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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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11,855 backers pledged $3,401,361 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Mark Wheadon 32 minutes ago

      Printing the top third of my spool holder whilst trying out my prototype M3D Micro filament sweeper:

    2. Creator PY about 1 hour ago

      A lot of thoughts had gone into the design of Tiko. And hopefully a Raspberry Pi set-up would be ideal.

      At $179, it's just a little over half M3D's price. It's a very serious competitor to M3D - if they can deliver the stated spec.

      From what I have seen from M3D's print quality, it's no where near Tiko's confirmed print quality on their KS campaign.

    3. Creator James Verity about 1 hour ago

      @PY - Tiko software being browser based one can assume there will be no messing about waiting for other OS's to be supported only after development of a working Windows version... they also have a nice price point too...

    4. Creator PY about 1 hour ago

      The Tiko creator just confirmed that the print quality on one of the photos they showed on Kickstarter was printed on their prototypes. Looks really good!

      No z ribbings or wobbles! Hope that they can deliver such print quality with their production units.

    5. Creator Nilan Watmore about 2 hours ago

      I must say, the Tiko looks awesome. Right now, I'm stuck with an M3D that does not work due to calibration error ...

    6. Creator PY about 2 hours ago

      I'm glad that I sold my M3D printer.

      A few of the things I noticed on M3D when printing a test print. M3D prints very slowly. I would guess that it's because of its small hotend. Another thing I noticed is that the Micro has difficulty in extruding consistent plastic when printing the raft. Again, probably because the tiny hotend can not heat up the filament quickly enough. Although its print quality is ok, it's no where near the print quality they showed on its Kickstarter campaign.

    7. Creator Dom Gonzales about 2 hours ago

      I just backed the Tiko as well. I was able to get one of the $99 slots.

    8. Creator PY about 3 hours ago

      Just backed the Tiko. Looks much better than M3D printer and cheaper!

    9. Creator Chris Howard about 16 hours ago

      @Brendene - November backer from Sydney - nothing nada zilch zippo so far :-(

    10. Creator Ken Gatzemeyer 1 day ago

      So November backer, I was ok to extend shipping for a couple or 'weeks' received a confirmation for payment for shipping 2-15-15,' still no printer is this common?

    11. Creator Martin Weißhaupt 1 day ago

      @James Verity: Full Ack with one addition: This also applies to the Linux users :D

    12. Creator James Verity 1 day ago

      "Mark Wheadon - As a Mac user you check compatibility before backing. This project is described as Mac compatible so the comments about Mac users having to accept that kit isn't compatible with Mac are hogwash."

      which is what every Mac owner based their backing the project on...

    13. Creator Laird Popkin 2 days ago

      johnaln thanks for the post about the winbook working with the M3D. It'll make a great controller for the M3D, so it can have a dedicated controller so I don't need to leave a full computer on and printing all the time. And the price is right!

      And in particular, I do a lot of Maker Faires, and a tablet plus the M3D will be the easiest 3d printer setup to carry, ever! I'm going to have to order more filament...

    14. Creator Adam Horan 2 days ago

      @Brendene, I've seen one person ("Jeremy") in the forums say that they've had theirs delivered in Australia. I don't know which tier.

    15. Creator Brendene 2 days ago

      ***Once again, any Aussies got a shipping payment email?!
      I was a November backed and I haven't heard anything yet.

    16. Creator Michael Jack Brinatte 2 days ago

      More ups and downs, and no response from the service department. I've got a real love/hate relationship going on here.

    17. Creator Morton Hatch 2 days ago

      You can plug the printer usb right in the printer and it will run. If you use a hub it needs to be powered. The hub will let you add a mouse, keyboard, memory stick or whatever. A larger touch screen windows tablet would probably give better response than what I am getting on the 8" screen. For less money the smaller screen and usb hub work just fine.

    18. Creator johnaln 2 days ago

      Wasn't the m3d software optimised for touch interface at the start? the powered hub may be needed only i the printer hasn't got powered usb

    19. Creator Morton Hatch 2 days ago

      And you can always sell the tablet when your done with it and get most if not all of your money back. You will need a powered usb hub or a Bluetooth mouse at minimum.

    20. Creator johnaln 2 days ago

      For some that don't have windows and don't want to pay for such software you could use one of those low price tablets that have USB and could even integrate into the printer to have your own interface. I don't really know how much this software is and i think I've seen cheaper tablets, but here's an example

    21. Creator Morton Hatch 2 days ago

      I am printing very successfully as we speak with a windows 8.1 tablet. the program runs very well on the tablet but is not real responsive to the touch screen. The Winbook tablet has I full size usb 2 so I have added a powered usb hub that give me 4 ports.

    22. Creator Mark Wheadon 2 days ago

      As a Mac user you check compatibility before backing. This project is described as Mac compatible so the comments about Mac users having to accept that kit isn't compatible with Mac are hogwash.

      Currently printing the first two pieces of my 1KG spool holder that's printed in press-together parts on the Micro. Looking good so far (the ridges aren't anywhere near as prominent in real life – I suspect the lighting from directly above has accentuated them):

    23. Creator Ian Hamilton 2 days ago


    24. Creator Jason Baxter 2 days ago

      Dear Mac Users: When you bought a Mac you were daring to be different, to have everything "just work", and to have support and compatibility with...not much.

    25. Creator Felix G. 2 days ago

      Are you still stuffing the filament spools IN the printer to save on shipping? In the forum, there have been a lot of reports of bent rods because the spools moved.

    26. Creator Felix G. 3 days ago

      Some information about international shipping would be welcome. Are intl. tiers still on hold ? Still someone fro M3D reading here ?

    27. Creator BRASKY 3 days ago

      don't know if this has been discussed already, but with the announcement that windows 10 will be available (free I think!?) on the raspberry pi 2, I'm really looking forward to pairing up my RPi with my soon to be arriving Micro for an ultra low power 3d printing setup

    28. Creator Erik 3 days ago

      @Nilan: both fusion and parallels (14-day trial) allow you to disable usb 3.0 support. My mbp has usb 3, but its printing now.

    29. Creator Nilan Watmore 3 days ago

      For the most part, I'm having fairly good success with prints. Only minor issues encountered so far (random disconnect between printer & computer, raft sticking to bottom of printed objects, etc). M3D mounted spool holder printed like a charm and works great! I would recommend it to keep filament from tangling. Takes about 7+ hours to print all 3 parts.

    30. Creator Nilan Watmore 3 days ago

      @Erik - free trial is 7 days I think. I have a licensed version that I am running on an early-2008 MacBook Pro. I was really hoping to use my newer 2014 MBP but USB 3.0 compatibility ruled it out.

    31. Creator Mark P 3 days ago

      I finally got my UPS Ship Notification Should be getting it 04/02/2015 :-)

    32. Creator Jerry Livingston 3 days ago

      For anyone that has gotten their printer. Have any of you found a good cover for it?

    33. Creator darby d 3 days ago

      Mark Wheadon - yes a video on using the tiny drill bit will be great! I'll be on holiday next week so will get up on comments after.

    34. Creator Ian Hamilton 3 days ago

      @don hubar
      This is the way most KS campaigns go. Just be patient. They are currently back logged with emails form people saying wheres my printer at.

    35. Creator James Verity 3 days ago

      Graeme Bennett - thanks for the link, at least we can now all glance through the Manual even if we havnt got the printer yet...

    36. Creator Graeme Bennett 4 days ago

      Link to download:
      Link contents: M3D Manual, M3D Software, M3D Release Notes (README File), Software and Hardware Summary

    37. Creator Erik 4 days ago

      @Nilan: Looks like I also have USB 3, so... poo.

    38. Creator Erik 4 days ago

      @Nilan: Do you know how long the free trial lasts? I can borrow someone's old pc tower, but I'm not sure if it's too old...

    39. Creator Nilan Watmore 4 days ago

      @Erik - This will not work using VirtualBox, as it won't support OpenGL (3D acceleration) for the technical preview. You'll need to use VMWare instead, making sure to use an older Mac that has USB 2.0 ports.

    40. Creator Erik 4 days ago

      @Nilan: How's that setup working for you (beyond just connecting to the printer)? My printer arrives tomorrow and I'm downloading the technical preview now (already installed VirtualBox). If anyone else can confirm this works...

    41. Creator Don H. 4 days ago

      Should have received my printer by now. NOTHING. NO response to any emails. NOTHING. One more day and AMex will be contacted. This sucks

    42. Creator James Hobbs 4 days ago

      @ Rudi - will definitely check it out when I get the printer - I assume it is a time limited preview and I will probably need to download it now.

    43. Creator Rudi Niemeijer 4 days ago

      @James Hobbs The VirtualBox/VMWare option is available for Linux users as well.. VirtualBox is free, and appearantly Nilan has found a way to use a 'Windows technical preview', which might be free as well. Just saying.

    44. Creator Bart Van den Bossche 4 days ago

      It seems I`m not the only one that is waiting for his Micro. I fill in the order details and then ........
      complete silence!
      Did I do something wrong?!

    45. Creator Anton Lopatik-Rezanov 4 days ago

      HEY it's takes so long! Looks like if you want your printer ASAP you need start POSTING something BAD here and after that M3D Finally make one for you and finally ship it ((( Very sad it takes so long ((((

    46. Creator James Verity 4 days ago

      @Marc - good luck with the very long wait for Linux support...

    47. Creator Erik 4 days ago

      @Nilan, how much did all that cost? It's not that I don't want to spend another $100+ to get it working, it's just that the household accountant might shoot me if I did...

    48. Creator Nilan Watmore 4 days ago

      By the way, I've successfully used VMWare running Windows 10 technical preview to connect the printer. I just had to dust off my old MacBook Pro with USB 2.0 ports and it worked like a charm :)

    49. Creator Francesco Greco 4 days ago

      on a side note, they've stopped answering requests from the support function in the portal. 3 days, just silence.

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