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A MEIKO compilation album, staffed primarily by overseas creators.
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The reason for this project + First samples (English)

Posted by Lystrialle (Creator)
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First of all, thank you for checking out our project! Because we’re running it in two languages, all updates will involve two posts, one in English and one in Japanese.

For those who are signing up for project updates, we apologize for any nuisance it might cause. I would like to start off by discussing the reason for this project.

Who do you think these two are?

These are the results of when you ask the project managers Lystrialle (left) and Oxymoroff (right) about “your image of MEIKO”.

These two pictures undoubtedly depict the same character, but there are quite a few differences between the two, aren’t there?

Through this album, we want to reflect the variety of tastes and styles created by different kinds of people through MEIKO. Although she originated from Japan, there are people all over the world who have come together through this kind of shared creative energy, and we are making this album in the hopes of expressing that.

And with that said, here are the first three song samples and their corresponding art!

(Please note that the following material is all subject to change, and that songs are in unmastered form.)

Song: DoNotCrossP / MEIKO render assistance: Lystrialle / Illlustration: Nix Kame

Song and illustration: IrisFlower

Song: Lystrialle / Lyrics: Geiky / Illlustration: Lluvia

Please look forward to more samples next week!

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