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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator PY 31 minutes ago

      What? Repair claim from a backer already?

      Impossible with Mark's $2 kit! It's so reliable printing PLA. ;-)

    2. Creator PY about 1 hour ago

      I can see that your $2 kit would be a perfect 3D printer kit for many people. :-)

      Imagine a "The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer $2 Kit" KS project. It will come with truly innovation with Bold Color to choose from, the most reliable 3D printer in the world because you have figured out a way to combine cheap 24BJY48 motors, cheap thread rods, low cost components into a very reliable printer, optional open source software (for advanced users) which no one seemed to want, and proprietary software for beginners, the finished prints will be flawless because you can photoshop your results to your liking, and if necessary show your out-of-focus photos and videos. As a bonus you will provide Mega Updates (pending your approval) to your backers. ;-)

    3. Creator Benjamin Marcus about 2 hours ago


      What is the status of my repair claim? It has now been three weeks since I sent in an image of the defect, two weeks since I was told that your techs would look at the image and respond and I have received no response. I would like to get a working printer, please. I fear that I am getting slow rolled until the unit is out of the three month warranty.

    4. Creator Mark Wheadon about 4 hours ago

      @Rudi FWIW my Micro is reliable (printing PLA). Of course people purchasing my ultraflexible kit get to choose the level of reliability depending on their needs, budget and design and build competence ;-)

    5. Creator Rudi Niemeijer about 8 hours ago

      I got note that my printer was shipped. I'm a November backer living in the Netherlands. It's been a long wait but I still feel that M3D have created a great 3D printer for a very decent and competitive price. As a company they should grow up managing customer expectations though. But it's been a good ride and I'm looking forward playing with the Micro 3D.

    6. Creator Rudi Niemeijer about 8 hours ago

      @Mark, but hey, reliability would be better than The Micro!

    7. Creator Mark Wheadon about 17 hours ago

      I'm thinking about competing with the Lewihe Play. I'll supply you a 3D printer kit for just $2.

      For that you get the ultimate in configurable kits. I supply you with 10m of orange 1.75mm PLA filament. You only need add a frame, electronics, printed parts, steppers, etc. A $2 3D printer kit for far less than €69. I'll even throw in a picture of what the completed printer could look like.

    8. Creator Alex Emmins about 18 hours ago

      @Kyouhyung Kim It is hard to tell an ETA because of the variety of places M3D are having to send them to. Just wait it out. It has been over a year so you may as well wait this final step while M3D get out the remaining printers! :) Hope this helps.

    9. Creator Alex Emmins about 19 hours ago

      @David Baez I was also a Feb backer and I have just decided to wait it out, I have waited this long for the printer so I may aswell wait this little bit more till the printer is completely done! :) Hope this helps.

    10. Creator Alex Emmins about 19 hours ago

      @HAKAN SARIHAN You have waited over a year for this awesome project... Did you really not expect delays from a new company? I would just wait for it now as it will be shipping really soon! :) Hope this helps.

    11. Creator Alex Emmins about 19 hours ago

      @Jet Lim Visit and login or sign up then it will give you the section to create kickstarter order. Hope this helps! :)

    12. Creator Alex Emmins about 19 hours ago

      @Fabien Papleux You have waited this long... and now when they start shipping internationally you want a refund. the reason it says 1/5 is because they are preparing them now.

    13. Creator PY about 19 hours ago

      Yes, it needs printed parts, but M3D backers can use their Micro to print those parts.

      I don't have my Micro anymore but I can print them on my CraftBot. :-)

    14. Creator Matt about 20 hours ago

      @ PY I saw a link to the link to the lewihe Play recently too - It looks good the only warning is the price doesnt include the printed parts (just the files to print them) so you you will either need a printer to make them or outsource this as well as fund all the electronics.

      It still looks like a great concept and price though.

    15. Creator Jet Lim about 20 hours ago

      I'm a 7 May 2014 backer from Singapore. I did not receive any survey from the creator.

    16. Creator Fabien Papleux about 21 hours ago

      How do I get a refund? I've ordered over a year ago. Been messing around with the order system for a few months. Was promised a delivery within 2-3 weeks over a month ago. Company took the $79 for warranty and stuff from my account and never shipped anything. Now I log in to see where my order is at and the system says I'm at stage 1/5 to place my order. I'm done. This is a joke.

    17. Creator Darko Pilav about 21 hours ago

      February backer located in Switzerland, got my printer on May 22. Printer looks good and I am very happy with the quality of the prints. I occasionally did have some problems with adhesion of PLA and ABS on the bed though.

    18. Creator PY 1 day ago

      Lewihe just launched Play, a 3D printer kit for €69. It's not a complete kit, so you will need to purchase other components such as motors, arduino controller, ramps board, drivers, etc..

      However, even after the additional cost, it would still be relatively cheap. And the printer is customizable. And reliability would be better than The Micro!!

    19. Creator Graeme Bennett 1 day ago

      Ugh. My invoice has a message that says "This order cannot be shipped. ON HOLD. Needs attention from administrators." Opened support ticket...

    20. Creator Holger Boerchers 1 day ago

      The Micro 3D Printer Silver is Out of Stock

    21. Creator James Brine 1 day ago

      I have heard that the post-kickstarter sold printers are being shipping BEFORE the kickstarter rewards have been sent. This is not appropriate and should definitely not be happening. I still want my printer of course but my respect for M3D as a company is dwindling fast.

    22. Creator Victor Chiang 2 days ago

      I haven't got my unit yet. Wondering if it is lost or something went wrong? Could you check the status of mine for me please?

    23. Creator Jason Baxter 2 days ago

      I wonder what will arrive first. My December last year M3d backing, or my November this year Tiko backing...

    24. Creator Mr. PACG 2 days ago

      1000 printers shipped International - 5/18-5/20
      1956 printers boxed & ready to ship - 5/06
      0090 printers shipped - 5/01-5/05

      April = 1,764 printers shipped (4/2-4/30)
      March = 1,170 printers shipped (3/4-3/31)


    25. Creator Sijbren Kuperus 2 days ago

      Wasn't at home at first delivery attempt. In my ups app the taxes/duties are €74,51 now, so that's better ;)

    26. Creator robertmitter 2 days ago

      @sijbren kuperus, Thanks for the info.I hope they'll fix that snafu for you quickly, Think of all the filament you could buy with that money :)

    27. Creator Paul Massey 2 days ago

      UK November backer - got UPS tracking number now (no email).

      Scheduled to arrive on Tuesday 26th with customs charge (unknown amount at this time).

    28. Creator Michael O'Donnell 2 days ago

      December backer, Ireland.
      I emailed Mike on the 12th and he got back to be in a few hours to say shipping would be enabled for me shortly which it was next day. I paid the shipping charge for non EU-friendly shipping, $58 I think and sat back to wait. Today my status changed to "View Invoice" and I have the full order information with a UPS tracking number. UPS say it has been collected and is Philadelphia at the moment with delivery expected on the 26th. I expect to pay 23% VAT plus a handling charge.
      Part of the delay for me was that I opted to wait because I want to use Linux but I decided to go for it anyway and get it into my hands.

    29. Creator Sijbren Kuperus 2 days ago

      @ Robertmitter received an email from UPS, have to pay €745,10!! Had contact with UPS, probably will be €74,51. My printer is now on its way en will be here today.

    30. Creator robertmitter 2 days ago

      I just checked the portal , and apparently my printer has shipped, there was a working UPS tracking code available, hadn't received a email though. According to UPS i should expect it tuesday the 26th. Any fellow dutchies here who can give an indication of the customs charges i can expect?

    31. Creator Sijbren Kuperus 2 days ago

      Printer arrived in the Netherlands at the distribution centre. Got an email from UPS, have to pay taxes. But this is €745,10... (more than twice the value of the printer and shipping) I think they mean €74,51, that would be normal.

    32. Creator Nate 2 days ago

      @iain: +1. Any issue I had with the printer was my fault, not hers. I'm on a quick deadline here and the micro is actually saving the day with it's reliability and ease of use. I'm super pleased.

    33. Creator iain 3 days ago

      Guys, just be patient - it's worth the wait, trust me!

    34. Creator Valerij Kozlov 3 days ago

      I was speaking to them about getting a refound. Apparently it's not possible. I guess I will just have to wait for it to be delivered to return after that. 14 days after delivery they will have to accept it back.

    35. Creator HAKAN SARIHAN 3 days ago

      4 months delay is not acceptable. Please advise how to refund as I don't want to wait any longer.

    36. Creator Daniel Flood 3 days ago

      November backer from Australia and have heard nothing regards where my printer is at. This is beginning to get just a little bit ridiculous.

    37. Creator Jack Gorham 3 days ago

      Can someone on your support team handle my message this is getting ridiculous it's been over a year since I paid my pledge still no customer service or printer

    38. Creator Aaron Rhodes 3 days ago appears to be down..

    39. Creator Aaron Rhodes 3 days ago

      Mine arrived yesterday, I called UPS on Tuesday and they let me pay the customs charges over the phone before a delivery had been attempted. Just has to be at the depot.

      Delivery was no problem, sadly the power connector on mine is broken. You can get it to power on by applying an upwards force to the plug but as soon as you let go it loses power. Sad :(

    40. Creator Daniel Baxendale 3 days ago

      Oh great. It's apparently coming Tuesday, when no one will be around. Great.

      They're probably fine if you're the shipper but my experience as a recipient has been less than stellar.

    41. Creator Mark Wheadon 3 days ago

      Oh dear. Miranda will be a tough, tough act to follow. I hope her new employer appreciates what a gem they're employing.

    42. Creator Daniel Baxendale 3 days ago

      First time buying something outside the EU Bernie? Unfortunately that's how it works. You have to pay 20% VAT on both the item price and the cost of shipping and then there's usually a handling fee which varies depending on carrier but is usually £8. This is for all packages over £15 coming from outside the European Economic Zone. It stings most the first time you get hit with it. Now I just work out what I'll have to pay in advance and see if it's still worth it before I order/pledge.

    43. Creator Mark Wheadon 3 days ago

      What makes you say that Iain? I know for a fact that she was still working for M3D yesterday afternoon.

    44. Creator Kevin Mah 4 days ago

      just got my printer today... so far 1 and 0 for prints :D

    45. Creator iain 4 days ago

      Oh crud, Miranda is no longer with the company.

    46. Creator Peter Worthington 4 days ago

      Hopefully M3D will give us November backers something extra, considering we got this project going so people that have new Pre Orders get them before the early people.I thought the Idea to pledge to get project up not get project up and ship to anyone that orders last.
      Comon M3D support and service is everything, Loyal Customers should also be looked after.

    47. Creator Peter Worthington 4 days ago

      David, estimated Delivery November 2014 here, hopefully ill get mine before yours

    48. Creator David Baez 4 days ago

      I am a backer from Who had ESTIMATED DELIVERY of Feb 2015. I still didn't get anything. When do I get the printer? Is a refund an option?

    49. Creator iain 4 days ago

      Probably customs. I paid $50 for shipping before directly to M3D and then Canada Customs charged me another $32 to take delivery once it arrived.

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