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The Micro: The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer's video poster

The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design. Read more

Bethesda, MD 3D Printing
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This project was successfully funded on May 7, 2014.

The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.

Bethesda, MD 3D Printing
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    1. Creator Chris Ryan 1 minute ago

      @PY - it'll be because the news isn't actually good newsnews IMO. Which we kinda knew before any update is posted. Its very typical Kickstarter from my experiences. Would love to be proved wrong, but as I am in the November tier and heard nothing at all in regards to any shipping payment invite. It was three weeks ago that they had suggested they in the process of the final batch of sending them out.

    2. Creator PY about 1 hour ago

      How can we expect someone who take weeks to approve a very simple update to solve any engineering or production issue? It just shows their business IQ level. :-(

    3. Creator PY about 1 hour ago

      Mind you that my English is not really good.

      Maybe M3D founders need to take an English class. It will help them read through the update faster and approve it. ;-)

      Come on, stop hiding the problems and just be honest with the update!!! To approve an update shouldn't take more than an hour!

    4. Creator Sijbren Kuperus about 1 hour ago

      Hello.... anybody home?? Maybe an update?? Would be nice!

    5. Creator James Verity about 3 hours ago

      @Manfred Winter - the decision on a refund will be very quick... it'll be a straight no... and it wont take a week or more for approval either...

    6. Creator Manfred Winter about 4 hours ago

      November tier backer here, nothing, no payment option, no information, no nothing. How about a refund? Maybe the decision on this will be quicker than the information on the progress? Miranda, your boss you have to report to, who obviously takes weeks to "green" your updates: Did he learn his trade in North Korea? That's what your management looks like ....

    7. Creator James Verity about 8 hours ago

      "Richard Fleming - November tier here - still expecting to receive mine in November."

      yeah, but which year...

    8. Creator Matt about 9 hours ago

      I'll leave this link here for the M3D Founders ;) *

      Importance of Good Communication in Business:

      "Good communication ultimately boosts the bottom line of a business."

      *BTW this isnt aimed at you Miranda, your forum updates have been a great benefit - But the last couple of official updates have been rather slow - The one we are all eagerly waiting for has taken 5 days to gain "approval"!

      I don't mind if there are more delays, but I would like to know about them to keep my backer expectations in check.

    9. Creator Richard Fleming about 9 hours ago

      November tier here - still expecting to receive mine in November.

    10. Creator James Verity about 9 hours ago

      My green November tier printer has been stuck on preorder every since the survey was filled in months ago... hasnt budged an inch... lol

    11. Creator Nestor Toledo Diaz about 10 hours ago

      Another November tier here, no news, no shipping, no updates, unit just say in preorder

    12. Creator James Verity about 10 hours ago

      December tier... join the que... not all the November tier have even had a request for shipping let alone delivery of printers...

      expect another damage control update from Creator M3D LLC some time this month, with a bit of luck...

    13. Creator Javougn Moreland about 10 hours ago

      I'm a December tier. It's been about nearly 4 months and the status for my printer still says that it's still in preorder?

      When will I get my printer, I was supposed to get it in December.

    14. Creator Asaf Amit about 11 hours ago

      @Jon I'm early Nov tier

    15. Creator Itay Sperling about 11 hours ago

      "We are preparing to send the final round of surveys for January and February tier backers within one to two weeks"
      Where are the surveys?

    16. Creator Paul F about 14 hours ago

      I'm checking the portal every day. Getting frustrated that the payment feature isn't enabled yet for me. Nov early backer.

    17. Creator Shoham Blau about 14 hours ago

      would people please stop using kickstarter as presents.
      the estimates of kickstarter are allways wrong, so dont count on them to be ready
      for a certain occasion.

    18. Creator Anita Rosenberger about 16 hours ago

      The last update I got, my 3D printer was supposed to ship on Feb. 16 (after many delays, right?) - I still don't have it, please let me know how I can find out when I'm going to get this thing was supposed to be a birthday present, then a Christmas present, then a Valentine's Day present, then a late Valentine's Day present. Getting pretty frustrated with the lack of communication and the difficulty of communication.

      Thank you,

    19. Creator Jim about 17 hours ago

      @Edward, you have to wait for them to email you about payment. I was in Nov tier and only got the payment email a week ago.

    20. Creator Edward about 18 hours ago


      I am in the December tier and have completed my Bata form but it seem that the payment portion is still not enabled. From the Last update, I am suppose to get the unit this week unless I am wrong. Is M3D behind again, and for how long?

      Unless I am doing it wrong, how do I get to the Payment section to pay for the shipping and stuff?

    21. Creator Justin Stigall about 19 hours ago

      How hard is it to type a weekly update into the box and hit post?

    22. Creator Michael Jack Brinatte about 20 hours ago

      Still no shipping confirmation a week after paying for shipping and confirmation of payment

    23. Creator Brian Dodds about 21 hours ago

      It's been yet another week and I STILL have not received any info on paying for shipping on my NOV printer... It's been 10 months!!!! (May 7th 2014)

    24. Creator Marcel Chabot about 21 hours ago

      No update, but they are working. I got a UPS tracking number (Nov. Early Tier) so they are working hard over there. I'm guessing a bunch of other people got tracking number today, and I would love to know the head count so we have an idea of the progress.

    25. Creator Thomas Strauss about 22 hours ago

      Another working day passed without some news or update.

    26. Creator Jon Altschuld about 22 hours ago

      @Asaf What tier are you?

    27. Creator Asaf Amit 1 day ago

      Just got Payment Confirmation - took 3 days, not bad considering it was over the weekend.

    28. Creator Andreas Melzer 1 day ago

      We'll trust your update even if it is not approved by the bosses :-D

    29. Creator M3D LLC 1 day ago

      @Jon Altschuld

      "@Miranda when can we expect the update that you referenced last week?"

      Just waiting for that final seal of approval!


    30. Creator Jon Altschuld 1 day ago

      @Miranda when can we expect the update that you referenced last week?

    31. Creator Mark Wheadon 1 day ago

      It looks like production is stalled, or is very, very slow at the moment (as we're not getting even a trickle of "Hey, got my tracking number today" messages in this thread). Hopefully the pending update will clarify the situation...

    32. Creator Glen 1 day ago


      When will I receive my Micro? What shipping details do you have? I will be moving house in a few months.


    33. Creator Reinhard Mitschang 1 day ago

      @robert moffit: we are not only used to it, we are granted it by law and M3D is honoring this in their purchase agreement, so everything is just fine :-)

    34. Creator robert moffitt 1 day ago

      Not at all happy with the lack of an update, they're starting to come across as pretty flaky. Also I'm in the uk where we are used to having a minimum of a 12 month guarantee (the rest of the EU get 24 months minimum) After all that talk of locally sourcing parts for quality and reliability its coming across that you don't have that much confidence in your own products

    35. Creator Jim 2 days ago

      Thanks @Mark & @Michael. Can't wait until I get confirmation and then tracking number.

    36. Creator Michael Jack Brinatte 2 days ago

      @Jim I got my confirmation message within 24 hr's of paying. I wish that the shipping confirmation would come that quickly though

    37. Creator Mark Wheadon 2 days ago

      @Jim There is a confirmation email, but mine for example took 12 days to arrive. I thought they'd fixed that now but perhaps the confirmation email code is broken once more?

    38. Creator Jim 2 days ago

      I just submitted payment for my Nov slot. Though I didn't get confirmation email. Is there a confirmation email?

    39. Creator Andreas Melzer 2 days ago

      @James, you probably should check wikipedia and read about the difference between "a photograph" and "a rendering" ...

    40. Creator Mark Wheadon 2 days ago

      You're right @James, M3D should hold back all the printers until they have the Mac port up and running. Thousands of people should have to wait longer so that those that can't or won't use Windows as a short-term stop-gap aren't disadvantaged.

      The Mac-only users gain no advantage from that, so really everyone loses, but at least there would be a Mac version of the software on day one. Makes perfect sense.

    41. Creator Marc S 2 days ago

      @James damn, just use Virtualbox. It's not that hard, you know. Or use Wine, cmon.

    42. Creator James Verity 2 days ago

      funny how the promo pictures on the main Micro3D website that is taking Pre-orders clearly shows a picture of a Apple Mac with a Micro next to it... YET NO MAC SOFTWARE AVAILABLE!!! talk about false marketing pictures....

    43. Creator Shoham Blau 3 days ago

      @zac i think thats still the old deprecated estimates as this is march and nov backers have yet to get their micro

    44. Creator Zac DeRidder 3 days ago

      While looking through their twitter page: "We experienced a few delays and are now aiming to fulfill Kickstarter January tier orders by mid-March/April."

    45. Creator PY 3 days ago

      Never got one honest update of their status. Really disappointed with the "all's well" kind of updates when clearly there are so many problems.

      I doubt that they have the expertise to develop a reliable 3D printer and their own propriety software. Looks like they don't have a good grasp of what problems they are facing.

    46. Creator James Verity 3 days ago

      @Mark - if the other os software support was a stretch goal, I wouldn't consider it problem.... those at the top cannot even say when let alone if.... 9 months twatting about with the windows version... about time the other os's had at least minimal system support....

    47. Creator Mark Wheadon 3 days ago

      @James If you insist you can't use it on anything other than a Mac, then what's the big deal in waiting until the Mac version is released before getting the printer? You're not 'forced' to wait until the MacOS release to get your printer, rather you can choose to wait until then to preserve your warranty – your choice.

    48. Creator Morton Hatch 3 days ago

      Ya, the excitement is wearing down real fast. I am not even sure I want mine anymore except I plan to use this one in the house, something I really can't do with my other printers.

    49. Creator James Verity 3 days ago

      btw once the Mac and Linux software is released, I will post on twitter to say it works...

    50. Creator StormShadow 3 days ago

      Amazing some people don't have anything better to do with their lives than spend it here crying like little girls. This isn't a store. You aren't buying a product. If you can't deal with that GTFO and go buy a $2K MakerBot and leave the rest of us big boys alone.

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