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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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    1. Creator Steve Williams 31 minutes ago

      @Dave S Yep. I'd already done all the calibrations I could do, going as far as to buy a set of digital calipers to make sure the fine tuning was right. Doesn't seem to matter. Prints are still shifting and I'm not even a little happy at the lack of responses I'm getting from M3D on it. I believe this to be an inherent hardware flaw, which software isn't going to fix. That being the case it's only a matter of time before most, if not all, of these printers begin to have similar issues.

    2. Creator Dave S (UK) about 4 hours ago

      @Steve Williams - I'm exchanging emails with Chris in support but they seem to respond on the day you email then stop until you start another support ticket. So he got me to change the bed level fine tuning specifically at the back right. That makes a difference to how far is goes wrong but it's still wrong. The tells me that the automatic calibration which is stated in the campaign isn't working. I have run calibration many times and it has not fixed it. They have a real problem here.

    3. Creator Fred Heim about 5 hours ago

      @M3DLCC Hey, i sent two messages with no response. I know things are busy. I just wanted to see if anything else is need from me to start the shipping process.

    4. Creator Steve Williams about 8 hours ago

      Nice. The major issue seems to be after a couple of weeks the prints start shifting. No fix for that yet. I suggest anything you REALLY want to print you do sooner rather than later. :)

    5. Creator Jason Baxter about 8 hours ago

      A mini creeper and a mini dog 2 for 2. Somewhat impressed :)

    6. Creator Steve Williams about 8 hours ago

      No problem, good luck with your printer. :)

    7. Creator Jason Baxter about 10 hours ago

      Thank you Steve!

    8. Creator Steve Williams about 10 hours ago

      Yep. Website's down. Here's the dropbox link to the software (Windows):…

    9. Creator Jason Baxter about 10 hours ago

      December printer just arrived. M3d website down. No software. You cant make this stuff up...

    10. Creator darby d 1 day ago

      @Carl Göran Heintz - Pay and get your machine! If you paid M3D and are paying UPS the same fee, I understand that a few have requested a refund from M3D and have gotten it. Maybe the VAT tax?

      Carl Göran Heintz 1 day ago

      Hi. Paid 130€ extra for shipping and tax which I found to be A LOT. Anyways, UPS just came to my house and they wanted me to pay another 80€ for tax and "extracargas". I am not paying 1 single euro more, paying 57% extra for shipping + tax is already insane and then if I would pay that 80€ extra it would be 91,3% on top of the original price.

      I have emailed a few times now. I need to know what to do since UPS is still holding the package waiting for payment and I am not gonna pay.

    11. Creator Mark Wheadon 1 day ago

      @Carl Göran Heintz It's obviously up to you but when that happened to me (I paid the duty+VAT to M3D and then UPS wanted it again) I paid UPS, then contacted M3D who refunded my original duty/VAT payment. For me at least they did so very promptly as well.

    12. Creator Dave S (UK) 1 day ago

      @Steve - lucky you. It hasn't fixed mine. Very disappointed. v1.3.4.1 still has the Y axis forward shift. This thing is unusable for me.

    13. Creator Steve Williams 1 day ago

      Regarding that software update, it seems to have fixed my shifted prints. Someone on the forum said it didn't help for the Mac version of the software, but the Windows version (after 1 print, so take it with a grain) seems to have fixed the shifting issue.

    14. Creator Angela Tsilibakis 2 days ago

      Guys, I was on the January 2015 reward, I still haven't received anything or any updates. Can you please refund my money in full. thanks

    15. Creator Chris Laistler 2 days ago

      January Backer here and STILL GOT NOTHING!!! did you guys forget about me??

    16. Creator Kraig Mclaughlin 2 days ago

      Updated "Alpha" software @Steve Williams was talking about is now live. Link in the forum post by Mike (of M3D)

    17. Creator Enygma 2 days ago

      Hi. February backer here and I just got my silver printer with extra protective coating.

      I made my first 2 prints (spool holder) and I am happy with the results and psyched about the cool stuff on the horizon!

      My first attempt was to use the internal feeder, but even though I pushed the filament all the way, it would not pull it, so I gave up on it and am using just the external feeder now, which gives you more comfort on the status of the print.

      Regarding shipping, my portal page was not allowing me to pay for shipping (i.e. move forward from the address form) so I contacted M3D, they enabled payment for shipping, I payed and in 1 week I got the printer. Of course, I also had to pay VAT to UPS for importing it through customs, but that was expected.

      $360 ($299 printer + coating + 3 extra spools + 1 extra buildtak sheets set) +
      $87 shipping +
      $86.4 VAT
      = $533.4

      Overall, I am happy with the quality / price ratio and I want to congratulate M3D for a pretty awesome product! They had their hurdles and 4 months overdue (in my case), but they delivered!

    18. Creator Steve Williams 2 days ago

      I posted this on the forums earlier today. I talked to Evan via support chat this morning and he says that they feel this is a software issue. They're planning to release a patched version of the software 'today' to address it. I haven't seen any updates yet, so not sure if they're going to make today or not, but that's what he told me.

    19. Creator Kraig Mclaughlin 2 days ago

      I am having prints shifts now too. A month or 2 ago I had great prints, as far as shifting goes. (usual problems with filament feed (spool holder) I had to solve, different brand filament, etc) Now I get some shifting in all prints. Some a few MM, some a CM or so. And it varies in layer height. I've had it happen a few layers above the raft, or a few inches. Hopefully it is just software related, as I can't figure how the hardware is being so erratic when it decides to shift.

    20. Creator Dave S (UK) 2 days ago

      @ Steve Williams - I feel a little better knowing that someone else is having almost the same issue. Mine is moving solely forward and yours to the left. If it is a hardware issue that is a worry. If it is software why is it only happening to a few?

    21. Creator Carl Göran Heintz 2 days ago

      Hi. Paid 130€ extra for shipping and tax which I found to be A LOT. Anyways, UPS just came to my house and they wanted me to pay another 80€ for tax and "extracargas". I am not paying 1 single euro more, paying 57% extra for shipping + tax is already insane and then if I would pay that 80€ extra it would be 91,3% on top of the original price.

      I have emailed a few times now. I need to know what to do since UPS is still holding the package waiting for payment and I am not gonna pay.

    22. Creator Steve Williams 2 days ago

      Same problem here. Worked fine for a couple of weeks, all prints were coming out great. Now everything I print is shifting to the left. I've performed numerous recalibrations (both automated in the software and manually), changed filament, changed the filament location from side to top down, added a filament guide, etc. etc....nothing seems to fix it. Changed software several times as well, can't seem to figure it out.

    23. Creator Dave S (UK) 2 days ago

      After a few layers mine is moving the next layers forward by about an inch. I have been in contact with support and I have sent them photos of what is going on. It used to work fine. No bits are loose and I have re-calibrated and upgraded software to 1.2. Anyone else seeing this? If so what is the fix? I hope there is a software or configuration fix.

    24. Creator Félipé Upperlife 4 days ago

      Still waiting for my printer...

    25. Creator Rudi Niemeijer 5 days ago

      @MR PAGG Are you using any kind of lubricant on the X- and/or Y-axis? Seems to be mandatory on my printer to avoid Y-shifts

    26. Creator Le Van Tung 5 days ago

      I got my printer yesterday. It should have arrived on Feb but the website at that time had problems so I could not finish my order. After sending message to M3D, they fix my order and I can pay for it. After software updating, I use external feed for filament and my first print test is good.

    27. Creator Esvan Quiroz 5 days ago

      Hello, I have completed the survey a few weeks ago and I'm not sure when I am to receive my printer. Can anyone please give me a timeline or insight on what might be happening? Thank you so much for the help.

    28. Creator Joyce Lee 5 days ago


      I have been waiting for my printer since Feb, and after contacting a few times via the message box have not gotten a reply. Am just wondering when I am expected to receive the printer? thank you

    29. Creator Jim Longley 5 days ago

      When I got mine I had no problem getting the filament to load internally, but when I had problems printing, I decided to try to feed it externally, which didn't help. My issues were with the print head not seeming to go where it was supposed to, ie "drifting." The square test would do the first side straight and then not adhere at the corner, and then the next side would not seem to be straight, etc.
      I tried to print a harmonica box I found on thingiverse, and it printed half the base on one side of the bed, and then shifted to the other side and then back to the middle, and then the layers did not align.

      I treid a different design, a geodesic ball, and the raft printed in one place, then the first few layers of the ball, and then the next few shifted and actually appeared to drag the lower layers.

      I finally decided to print the spool holder design from the M3D site. At first it seemed to be ok, so I left the room and then took my wife out to breakfast. When we returned the print bed was covered with a mess of plastic in seemingly random knots and globs and the rails that the print head rides on had disconnected from the rail they ride on, so the print head was just flopping around squirting plastic.

      I suspect that the print head not staying in registration caused it to "drag" on the design and jam with the result that it literally "fell off the rails."

      I have gotten my RMA and sent it back, but it was a chore to do so, including the support person I was dealing with having toe refer me to someone in technical support, who I thought I was dealing with, and to a supervisor because I was upset about being referred to a technical support person when I thought I was dealing with one to begin with.

    30. Creator Mr. PACG 6 days ago

      @Abdul Halim Mat Ali - They ship the printer without the filament spool pre-loaded. Many, most, users report having had zero luck using the internal filament feed (causes all sorts of problems, jams, failed prints). I've always used external and have ~200 successful prints. Stick with the external feed and you'll have a much better experience when you first start printing with it.

    31. Creator Rich DeBarba 6 days ago

      @BlueBeetle and Jim:
      One upside: the guy that I was dealing with said that they measure the warrantee period to the date you report the problem, no the date it is fixed. Good side: your problem will be warrantee covered. Bad side: no guarantee on how long it will take to fix/replace.

      Update on my problem:
      They finally emailed mailed me again yesterday, he asked me to take some of the covers off and take pictures (I was unwilling to do that on my own initiative for fear of voiding the warrantee). I immediately saw the problem and fixed it myself (in the past I built a thingmaker by makerbot. so I am not unfamiliar with how these work).

      on one hand I am happy that I have a functioning machine now... on the other hand, the main reason I got this machine is that I didn't want a machine that I had to constantly maintain myself. If contacting the support means that they take days or weeks to guide me through a lengthy diagnostic/repair process that I have to perform myself, I have gained nothing by buying this machine.

      I rate the functioning machine a 4 out of 5. I rate the warrantee and service department a 1.5 out of 5.

    32. Creator Carla Sousa 6 days ago

      @M3DLCC can you please confirm you now have all the info you need?


    33. Creator PY 6 days ago

      There's a new low cost delta 3D printer, Ares by EasyArts on Indiegogo. It uses linear rails and also has optional modules for 3D scanner, laser engraver, or light duty CNC mill.

    34. Creator Abdul Halim Mat Ali 6 days ago

      I will be getting my printer next week. Excited.
      For those already receive, is the internal filament already loaded?

    35. Creator BlueBeetle 7 days ago

      @Rich it's been over a week since their last communication with me about my broken printer, I have tried to get in contact with them multiple times to get an RMA so I can ship it back. If this is how long they take to respond to an email then it might be Christmas by the time I actually get my printer back from them.

    36. Creator Eduardo Guzman 7 days ago

      i just got my silver printer (February backer) and got the extra protective coating for it. everything looks and feels greet on the printer. i trying to get the software for mac and it keeps saying that the m3d disk is damaged. how do i fix this?

    37. Creator ianquest on June 26

      I just love the fact that I got an email a month ago saying "Your printer is ready to ship! Please pay shipping now." I paid shipping: I waited. I waited some more. The June update comes out and says there's a shortage of black printer cases. I check the portal, and sure enough, my printer that was 'ready to ship' is still sitting at Micro-Assembly and On Hold, marked as Paid. I emailed them and they said "Oh yes, there's a shortage of black printers, including yours."

      How can a printer be simultaneously ready to ship and not even have started being put together? Someone was telling big fat lies...

      I still haven't received the survey asking if I want an alternate colour (I don't) they said would be sent to the 'about 100' affected people. And just to add insult to injury, a friend who backed for a Micro on my recommendation, has just received his printer. His first print failed catastrophically, which really seems to say it all...

    38. Creator Mr. PACG on June 26

      @Rich DeBarba Here's the direct link to support without logging into the portal... You'll see the live chat link in bottom right of screen:

    39. Creator M3D LLC on June 25

      Hi, @Carla Sousa - It appears that your survey is incomplete. Please log in to your user portal at and complete your survey so that we can enable your final payment feature and process your order right away.

    40. Creator Jim Longley on June 25

      Rich DeBarba, at least you have heard from them, even if delayed. Mine fell apart, I sent pics, and still haven't heard a thing.

    41. Creator Rich DeBarba on June 25

      So far not impressed with tech support.
      I gave them a glut of info about the problem, and he seems to be running me through the standard checklist despite the fact that the problem I have would not logically be caused by the item he had me check.
      Worse yet: It's taking between 36-48 hours between contacts. It could be months before he gets far enough down his checklist to agree that the extruder motor is bad take action on that.

      I tried going to the portal to try this chat support I've read about, but it says I'm not a member and doesn't have a link to join.

      Unless my experience starts looking up by great degrees soon, I'll have to make sure to take an overwhelmingly negative review to my local and state 3d/CNC clubs.

    42. Creator Chris Hannan on June 25

      Got my printer today, (Australian Backer) I couldn't be happier, first print worked wonderfully. Thanks so much to the whole team.

    43. Creator Carla Sousa on June 24

      Hi Guys,

      No survey has come to me.
      Can anybody give me an update on the situation please?

    44. Creator Katarina Crea on June 23

      Thank you ! I finally got through at the Chat support and even so I find it a bid rude the Support person not stating the his/her name, my issue was resolved. Yippee for Chat Support they listened and fixed the problem. I am glad they added this feature!

    45. Creator Veronica Torres on June 23

      Matt Smith just got a reply on the update page. His printer is shipped. Katarina maybe pop over there and ask?

    46. Creator Katarina Crea on June 23

      @Matthew Smith I am with you . I send e-mails after e-mails. And they will not fix it. It looks like the earliest supporters got scammed

    47. Creator Veronica Torres on June 23

      @creator is responding to people in the comments on the latest update right now. If you are still having trouble, you might want to jump over there and post :)

    48. Creator Matthew Smith on June 23

      These guys got $3,401,361, and I never got what was promised to me 1+ year ago. I smell a class-action lawsuit coming up.

    49. Creator Rick Robertson on June 22

      @Jim Longley, same issue with Chrome browser.

    50. Creator Jim Longley on June 22

      I just tried to access the portal and got a security message from my browser.

      This Connection is Untrusted

      You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.

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