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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

February Micro Update

Posted by M3D LLC (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We are preparing to send the final round of surveys for January and February tier backers within one to two weeks. As a reminder, both early and super early backers will get their surveys before those in the February tier. We are also in the process of sending batches of final checkout invitations to November and December tiers and collecting applicable payments/taxes. Please make sure to fill out all required survey sections with correct information so that we can deliver your order as soon as possible.

Right now, our production team has a strong baseline of about 400 printers assembled per week.

On the checkout page, we have added terms for our standard (3) month limited warranty and the ability to purchase optional extended limited warranty coverage for up to (6), (9), and (12) months total. In the event of any manufacturing defects, we would send you a replacement or upgraded unit right away. We are providing this option to our backers at a discounted monthly rate of $10. Exact terms of coverage are included on the checkout page.

We’ve added an end-user agreement to our software and a purchasing agreement to our website, which defines all terms for using our products, expectations for normal use, safety notes, warnings, liability limits, software terms, warranty terms, return policy, repair policy, and any other limitations provided by law. It is important to clearly present these terms and expectations so that everyone is on the same page; for example(s), we mention things such as:

  • The printer nozzle is hot and could burn your fingers.
  • The printer is capable of making custom parts, creating the potential for a choking hazard or copyright violation. The user must accept responsibility for their prints.
  • Any modification of your printer without permission can, and will, void your warranty. 

Our team is happy to see increased activity on social media and so many backers helping each other out with questions on our forums. We really appreciate you guys!

Finally, in case you missed the earlier announcement, we have posted an unofficial, first-time set up video on YouTube for you guys. Watch it here:

Yours Truly,

The M3D Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sanford J Katzberg on

      I received an email stating that almost all Jan 2015 backers have received surveys, but I have received nothing, and I am wondering if they overlooked me. Also, the additonal money I paid for addtional material is not posted on kickstarter. Micro 3D did not respond to my email as well.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gene Olson on

      As one of your backers, I would appreciate knowing an approximate ship date for my Machine.
      Is it possible for you to take the backer list in order of delivery and based on current production levels let us all know when we might be getting our machine.

    3. Gary Taylor on

      Hi there

      I have been waiting for a Dec 14 delivery, but have had nothing from you

      Please can you confirm how I can get my printer


    4. Missing avatar

      Augustin Tshiani on

      I am also a May backer, my cc was charged but I never received any updates about when I "may" see my printer! Any info?

    5. Bill Frye

      I am a December backer do I have any hope of seeing my printer?

    6. Sam Kidd on

      Any word on shipping details for November backers.

    7. Missing avatar

      Indigoglass on


      I was a November tier backer. So far the printer is functioning well albeit pretty slow. Need to at with it more before providing a fuller review.

    8. Missing avatar

      Joseph Turner on

      I'm a November backer and I can tell you M3D helps those whom help themselves. You have to keep going back to their POS portal site over and over and over and over until they finally pet you on the head and tell you that you've paid your dues and your order is finally entered and paid for.

      If you sit around waiting for them to tell you to go to the portal it's going to be a cold day in hell before you get your printer.

      I have no idea whom built their store but it is not rational or sane nor does it operate in a manner you have become accustomed to at other online outfits. At one point they literally tell you to go away and check back in a few days to see if they have updated your account to be allowed to give them money.

      Frankly I would rather use the government health insurance site on it's launch day to order health insurance than go through the process they've put in place to finish paying them for your kickstarter pledge.

      I believe I'm paid up but there is no transparency to confirm nor any transparency on a ship date if I actually am.

    9. Erwin Huang on

      i am a May Backer and never received any update??!!
      pls response and give us a email or something!
      maybe we should start a class action against them.

      other projects failing or delaying is a thing,
      at least they are reasonable enough to respond and give update!!

    10. Jonathan Levine on

      I am a December backer and have not yet received any additional information. I have sent many emails to M3D and they have not had the courtesy to reply. They took my $$ quickly enough and now now have gone silent. Come on M3D folks, at least reply to your backers!

    11. Missing avatar

      Joe bruna on

      November Tier Backer here who hasn't even gotten any info about shipping.. So, I'm a little worried about what your company is saying about how you'll stand behind your product with your warranty: sure we know it was beta, but damn guys, you' just shot your community in the foot. And we've see other products here on kick starter that quickly died because of that.

    12. Anjelina Belakovskaia on

      I am a November tier backer. I have no idea what's going on, but it doesn't look good. I am receiving the same promise that my printer will be shipped next week for the last 3+ weeks.
      I already paid for the shipping, but nothing is happening.

    13. Lana Lepper on

      Hello, I am a January Backer. I have not yet received my survey. I have been pouring through my inbox, junk box, and spam folders. I have created alerts and filters. Nothing. Any updates? Obviously we are very excited and anxious to get this going.

    14. Tim Lampasona on

      Seems like I haven't gotten that survey as of yet (January Tier), am I missing something?

    15. Zachary V. Whitten on

      I'm a November tier backer. Is there a way to check that my survey is complete, and when is the estimated shipping date?

    16. Missing avatar

      LarsLarsen on

      No survey for me (February Tier). Anything wrong?

    17. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe Gallo on

      @Indigoglass. When were you initially supposed to receive your printer?

      @Mr. PACG. I assume that was in "M3D" time. "Within one to two weeks" can actually mean "Within one to two months with no one telling you anything".

      For what concerns the warranty, that is simply outrageous.
      Regardless of what the law (in which country by the way? Europe may have stricter rules. Did you check them?), we gave you the opportunity to build your company by giving you money more than one year in advance, for a relatively small discount compared to the price of the M3D printers that can now be pre-ordered.
      It looks like the additional cost for having a "normal" one-year warranty will be more than the "discount" we were given.
      Does this look to you the best way to start building the credibility for your company? I don't think so.

      And I am still waiting for my survey as a January backer.

    18. Joshua Mullin on

      I think it’s interesting that I have to agree to a purchase agreement to get fulfillment for something you’re already late providing that I paid for a year ago. Even more interesting is that the purchase agreement says I can't disassemble hardware I've paid for.

      I also think it’s interesting that I now I have to dig through all of the updates to figure out how many extra filament spools I had in my original order.

      I also had to track down my own amazon transaction ID. You don't have them?

      Disorganization and lack of technology at a tech company spells disaster.

    19. KS Addict

      @M3D - "We are preparing to send the final round of surveys for January and February tier backers within one to two weeks"
      I'm guessing "one to two weeks" doesn't mean what you think it does.
      How about an update??

    20. Missing avatar

      Indigoglass on

      Just received my printer. Unpacking now. Will provide an update later.

    21. Mark Wheadon on

      @Manfred: The backer portal is at: and the forum is linked off that.

    22. ianquest

      So... What you're saying in this update is that not only do you expect a significant percentage of Micros to break down within 16 weeks, but that you expect them to do it in such large numbers that you will be charging over $10 a month in insurance after that for the extended warranty (since the $10 rate is 'discounted') - with the numbers so high after 12 months that you won't support them at all anymore? That's rather worrying...

    23. Manfred Winter

      November Tier backer from Thailand.
      I have not received an email to confirm my shipping address and make final payments.
      Unfortunately I also can't find the link to my account on your site, I followed a link in one of the comments here some time ago, in January, and placed some Filament Orders, but can't find my way back there, as there seems to be no link to this section from the Home page. Same goes for the forum ...
      Please post a link to both the forum and the individual backers account sections somewhere prominent on your main page!
      PS: The warranty statements leave me rather angry, am about to make a full U-Turn from almost unconditionally supporting the project with all its flaws and part-failures to ... Well, a refund might be something to consider now.

    24. Banni Ibrahim on

      @R Tarvis
      As I already explained, that everyone is ignoring, this is still a product which will be sold as retail. Other than a few exclusive tiers, the majority of the tiers, the standard non-beta versions, are the same product that will be on retail shelves. You are saying that the ones given as rewards though kickstarter "do not count" yet obviously the ones sold on retail shelves will? How is that NOT tossing the people who backed them on kickstarter aside then if the ones who buy it retail get a warranty but the ones on Kickstarter do not?
      And as others have pointed out, and you also ignored, if this is indeed does not count as a consumer product, then why are we now told we will be required to agree to a consumer EULA?
      This is the definition of having your cake and eating it too, it doesn't great treated as a consumer product when it will be beneficial for them to not be considered one (warranties) then is treated as a consumer product when it is beneficial for them for it to be considered one (the EULA).
      Petty much every other physical Kickstarter product whose intention was to be told at retail has had a warranty and treated it as a purchase, as I already mentioned, and all of those given as "rewards" on kickstarter were also the same versions released as retail products.
      As for the precedent you brought up. First of all, it states "A "consumer" under the Act means "a buyer (other than for purposes of resale) of any consumer product, any person to whom such product is transferred during the duration of an implied or written warranty (or service contract) applicable to the contract" and second "A "consumer product" is defined as "any tangible personal property which is distributed in commerce and which is normally used for personal, family, or household purposes". What defines a consumer product is determiend on a case-by-case basis. Now, tell me, what does the description of the printer directly under the kickstarter video say?

    25. R Travis Brown on

      @Chris you are absolutley correct...M flame trrigger has been itchy
      @Mike My apologies, sir
      @Banni..... nice rant, but I've read through a lot of comments and I don't see any one advocating that "people who received theirs through kickstarter, the ones who gave them nearly $3.5 million and allowed them to start manufacturing them for retail, should get tossed aside". I happen to be one of those people "arguing that it does not count as a consumer product." My statements are based on jurisprudence and case law. See Najran Co. for General Contracting and Trading v. Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc., 659 F. Supp. 1081 (S.D. Ga. 1986). On top of that manufacturers are not REQUIRED to grant a warranty for ANY of their products, but if the do they must folly the Magnum-Moss warranty Act and that act only covers CONSUMER goods. The legal term for consumer goods is merchantable goods. A merchantable good is a sellable "good fit for the ordinary purposes for which they are to be used." If such a good is sold US law automatically stamps an implied warranty on it saying that the manufacturer guarantees that this product will work as advertised (but not for any period of time like 30, 60 90 days) just that it will work. ....Th truth of the matter is, this product has not been sold to you. That is the kickstarter model, everyone knows it, but people choose t ignore this. And when they ignore this they start feeling entitled to things they are not entitled to (lookin at you Oculus backers).....So there are some facts, not opinions. Free to present some facts that otherwise say that what I state is untrue. As I said before, the sold Micros will be warranted (implied). And as i said earlier, it is a manufacturers choice as to whether o not thy will offer warranty.

    26. Matt Acosta on

      November backer still not details on shipping...

    27. Banni Ibrahim on

      For those arguing that it does not count as a consumer product:
      You realize this printer is not going to be a kickstarter-only product, right? That the entire point was to start a business and start selling them at retail? Obviously, those would count as retail products and need a warranty. So what are you saying, that the people who received theirs through kickstarter, the ones who gave them nearly $3.5 million and allowed them to start manufacturing them for retail, should get tossed aside with no warranty whatsoever and the ones who bought the product at retail made possible by the ones who funded it on kickstarter be the only ones with a warranty?

      On top of that, this is a new product, with many moving parts in an emerging market. This is ripe for possible issues. We hear constant updates about beta-testing, how they are improving the build quality of the product, all the work they are putting into improving it, etc etc. And every now and then we hear about something which was not originally working right that they finally figured out and fixed. This is ripe for potential issues, and to give an absolute minimal 90 day warranty to such a thing when they have repeatedly mentioned how hard they are working on making a quality product and how much they went over their goal is a slap to the face.

      I recall another Kickstarter project that went way over it's original goal. Their updates were similar, constant updates about the state of the product, manufacturing process, beta testing, and issues they found and how they were able to resolve them. I am wearing that product on my wrist right now, it's a Pebble. My SECOND Pebble, although I only paid for one. See, they were just as careful and detailed in their updates about manufacturing a reliable product as The Micro has been, and unlike The Micro it has far less precision and moving parts, but problems happen, problems such as with my previous Pebble. Thankfully though, their warranty was a reasonable one year. I am still wearing my new fully working Pebble as I type this. They even to this day three years after release and putting out firmware updates that actually add new features, a few months ago it got background fitness tracking and a hardware compass, and a UI re-design is on the way. THAT is standing behind your product, not a minimal 3-month warranty, offering a "special" to the very people who put you on the map to extend the warranty on an expensive per-month basis, and suddenly being forced to agree to a EULA nearly a year after putting down the money to back it (Actually, isn't forcing a contract long after purchase like that illegal? Not that EULAs are typically legally binding anyway...).

      I was really happy with everything the Micro team was doing until this last update, it was a total 180 and a huge slap to the face of everyone.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tomas Rimkus on

      @Lamar Kent
      Why does it matter what other kickstarter projects do? A lot of kickstarter projects fail to deliver anything at all. Does that make projects which actually deliver some crap worth a lot of praise?
      3 month warranty is ridiculous for any consumer electronics and it says a lot about the quality of the product...

    29. Missing avatar

      Lamar Kent on

      Oh would you all just hush about how short the warranty is. You have any idea how much crap comes out of Kickstarter with no warranty whatsoever? Regardless of where it's shipping to or from? The fact that they've already shipped beta units back to the factory and back out to backers already puts them miles ahead of most of the other projects I've backed.

    30. Butcher Bob on

      Talk about not standing behind your product ...

    31. Chris Ryan on

      @R Travis - he clearly said "some parts of Europe". There are obviously real Apple stores throughout the UK. Whereas other parts of the EU there are only Apple "certified" resellers....

    32. R Travis Brown on

      The Magnum-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 only covers consumer good. For the sake of the a consumer good is one the government deems is for consumer use (testing and certification). As this is a kickstarter and you are technically not recieving a product, rather a reward for your support, it is exempt from the Magnum Moss Act. Granted, a challenge to whether a product is a consumer product is handled on a case by case basis. But, I doubt there is a court in America that would say it is a consumer product. The EU though, I am unsure.

      That being said, it will be hard to deny that printers being sold under the new pre-order system should be covered under the Act.

      @Mike Morrison do you mean like the Apple store at 235 Regent Street in London that is an actual retail store and not a reseller or the many other ones just like it in Europe ;-)

    33. Mike Morrison on

      firms selling into the EU can say what they like on their site, but if a defect occurs from poor manufacturing then the 24 month replacement is enforceable.
      its the sellers of the product that need to underwrite the product. its the reason you wont find apple stores in some parts of europe - only resellers!.

    34. Missing avatar

      Stephen Molnar on

      When will you deliver the machine we paid for?

    35. Jon Hovland on

      Any news on December Tier?

    36. KS Addict

      +1 @Marcel Chabot

    37. iain on

      So the 3 month warranty starts after the Mac version of the software is released, correct?

    38. Missing avatar

      Marcel Chabot on

      I understand that the warranty isn't as long as some people expected. MakerBot, which is a much larger company selling a much more expensive printer, only offers 6 months. The MakerBot Extruder is only covered for 90 days. There is no option to extend it at all.

      If you keep researching for printers you will see that the Cube 3D Printer is covered for 90 days.
      Lulzbot - 30 days
      The Ditto Pro offers 1 year, excluding the hotend, which is the most common failure point.

      So while short, I think the warranty is reasonable and it is nice that we can extend it if we like.

      All the talk of EU warranty coverage is a little misleading. The one year applies to things that were defective at the time of delivery and not failure do to wear and tear. Check out section 'D' of the MakerBot European Warranty (

      The rest of the legal chat isn't to be unexpected. Nobody reads them, but there is almost always an EULA for every software application you install and similar verbiage on all hardware. I've even seen similar text on a toaster.

    39. Reinhard Mitschang on

      @Ian: necessary or not doesn't matter. This EULA contains limitations that were not communicated during the campaign and if I disagree with them now, then what? I won't get my printer and my money is lost? This has somewhat the taste of blackmailing...

    40. Ian Hamilton

      SOME people may see you EULA as humerus but the sad fact is saying things like that is necessary in this day and age because many people have no sense of personal responsibility or common sense.

    41. Natalia on

      A November tier backer here that has no news on when it will receive the product....

    42. Missing avatar

      Jetske Vermaak on

      Under EU rules you always have the right to a minimum two-year guarantee period at no cost:

    43. Georg Kaefer on

      kickstarter vs product vs reseller vs producer vs factoryoutletsells etc.. in any case a valid legal transaction is made between two parties, there's a product of any kind on the one side and money for this product going from party A to B. In any cases EU consumer law of 12 months warranty and in usm 24 months of guarantee is valid. Even if no company would be involved but only private persons: Because the ony side (M3D LLC.) is "giving away" their devices bigger than "houshold quantities" (not one-five printers in sum, but in sum 10.000+ printers to all backers) this all cant be treates as second hand deal with limited up to no waranty.

    44. Felix G. on

      You clearly aren't confident at all about the quality of your product, don't you ?

    45. Georg Kaefer on

      3 months warranty? LOL. Be aware, that if you sell / deliver a product to European Union YOU are obligated to offer an 12 months warranty for free and a 24 months guarantee in total. in first 12 months if anything does happen to the device you're obligated to repair the device or offer replacement for free, whatever you exlucde in your terms is simply not valid by law. After the first 12 months of warranty you're obligate to offer additional 12 months guarante to the customer, but here you can decide the conditions, limitations etc of this guarantee.

    46. Matthias E Zeitler

      Wow, really didnt expect this.
      You are so close to the finish line with this amazing project and then you send an update about a crappy 3 month warranty and propose a $10 per month warranty extension?
      I have backed quite a few Kickstarter projects, but this is really a first.

    47. Reinhard Mitschang on

      @Chris Ryan: exactly my thoughts. THere are simply no laws and rules for crowdfunding rewards yet, so they are treated as ordinary purchases.

    48. Sid Blonde on

      Only a product which expects to be wrought with problems offers such a WEAK warranty. For the first time, I see a disbelief of their own product which doesn't do much to instil confidence on my end. I might just end up selling the junk on eBay before it takes up too much of my time with the myriad of issues I expect with such a weak warranty which shows no confidence in the workmanship on the part of the manufacturers.

    49. Chris Ryan on

      @D_L_ - the whole "its not a product" thing can't go both ways. If it is a gift then why are we paying duty on it as if it is a purchase?

    50. Peter Vandenbempt on

      I was going to post something about the EU having a 2 year warranty minimum but I see people have already commented on that. However this is on goods bought within the EU. Apple conforms to this because they sell their product in the EU. I have no idea if that is the case with online purchases but I'd wager it doesn't, unless the seller or web shop is based in the EU.

      However three months isn't an impressive time period, I can agree with that. Long enough to find basic faults and problems but not always long enough to find problems based on (normal) use.