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£3,086 pledged of £5,000 goal
By Small Impact Games
£3,086 pledged of £5,000 goal


We are only a small independent team, so if you like the look of M3CH please support us and help us make sure the game gets finished, any amount big or small is greatly appreciated!

#01 - Screen shots from our latest build!

#02 - Cameron takes a closer look at the work in progress Beta of M3CH

#03 -  Mech concept art time!

#04 -  Introducing the M3CH hangar crew!

#05 -  M3CH concepts part01. Today its the Heavy mechs turn.

#06! M3CH concepts part 02. Medium mechs.

#07! M3CH concepts part 03. Light mechs, small but deadly!

#08! Let’s take a look a closer look at the weapons!

#09! Level Concepts & New Medium Mk II Reward Level

#10! M3CH Desktop Wallpapers + Official M3CH Forum

#11! Factions and Skills!

We used a secret camera to see what the hangar crew get up to when were are not working on them. Here is the footage we got back!

Cameron takes a closer look at the work in progress Beta of M3CH:

Current State of Gameplay Footage:

In an uncertain future where over-industrialisation and economic crisis have affected the earth on a global scale, you assume the role of a mercenary Mech pilot looking to looking to earn a name for yourself, and to pick up some hard-earned credits in the process.

As a team we always enjoy mech games more than any other genre, and with M3CH we set out to create what we would like to see from a fun, rewarding experience unique to iOS. With design and artistic influences from the likes of Battletech, Armored Core and Steel Battalion to name a few, we hope to bring something new to the table for people looking for serious titles on the platform.

In the early decades of the 22nd Century, excessive mining of the Moon and the catastrophe that followed, fractured governments, scavengers and ruthless corporations seek to outsmart one another- each vying for dwindling reserves of Helium-3. Your opponents will be colossal fighting machines, fitted with devastating weaponry. Individually they are a force to be reckoned with, using cover and avoiding fire, but they can also work effectively as a team, flanking and suppressing.

After creating a character with a unique skill set, your initial weapon will be an ageing first-generation mech and your success desperately hinges upon gambling your winnings and using your surroundings effectively. Taking on technologically-superior opponents across a variety of battlegrounds, players will have access to up to 40 Mechs and over 30 Weapons to experiment and have fun with.

With 3 Classes of Mechanised Walkers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, we want you to be able to adapt to a play style you enjoy the most.

Small and light on their feet. What Light Mechs cant take in punishment they make up for with speed and flanking ability.

The best balance between agility and armour. Medium Mechs are good for pilots who like to be flexible across all situations.

Slow and inevitable. Heavy Mechs dish out immense damage with their unique weapon set - but present a much bigger target to enemies.

Whether you've got a score to settle, or just want to show off your gear, we are currently in the process of developing a competitive, multi-player mode.

M3CH will be launched on iOS first as a high quality release, with plans for continual development via updates and enhancements which will keep the game fluid and fresh. Your feedback and suggestions will be vital to us, enabling us to continue improving the game, making the experience better for everyone.

We are are also developing a digital graphic novel alongside the game to deepen the M3CH universe, as well as an original soundtrack.

We are Small Impact Games, a new independent studio made up of a 4-strong team who are cross-disciplined with a range of experience across a multitude of AAA titles. We are dedicated and love what we do, and we aspire to develop great games.

From the outset our aims have been:

  • To offer a console-quality AAA experience on your iOS device
  • A solid arcade shooter with intense combat and tight controls
  • Three distinct mech classes with a wide variety of weapons to choose from
  • High Fidelity visuals powered by Unreal Engine

M3CH has been in development for over a year (preproduction to where we currently). Up to this point we have been completely self-funded, but now we have reached a point where we really do need your help to make sure the game gets finished to a standard of polish we want to deliver to you.

Your pledges will allow us the time we need to do that, with some of our final hurdles being:

  • Improved balancing and bug-fixing
  • Developing our multi-player mode
  • More in-game cinematics
  • More animation added to the environments, as well as overall art polish

We will be using all of the money pledged to bring the game to release completion. As it stands we are about 90% complete. We wont stop there however; the more funding we receive, the more time we can dedicate to adding even more content, such as more arenas, mechs and weapons.

We have a selection of rewards available for backers including:

Last but not least - A big thank you from all of us to all the backers, and to everyone who's taken an interest in our page - we appreciate your support greatly.

Risks and challenges

We have been working on M3CH for over a year and so far we have completely self-funded the project. We have seen it grow and develop, and how far we have come should be proof in itself that giving up is not an option for us. However there is always the chance of problems down the development path. The most prominent that we face being a delayed release. Possible causes that we foresee are: future software updates to iOS operating system and to the Unreal Engine, unexpected development costs and the overall workload. The software updates themselves are out of our control but we have previous experience in dealing with the issues that come hand in hand with these updates. Unexpected development costs can plague the best of projects but we have got to where we are today by making good use of the money and resources we have. Our core advantage is that our team is concise, cross-disciplined, efficient and has very low overheads. We are only a team of 4 and we have aimed high, which means a big workload and there are only so many hours in a day. However we are determined, hard-working and passionate about what we are doing. If necessary we could outsource some of the remaining workload to bring the project back on track.

We are confident that we can bring the game to completion to the high standard that you will come to expect from Small Impact Games.

From all the team at Small Impact Games, thank you for your support.

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    Pledge £6 or more About $8

    LIGHT $10

    ¬ A M3CH backer desktop wallpaper
    ¬ Entrance to our invitation-only developer blog
    ¬ Copy of the game

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    ¬ All the Light rewards and...
    ¬ Gain access to the unique kickstarter mech, which will be chosen by you and only available to backers of the project
    ¬ High resolution digital M3CH art book
    ¬ 3 dubstep music tracks from the game

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    MEDIUM Mk II $60

    ¬ All the Light, Medium rewards and... ¬ A Kickstarter backer exclusive feature. Choose a rank and your real name or a chosen nickname (within reason) will be in game and playable only by you, making you stand out from the crowd.

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    HEAVY $100

    ¬ All the Light, Medium rewards and...
    ¬ Have a pilot portrait of yourself or as someone you would like to play as, hand made and put in the game!
    ¬ Your name in the game's credits as a member of the "Ground Crew"
    ¬ Speak to us directly through our developer emails, get updates first!

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    ¬ All the Light, Medium, Heavy rewards and...
    ¬ We will create a unique mech based on your criteria, which you will be able to play in game.
    ¬ Get access to our internal developer mailing list! You'll be able to chat with us, see exclusive content, and have access to test builds.
    ¬ Your name in the credits as a Producer

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