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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Mr. PACG 2 days ago

      @Phillip Mance - It is unlikely that they will see your post here. Best to contact them directly via email form:… (enter zeros for fields you are unsure of)

    2. Creator Phillip Mance 2 days ago

      Have not got mine yet
      When will it be shipped????
      can I get my money back please??

    3. Creator Mr. PACG on February 5

      @Klimskady Sadly no Astroprint compatibility but someone created a sweet plugin called M3D-FIO that allows the M3D Micro and OctoPrint play well together.

    4. Creator Klimskady on February 5

      I still am angry you went back on your word about making the Micro M3D usable with Astroprint then go and make your software closed source. Please reconsider and do the right thing for your customers, we have the right to use other tools to help make our 3D printing experience the best it can be. I have had nothing but excuses via email and think you don't care about how your customers feel.

    5. Creator PY on February 2

      So what's preventing M3D to proactively contacting those backers whom haven't received their Micros yet?

    6. Creator Mr. PACG on January 31

      Lot of good community and M3D created tips, tricks and info in the support forum. Search function is much improved and topics are more organized. It's worth signing up and clicking around if you are new to the Micro or are having troubles using/printing/etc.

    7. Creator Dave S (UK) on January 29

      @Mogens Kjær - I can sort of understand that but I think that being respectful should remain in place all of the time. However, the Micro 3D is a complex machine to work with and you need to be able to read the forum information to get it working well. Those that are unable to work a scroll bar or scroll wheel to read the comments here are probably going to struggle with the printer.

    8. Creator Mogens Kjær on January 29

      @Sean Yeo

      Look just one comment below your own.

      Out of the last 13 comments 5 of them have been advice on how to get your printer if you haven't already got it.

      ...Getting increasingly difficult to be respectfull and considerate...

    9. Creator Sean Yeo on January 29

      I have yet receive mine, please help thabjs

    10. Creator Mr. PACG on January 27

      @ahssini yassine - Contact them via contact form on their website for a quicker response.

    11. Creator ahssini yassine on January 26

      Kindly advise when you will ship my pledge $299.

    12. Creator M3D LLC on January 19

      @Mr. PACG thanks for helping inform everyone of this. The contact form is the fastest way to reach us now as we see requests here quite rarely and we prefer conversations where we are very actively monitoring them. The login report only shows the last date we logged in after a log out (we don't usually log out).

    13. Creator Mr. PACG on January 19

      @Chua Soon Heok - M3D's last login to kickstarter was Jan 10 2016. You'll have better luck getting the issue resolved by emailing them (…) or contact them on their support forum (

    14. Creator CHUA SOON HEOK on January 19

      Helloooooooo!! Anybody there? I made a comment about when to receive my printer in December. You did respond to tell that I do not fill in my information to deliver properly - I did that. Then, no more updates on when the delivery is going to happen. When am I getting my printer?! Your so-called 3D printer project is really "Delay-Disappointing-Dispicable" !!! I want a refund - pls respond to this request ASAP!!!

    15. Creator Mr. PACG on January 17

      @Cesareo T. Bermundo - It is unlikely that they will see your post here. Best to contact them directly via email form: (enter zeros for fields you are unsure of)

    16. Creator Cesareo T. Bermundo on January 15

      Kindly advise when you will ship my pledge $299.

    17. Creator Mr. PACG on January 14

      Thumbs up on the new M3D forum. Lots of great community created tips, tricks and fixes, new platform has reliable and useful search (that was the biggest problem with the old forum).

    18. Creator William Limratana on January 14

      Thank you for resolving the issue and directing me to the website to complete the process.

    19. Creator Mr. PACG on January 12

      Still waiting on your kickstarter backed printer(s)? Posting here probably won't do you any good, you may want to try this 'Manager Contact Form'. Responses are generally quick. Hope this helps you get your printer.… (enter zeros or whatever in fields you are not sure of)

    20. Creator Ramir Camu on January 12

      Never received mine

    21. Creator Mogens Kjær on January 12

      @all who didn't get their printers yet:
      You should contact M3D LLC directly on
      Failed delivery must be caused by some mix-up rather than the printers not having been produced yet.
      Do you have access to ?

    22. Creator Richard Mottern on January 11

      It is almost a year late now. With that and all the negative remarks about the poor quality, I'd rather have a refund at this point so I can put the money towards a decent printer, but I'm sure that will never happen.

    23. Creator Richard Mottern on January 11

      I have not received mine either. I wonder what's happened if 99% were delivered by September.

    24. Creator William Limratana on January 11

      I have not received mine either. How does kickstarter allow there to be an "in stock buy now" button when they well know all have not been shipped out. I have not even received a survey.

    25. Creator Christiaan Helmig on January 11

      Could you give an update on my order, please? I haven't received the printer,... yet...

    26. Creator Brendan Davis on January 10

      Where is my printer?

    27. Creator federico on January 9

      after a year.. I didn't receive it. se ti trovo ti ammazzo brutto stronzo

    28. Creator Patti Tsang on December 30

      I backed one. They said it was delivered. I didn't receive it. I am asked for shipping confirmation.

    29. Creator Matthew Festa on December 30

      So it looks like a lot of us backers got screwed over by this company... what a shame. I ask them for a refund and they will not refund as they do not do it for kickstarter backers... what a load of SH*T. I think all of us who got screwed should come together as a whole and make a petition to kickstarter to force these nuckleheads in giving us a full refund, so we can use those funds for a real printer made by a real company.

      Let get this situation handle, if M3D were smart they should handle this themselves and not make us go to kickstarter

    30. Creator Frank G on December 29

      I'm losing faith on kickstarter. Out of 10 projects I've backed 4 of them have been jerking me around. I don't want to backed anymore projects until Kickstarter take responsibility for the shit we fund. Fuck you Kickstarter. I'm tire of you guy putting your hands up like you guys can't do nothing about it. I should make a fake project so I could take people's money it would matter to Kickstarter cause it won't be there fault that I defraud people wit me fake project. Assholes.

    31. Creator Frank G on December 29

      Am I EVER going to get mine???
      I'm still waiting. I don't get it??

    32. Creator James Verity on December 27

      In Stock. Don't Buy Now!

      - suggest you look elsewhere for a 3D printer, you'll get a lot less failed prints, and have more fun 3D printing...

    33. Creator Graeme Bennett on December 26

      I see that the Micro 3D printer is listed as compatible with the new "Katana" slicer from Printr. (currently available for Mac OS X and Linux, Windows 10 support is "coming soon.")

    34. Creator Matt on December 25

      From the last update (sept) "new software is not available yet, but expect it to be released in the coming days. "

      Where is it? You've had 3 months to deliver this promise!!!

      I gave up waiting, My M3D printer is a useless paper weight, I've replaced it with a Printrbot which is amazing (And much faster - What speeds were we promised again?) The metal PB play with "real" stepper motors is also a similar price point to the plastic toy micro

      You have also dropped out the the 3dhubs trend report (…) since your last update. I hope reviews and other users experiences on here, 3dhubs, reddit, and your forum put people off buying this.

      There are plenty of of better printer options out there...

    35. Creator b. i. hayden on December 21

      It is easy to ignore now. You took the money. You put out a sub par and useless machine. Your mission statement is a lie. Just like your backgrounds in this field. You are a bio-engineering background. Go do that. Do not jump on a bandwagon and create something that cheats people. That moreover cheats yourself. It is easy to be a patent troll or take other people's ideas and roll them up into a piece of junk. 2 defective printers and not contact other than a threat from you. BioEng dude. "out". Urban Dictionary. This is a closed loop forum. You duped and stole my money. Truth. Fact. Not fiction. I want a refund. This is just me telling the others this machine was made as it is cheap and it does not work. it is still in the box where it went back after your printer broke. 2. Now it is a lemon and fraud. You have not done by law what you are supposed to do. You and the rest of the Jokes that stole patents. consumer grade? Child Grade? Not even close. Bio Boy.

    36. Creator Mr. PACG on December 19

      Still waiting on your kickstarter backed printer(s)? Posting here probably won't do you any good, you may want to try this 'Manager Contact Form'… (enter zeros or whatever in fields you are not sure of)

    37. Creator Griffin Gluck on December 18

      I'm still waiting for my printer(s). Can you please give me an update as to when I might expect to receive one if not both of my long paid for printers?

    38. Creator david arias on December 18

      Hey guys hope your fighting the good fight. Can I get some info on my printer. Just want to make some toys

    39. Creator Dave S (UK) on December 15

      I haven't been on here for a while but I see a few people still haven't got theirs and a few are having technical issues. I have had mine for many months and it has not been all plain sailing. For a start it is not a toy and not suitable for children of an age in single figures. You need to build a relationship with the printer and understand what it can and can't do. I have had to try various firmware versions and I still get shifting sometimes. I am on I tried as that was supposed to help with shifting but it was worse. On some prints I have to stay with medium quality as it shifts at high.

      When I was going through shifting issues I was getting daily replies to my email exchanges with support. Eventually I got it going well enough to be able to use it but the relationship needs work and patience. Like any relationship stroppy emails and posts won't help. This is Kickstarter, not a retail store. This has gone fairly well from my personal point of view.

    40. Creator Rogelio Castillo on December 9

      I'm still waiting my printer...

    41. Creator Gary Taylor on December 8

      Where's my printer? I told you I was unable to get my Amazon payment code but you have ignored me - I want a refund

    42. Creator CHUA SOON HEOK on December 4

      Where is my printer? Where were the updates? Hello, have you bunch of guys all left for some nice getaway holidays with the money we funded you?

    43. Creator JM RICHARD on December 2

      Where is my printer? I sent several requests for updates but never heard anything back? Seems like I am not the only one which is a disgrace. We try to help start ups and this is what we get back! Not right.

    44. Creator b. i. hayden on December 2

      where is my money? where is my refund. Pay attention to all of the people. You should also tell my 7 year old's child of why he will not get to play and enjoy your broken promises. You have that money as I need it to buy a printer that works. REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Creator John Fomich on December 1

      I would like to know where my printer is I filled out all the surveys weeks ago and haven't heard anything on when mine is going to be delivered, I would like to have some sort of update on where my printer is.

    46. Creator Hoggel on November 30

      I paid for shipment weeks ago on the Micro page and still the page says when i log in "My printer status: paid", but it is still not shipped (i live in Germany). When can i expect the printer to ship?

    47. Creator Mr. PACG on November 30

      Saw that M3D added a Manager Contact Form for when issues aren't properly / timely resolved using the standard contact (sales/service/tech) contact form.…

    48. Creator Nicole on November 28

      Please refund me if you are not able to deliver

    49. Creator Cai Mingyu on November 27

      Never received anything

    50. Creator b. i. hayden on November 23

      you people have still not responded to my problem. I have a lemon. I want my money you have stolen from me. Your product or alleged toy printer is a scam. It does not work. It was for my friends 7 year old child. You stole money from me. You created a useless and defective machine. I do not care of your inherent problems of not only delivery issues. but, you made in china product is defective. I want my money back. I want a refund. This is absolutely unfortunate. You are not the only company to do this. Take the money and then what. You need to read the lemon law act and you need to look at your warranty as it does not apply to a lemon. I want my money. I sent you a payment request. You have ignored it. I am writing here as it is a close forum for those of us who paid money for a working product. I have read your website. This is nothing like what your website states.That is fraud. It is unfortunate.

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