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The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.
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    1. Creator James Hobbs 2 days ago

      @Reinhard - it came quick and had tracking which was good, had to pay $25 shipment - not so good. The link they sent with the fan indicates it is the old type.

    2. Creator Reinhard Mitschang 2 days ago

      @James: when I was in need of a new fan, M3D-support was super-fast. They answered within 3 minutes and 5 minutes later I had a tracking-number for the new fan. It was delivered in Europe in the same week.

    3. Creator James Hobbs 2 days ago

      That's not all that needs sorting out, ordered new fan and checked web link sent with fan to ID fan and it appears they sent me the old style fan! Support is slow, software updates seem to have dried up, no responses to emails. Starting to wonder if M3D now having difficulties....

    4. Creator John Fehr 2 days ago

      I was supposed to have one of the first, shipping back in November of last year but I haven't heard anything about it. Any way to get an update?

    5. Creator Sten Kroonenberg 3 days ago

      @creator Please sort out your forum. Full of spam!

    6. Creator Mr. PACG 5 days ago

      Not that you give two sh|ts about your forum but it has been over run by spam. Your forum platform (Vanilla forum) is a joke. NO professional company wold use that platform because it sucks. It's a novice move to use a forum with no useful spam controls and not to have moderators taking care of the forum. ‪#‎lame‬
      Over 14 (FOURTEEN) full pages of new spam this morning.

    7. Creator michael wilson 7 days ago

      Printer doesn't calibrate using their software. Just tried to print and it attempts to go through the Base plate, seems to have wrecked the plate and possibly the printer head. What a useless waste of money.

    8. Creator Kevin Shoulars on September 30

      I haven't heard anything about my Micro. How do I find out when it will be shipped?

    9. Creator Lisa Grady on September 29

      I still have not received my Micro, although the supposed shipment date was January 2015. Please help me solve this problem as I eagerly await this revolutionary printer.


    10. Creator Steef de Jong on September 24

      Yes it is possible to print gcode generated by other slicers.

    11. Creator M3D LLC on September 21

      Dear Backers,

      Thank you for your helpful feedback; we are carefully reading each of your comments and taking them all into consideration. If you need any assistance, please make sure to send us an email as it is the fastest and the easiest way to reach us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can when you contact us, but information will no longer be provided in direct response to comments. Thank you!

    12. Creator Goswin von Brederlow on September 21

      Can the Micro3D print simple gcode files or only it's own format? What other formats does it understand?

    13. Creator James Verity on September 21

      @Paul Hiscoe , @Tamir E. , @Tawez - dont worry with the Micro3D in its current state it will never get in the UK (EU) retail market... no retailer in there right mind will touch it... only one that might is PileofCrapWORLD, they tend to be dealers in rubbish or discontinued tech... they'd also love to sell warranties for the micro, not sure theyd want to fix all of them though...

    14. Creator sarahndipitous on September 20

      We finally received our printer (I owe M3D an apology too because I think we would have received it sooner had our profile not had an amazon error). My kids (14, 12, 10 at the time) kickstarted this project with their Christmas money and, I will say, although we were frustrated with the delays, M3D delivered in spectacular fashion and made good on their commitment. Having met this crew in NY, I can tell you first hand, they are a great group of folks and are working their butts off to not only do right by their backers but, deliver a product that meets expectations. Our kids LOVE their new printer. Yes, we had calibration issues and have a few burn marks and grooves now on the platform to show for our learning curve but, they do not interfere with functionality. We've had the printer going non-stop for about two weeks now and, it has performed beautifully. Thank you for making the Kid's Back To School awesome. As a side note… an oil painter's metal paint spatula is PERFECT for removing your handiwork from the platform.

    15. Creator M3D LLC on September 19

      Hey Guys, please email us at using the email you used to back kickstarter if you haven't received your printer rather than commenting. It will allow us to look your order up properly and keep proper records of your requests. There have been a large number of hardware and software changes over the last year and this means that Kickstarter Micros can have issues that are now fixed. If you have had any issues with your Micro, please contact our tech support at We'll be sure to work with you to fix the issues. Please keep in mind we are working on quite a large software update to improve known software issues. Most issues can be resolved without a hardware repair. Thanks again for your support and patience. We will continue to support you. Just contact us by email and someone will respond quite shortly. We've reduced our average response time quite dramatically to about 4 to 12 hours. - David

    16. Creator Antonio Soto Miranda on September 19

      In july you said "Currently now our international shipments are unfortunately still being delayed. Just like we mentioned in our April Mega Update (, we will start enabling the payment feature for our international backers after we finalize the fulfillment plans for each country - our team is currently still in the process of resolving the complexities of international shipping. Though you should be expecting the invite that your payment feature has been enabled."
      You have any solution?

    17. Creator Tamir E. on September 19

      Finally (FINALLY) received my printer and got it working. I managed to calibrate it and start a print...when that print failed due to a lack of filament being squeezed out, I reset it and recalibrated. That gave a good but very small print. I tried again the next day -after a PC shutdown and recalibrated again. This time it jammed the hot nozzle into the bed and went about tearing up my printer bed as it tried to print. That calibration feature is pretty useless if its not calibrating! Glad I stopped it in time or it probably would have wrecked the printer. I feel like I just got a $300 dumb toy that doesnt work 2/3 of the time.

    18. Creator Abhilash Purohit on September 19

      I have paid for shipping and confirmed my order. Please let me know when I can expect the shipping

    19. Creator Jason Ripley on September 18

      I have paid for shipping and confirmed my order.

      Can you please confirm if there are still delays for those that have ordered Silver printers.


    20. Creator M3D LLC on September 18

      Dear Sandy, Sean, Abdulrahman, bhagvan, Christopher, Paul, Abhilash, Tawez, and Michael: please check your messages. Thank you!

    21. Creator Michael McWethy on September 18

      I am still waiting and getting a poor response via email.

    22. Creator Tawez on September 18

      From the Campain description:

      > Software Options
      > Software shouldn't be a barrier to 3D printing,
      > and it’s our goal to make The Micro accessible to everyday users.
      > What's Included with My Reward?
      > You can unbox it, install the software, and print right away
      > - it’s as quick and as simple as that.

      And none of above is true if you are a Mac user.
      I'm going to sell this the most expensive paperweight in my life.

    23. Creator Abhilash Purohit on September 18

      Yeah, I'm part of the 1% and I feel no pride in it

    24. Creator Paul Hiscoe on September 18

      If you want to get into retail and start selling these things then you need a distribution strategy. We have outlets in the UK and would love to sell the product. But we found your organisation lacked the strategy to help bring this to market and difficult to engage.

      You can talk about wanting feedback and great customer service in every newsletter but the experience here is not good. I still cannot get the software to install on my Mac. Not even getting responses to tickets.

    25. Creator Christopher Peret on September 17

      Also STILL haven't recieved my printer!

    26. Creator bhagvan on September 17

      Hi me neither

    27. Creator Abdulrahman AlThani on September 17

      99% delivered!! I am part of the 1% from 2014

    28. Creator Sean Qian on September 17

      Hi guys, I'm also an early backer. Haven't received my printer yet. Cheers.

    29. Creator Sandy Dmyterko on September 17

      99% delivered?!!! I am a November backer, still have not received my Micro 3D printer, even resent my mailing information 3 months ago after contacting seller. Just got a useless notice that my printer would be mailed sometime weeks later. I wonder how many other people are still waiting. My shipping information was completed properly the first time and should have been sent out with one of the first shipments.

    30. Creator M3D LLC on September 17

      Dear Masao and Sean Boily, please check your private messages. Thank you!

    31. Creator M3D LLC on September 17

      Dear Sean, thank you for reaching out to us! We will investigate the issue on our end and will email you with more information and further instructions. Thank you for your patience!

    32. Creator Sean Boily on September 17

      Hi there - Waiting to receive my printer. An update please?

    33. Creator M3D LLC on September 17

      Dear Patrice, Richard, Eleni, George, Ronald, Edward, and Joshua: please check you private messages for further instructions. Thank you!

    34. Creator Masao Hirasawa on September 17

      I would like to know the status of my order. thanks

    35. Creator Joshua Awend on September 17

      Never got my printer. Please advise....

    36. Creator Edward Brooks on September 17

      I have not received my printer yet. Would you please advise me of the shipping timeframes. Thank you.

    37. Creator Sean McNulty on September 17

      This project was an absolute scam.

      I was sent a heavily damaged, gashed and scraped up unit and told that it would not be repaired or replaced. It worked for a single print job, then completely jammed up - the arm wouldn't move and t basically globbed up its extruded so bad there was no getting it working.

      So they had 3 marks and made no effort to fix any of them:

      They sent me a unit that definitely was not new and was heavily abused.

      They refused to exchange or repair the unit.

      Their so called warranty was pointless and not backed.

    38. Creator Ronald Angle on September 17

      Still haven't seen mine either. Sent a message last time there was an update about delivery and heard nothing back.

    39. Creator George Vasilakos on September 17

      Yeah I haven't received mine either :(

    40. Creator Eleni Kalvou on September 17

      Hi, I have yet to receive mine either, I thought you had shipped 99% of backer orders, am I in the 1%, please let me know.

    41. Creator Richard Bruce on September 17

      I still haven't received mine, and I'm getting quite nervous ... Any update?!?!?

    42. Creator Patrice Lazareff on September 17

      Hi! I am also waiting for mine :-)

    43. Creator M3D LLC on September 17

      Dear Delfim, please check your private messages. Thank you!

    44. Creator M3D LLC on September 17

      Hi Innovatriz, please follow the instructions provided to you via email. Thank you!

    45. Creator Delfim Costa on September 16

      Can you tell me when will I receive my M3D? Thanks

    46. Creator Innovatriz on September 16

      I was supposed to receive my order in Feb 2015. I never received it. Do you have an update?

    47. Creator M3D LLC on September 15

      Dear Filipe, we just messaged you with more information. Thank you!

    48. Creator M3D LLC on September 15

      Dear Steve and Danny, please check your private messages. Thank you!

    49. Creator Filipe La Ruina on September 15

      No updates in a long time. My order show as Pre-ordered for a long time. Any information?

    50. Creator Danny Gerst on September 15

      Please send me the order status update and further instructions too. Thanks!

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