, because there will be giveaways for posts on social media. All in all, the Faire is going to be a blast, so invite your friends! For more info, please visit You can also check out our booth from last year’s Faire at

Step aside Tallest Man, there’s a new Guinness World Record Holder—and it’s Micro sized!

The Micro 3D Printer’s Kickstarter Campaign has recently earned the Guinness World Record for “Most Money Pledged For A 3D Technology Product.” We were blown away by your support during our Kickstarter campaign, and together, we have developed a community around The Micro. Now that the world is beginning to see how incredible a community it is, we are extremely happy to share this accomplishment with you. We knew you guys were good, but now you’re record-breaking! Thank you for all your wonderful support, and congratulations!

The Micro is the #1 Trending Printer in this Month's 2015 3D Printing Trends Report by 3D Hubs

In addition to receiving recognition from Guinness World Records, The Micro was named the #1 Trending Printer in this month's 3D Printing Trends Report by 3D Hubs. A result of decreased shipping times and improved printer reliability, this is an accomplishment we are especially excited about.

Congratulations to the 3DShare/ Design Competition Winner 

We would like to announce, in conjunction with 3DShare and, the WINNER of our first 3D Design Competition!

Congratulations to Jhon Cuenca, creator of the Rabbit Charm Necklace and recipient of his VERY OWN MICRO 3D PRINTER! The Micro is designed to make stylish, creative, and useful prints as accessible as possible, and the Rabbit Charm is a perfect example of this.

Thank you to Jhon and the many others who shared their impressive designs. We may have been required to choose just one, but there are many other impressive designs you can browse through! Explore the entire collection of simple, yet useful design submissions here:

Please also look out for future opportunities to win awesome M3D prizes. Whether you’re experienced or new to 3D design, there will be plenty of chances to win! 

Of course, contest or not, please continue sharing your creations and experiences on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. New users really appreciate them, and so do we! In fact, we appreciate them so much that we will be awarding additional prizes to those who consistently share high quality print images or, even better, step-by-step project guides. Let’s keep The Micro community growing!

New Chameleon 3D Ink͑™ 

Now for some innovation! Our Chameleon, color-changing 3D Ink™ line is available in limited quantities at These filaments are made from the same high quality materials as standard 3D Ink™, but change to a rich white color when exposed to specific temperatures. Chameleon 3D Ink™ comes in 10 variations yielded from 7 colors and 4 temperature modes:

  • ‘Hot’ (60°C/140°F) Chameleon 3D Ink changes color to white when exposed to temperatures greater than 60°C or 140°F. 
  • ‘Warm’ (45°C/113°F) Chameleon 3D Ink changes color to white when exposed to temperatures greater than 45°C or 113°F. 
  • ‘Touch’ (30°C/86°F) Chameleon 3D Ink changes color to white when exposed to temperatures greater than 30°C or 86°F. The heat from your hands will generally reach these temperatures. 
  • ‘Ice’ (15°C/59°F) Chameleon 3D Ink changes color to white when exposed to temperatures greater than 15°C or 59°F. This means the filament is white at room temperature and will return to its color when exposed to colder temperatures.

Quality Improvements

As expected with any new product, The Micro continues to improve. Hardware and software upgrades, along with new component suppliers, tighter tolerances, and additional levels of quality control have helped ensure that all printers leaving our factory meet customers’ increasing expectations.

So let's hear from people who’ve recently received The Micro…

  • “Very nice M3D! This is super easy compared to my other 3d printer and small that it fits my backpack. Cannot recommend this enough." - Kris DS.
  • "I was a bit skeptical on this printer... But it really is a workhorse. My buddy and I have been running this thing for about 3 weeks straight, reproducing some Destiny weapons (video game). Each section is less than 4 inches, so the compactness of the printer doesn't hinder the project! Most plans/design files I've come across, all fit the working area of this printer. The quality is also great. My compliments to the company. I do recommend this printer to hobbyists/cosplayers to produce just about anything. " - Trenton C.
  • "@micro3dprinter I was shocked.That's the medium quality,but micro print better than [...A Well-Known 3D Printer]. Awesome job, Applause and HUUUUGE RESPECT!" - Vlad I.
  • "Moved my Micro 3D Printer off the dining room table and into my basement computer lab, connected to one of my 'spare' PCs. This warranty replacement printer (fantastic support by M3D BTW) has been a real workhorse, printing without error or complaint. Sure looks like a keeper. It's exactly what I wanted: an easy, reliable, reasonably fast and great quality small 3D prototyping machine. Perfect for $350!" - Kevin J.
  • "Very impressed with the accuracy of the M3D! This is an M10 hex screw and nut with a 1mm pitch thread! " - Alistair M.
  • "The m3d does what it says on the box, I've had mine running around the clock for 2 months, and it works a treat..." - Rob B.
  • "Well that's one satisfied customer! Not bad for a first attempt, I reckon! Couple of notes to share: the Mac software worked perfectly (I downloaded the latest Beta build). Also, Titanium Silver ABS seems to lose its metallic tint once it melts: although usefully it dulls to a primer-grey colour. For modellers planning to paint, I think it's a winner." - Andrew B.

Retail Store Pricing   

The Micro is currently available at the special price of $349, but a new price point will soon be offered as we expand into retail stores. There are a few reasons for this increase, the first of which is product improvement. As mentioned above, we have improved both The Micro’s hardware and software over the past year. The second reason is that customers tend to purchase a warranty, filaments, and/or an accessory kit in their initial order. With very little retail shelf space available for these items, they will be bundled with The Micro in retail packages. And finally, a third reason is that customers can get The Micro without any waiting period. If you know anybody who is interested in The Micro, please encourage them to order soon. This way, they can take advantage of the $349 price before it goes up!

Kickstarter Warranties   

Of course, the improved quality is not just for new customers. As our original backers, you are extremely important to us, and we want to ensure that you have the best experience possible with The Micro. So, although we have put a great deal of work into improving The Micro, we are equally as dedicated to servicing the already delivered printers. Even if your printer is outside the standard warranty period, send us an email and we'll do our best to assist you.

The Micro is Now in Stock - Ships within One Week

We screened our database to find that we are very close to delivering 100% of the Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders (those placed before August 2015). Please know in most cases we are eagerly waiting to hear from backers and pre-order buyers, who have yet to complete their checkout survey and shipping payment. Every backer and pre-order buyer should have been invited to the final checkout portal via email at least 4 times by now. If you have not received any communication from us, please check your spam folders and verify that we have your correct email address. If you did not receive your order yet, it is likely that we did not receive your survey or shipping payment.  

We have set aside a small reserve of printers that will allow us to fulfill all remaining orders as soon as their individual issues are resolved. If you have not yet received your backer reward or need any additional assistance to receive it, please email us at and we will work with you to get to the bottom of the issue.

In total, 150 outstanding rewards and current orders (older than 1 week) remain. There are a few unique situations that prevent these orders from being shipped, for example, those that are flagged by our credit card processor as high-risk, those that are waiting for additional information such as a phone number (for international shipments), those waiting for final shipping payment, a few change of address requests, and a few Australian orders waiting on power supplies. A handful of Silver printer orders, also remain, and if you want your order to ship sooner, we recommend choosing a different color for your printer. If you have been waiting for a Silver printer, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.

At this point, The Micro is in stock, and new orders are expected to ship within one week!

Latest and Future Software Releases

Last month we released updated versions of the M3D software for Windows and Mac (2015-08-06). The new software includes many updates, fixes, and improvements from previous versions. The full list of changes is available on our website, but the most awaited ones include huge Improvements in stability, auto-calibration accuracy, and user-interface options. As always, we suggest that you download the latest software version for the best printing experience. The M3D software can be downloaded by visiting

For this month, we’re planning to release our first ever cross-platform release of the M3D software on three operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux)! Even more exciting, by popular request we’ve made it possible to print on several printers from the same computer. Using more than one printer at the same time is incredibly satisfying, and while most companies would charge for a “pro” feature like this, we will provide it to everybody for free. As you know, The Micro may not be a speed demon, but when you can print on multiple printers at the same time at such an affordable price, it's hard to beat. We also have very significant improvements in the pipeline to make your Micro faster with better control features, to eliminate drifting caused by software, improved surface appearance on your 3D prints, as well as more quiet operational noise. Again, this new software is not available yet, but expect it to be released in the coming days.


Response Times

As mentioned in our last update, everyone on the M3D team has pitched in to improve customer support; and, as promised, our support ticket response times have been dramatically and steadily improving. Below are two graphs from our most recent internal reports (Time Periods: 13 Jul, 2015 - 11 Aug, 2015 and 12 Aug, 2015 - 9 Sep, 2015), which depict this improvement. Of course, our goal is to continue to bring these numbers down!

Information and Support Sources 

As a reminder, the following represent the best ways to get your questions answered:

  • For general support questions, you can contact our support team at 
  • For technical support, please contact our technical support team at 

 We also have these options available to assist you: 

  • The Knowledge Base ( - Detailed articles to address common customer and technical support questions. 
  • The User Forum ( - A great support community now available to the public. 
  • The Support Page ( - Software and documentation downloads, first-time video guides, and contact links. 

Please note that our Live Support Chat ( will no longer be available. It was very helpful while we were catching up with the support tickets, but we are now back on track and responding to all customer inquiries within 48 hours. 

Customer Satisfaction  

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of our amazing backers and customers who have taken the time to complete our customer satisfaction survey! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We have worked extremely hard to improve our support system, and are happy to hear that your experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. Below are some responses from our most recent customer satisfaction report (with support ticket numbers in parenthesis):

  • Great response time, instructions were clear, and communication was personal. Looking forward to receiving my new printer! (31419) 
  • A quick response and a viable alternate solution to my issue - both indicators of excellent customer support. Thank you! (32981) 
  • M3D support is one of the greatest support systems that I have ever used. Everything was dealt within a timely matter and the support was VERY polite. Keep up the great work! (28230) 
  • Awesome doesn't even cover it. I am ashamed of my snark. No one expects a company to actually respond to a special request. Incredible customer service. (34172) 
  • The support I have had from you from the very beginning has been brilliant. There is far more to 3D printing for me to learn but I have every confidence that you will continue to help me. (33301) 
  • Best service I could expect - except of Michael Armani coming to my place personally to repair my printer ;-) (31950)

It is our pleasure to serve you, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need assistance. We are always here to help. 

Yours Truly, 
The M3D Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Félix S. P. on

      FOR RESALE : I'm getting rid of my brand new Micro for $250 shipping not included, payment by WBT or paypal. PM me or email me

    2. KS Addict

      @Patrick Crawford - Best to contact them directly via email form: (enter zeros for fields you are unsure of)

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick Crawford on

      Never received a printer!

    4. Mogens Kjær on

      "new software is not available yet, but expect it to be released in the coming days. "

      So M3D, when are we past "coming days"? It has been around 75 days and only two very minor bug fix relases has been made.

      You really need to deliver what you say when you you say.

    5. Missing avatar

      T. Taylor on

      Still Waiting!!!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lou Braga on

      I have not yet received the printer. May you please give me an E.T.A?

    7. Arvin on

      It's November..where is my printer!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kevin Niehage on

      So, October has passed without an update and the mentioned Linux-compatible software is nowhere to be seen. What's the time schedule for the new software?

    9. Missing avatar

      David Figueroa on

      So are we ever gonna get the printer?

    10. KS Addict

      @Tomas I just read a post on the forum from someone that was told my M3D support that the new software should be out within two weeks. Personally I wouldn't hold my breath.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tomas Svitil on

      The month passed by but new sw version is still nowhere :-(

    12. Sean Yeo on

      I don't know if i have filled up the survey can check? I think i should have received this by now...

    13. KS Addict

      When does this 'magical' new software get released?

    14. Missing avatar

      Philip Horner on

      I'm still waiting guys... what a disappointment.

    15. Phillip Mance on

      Where is mine ??????????
      Rubbish you have shipped 97%

    16. Missing avatar

      mark on

      I am still waiting on mine, must be one of those 1%, I send M3D support an email 3 months ago and still no response.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wazeera on

      Someone has won their own printer, and I haven't even gotten mine even though I was a backer since the start :( am I really one of the unlucky 1%?

    18. Mogens Kjær on

      I know of two users on the forum that are actually from M3D. @Mike and @EvanR
      Mike posted two months ago and EvanR posted one monthe ago.
      Yay go community

    19. Mogens Kjær on

      Shameless self promotion.

      " ...we have developed a community around The Micro. Now that the world is beginning to see how incredible a community it is, we are extremely happy to share this accomplishment with you. "

      You may be having a party on the social media. But at the heart of your community, the forum you are doing absolutey ZERO. The forum mainly consists of a handfull of brave veterans trying to help other customers get decent results out of their (non-defective) printers. They should get that help from the user manual and support. But they don't.

      M3D, why don't you help your customers after sales? Why don't you communicate more openly? Do you think your product is good enough to take the Apple approach to your customer base?

    20. carl pabst on

      Congrats guys! And I can attest to the great customer service, thanx again for taking care of me. You guys ROCK!

    21. Michael Matzka on

      Hope you didn't hurt your shoulder patting yourself on the back. Nine months after your original target dates, I'm still waiting for a non-beta release of the Mac software. Through your error, you shipped my M3D before the Mac software was ready and I dare not take it out of the box before you release a production version of the software. Your warranty is too short to have it run out trying to use software that has not finished development.

    22. Matt Nelson on

      Good to know the customer service has been rated as excellent. Just a shame my experience has been anything but.

      After nearly three months of sending regular, polite emails I've received two in return. The first saying my issue had been escalated and the second stating I was pretty much out of options as I was a kickstarter backer and therefore not entitled to the same level of support as retail customers.

      I've tried to politely follow up with them several times since but have so far been ignored.

      So thanks M3D for accepting my financial contribution towards starting your company and doing nothing about the malfunctioning, unusable thing you sent me in return.

    23. Missing avatar

      Carlos López on

      I sent a message through the contact form on the web site, let's see how soon they reply.

      You also should have on the store the items that break or wear like: belts, heater element, motors, etc. Don't expect people that live outside USA to ship their printers back to you every time something goes wrong.

      And the TOP most annoying thing is the layer shift issue... it would be great if you developed hardware upgrades/fixes so that people who still believes in you and want your printer can buy them at a reasonable price and upgrade their printers.

    24. Suhail Saeed

      Cool update, thanks! and finally I know how it feels to be a 1%er in something.. -_- I didn't receive anything indicates shipping.

    25. Carlos A Peralta on

      I love my Micro!! Sure, if it printed a bit faster, and if it worked issue free with Mac's it would rock!! ...but aside from that I don't regret backing this campaign. The printer has been fun to use and at times even a life saver. when does the second campaign start? I'd love one that could handle multiple colors and printing through an SD card or wirelessly with Android or iOS.

    26. Sean McNulty on

      I also can't believe how many people were... Duped... By this company. I received a malfunctioning, heavily scraped up and damaged printer that managed to do one print before jamming itself completely.

      I contacted support and ended up with the basic message that since it was through Kickstarter I wasn't going to get any support, the unit wouldn't be fixed or replaced. So after waiting all the time to finally receive it late, I got a machine that was definitely not new (what new unit would have deep gashes and scratched in the frame?) but was also fundamentally broken.

      This Kickstarter was an absolute scam.

    27. Madlyb on

      I can't even begin to express my frustration with the Project and this update just drives it home.

      First, nice to know that I am one of the 1% that has yet to receive his rewards...even though I backed the project on the second day.

      Second, gotta love a comment that new orders ship in less than a week, when I just got an email yesterday telling me mine would still be 3 weeks out and trying...once again...trying to get to me select a different color even though I clearly indicated my preferences from the beginning.

      The real icing on the cake was I could finally 'complete' my order and I even purchased some additional filament and paid, and I still haven't received an email acknowledging my order. Next time, just use works great.

      I guess on the bright side, mine will actually be an improved version.

    28. Chris McKernan on

      Awesome update to wrap things up! Been a long ride, hope you guys (and gals) continue to do well in the future. My Micro is a busy little beaver... Wait that reminds me - I need some wood Ink!!