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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

January Mega Update

Posted by M3D LLC (Creator)

Dear Backers,

The much anticipated update is finally here! We apologize for the delay in getting this out to you, and we hope 2015 has been treating you guys well so far. Now, let’s dive into some news!

Backer Account Management

Surveys and backer accounts have now been turned over completely to our website management system. All November and December tier backers should have access to the user account portal. If you are in the November or December tier and have NOT signed into the portal yet, please follow these instructions:

1) Go to

2) Click on "Forgot My Password."

3) This will allow you to select your password. Your account is already active with your information; please do NOT select "Register.”

If you have any trouble with this process, please email

It is very important for everyone to follow the provided instructions to assist us in tracking your Amazon Transaction ID. This is vital information because, often, the names of the payer vs. the Kickstarter backer do not match. This causes a very time-consuming, and sometimes impossible, task of confirming that a backer’s payment information is up to date.

To find your Amazon Transaction ID, please follow one of the steps below:

1) Search your inbox for an e-mail with the subject line, "Your payment to Michael Armani has succeeded,”


2) Go to, log in using your Amazon ID and password, and look at your historical transactions.

As a reminder, the payment feature in this portal has still not been enabled; however, the extra amount that you pledged should show up automatically and can be used to add on extra filaments to be shipped with your printer with no additional shipping fee (exceptions may apply).

In the situation that you bought extra filaments separately on our pre-order page, we will do our best to consolidate the order into a discounted or consolidated shipping rate, but please make sure to contact us and let us know to include you on our exception list, so that we know not to ship the orders separately.

We apologize for the payment feature taking some time to get ready, but it brings great news for those international backers who expressed their concerns about our decision to use DHL for shipping. Between that and other factors, we have decided to use the services of UPS for our international backers at this time.

Backer Forum

We are happy to announce that M3D now has a user forum. We would like to encourage all backers and Micro users to participate in this forum as a way to assist and educate each other. We are seeing repetitive questions being asked via email, and it is our hope that by posting these questions on a forum, users will be able to find the answers to their questions quicker and easier, especially for troubleshooting. This will also help cultivate the community that we envision growing around The Micro and its users. We hope to reach the point where we can pick out the backers who are extremely helpful in this forum and make them moderators. Please keep in mind, we expect that it will take a few weeks for the number of members in the forum to grow to a lively amount.

To access the forum:

If you currently HAVE access to the backer portal - Please visit and login using the same information as your backer account. You will see a link to the forum.

If you DO NOT HAVE access to the backer portal - Please visit and click on “Register” to create a new account. You will then see a link to the forum on the main page.


Thanks to ongoing production consistency and software improvements, the printer quality has now begun to surpass our original Kickstarter video. We are finally starting to see the consistency and quality we expected in the production version.

Specifically, we have implemented much better raft control, more sturdy Z-level positioning, and more robust bed leveling, with a targeted accuracy of 25 microns. We will leave the raft as a permanent feature while we debug The Micro and will allow expert users to disable it as an option in the future.

We found several critical bugs that we fixed in the last month. One of them was a memory programming error that caused printers to be unresponsive. We sent a few units out that had this bug and had those sent back to the factory for reprogramming. The bug, which caused firmware to become permanently corrupted less than 1% of the time, was due to unexpected interruption of a memory writing process.

We’ve solved that bug and have not seen it in over several thousand tests. Another bug was showing up on specific printers, with specific prints, so it was harder to catch. We found and corrected the error, which was in the auto leveling code and miscalculated the position of a print by shifting it over several millimeters.

Our goal right now is to get The Micro working perfectly on Windows first, then Mac and Linux, and then much more development will be needed to make the system completely open G-code compatible. For example, pre-processing is currently used by the M3D software to offload processing from The Micro electronics itself, such as with bed leveling compensation.

We are currently working on the next version of the software release, which will have two major improvements:

The first improvement involves reducing the permanent raft feature from an oversized square to just a small brim around the bottom of the print, which will save significant material and time. We've also improved print times, increasing movement speed by about double and putting it much closer to the maximum print speed we can achieve. Finally, we are working on a better software library, filament loading control, and a possible version of the software that can control several printers from a single USB hub.

Better print quality and consistency resulting from new software improvements (left) compared to old software (right).
Better print quality and consistency resulting from new software improvements (left) compared to old software (right).
Micro Speed Improvements Video
Micro Speed Improvements Video

First Time Printing

PLA has really proven itself as the workhorse for The Micro, and we very strongly recommend this material for first time users. Not only does PLA have a subtle, pleasant, molasses smell, but it is really proving to be capable of printing large objects extremely well. In the past, we would have recommended ABS for difficult prints where support removal or fine features were needed. However, we have really optimized the quality of PLA compared to previous generations, mainly through actual PLA material improvements. For example, our first batch of PLA that we scaled up was made from a different supplier; like most PLA that we tried, it would absorb moisture from the air in large amounts. This in turn reduced control during printing by causing stringing, unsmooth layers, prevention of raft removal, and even print temperature consistency was an issue.

We’ve switched to using an entirely different formulation and advanced methods to solve all of the above issues. That is why we believe PLA has really caught up in terms of having better support removal and retraction to prevent ooze, whereas ABS was better for this in the past. We are seeing that PLA could provide infinite use of the printbed, extreme strength, and most importantly, really neat translucent colors.

The only disadvantage of PLA is that it is tricky to get working with the internal port, and it requires longer print time on very small objects to allow cooling. Comparatively, ABS is better for very small prints that need faster cooling, more flexibility, and require solvent-soothing (for desired painting). In the future, we plan on releasing improvements on our current formulation of ABS that are still durable, yet slightly more flexible materials that print easily for first time users.

Test Prints:

Key Chain Print Video
Key Chain Print Video
Red Vase Print Video
Red Vase Print Video

Filament Colors

Based on initial surveys, we found that the quantity of colors that we had originally planned for ABS and PLA were just too many. Colors such as brown or fluorescent yellow vs. light yellow had too few people to allow us to meet the minimum order quantity for a production run. In addition to the above switch in formulation of PLA, we are now offering a set of 12 new colors in ABS and PLA. Most of these are in stock, with a few gaps in the PLA colors.

Previously, the ABS and PLA colors were nearly identical. We have decided to change this, which would give us more options for a variety of colors. The eight main PLA colors that you will see in our survey are actually translucents. When tested in-house and shown to backers at our trade shows, everyone agreed these were the best colors, providing a luminous, elegant, and high quality sheen that can’t be found in the previous solid colors and are hardly available in the existing market. For instance, the PLA white is a slightly off-white pearlescent and gives a really great appearance while hiding layers. In place of ABS white, we offer HIPS-white, which is a translucent ghostly-white color that also gives great appearances and performance.

The neutrals (black, clear, silver) are still pretty similar between ABS and PLA, but in total, we now have 20 unique colors. Once Kickstarter is fulfilled, we will focus on working on additional materials and colors.


Our suppliers for cube boxes and our supplier for filaments (both in the USA) have successfully scaled up to over a thousand units this month. With that said, there is no longer a delay in production due to parts. The only delays that remain are due to training, quality control, and the increasingly small chance that established suppliers don’t continue to deliver on time.

The unforeseen issue that caused the biggest backlog in production this month was an extruder problem that caused well-working printers to suddenly have periodic, inconsistent flow. When we scaled up the production of our extruder gears, we found some of these gears were installed in such a way that they could become loose and wobble under the force of crushing filament. We have since fixed the issue using a new gluing method and ordering gears that have a tighter fit.

Check out this video showing all of our production progress over the past few weeks: 

Production Progress  Video
Production Progress Video


Our timelines are provided here to provide you our best guesstimates; that is to say, until we have a stable production process, we can’t guarantee the delivery dates and are doing our best to meet them as shown. While almost 1,000 units will have been built by the end of this month, percentages of rework (repair issues, etc) were high, so we intend to scale up to the range of about 350 units shipped by the end of this month to October backers and most of the November backers that offered to get their printers early. After we deliver all those units, most of the bugs will be eliminated, and we will deliver all remaining printers to everyone in order of their tier (unless there are unexpected problems/delays). Due to redesign of the production flow this week, we are expecting a massive drop in rework percentages and are looking to catch-up towards the end of February with close to 2,000 units being produced a week. Since our last update, we have also improved the time it takes to build a printer from 6 hours to about 1.5 hours, and  we will keep working to reduce this time.  

October Tier Backers

Nearly all October tier printers are built now (225), including an additional 275 printers ready for final print testing (still a barrier, with rework amounts going down each day). As we mentioned in our last update, there had been a delay in box tops from our supplier due to mold issues, but they have caught up. Boxes have arrived and printers are moving fast; the only delay is still with silver and blue.

Our silver box, before (right) and after painting (left).
Our silver box, before (right) and after painting (left).

We currently have 900 box tops in stock, so we are giving blue October backers the option to get a very unique printer faster. We have all of the engraved bases, so by taking your colored, engraved base and print bed holder (also called the "mid" or "fluff", see image in update 24) with a black, green, or orange top, you would be able to receive your printer almost immediately.

For silver October backers, we are still delayed in both the box tops and engraved bases. Our box making supplier is up to speed, but the issue is that their painting supplier is not. They are actually demanding double the original quote, and we cannot work with somebody who goes back on their word. We apologize for the delay, and we hope that you guys can understand. We would like to give you guys the option to choose either a black, green, or orange printer and we will get it engraved for you as soon as possible.

Please email, so we can update your information for both of the above options.

November-February Backers

With the above mentioned delay of silver and blue box tops, we would also like to extend the offer to you guys to switch your printer color for faster delivery. If you have chosen to receive a silver printer, we recommend that you switch to either black, green, or orange. If your selection was blue, you can switch to black, green, or orange if you would like your printer the soonest. If you don’t mind waiting longer, you can leave your selection as blue.

To document this change, please update your color preference on your backer portal account (November and December backers). If you are a January or February backer, please make your selection once you receive access to that portal.


We've had some challenges shipping products safely, especially internationally, so we have been forced to slow down on international orders while we re-evaluate and test some different packaging methods. International shipping is particularly harmful for us because it costs over $50 for return shipping (more than exporting), and we may have to pay customs fees in order to take our own product back!

It turns out that parts of the printer can become undone during air and ground express shipping because it is considered an “industrial environment.” The main parts affected included the fan, gantry sliders, printbed, and internal electronics. While these are all things that can usually be fixed by the user, it’s still a bit unsightly and concerning. We have since consulted a packing and shipping company and verified new shipping methods.

In Summary

As always, thank you guys for your patience and understanding as we are finally in the home stretch. We would also like to give a special thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello to Michael and David at FETC last week.

Yours Truly,

The M3D Team

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    1. Mark Wheadon on

      @Anita -- it's not when you backed that they are referring to, but the original predicted date for when you'd get your printer -- so look on the main kickstarter page for the M3D Micro and look at the panels on the right. The date they are referring to is the one at the bottom of the highlighted panel that shows what you backed. Then look at the table above (

    2. Missing avatar

      Anita Rosenberger on

      So I backed in April 2014 - what "tier" of back am I? This is update is all well and good but this is the second or third delay and it's difficult to get a straight answer. "When will the printer and filament ship?" Oh, go to this site, then go to the portal, then find your Amazon ticket number, on and on. And still, I have no idea when this thing is supposed to ship. Delays I understand. Non-answers and the run around to simple questions, I do not. As I have told the M3D people, I have backed many kickstarter projects and have yet to deal with a group as difficult as M3D. Yes, they reply to emails fairly promptly, but they don't actually answer the question asked. Very frustrating. Come on M3D, you owe your backers better than that.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tomas Rimkus on

      Anyone who actually wants an answer from M3D guys, you should either email them, or contact Miranda on the official forum ->

      She has clarified that only October international backers should be effected by the delay due to damaged packages.

    4. Jay Jay N. on

      Im a november silver backer, i'm sorta confused so does this mean I have to pick a color that isn't silver or blue? And im not really sure about the question with faster delivery and slower delivery for a more polished product? will the faster delivery item have more issues?

    5. Tom on

      I don't know if it's just that I'm at home now, but it seems that I can now access the forum :) Now to figure out what to do with that transaction ID (I suspect as a January backer, I simply don't have access to the right things yet...)

    6. Nilan Watmore on

      Folks, while I agree that not supporting an OS other than Windows at launch is a terrible idea (especially since most creative folks own Macs), it is not the end of the world. It'll take a few extra steps, but you CAN still use the printer on a Mac. Download Oracle's Virtual Box software and then install the Windows 10 Technical Preview (both free) and you're good to go until they get their act together and support OSX. While ambitious projects like these are bound to have hurdles and delays, I can almost guarantee it won't be a paper weight upon delivery. Unfortunately the first Kickstarter project I backed did (Google Geode by iCache). I now have a $130 paper weight. It's a risk we all take when backing projects, so I'm not sure why there's so much complaining ...

    7. Missing avatar

      P. Fortman on

      What do I do with the Amazon Transaction ID, and where do I find the record of what color I ordered?

      You wrote: "It is very important for everyone to follow the provided instructions to assist us in tracking your Amazon Transaction ID."

      I found my Amazon Transaction ID. What should I do with it? I don't see instructions except to find it. I am a January Backer. here do I find which color I ordered? It's not in the Amazon transaction records, or the email from kickstarter. I am unsure if I ordered blue or silver.

    8. Rob Crosby

      Have to add my disappointment also. I understand the delays till now. I've been happy to sit back and wait for a completed product that had teething issues worked out. But this update has changed what I pledged for!! The original project did not differentiate Windows and OSX/Linux, nor did it separate out overseas pledges from domestic USA. To be told now some 4 months after original expected delivery that when I get it it, which will be considerably well after those in the USA (but they don't know when), it won't actually be able to work until some other future unknown time because they've changed plans and are now not doing Mac software until god knows when is really not acceptable. Very disappointed at having shelled out for what appears will end up being be a paperweight.

    9. Tom on

      Stuck Trying to access the forum.

      I've registered with the Portal site, but when I click the "forum" link, whatever I try I get stuck in a loop where I have a page headed "m3dportal Connect" - and whatever I seem to try, I can't get into the forum.

      Has anyone else seen/solved this yet?

    10. Missing avatar

      Marcel Chabot on

      @Meshnach: These are the global posts to update ALL backers on the status. You should have gotten several from Exploding Kittens by now (depending on when you joined the party). This update is actually critical as it includes how to access the portal and complete your order.

      When you backed, you selected your delivery month, it was part of the description for your pledge. You should still be able to see it on the Story page. If you have questions, Miranda has been working very hard to answer them. Please send her an email and she will be able to clarify everything for you.

    11. Lee Wilson on

      M3D Team - When can we expect that the M3D site will be updated with the now different filament colors? I'd like to stockpile a few of my favorites and get my order in before my printer arrives at my door.


    12. Lee Wilson on

      @Meshach - Good question. You simply go back to the main page for this Kickstarter campaign and look for the level you selected (It will be highlighted in green). In that box you'll see the target date that was part of your pledge level.

      Hope that helps!

    13. Meshach Weber on

      October, November, December.... How the heck do I know if I am a backer of a certain month? Why are these going out to everyone? Shouldn't you be contacting people in a granular way and saving us all time instead of making us sift through this ridiculously long email?

      I do not have the time to figure this all out. I gave you my $299 and you are giving me worse service than $35 startups I have contributed to. Step up your game please.

    14. Andrew Davies on

      Also for anyone that's unsure, my username is my email address...

    15. Andrew Davies on

      Thanks for the update! Really appreciate you guys giving an "if everything goes well" week-by-week timeline too. Let us know when you have the international shipping thing sorted; pretty keen to know the outcome. So excited that I could only be ~2 months away from having my precioussssss!

    16. Hal Gottfried on

      Yep, same question here. I am a February and I was hoping since that's in a couple of days (we should be hearing in the next update) I too could figure out how the users names were going to be derived.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nicolas LeDrezen on

      quality improvement is impressive!

    18. Carlos Alexandre Ferreira on

      Hey guys, any news about the "Username" to use?
      I am from December batch and cannot login... it always says "This user does not exist!"
      Thanks for the help!

    19. Reinhard Mitschang on

      @Daniel: of course there is nothing to lose...there is nothing to lose too, if I would ask M3D if I can get two printers instead of one. Except that the M3D support-team needs to invest time in answering this question instead of taking care of sensible requests. And I am pretty much annoyed by anyone who thinks this way. It is disrespectful to both the creator and the other backers and every time you do something like this, you should ask yourself: "What would happen, if everybody would do the same as me?"
      Refunds are not part of the deal and asking for them is just like bargaining or begging.

    20. Daniel Baxendale on

      I agree people should go in knowing the risks but I disagree that anyone considering asking for a refund shouldn't be using Kickstarter. No one should go in expecting to be able to cancel their pledge and get a refund but ultimately there is nothing to lose by asking for one.

    21. Reinhard Mitschang on

      @Matthew: 3+ months delay is NOTHING, especially with projects in the technology-section of KS and this counts double and triple for projects that get way overfunded like the Micro. And remember: the Micro is a brand-new product, that will keep getting developed further even after this campaign is over. When it isn't shipped with mac- or gcode-support it probably will get it some time after.

      Just a prominent example: the Pebble-Smartwatch had a year of delay, and some of the promised features and part of the hardware was only unlocked several months later with a 2.0 firmware.

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Burridge on

      @Reinhard / @Daniel I understand the risks but to get a product (even a kickstarter one) 3+ months late and to be told when I get it I wont be able to use it isn't really good enough. This (as far as I am aware) is the first time they have mentioned it not working for Linux and I'm fairly sure in an earlier vid they say it is working in Linux. The original sales pitch did not mention any delay in development, if it had I'd not have ordered, why would I when I'd know it wouldn't work.

    23. Reinhard Mitschang on

      @Daniel: generally You are right, that some creators refund backers, but in my humble opinion people asking for a refund on kickstarter should just stay away from it completely, because it is making the whole concept of kickstarter obsolete.
      But M3D has said several times, that they aren't going to refund anybody (besides the august-pledges that they had to cancel from their side for some reason)

    24. Daniel Baxendale on

      Not entirely true. It is possible to cancel pledges, even long after the project has been funded. I've done it before. But it's entirely up to the project creators discretion. There's nothing stopping anyone from asking for a refund, you just have to expect that they may refuse.

      At any rate it's not accurate to say that all anyone can do is wait and see.

    25. Reinhard Mitschang on

      @Matthew: (un)fortunately you didn't place an order here that You can cancel. You made a pledge with all the risks attached to it. The only thing You can do is waiting for the Micro and if it doesn't suit Your needs sell it off right away.

    26. Missing avatar

      thomas le coz on

      Hello !
      "and we may have to pay customs fees in order to take our own product back!"

      I'm not sure if you can do something or not, but sometimes I have to pay some taxes to the postman in order to get the product in my hand (I am from France). I'm not sure if it's possible but in an ideal way, I would prefer to pay nothing more :)
      - Sometimes the taxes are huge, it may represents up to 50% of the original price. -

      I know you're already over-busy but could you, please, take care of that.

      Thanks by advance !

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew Burridge on

      I too am slightly cheesed off at this. Last month I posted to the blog and asked them when I could expect what I'd ordered, not a beta or alternative colour and they said January orders would be shipped in Febuary... My question was also heavily edited by M3D before it was published. Now I'm being told that it'll be March, but because I live in the UK it'll be even later and even when it gets here I'll not be able to use it because I run Linux.

      I fully understand that this is a new company with teething problems but how about less time on blogs and user forums and cardboard cut-outs and more time fixing things & being clear? As it stands since ordering it there have been a number of well priced industrial setups opened in my home town that I'm tempted to use so may end up cancelling this order

    28. Missing avatar

      Martin Weißhaupt on

      @Daniel Baxendale:
      The problem is not that Linux or Mac is not the first supported plattform, the problem is that it doesn't use standard gcode until now as far as I can tell by the updates. The software does not need to run on Linux the first day but I want to use a Rhaspberry Pi as a printserver and therefore I need standard gcode.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tomas Rimkus on

      To solve problems with Mac OS and Linux, maybe you could make your printer compatible with standard gcode? If you do that, people could just use Cura or Repetier Host.

    30. Daniel Baxendale on

      @D_L_, Chris
      I think most people just want to know how the comment about international shipping impacts the given estimates. That's all. We're not looking for or expecting exact dates, we just want to know if the given estimates apply to international backers or just domestic backers. Nothing more.

    31. Reinhard Mitschang on

      @Chris: I'm not "chomping at the bit" I'm just slightly pissed, every single time M3D is making an update, because they are not talking straight. They make a beautiful timeline but don't say, that it is for domestic shipping only. Then they make some wishy-washy comment about international shipping / packaging but don't dare to say, what effect it will have on the timeline that they posted in the same update, or if it will have an impact at all.
      Is it really so hard to say "sorry folks, timeline for international backers will be roundabout plus 2 weeks"??? Of course (international) backers would be upset about it, but I'm far more upset about this behaviour of sending updates that seem to be all great but are not.

    32. Missing avatar

      D_L_ on

      Kickstarter is not a shop - you can't expect exact timelines, fully perfect software, full platform support and a massive stock inventory just waiting there for you to buy.

      You are seeing the birth of a company and their product, one which you helped to bring to life. As long as they are working as quick as reasonable and not sitting around chatting then good for them.

      In the end I would much prefer to have a working printer with most issues sorted out and great software than receive it a month earlier with broken parts and software issues.

      If you have to have a product be a certain date, don't use kickstarter, choose a shop which has an up to date stock inventory.

    33. Chris Ryan on

      @Tomas - I understand, I too would like to know exactly when my printer is arriving, but M3D are a fledgling company (that we all helped fund) and are learning all these new challenges as they go. Revising packaging and testing it would be an "interactive" process, one printer could arrive safe and sound because it wasn't treated the same as the one next to it (didn't fall off the conveyor or stacked under something else heavy in the back of a truck etc) and that also has to be balanced with increasing the postage weight or size so that it doesn't cost X amount more per printer to ship.
      While I agree that a clear date on shipping would be nice to have, and I understand how some backers are "chomping at the bit" to get it in their hands, we need to let them have the space to introduce quality to the process which is for everyone's benefit - M3D's money goes further, we have a pleasant transaction with them, future customers when it goes retail get the best experience. That could be a few extra days or an extra month, personally I am not bothered either way, just as long as its all done right.

    34. Daniel Baxendale on

      I'm not sure why people are still surprised that OSX and Linux are lower priority. This is the price you pay for using less popular operating systems. Besides there's enough workarounds for running Windows software on both that the printer is only "unusable" if you choose not to employ these methods.

      I'm quite interested in what the comment about international shipping means for the estimated timetable. Has this been accounted for there? Or can international backers expect to add a few weeks to those dates?

    35. Missing avatar

      Tomas Rimkus on

      @Chris Ryan
      We just want to have precise dates for international shipping. The ones they listed, as I understand, are only for domestic shipments.

    36. Chris Ryan on

      I don't know which bit wasn't understood about the international shipping part of the update?

      The printers got kicked the crap out of when shipped internationally, packaging was not up to the extended stay in the postal system. Reviewing the packaging materials in order to better transport your printer so that it arrives intact and doesn't necessitate shipping back and forth a printer for fixing and a replacement

      Which would you prefer, get your printer by the weekend but it will be beaten to a pulp and require sending back immediately for a replacement? What's that going to add a week, two weeks on top? What if the next one arrives the same condition? Another month? Third time lucky?

      Or wait a couple of weeks while they sort out the packaging so that you get a working printer first time?
      Net result is much the same time, from a "customer" perspective would sure prefer the later.

    37. Felix G. on

      @Tomas Rimkus: They ship with UPS (UPS is not the same as USPS).

      I too would like to hear a more explanation of the "forced to slow down on international orders" part and the impact of it on the intl. shipping timeline.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tomas Rimkus on

      First, in the beginning you PROMISED to ship printers to people located in Europe from either UK or Germany. What happened to that promise?
      Second, USPS is a terrible choice for international shipping. They often damage the package, their tracking is unreliable and they take much longer to deliver when compared to normal shipping services like DHL and FedEx.
      Third, what exactly do you mean by being "forced to slow down on international orders"? When do we get our printers?

    39. Carlos Alexandre Ferreira on

      @Robert Sunley, already tried my email.. no luck:(

    40. Robert Sunley (trialsta) on

      For those struggling with their user name on the portal, mine is my email address so give that a try.

      @Chris Ryan, stop being so sensible! People seem to enjoy buying minority OSes and then complaining that it doesn't get supported first.

    41. Chris Ryan on

      @Ron - it's simple stats surely?
      Mac represents a 10% share of the market versus 80%+ of Windows

    42. Reinhard Mitschang on

      I'm a little bit confused....when You say, that You have been forced to slow down on international orders, does this mean that the time plan is only valid for national orders?

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Should I also have access to the Portal if I'm in tier of February?

    44. Ron Williams

      How did you decide doing Windows ahead of Mac?

    45. Marius Bredsdorff on

      When will I be billed for the shipping? It's very difficult to find any information about much of anything on the site. I look forward to receiving my printer. The lack of OS X support is annoying but fortunately I have a Surface Pro 2, so I'll still be able to use the thing. I'd just prefer to be able to use it with my (vastly more reliable) Mac.

    46. Matthieu Tropée on

      Thanks for the update but I can't recover my password I don't find my username.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bjoern Peterson

      Thanks for the Mega Update :-)
      can't wait.

      I am a little bit confused as i am not sure which User Name i got assigned when i click on "Forgot my Password"
      Can anyone clear this up for me ?

      best regards

    48. Manfred Winter

      Thanks for this update, it was overdue .... Most good news, but two bummers for me, and some confusion ...
      No OSX Software yet, well, that renders the Printer unusable for me. Do you have a time line for the OSX release? I don't have a Windows PC, and I do not intend to buy one, either.

      I hate waiting for another couple of month for the shipment (I am a November Tier Backer, in Thailand) but hate even more picking up a device I won't be able to use by the time it arrives.

    49. Missing avatar

      Scott Briggs on

      You guys are killing me, am I going to have a paperweight until you support Macs? What's the timeline on supporting Macs?