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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. M3D LLC 2-time Creator 1 day ago


      If you have completed all steps and still not received your printer. Please contact us at and we will locate the shipment with you and make whatever arrangements necessary for you to receive your reward.

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      Nicole 3 days ago

      i have paid for the additional huge shipping you asked for months ago and done the survey. so when cam i expect my printer???

    3. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on October 18

      @ Peter N. Jules

      It's ready to be delivered. We are sorry you missed the survey for delivery. Please complete the form in the following link Then contact us at so we can finalize your shipping.

    4. Peter N. Jules on October 16


    5. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on September 1

      @Wayne Yeung
      Your user name is your email and you can reset your password via the forgot password link.

    6. Missing avatar

      Wayne Yeung on September 1

      I'm backer 8444. Never received a thing. Not even a message. How can I fill out information on your page if I do not know how to log in to your portal?

    7. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on August 23

      @Setsuko Mitsuma
      I'm so I'm glad you reached out. Some backers never received the email to finish check out for their pledge. Please complete the form in the following link Then contact us at so we can finalize your shipping.

    8. Setsuko Mitsuma on August 23

      Hi,I'm backer #3349.
      When can I get reward?
      Give me feedback!

    9. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on August 17

      @Saiyam Vora

      We did not delay your units arrival but were simply waiting for you to complete your information for final checkout. As we informed you many times in your communications with us, we did not refuse to repair your unit, only that your sale of the unit to a third party meant the unit was not covered by the warrenty. We remain willing and able offer you repair and replacement services via our normal support channels.

    10. Missing avatar

      Saiyam Vora on August 17

      This was the worst product ever and I have had such a bad experience with customer service I am not scared of buying any products from kick starter.
      The product was delayed by about a year for me, before receiving the printer I asked them to cancel my order since it was delayed, they refused to cancel it and told me to sell the printer for a profit.
      I sold the printer for a loss on ebay and the customer returned it showing that it was defective. I contacted M3D to fix the printer and they refused to since I sold it and they said that voids the warrnty (THEY WERE THE ONES WHO TOLD ME TO SELL IT)
      This is a piece of garbage and is just a $300 paperweight. I am so dissapointed. I feel like they intentionally sent me a bad unit since they knew I wanted to return this product.

    11. Graeme Bennett on August 14

      Not everyone had that experience, @carl pabst. Presumably, you've updated the software, recalibrated, etc? I found a little blue painter's tape (3M ScotchBlue 2090) on the bed does wonders.

    12. carl pabst on August 14

      too bad the original printer is nothing but a fancy paperweight. After all the hype it would have been nice to actually print something in 3d, instead of burning through all those reels of "ink" for nothing but spderwebs

    13. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on August 13

      @Sam Johnson

      Contact me here If you have completed all rewards steps I'll make sure your printer gets out to you this week

      Head of Customer Service M3D

    14. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on August 13

      @Carl Göran Heintz
      It's not like my team to not reply, did your receive an automated email response letting you know your ticket had been created? Contact me direct here and I'll get you all the support you need.

      Head of Customer Service M3D

    15. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on August 13

      @Yves Cool

      As I asked to your other comment please contact me directly with your Phone number and I will get this sorted out for you. We have not refused to send you your printer. It has not been sent because you have not paid the required shipping. Please complete Then contact us at so we can finalize your shipping. Your reward is waiting to be sent so please complete the final step for deliver.
      Head of Customer Service M3D

    16. Missing avatar

      Yves Cools on August 13


    17. Carl Göran Heintz on August 13

      Will the pro users actually get support? Submitted several tickets in the support and havnt had one successful print nor reply so far. Posted in the forum too and got some suggestions that didn't work

    18. Sam Johnson on August 13

      i have given you $299 and you haven't fulfilled. I have done the survey's and other steps, and I have zilch show for it a year later, while you move on to new projects. I'm going to quit ks this is about the 6th time I've been screwed over

    19. Missing avatar

      M3D Team Collaborator on August 12

      We are happy to provide a parts service for any repair you need and even replace a unit entirely if need be, but as a small company we are not able to offer free shipping at this time. We put that information forward honestly in our terms and conditions. We are still available to offer you any support you need.

    20. Missing avatar

      Deejayspinz on August 12

      My Micro is sitting here collecting dust.. Worked for the first few prints then problem after problem.. Support solution was to pay shipping from Canada (NOT). Then you have my LulzBot.. Something doesn't work, "sure, let us send you the part...." I get the Micro was supposed to be consumer focused, but then it should have been a quality product.. Sorry M3D... just stating fact.

    21. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on August 2

      @Farid Rawas
      Please make sure you finished filling out your information. If you haven't please complete Then contact us at so we can finalize your shipping

    22. Farid Rawas on August 1

      Still waiting for my Micro!

    23. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on July 13

      @Valerij Kozlov
      If your having trouble using your Micro please contact our support team. We see and hear from our over 50,000 satisfied customers about their great projects in their own home, we would love to help you be one of them.

    24. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on July 13

      @David Andruczyk
      Our Linux version has been out for early release for a month now. If you contact us in technical support we can get you a link to it. The public version is only a few weeks away.

    25. Valerij Kozlov on July 12

      Worst Kickstarter ever. Printer is rubbish and software is pure shit.

    26. David Andruczyk on July 8

      Where's the NATIVE Linux support you promised with the original kickstarter?? That's the ONLY reason I supported the project, and you've let me down and I have a basically unusuable printer.

    27. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on June 30

      @Edwin Rubio
      The most common solution is to increase the heat by about 10 C.

    28. Missing avatar

      Edwin Rubio on June 30

      What can i do to prevent the prints getting unstuck from the bed while is still printing?

    29. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on June 25

      @Brendan Davis
      Did you finish entering you information? If not please complete Then contact us at so we can finalize your shipping

    30. Brendan Davis on June 24

      Where is my micro?

    31. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on June 24

      @Wolfgang Schmidt

      Please contact me at I can help you reach a satisfactory end the complications with your Micro.
      Head of Service

    32. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Schmidt on June 24

      After all I'm very disappointed with the micro.
      First print last year shifted during the print in back direction.
      Next ones worked with smaller objects, but 2 out of 4 prints have shifts.

      After a while the ***** thing could not print anything. First thought the noodle is jammed - but after detaching the head there was filament between the feeder and noozle , so the feeder could not forward anything to noozle. Cleaned it, after a while same problem. New noozle - same problem. New fan - worked for a while (lets say 5 prints worked - the best run yet).Then again the shifts. And the jamming - it worked to leave the head open instead of closed so i think it is a bit of a termal problem. With less temperature the material does not come out fluent on the noozle. Great. (Original black pla and pie - the original HPA was never working, ABS never working).

      Distance to print bed is also mostly not working correclty - so i think i had more calibrations then succesful prints. One of the "funniest" things was that it pushed the hot noozle through the buildtek... During one of the calibrations the head was pushed against the back top border - very sad sound. Since then i had no working print. In z axis the printer makes noisy sounds. From forward to back it jumps really often somewhere during the print.

      Well - i think i cleaned the y direction - but it didn't get really well. If it prints something the thing is mostly skipping at a height between 0 and 1 cm. If i print a circle mostly an egg is the result.

      Overall - internal feeding never worked good. external was only working for the outer part of a roll - inner seemed either to tight or tangles.

      I think i reall yhad all problems that i tried to avoid buying a "complete" printer - and i can't see a solution to this issues . Maybe if i try a 3d printer again it will be something which can be self build ...

    33. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on June 23

      @Eric Kiu
      If you haven't already filled out your backer information via our portal please do so. Then contact us in support We will get your Micro to you ASAP

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric Kiu on June 23

      I have not received the reward. Please help

    35. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on June 22

      @Kevin Widjaja
      Did you fill out your backer information for final delivery? If not use this portal then contact us here to finalize your shipping information. We will get your out to you right away.

    36. Kevin Widjaja on June 22

      I never got my reward!

    37. QUang Do on June 22

      I bought one with price $299 but I use only few times.
      Whoever want to buy it, I resell it with price $100.
      Contact me at

    38. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on June 22

      We can help you get your Micro working much better. Contact us in support so you will always have the Micro as a solid backup to you larger purchase. We have skilled makers on staff ready to help with any concern or to just even offer suggestions on projects.

    39. Bad_Syntax on June 22

      My first printer died, and was replaced, woot.
      My second m3d has produced far more piles of filament and aborted prints than completed ones :(
      But, I learned a lot about 3d printing with it, and can now feel more confident about a $2500 or so printer.
      But I agree with Matt, I cannot recommend this printer to anybody, for anything. I got like 5 things out of it and 100+ attempts (many of those same 5 things).

    40. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on June 22

      I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I'm Rob the Head of Service and I would like the chance to help fix the problem. Contact me here
      I am willing to do what it takes to make sure all our backers get the support and experience they need. You made this happen for us so I will make any issues right with you.

    41. Matt on June 22

      @ Graeme, the thoughts and views on Reddit are interesting re this news:

      I can't recommend M3D to anyone based on my own (Or many others) experiences with this printer.

    42. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on May 27

      Try increasing the temperature by 10 degrees or lowering the nozzle a bit, you should just be able to slid a single sheet of paper between it and the bed. Contact us here and we can get you some more detailed one on one support.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ramesh on May 27

      @ M3D, the printer is pointless because when printing it always comes out of the base which means i can never print, i am not sure how to solve this problem?

    44. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on May 23

      @Mark Thorpe
      Sorry you missed our emails, some services like to move our emails to the promotions or the spam folders. Please enter your information here (user name is your email) then contact us at to finalize your shipping information.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Thorpe on May 23

      I also never got mine

    46. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on May 21

      @ Jim Field
      Sorry to have you waiting you might have missed our email for how to finalize. No worries we will get it right out to you. Please enter your information here (user name is your email) then contact us at to finalize your shipping information. We can get it shipped in 1 to 3 days.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jim Field on May 21

      I never got mine!

    48. M3D LLC 2-time Creator on May 16

      @David Figueroa
      your user name is your email If your having trouble resetting your password still. You can reach us as KS Addict said and we will be happy to get your printer out to you in no time.

      @KS Addict
      Thanks for being a friend like always

    49. KS Addict
      on May 16

      @ David Figueroa - Hit them up via the contact form here and you'll get a quick response.

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