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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Mark Sean Lorey 7 minutes ago

      This thing is fantastic!! Except my color choice was blue not black!! But I'm not complaining...
      I would like to see a pause feature and have it move out of the way...
      Really right out of the box great, great!!! I would challenge a full size printer to do as great a job, I ran a very difficult Atlanta file on the micro and checked the easy options in settings and it did as good a job as a laser resin printer without the mess!!!! Thanks m3d team for a cool little printer even if it is black and not blue....Mark L

    2. Creator Darren about 3 hours ago

      I sent an email to the support team with this question, but have had no response.

      Is it possible to cancel my printer? I'm an international backer and the extended delays coupled with no shipping date in sight mean this has reached a point where I want to back out.

    3. Creator Mark Wheadon about 5 hours ago

      @James The tape is stuck to BuildTak as it is – that's what's on the Micro's bed. But the new fancy-shaped (and often much smaller) rafts mean I was having problems with bed adhesion. By the time the temp was high enough for the raft to stick to the bed reliably, the model stuck too well to the raft.

      3M blue tape seems to fix that for me – better raft-to-bed adhesion. It may be that my BuildTak needs replacing as I've already done a lot of prints (most days since I got the printer it's been printing something), but the tape works really well, and when it starts to fail you just remove it and stick a fresh layer down. (Not had to do that yet after 6 or 7 prints.)

    4. Creator James Verity about 14 hours ago

      oops... shedt = sheet

    5. Creator James Verity about 14 hours ago

      @Mark Wheadon - have you thought about using a shedt of BuildTak on your printbed instead of Blue Painters Tape...…

    6. Creator Mark Wheadon about 15 hours ago

      @Marcel Nine of this is in my blog I'm afraid. With hindsight that would have been a good idea! You can however see my comments easily. Just click on my name in this thread and then click through to the Info about me and you'll find a link that lists all my comments, most of which are Micro related.

    7. Creator Marcel M. about 16 hours ago

      @Mark: great prints, keep them coming!
      I found the bunny most inspiring. Great idea to use that specific paint!

      Did you already start a blog that I can add to my favorites?
      (Deliving through all your contributions in this commentwall once I receive my Micro will be a p.i.t.a...)

    8. Creator sid hegde 1 day ago

      I received the printer but it is missing the instruction manual and software. Can you help?

    9. Creator Mark Wheadon 1 day ago

      @Felix G. It's pretty quiet. But it sits on a metal-framed desk which in turn rests on the floorboards directly above out bedroom, and that seems to act as an almost perfect sounding board!

      It's an old neoprene mouse mat (and in fact that sits on four small strips of bubble-wrap), and it pretty much stops the sound transmitting through the floor.

    10. Creator Mark Wheadon 1 day ago

      Heh yes I keep calling it printer's tape. It's Scotch blue painter's tape:

      And yes, I'm starting to believe it's making a great deal of difference – almost night and day. Not quite a magic silver bullet, but close, and when it wears out you simply replace it with some fresh strips.

    11. Creator Asterix 1 day ago

      Got my blue printer and printing my thing was super easy. Great job M3D!!!

    12. Creator Asterix 1 day ago

      @Stormshadow, @Mark,
      Is it blue printers tape or painters tape?

    13. Creator Vincent Goudreault 1 day ago

      They average shipping something like 570 units a week. That means mine should be shipped in... two and a half months. Yikes...

    14. Creator StormShadow 1 day ago

      @Mark I notice you've added blue printer's tape. I did so as well. Has it improved results for you?

    15. Creator Felix G. 1 day ago

      @Mark Wheadon: thank you for the pictures. It's great to see what I will be able to print, in some distant future...
      I see some kind of dampening mat under your printer. Is the M3D loud ?

    16. Creator Mark Wheadon 1 day ago

      So I walk upstairs in the morning, only to discover the Micro has grown a pineapple

    17. Creator Sijbren Kuperus 2 days ago

      @Reinhard Mitschang: OK, that's great!

    18. Creator Mogens Kjær 2 days ago

      Awesome idea with the textured spray paint.

      And yes, I still enjoy watching videos and pictures of fellow backers' results.

    19. Creator Jason Baxter 2 days ago

      @Mark: Big yes! Very much appreciate you and others posting up your prints and experiences here. Thank you!

    20. Creator Rudi Niemeijer 2 days ago

      @Mark, yes, keep your results coming!

    21. Creator Alex 2 days ago

      My Blue printer arrived today!

    22. Creator Mr. PACG 2 days ago

      @Mark - Looks great!!

    23. Creator Mark Wheadon 2 days ago

      Are people still interested in seeing (subjectively) interesting Micro prints in this thread?

      Here's the rabbit featured recently on Thingiverse, scaled down and spayed with four or five coats of Rustoleam "Stone Pebble" [ ]. I think it looks great.

    24. Creator Reinhard Mitschang 2 days ago

      @Sijbren Kuperus: had to pay 78,77 € in total today, but M3D already answered to my email, that they will refund me the money, I paid to them for taxes and VAT

    25. Creator Carlo Ebora 2 days ago

      I'm a january tier waiting for the mac software. Does anyone know if i should pay for shipping now or wait until the mac software is released to pay for shipping? I heard that your warranty starts as soon as you get your printer. I also heard that even though some people chose "wait a few extra weeks" for their shipping because of the mac software that they still got their printers as soon as they paid. Can anyone clarify this for me?

      thank you

    26. Creator Sijbren Kuperus 2 days ago

      Ok, no thumbs up symbol in the comments visible... But thumbs up for the repay action of M3D! ;)

    27. Creator Sijbren Kuperus 2 days ago

      @Mark �

    28. Creator Mark Wheadon 2 days ago

      FWIW M3D Were very quick to repay me when I ended up paying the UPS charge twice. There was no fuss at all.

    29. Creator Sijbren Kuperus 2 days ago

      @Reinhard Mitschang: How much did you have to pay to the UPS guy? Will M3D pay you back, if you have a receipt?

    30. Creator Simon Krause 2 days ago

      @Reinard: Viel Spaß damit. Ich bin leider noch auf M3D angewiesen wegen der fehlerhaften Zahlung :(

    31. Creator Reinhard Mitschang 2 days ago

      got my Micro in Germany just now. November backer, black. Paid for VAT & taxes in advance but had to pay the UPS-guy again :-(

    32. Creator Mr. PACG 2 days ago

      4/22 = 101 shipped
      4/21 = 0 shipped
      4/20 = 0 shipped
      4/17 = 332 shipped
      4/16 = 545 shipped
      4/15 = 4 shipped
      4/14 = 1 shipped
      4/13 = 34 shipped
      4/10 = 85 shipped
      4/09 = 118 shipped
      4/08 = 0 shipped
      4/07 = 99 shipped
      4/06 = 73 shipped
      4/03 = 132 shipped
      4/02 = 94 shipped
      4/01 = 55 shipped

      Production Numbers:

    33. Creator Mark Wheadon 2 days ago

      @Andrew Do you know anyone who has an old laptop or desktop lying around you could borrow? The software would run OK enough on a pretty old / slow machine.

    34. Creator Rudi Niemeijer 2 days ago

      The recent change in packaging could actually be a very smart move from M3D. Before, M3D Micros were apparently build to order, with a name attached to every printer that was being assembled (we've seen the early warehouse photos with sticky papers attached to each and every Micro). Now every inner box contains one M3D Micro with a specified color and one transparant roll of PLA that has no specific customer attached to it, until it is needed. Shipping is now a collecting activity: get large box, print and attach outer sticker, what color (get appropriate inner box), what extra filament (get rolls), close outer box, ship.

      Now, ready printers can be stored in their inner boxes until a specific color is needed. Easier to store, no chance of damage.

    35. Creator Reinhard Mitschang 3 days ago

      @Andrew Tarnoff: it was said multiple times in the updates, the comments nad the forums, that Mac-Software is still taking some time to be ready but it is being worked on.
      So yes, unless you want to use a windows-emulator or buy a cheap windows-tablet you have a useless paperweight until Mac-software is done.

    36. Creator Andrew Tarnoff 3 days ago

      Just showed up today. Is this not Mac compatible? If it doesn't work on Macs, it's a $300 paperweight for me.

    37. Creator Simon Krause 3 days ago

      International backer here(November). I tried to pay for the shipment but there was an error on the website (error code 0) and the payment was canceled. But my card has already been charged with $65 - in the portal i didn't payed anything for shipment. Please fix it ASAP!

    38. Creator Mark Wheadon 3 days ago

      @Frank It's no biggie. The M3D filament I have doesn't have a cheat code, and all you do is type 'PLA' and then select a colour – really not a problem.

    39. Creator Rudi Niemeijer 3 days ago

      Apparently there was an unforeseen issue with my account that kept the payment feature from functioning. With relentless effort in the course of two days (there was this time zone thingy), an M3D representative got things working again. An hour ago I (november, international, Netherlands backer) got to pay for extra filament and shipping, as was promised in the April update. I will have to handle VAT myself, once the package arrives.

    40. Creator Frank Miaw 3 days ago

      I find it to be a rather large oversight for the software to require a "cheat code" to load filament, and then have the included spool NOT have a cheat code. Thus, those of us that did not buy extra filament would have to guess random 3 letter words until they luck upon a code that works!

    41. Creator darby d 3 days ago

      @frank m - have you tried to load a different color and cheat that way? you may have already done that....

    42. Creator Frank Miaw 3 days ago

      Can anyone tell me what the "cheat code" for the white abs filament that comes with the Micro is? The latest beta requires this to load the filament. Alternatively, is there a way to bypass the "cheat code" prompt to load filament?

    43. Creator Ian Hamilton 3 days ago

      You will need to re-install the firmware. I am not sure how to do this on the micro but i am sure someone on the forums can help you. You will require the firmware to be installed, a program capable of finding the micro, and a driver for the usb port it is running through. At least that is what i require when i have to re-install firmware on my printrbot.

    44. Creator Marcel M. 3 days ago

      Also nice to watch is this video of the M3D shipment department:

    45. Creator Flo_Jo 3 days ago

      Hey everyone. I just got my micro yesterday and while I was upgrading the firmware it got unplugged. Now whenever I plug it back in it says that windows can't recognize the USB device and that the drivers won't start. I'm assuming that this is because tHere would be no firmware on the printer. What should I do to fix this because now I have a non useable printer.

    46. Creator Marcel M. 3 days ago

      @Rudi: Thanks for the video. Nice to see this huge improvement in packaging! Good to see M3D finally followed the double boxing suggestions given by me and other backers months ago.

      I've not lost confidence in this Kickstarter as a whole. M3D managed to resolve many issues and printers are leaving the factory. I think that the Micro is a gorgeous little printer that has some nice benefits over other printers. The product is working (despite some production issues), but some aspects of M3D are at the moment indeed "not so good".

      I mainly lost trust and confidence in M3D being able to ship the printer within a couple of months. Even though production seems to be ramping up (congratulations @M3D), the handling of international customers is lacking severely. I dont's see the issue being given proper attention. On the forum I saw some international backers that received their printer, but also quite a few that got no response despite requesting early shipment. Personally I just didn't want to go that route and wait for another indefinite period of time. Therefor I decided to buy this mini Prusa and I'm quite happy about it. When my Micro arrives I will compare it with the Prusa and perhaps end up using both.

    47. Creator Rudi Niemeijer 4 days ago

      I just saw 'the unofficial unboxing' video; watch the new packaging! It's excellent! An outer box and an inner box, pressure-bubble-wrap around the printer. I'm really, really impressed! There appears to be room for four filament rolls between the inner box and outer box, without risk of damaging anything. Good work M3D!…

    48. Creator Rudi Niemeijer 4 days ago

      @Marcel I have not lost confidence in this Kickstarter, they're producing a good printer. But they're not so good at customer care. I meant to use another word, but I want to be respectful and considerate here.

    49. Creator Rudi Niemeijer 4 days ago

      @Andrew, unfortunately, that's not it. The payment feature has not been enabled. I understand what you mean, I go to the M3D Portal ('Hello Visitor!'), click on 'Kickstarter Order' and on that page ('Manage Your Kickstarter Order') there is no way to get from status 'Order Details' to 'Checkout'. If I change things and save, I get the message 'The Payment Feature Will Be Enabled Shortly' (caps added). So, no juice.

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