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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator James Verity 1 day ago

      "do know" should have read "don't know"

    2. Creator James Verity 1 day ago

      just add I haven't asked for a refund, so do know why that was even mentioned... what amazes me it takes them weeks to do an update for kickstarted backers, and check everything in the update before release... and then go back on anything they said...

    3. Creator James Verity 1 day ago

      here is a response regarding UK friendly shipping I got today...

      "Please allow me to explain the VAT. It is duties and taxes imposed on goods that passes through a country's customs. VAT and shipping are two independent fees. Unfortunately we do not have EU friendly shipping and so it must be paid for upon delivery. I am very sorry but there is nothing that we can do about the VAT since they are government taxes. I must also inform you that we cannot issue refunds to backer orders either. Regards, Nickty @ M3D"

    4. Creator Felix Romosan a.k.a. Daemon 2 days ago

      Besides having paid $124 for shipping to Romania, i also had to pay $130 for import charges. And that, with MY EXPRESS AFFIRMATIVE ANSWER to their question, back in april or so, as to whether i would like to wait for the EU friendly shipping problems to be sorted out, or i was willing to pay the VAT upfront.

      Turns out i almost paid twice the price of my printer, and a low quality one at that. Worst problems are huge Z wobbling (you can see the bent threaded rods when they spin) and strings pestering the prints.

      Very disappointing.

    5. Creator Vladimir Chebotarev 2 days ago

      My shipping cost to Russia turned out to be $87 (promised $50-75). Can anyone tell their shipping cost to US (promised $25)?

    6. Creator darby d 2 days ago

      Jim - did you pay for shipping? Pay it via the "portal" on printm3d /poral

      All- thanks for the pla comments!!

    7. Creator Jim 3 days ago

      I still haven't gotten my M3D. Unfortunately I've been very busy this summer and haven't reached out to them recently. Though I did email twice around March and then May and they said it was coming in a couple of weeks and then the last response said I could check status on their website.

      They have not tried to reach out to me even though my email is on file with my M3D account and I've emailed them before.

      I'll be reaching out to them by this weekend.

    8. Creator German A. Torres 3 days ago

      Its been a very bad experience with the micro, still have not made one descent print. I've used PLA and White Phantom ABS and its a disaster to print anything wider than 3cm... I think the only thing it prints well are the spooler hocks, its the only thing that really prints.. so much for a 300 dollar printer. Ive contacted their support and it will be an additional $100 to service the printer... dont invest in cheap stuff... better to buy the known brands from the start

    9. Creator Graeme Bennett 3 days ago

      @darby: With ABS, you also get toxic fumes, higher levels of airborne nanoparticles and the smell of melting plastic -- none of which are an issue when printing with biodegradeable PLA.

    10. Creator Mr. PACG 4 days ago

      @Chase I can't wait for the Heated Bed for my Micro M3D. The kickstarter is almost 50% funded already!

    11. Creator darby d 6 days ago

      looks like the portal forum likes pla better

    12. Creator Morton Hatch 6 days ago


    13. Creator darby d 6 days ago

      about to order some plastic... what is better in your experience pla or abs? (will check portal as well since it's been 4 days since last comment. I will still check back here for an answer)

    14. Creator Mr. PACG on July 23

      +! @Mark Wheadon - They could do a good bit of 'mopping up' right here in the comments section. M3D was last logged into KS: Jul 22 2015

    15. Creator Mark Wheadon on July 23

      It does seem odd that M3D don't respond regularly here. They say that most people who still don't have their printer are people they can's get in contact with (as the contact information they have isn't reaching the backer), so they're 'mopping up' people in that position by trawling social media etc.

      But if you're doing that, surely you also post something once a week here responding to those who reach out through this comment thread and saying

      "Please email us at ... as if you haven't heard from us it's because we have tried and failed to reach you."

    16. Creator Mogens Kjær on July 23

      I totally agree.
      I'm just saying how it is. Not that I agree with the decisions of the company.
      To be honest I think that aside from the initial hype of the KS-campaign* M3D has shown very little dedication to communication. I also think that that is number one one threat to them being in business one year from now. Poor communication leads to poor sales. They need to step up now or lose the opportunity they have.
      And of course deliver the remaining Kickstarter rewards. However I think they have very few left to deliver by now.

      * Which was clearly made with the help of a professional production company / agency + the few weeks they had a dedicated communication employee.

    17. Creator Brad Dancer on July 22

      @Mogens - that's a problem (No KS updates). I pledged here, they need to follow through - i've pledged over 900 projects, i shouldn't have to go to other forums or Facebook pages or whatever. Fine if they want to stay more in touch there, but updating here 1X a month? that's the right thing to do and expected until they finish this project. I have no printer, no interest in following their forums and they need to respect ALL of their backers here.

    18. Creator Tamir E. on July 22

      I was so excited to get my printer, but now that we're about 6 months past delivery dates, Im pretty pissed off that I havent gotten anything. At a $300 investment, you'd think their backer portal wouldnt lose my information every time I submit it. Im a patient guy, but this is ridiculous.

    19. Creator Mogens Kjær on July 22

      @Brad I don't expect any more ks updates.
      M3D as a company has moved far beyond the ks campaign. Even though they still need to deliver some ks printers.
      They are busy developing their software and hopefully they are selling printers from their site. I think they are working on getting into the retail market. (Based on a tweet about retail packaging)
      They really need to deliver the last ks printers. But to stay in business they also really need to ramp up their sales.
      Again: Go to their forum for updates.

    20. Creator Mogens Kjær on July 22

      You guys should really head over to M3D's user forum instead.
      M3D doesn't read here anymore. And backers that received their printers rarely look here as well. (Not that M3D is exactly responsive over there but the community is quite good)

    21. Creator James Nielsen on July 22

      Received this in Perth Australai a couple of weeks ago now. Have played around with it abit and think its a 'good' easy to use unit. The quality isnt as high as I was expecting but hey for the price it does a decent job. I'm really happy to see that the software is still being worked on and hope some of the bugs are worked out.

      Thanks for running a successful project.

    22. Creator Brad Dancer on July 21

      July Mega Update soon?

    23. Creator Chase Wichert on July 20

      Sandy, you dont by any chance want a silver printer do you?

    24. Creator Sandy Dmyterko on July 20

      Why did the February backer Enygma get his printer on July 1st while a November backer like me backer #1717 hasn't even received a tracking number? What's the point of being a November backer when you are randomly sending out the printers? Are planning to send them out at all? Really beginning to wonder if half the people will only be receiving vapourware. Comments are becoming more and more discouraging and haven't heard any updates recently about shipping schedules. What is going on???!!!

    25. Creator Chase Wichert on July 20

      Thanks guys, I really hope it makes the goal! and Past it!

    26. Creator Mogens Kjær on July 20

      I think making a KS campaign for a heated bed for the Micro is awesome.
      I don't really feel the need for it myself. But I fully support going forward with it.

    27. Creator Mr. PACG on July 20

      Thumbs up on the heated bed for micro. I just backed the kickstarter -

    28. Creator Abdul Halim Mat Ali on July 20

      So what does fellow backers think of the heated bed for Micro 3D printer? Putting the URL here in case Chase comment is deleted.

    29. Creator Chase Wichert on July 20

      Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I just launched a kickstarter for a heated bed for the Micro. Check it out if you are interested.

    30. Creator Ronny Germany on July 20


      Thank you. I have sent them a email from what you have given. It is frustrating when one runs into folks with the lack of business sense.

    31. Creator Mogens Kjær on July 19


    32. Creator Mogens Kjær on July 19

      Did you reaf the last update?
      It says to email them on
      If you have done that several time and gotten no answer I have no idea what to do.
      I got my printer a couple of minths ago after what seemed like an eternity. It works well.

    33. Creator Nahshon on July 19

      So what do we do about not receiving ours... It's been months past due date.

    34. Creator Mogens Kjær on July 18

      @Ronny You should email them instead.
      Or at at least use their own forum on

      M3D no longer watches this space.

    35. Creator Ronny Germany on July 17

      Just to double check NO VAT or shipping issues (I am in the US), you charged my account so no issue there, my address and all other information has remained the same. I have backed at least 13 other project since yours and have not one issue! After having backed 41 projects this is the first time product produced and never received. At least others have sent the reasons why they have not been able to deliver. Any answers?

    36. Creator Ronny Germany on July 17

      Oh yes by the way I was an early bird ($249) so should have been one of the first USA shipments (I would think)! I see your new project but this gives me no confidence in backing it!

    37. Creator Shoham Blau on July 16

      Ive been printing for several months now. Havent had many problams, except for y shifting on several prints( i think its because i use my pc thats running the prints while it works)

      Have already finished all my spools except the abs one, pla and abs print wonderfully.

      Everything sticks to the buildtak, even a bit too much.

      I got some chinesse filament, torwell, and it seems to be printing well.

    38. Creator Graeme Bennett on July 15

      @Jason Stoll: I am Canadian (in BC). I received an orange printer about a month ago and it has printed flawlessly (without calibration or other fiddling) since day 1. I am using blue tape on the bed, no raft for most prints, and M3D's external spool holder.

    39. Creator Abdul Halim Mat Ali on July 15

      3D Print my wife name thanks to Thingiverse customizer.
      Also, 3D Print Anna of Frozen, using all the setting, support, wave bonding.
      But I don't really like the burr produced due to support. Any suggestion on how to remove the burr?

    40. Creator Abdul Halim Mat Ali on July 15

      Faced a major Y Offset issue.

      Resolved it by using the the automatic Z calibration procedure.
      See "Recalibrate Bed Location" at…

      Even the X drift issue which I initially see seems to be gone.

    41. Creator Oliver Pfeiffer on July 15

      @Thomas: If you haven't explicitly registered a "Wunschort" on the DHL portal, DHL isn't permitted to put any shipment in front of your door. Thus M3D isn't reliable for that, instead you have to contact DHL and cross all fingers to get some kind of refund... :-(

    42. Creator Venus Lei on July 15

      I am supposed to get my printer in February and it's now mid-July, I would really like to know when my printer will be shipped. - Please reply

    43. Creator Thomas Rufer on July 15

      I ment UPS not DHL...

    44. Creator Thomas Rufer on July 15

      Seems, printer was delivered, but DHL simply placed it at the front door. Smart move in a crowded city, mate!
      No wonder, in the evening there was no parcel left.
      Great god M3D! You want to save 3$ and risk the printer to be stolen only because you dont want send it with signature? Geez!
      I opened a ticket... 12 DAYS AGO! ANSWER IT PLEASE!

    45. Creator Jason Stoll on July 14

      Canadian November backer here. Have any Canadians received their printers yet? I am still waiting...

    46. Creator Steve Williams on July 14

      All of this would be why I said screw it and spent 1200.00 on a flashforge creator pro. Haven't had any issues and I quite honestly threw my M3D across the room in frustration after it stopped extruding following a printhead crash. Too many issues, not nearly enough support, and this thing is all kinds of NOT consumer ready.

    47. Creator Ygor Marotta on July 14

      No printer, no updates, no shipping at all... i really want to cancel my pledge!

    48. Creator Pazu on July 14

      Support from M3D is terrible or non-existent. I wanted to hold off my already paid pledge for the clear edition and support came back with a bright and cheery reply that I will have my clear micro reserved. Then out of the blue, I received a printer that I didn't expect in the color that I don't want. Contacted support again and they managed 1 reply per week. Well done...

    49. Creator Sandy Dmyterko on July 12

      Backer 1717, November 2014 delivery - still waiting not only for delivery but for tracking number.

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