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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator David Li about 12 hours ago

      Kathryn, am Nov backer from Australia Melbourne and still waiting for the printer.

    2. Creator Jihoon Choi 1 day ago

      I still didn't get my printer. you guys said shipping was end of 2014. now is Sep. 2015. At this point I'd rather just have my money back. OMG....

    3. Creator Kathryn Hardman 1 day ago

      WHen will the printers be shipped to Australia?

    4. Creator Jim 2 days ago

      My M3D finally arrived yesterday. I checked my account on their web portal and confirmed the order (again) about 2-3 weeks ago. I won't have time to play with it for a few weeks, but nice to have received it.

    5. Creator Mark Wheadon 2 days ago

      @Rick Robertson OK thanks, my mistake then – I take back what I said.

    6. Creator Markus Maussner 2 days ago

      hi. i backed this project. back there it said shipent end of 2014. now is sep.2015... did i missed something to do or is this project really that delayed? regards

    7. Creator Rick Robertson 3 days ago

      @Mark Wheadon, I received my hard coat silver printer two months ago. At the time they claimed there were 750 housings on hand so it is a reasonable assumption there are at least that many in the wild.

    8. Creator James Verity 3 days ago

      @Marty Johnson - are you sure the M3D is only half the speed of you maker bot... on my Flashforge CP I can print a model in 15 min, in comparison to the 1hr 20min on the M3D for the same basic model...

    9. Creator Mark Wheadon 6 days ago

      I love "Silver printer orders are shipping much slower than usual". To the best of my knowledge M3D has shipped no silver printers at all, so "much slower than usual" is something of an understatement (which is in turn an understatement :-). @Nahshon your best bet is to roll with the punch and swap to something like black. I did that months ago and got my Micro shortly afterwards.

    10. Creator Nahshon 7 days ago

      Yes can anyone help us? Apparently they want to take orders but I got an email saying they are out of stock....BS company. I'll refuse to support them in any future KS on principal alone. This is the email I got.

      "Thank you for following up with us and apologies for such a delay! Silver printers are currently out of stock, so all Silver printer orders are shipping much slower than usual. Silver printers will most likely not be available for the next 2-3 weeks. Alternatively, we should be able to rush your order if you agree to switch your printer color..

      Please let us know at your earliest convenience, and we might be able to ship your order by the end of the business day today. Thank you!

      All the best,
      Nastia @ M3D"

    11. Creator sarahndipitous 7 days ago

      Our machine was supposed to arrive January 2015… we backed them in April 2014… It still has not arrived. My kids are crushed.

    12. Creator Kar Wai Lee on August 25

      Still haven't deliver the printer and no news from them sigh...

    13. Creator Wayne Yeung on August 25

      How can they write 2 weeks shipment for orders on their website when they have not even delivered to all their backers yet?

    14. Creator Warren on August 25

      I saw the website has the page to order m3d printer, it makes no any sense to accept new orders without fulfill the backers. We are ignored just because we already payed money?????????????????????

    15. Creator Warren on August 25

      Hi there, Where is my printer? where should I check the status?

    16. Creator Nahshon on August 25

      WHEN IS THIS COMING!.....First Project I've ever backed and I still haven't received it... at this point I'd rather just have my money back.

    17. Creator Tamir E. on August 25

      Its almost September and still havent gotten my printer. Where is it?! Ive been a patient guy these last few months but missing me due to YOUR website glitches and then again ignoring me now doesnt make me very happy as a backer. I would very much appreciate an update.

    18. Creator Leonid Khodjayev on August 25

      Still not received...wondering when it will happen at last? Technology is going forward it might not be so cool in a month or two...

    19. Creator Mr. PACG on August 19

      The M3D Heated Bed & Acrylic Enclosure & Modified Power Cable & LED Light Kit kickstarter ends in less than 2 hours.

    20. Creator Mark Wheadon on August 19

      @George I'm afraid the Micro has well-known problems with its internal filament feed -- it binds on the way out and most people can't get it to work reliably. Print yourself an external filament holder and things should start working for you (I used a wooden spoon across a saucepan as a spool holder whilst printing a better spool holder :-)

    21. Creator George on August 19

      I had a problem here using the printer, the ink will not coming out during the working processing but it's still working without ink? Does it because of the interior filament holder too tight to rotate so that stop the ink come out? I guess like this was because of I think it's really a little tight when I assembly the filament holder into the box although it works first few times well, but now is with problem, pls advise

    22. Creator Lars A. Rottweiler on August 18

      I still didn't get my printer. No feedback from support - this is ridiculous. There are so many hustlers on this kickstarter platform. I never will make any more supports - been loosing to much money here!

    23. Creator HCG on August 17

      My printer just arrived today in good old Germany! Thanks!

    24. Creator Mogens Kjær on August 17

      @Shawn and @Paul120987

      If you have not received your printer yet and you do not now why, you need to contact M3D via email on

    25. Creator Shawn on August 16

      Hi when will I get my printer? Thanks

    26. Creator Marty Johnson on August 16

      Printer works great but it is extremely slow. Print time is 1/2 as fast as my Makerbot Replicator. It does look cute sitting next to my Makerbot and I will think of it as a novelty. Luckily, most of the backer purchasers have nothing to compare too and are happy with there new printer.

    27. Creator Stephen Evans on August 15

      This project has been such a disappointment. Months late, finally reached out to them and they told me my printer was ready, provided credit card information, they charged, my card, and when I check in on shipping details I find out Silver is backordered. Now they have my shipping cash (in addition to my original $300) and I'm no closer to having a printer. Caveat emptor to anyone thinking of doing business with M3D LLC.

    28. Creator paul120987 on August 14

      I have not received my 3D printer yet and have not received any communication from them about how to get it. I am based in Germany.

    29. Creator Ronny Germany on August 12

      Jim, same situation. Did everything they ask on their site and has not moved for weeks. Nor have they sent any emails stating the problem with them! Since I was an early bird supporter I am soooo unhappy! Will never support or recommend a project they are involved in on any site!

    30. Creator Jim on August 11

      darby d - Thanks for the reminder. I've been too busy. I went back on their website and of course it asks me to confirm and pay. I already did this way back in March. Though obviously it doesn't seem to have a record of it. I never got any confirmation email before and this time I didn't get a confirmation email either, though I did take a screenshot of it.

      Probably won't have much time to play with it for a while, but rather have it in hand instead of being forgotten.

    31. Creator James Verity on August 8

      @Mark Wheadon - I am pissed off to say the least because I was told to wait for UK( EU) friendly shipping months ago... no thats been completly called off. and there isnt going to be any UK( EU) friendly shipping at all.... backers could have had their rewards ages ago if someone hadnt lied and told the truth, let alone made more effort to let backers know....

    32. Creator Deathson on August 7

      The critical Information, Please send Kickstarter update or send email directly! WTF

    33. Creator Deathson on August 7

      WTF of your company, On your last update "June Mega Update", I'm live in county list for "Scaled Up Through Automated Order Invites",
      I don't have Patience wait your update or email notice, when go to your portal open a ticket why still on hold my rewards.
      Your support team said my rewards on Hold because I didn't pay for shipping!?
      Who FXXX Staff Updated me your system completed all the shipping methods after "June Mega Update"!?!?

    34. Creator Mark Wheadon on August 6

      It's just my opinion based on reading around the topic, but I don't think the Micro will ever be good at printing ABS.

      You need a heated bed to keep the ABS sticky and stop it contracting as it cools, so the only Micros you'll see successfully printing non-trivial-sized ABS models will be ones fitted with an after-market heated bed.

      Chase Wichert is up for making you one if he achieves funding on Kickstarter:

    35. Creator RL on August 6

      Anyone knows when will M3D team fix the ABS issues?

    36. Creator Mr. PACG on August 5

      @David Dirk - M3D doesn't answer questions in here any longer... You may have better luck contacting them via live chat support: (live chat link is at bottom right of window)

    37. Creator David Dick on August 4

      I was and early bird backer of this project and have never received any notification of why I have not received my printer. This project has many updates that I am able to receive but never answers to my questions on where my printer is or if it will ever be delivered.

    38. Creator Joe doe on August 4

      i'm very surprised wih the communication of the M3D support ,and all the blahblah of them when i declare that there were a ploblem with ABS (not sticky enought and PLA aswell for very large pieces )
      and now we can see that this need ,and requirement is met by the heated bed .
      according to me without heated bed this printer is useless ,doesn't worse this price .
      after 7 hours of use ,the original bed is complitly destroyed (cost 15usd )

    39. Creator Mark Wheadon on August 4

      @James Verity I don't understand why you are quite so determined to have "UK friendly shipping"? The difference is that you pay the courier the VAT (plus an admin fee) rather than paying M3D the VAT. Either way you still pay VAT, and M3D have been saying for literally months that the best option for those who want their printer sooner rather than later is to pay VAT through the courier.

    40. Creator darby d on August 4

      Hubby says it arrived last week while i was away!!! Hopefully i can sleep. Ill be using a mac so crossing my fingers.

    41. Creator darby d on August 4

      My micro printer has arrived!!! I switched from silver to black and really paid for shipping last week. I'm backer #8 (#6 really since i hear the first 2 were bots)

    42. Creator James Verity on August 3

      so was told by M3D LLC to wait for UK (EU) friendly shipping.... now not been told there isnt going to be any UK (EU) friendly shipping for the forseeable future... well thanks a bundle for the communication M3D LLC to your loyal still waiting kickstarter backers....

    43. Creator James Verity on August 1

      "do know" should have read "don't know"

    44. Creator James Verity on August 1

      just add I haven't asked for a refund, so do know why that was even mentioned... what amazes me it takes them weeks to do an update for kickstarted backers, and check everything in the update before release... and then go back on anything they said...

    45. Creator James Verity on August 1

      here is a response regarding UK friendly shipping I got today...

      "Please allow me to explain the VAT. It is duties and taxes imposed on goods that passes through a country's customs. VAT and shipping are two independent fees. Unfortunately we do not have EU friendly shipping and so it must be paid for upon delivery. I am very sorry but there is nothing that we can do about the VAT since they are government taxes. I must also inform you that we cannot issue refunds to backer orders either. Regards, Nickty @ M3D"

    46. Creator Felix Romosan a.k.a. Daemon on July 31

      Besides having paid $124 for shipping to Romania, i also had to pay $130 for import charges. And that, with MY EXPRESS AFFIRMATIVE ANSWER to their question, back in april or so, as to whether i would like to wait for the EU friendly shipping problems to be sorted out, or i was willing to pay the VAT upfront.

      Turns out i almost paid twice the price of my printer, and a low quality one at that. Worst problems are huge Z wobbling (you can see the bent threaded rods when they spin) and strings pestering the prints.

      Very disappointing.

    47. Creator Vladimir Chebotarev on July 31

      My shipping cost to Russia turned out to be $87 (promised $50-75). Can anyone tell their shipping cost to US (promised $25)?

    48. Creator darby d on July 30

      Jim - did you pay for shipping? Pay it via the "portal" on printm3d /poral

      All- thanks for the pla comments!!

    49. Creator Jim on July 30

      I still haven't gotten my M3D. Unfortunately I've been very busy this summer and haven't reached out to them recently. Though I did email twice around March and then May and they said it was coming in a couple of weeks and then the last response said I could check status on their website.

      They have not tried to reach out to me even though my email is on file with my M3D account and I've emailed them before.

      I'll be reaching out to them by this weekend.

    50. Creator German A. Torres on July 30

      Its been a very bad experience with the micro, still have not made one descent print. I've used PLA and White Phantom ABS and its a disaster to print anything wider than 3cm... I think the only thing it prints well are the spooler hocks, its the only thing that really prints.. so much for a 300 dollar printer. Ive contacted their support and it will be an additional $100 to service the printer... dont invest in cheap stuff... better to buy the known brands from the start

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