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The TruGlide Apex features a tip size of only 2.4mm and uses electronic circuitry to deliver a precision writing experience!
The Apex features a tip size of only 2mm and uses electronic circuitry to deliver a precision writing experience!
The Apex features a tip size of only 2mm and uses electronic circuitry to deliver a precision writing experience!
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    1. Lynktec 3-time creator on

      Hello Go,

      Everything shipped over two years ago, and anyone that didn't receive it should contact our customer service (

      I do know there was a number of backers that forgot to fill out their backer survey and without it we did not have an address to ship to. Most of them have contacted our customer service and we promptly shipped out their rewards.

      best regards

    2. Missing avatar

      Go Prasti on

      I never received my TruGlide!

      Please send it.


    3. Lynktec 3-time creator on

      Hi Dennis,

      Thank you again for backing Apex!

      We looked up your order it looks like your order shipped on 2/10/14 using USPS.
      If you would like more information regarding this order, please contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

      Thanks, Dennis!

      Best regards,

      The Lynktec Team

    4. denise on

      so where the hell is mine then?
      at this stag I just want the refund please coz I'm sick of waiting forever...

    5. Mark Sean Lorey on

      FYI works on the iPhone 6s...

    6. TurboPikachu on

      I received my Truglide on time wayyy back in 2014, but the rubber tip is starting to break. Where would I be able to get replacement rubber nubs for my Truglide?

    7. Serena Kho on

      Me too never received this product.

    8. Andy MacGillivray on

      Anyone have trouble with it writing jagged and wobbly (lack of precision) on the iPad Air 2?

    9. Pascal Zengin on

      Never recieved my Apex. They stole my money, my time and my Apex. I will never ever helping this group.

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Fjeldgaard on

      I have never received this product - but receives lots of email with new products... I can not recommend Them..

    11. Natasha on

      I wish there was an option for trading in our originals for the rechargable. I haven't used mine in months, and the second I ordered for my husband has never been touched. Finding batteries is a pain in the butt.

    12. Rita Geraghty on

      The original TruGlide Apex lasted well before it broke apart. I replaced it with the later model that is RECHARGEABLE.
      The rechargeable TruGlide Apex was definitely better model, more robust than original. Its performance on iPad was better too. Unfortunately, I have mislaid that stylus 2 or 3 months later. Now, it looks I am going to order another Apex.

      Anyone reading this. Prefer the RECHARGEABLE to the original stylus with AAAA battery, no matter the price differences. AAAA batteries are very difficult to obtain at shops. The rechargeable takes USB cable and you won't be disappointed with it.

    13. Rita Geraghty on

      @A A, you need to insert battery AAAA into stylus. Twist the pen's cap anti-clockwise to switch on. To switch off, twist clockwise.

    14. Missing avatar

      A A on

      It's a terrible product. I couldn't figure out how to use it .

    15. Steven Scuba Dawson on

      Will I ever Receive this pen?

    16. Amir Soltani on

      My original Apex TruGlide is in the bin. What a rubbish product that does not last more than a few months, and reading from the comments I see it's not only me.

      The best way to deal with this is to leave honest feedback on Amazon where they sell them.

    17. David Harding on

      Used my first one that I 'backed' quite a bit & was really impressed with it & how well it performed..well, got out of the habit of using it for a while and 'set it aside'(in a drawer/in the leather case it came in, battery out), until about a week ago; put a fresh, new battery in and was pretty surprised to see how poorly it now performs-jagged, crooked lines and jumping..something I never experienced when I first got it. Thought maybe it was the nib, so I replaced it with the extra that came with it - yet it made no difference. Very disappointed.

    18. Rita Geraghty on

      My first Apex that I backed came apart a few weeks ago. I bought a rechargeable Apex to replace it.
      I must say that the new stylus is way better than my last. It is a much better built. More robust too. It draws and writes better than my last stylus.
      Now, I have no more hassle of buying AAAA batteries for the rechargeable stylus that came with removable USB cable. To charge up the stylus, I use Amazon's wall plug with USB slot. I really like this rechargeable stylus more than the one I backed. I am wholly pleased with it. @Bob, I must say that you did something right with the rechargeable.

    19. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lenert on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    20. Andreas Hitzig

      One of my two Apex just broke apart, no way to repair it. Quit disappointed with the quality. I don't think the second one will last much longer. Usage otherwise was ok.

    21. Rita Geraghty on

      Sorry for bad grammar. My concentrated is poor at this time of night.

    22. Rita Geraghty on

      My battery-operated Apex just came apart two weeks, so I bought a rechargeable Apex.

      With the rechargeable, at first, it wasn't performing well until I removed the protective film cover on iPad screen. With the film off, the rechargeable Apex worked 100% perfect. I am pleased with it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jenny Wolf on

      @Sophia - the rechargeable version was actually made available in early May. That was when backers got the email to save 10 whole dollars off of ordering it a couple of days ahead of the general public. (My last post about it was May 8) And there's a comment below from June 3 in regards to a backer that ordered the new version and had already received.

      They 100% were developing the new version while selling us the old one.

      Meanwhile, my Apex has been stuffed in a bin somewhere in the office and I've been using a free stylus I got as a promo item with better results than I ever had with the Apex. I've thought about digging it out and selling it, but I just don't think I would feel right selling such a poorly functioning product to someone.

    24. spongefile

      While it has power mine works fine, but once I put it away (carefully turned off) and go to use it later the battery is ALWAYS dead. Must take battery out entirely between uses I guess?

    25. Missing avatar

      Alcide Serreti on

      Its the worst product ever.... reply for service is 0, the 2nd Stylus, was broken also... never ever.

    26. Freddy Espinoza on

      Only i can say that i feel cheated, my apex is working well as papperweight only...I live in Peru using Ipad Air

    27. Pascal Zengin on

      Still waiting for my TruGlide. :(:(

    28. Missing avatar

      Sophia on

      How is it that 4 months after completion of this project you have a totally overhauled and updated version of this product now on sale?

      The timeline is VERY fishy considering the pen you shipped via Kickstarter supposedly took over one year to reach the same stage. It looks like you used the money from this Kickstarter project to develop the new and improved pen and gave us backers something you already had more or less ready.

      For all the other backers, this updated version is re-chargeable via USB, solved the issue of not turning off by changing the on/off mechanism to a push button, and it has automatic shut off after 30 minutes of idle time. It must have become available for purchase sometime in June because reviews by people claiming to have it in hand were posted on July 1, 2014.

    29. Rita Geraghty on

      I am still happy with my Apex. I sometimes use it on my Android tablets as well as on iPad.

    30. Christopher Northern

      I was very disappointed with this product. It does not work with my iPad Air.

    31. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lenert on

      Well, after testing for two months now, the stylus does not live up to expectations. I could live with short battery life, but what bothers me quite a lot is the veeery short life span of the nibs. These are the same crappy material used for your everyday 1-dollar-plastic-stylus. Looking for the jot script now because of the different tip. Also, i would very much like to know, why the lynktec product looks so very much like the cregle ink...

    32. Missing avatar

      O M on

      Sad to say i'm looking for a different product now. The TruGlide Apex DOES NOT work well with the iPad Air, at all. i've tried it on different apps, same story. too bad!!

    33. Arthur on

      Hi guys, is it too much to ask to just answer politely my questions I asked you by email? All I'm getting is promotional stuff and I really want to work things out with you.
      Best regards, Arthur

    34. Patrick Young on

      Just received my rechargeable apex and it does work. I'm not entirely happy with it, there is a slight lag that you notice on slow strokes but it also makes taking fast notes quite messy. Will have to keep testing.

    35. Kristy Fowles on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    36. Rita Geraghty on

      My Apex is still going strong for two months. Same batteries too. I suppose I always take care to switch off Apex when not in use.

    37. Missing avatar

      Nikolas M. on

      For me it was a fail to back the product. It doesn't work as a writing pen because two of three lines are corrupted. And drawing is horrible because it makes stairs if I draw slowley a straight line. I buy a another pen from a different company for 25 dollar and it works better without battery. so sand :( I want to believe...

    38. Missing avatar

      Simon Ku on

      It is just ridiculous that all our backers money went to the production of a newer better version and we backers received a useless one.

    39. Kristy Fowles on

      Was there ever any clarity given on how many nibs we were supposed to receive?
      I was always told we would receive 3, but I ordered 2 pens and each only came with 2 nibs.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jenny Wolf on

      Yes, it's technology, yes it will change. What I think is frustrating for people on this is that they are releasing a brand new version of the product two months after the first product was shipped/received by most. I've gotten four emails in two days about the new product.

      The fact that this version was released so fast on the heels of the first version means that this one was already in production and what they planned to do for the general release to the public rather than the battery one.

      I'd bet even odds if, when they'd looked into the new design, they'd posted an update at that time asking if people would prefer to wait an extra two months to be able to get a rechargeable stylus instead of a battery powered one, that most of the backers would have been pleased with that. I know that I would have happily waited for that kind of improvement.

      I'm a backer of another product that will be going on about a five month delay to make sure that they are getting their backers the best possible version of the product possible. And I just received a Beta version of another product that was originally supposed to ship by December last year, that's still going through tests with the beta group to make sure it's ready for the general release.

      Both of those scenarios I find more acceptable than releasing a higher-quality product within two months of the product that was given to the people that made the product possible in the first place. I haven't touched my stylus in over a month because it's technically flawed and it's a pain to use. My twist on/off doesn't work, so I have to completely unscrew it each time to remove the little plastic disk and then reverse the process to turn it off. Just isn't worth the trouble.

    41. Missing avatar

      Christa Knight on

      @Amir-- I'm sure these guys would replace your product if you contacted them. What you said previously is that you expected a free upgrade, which honestly I don't think any company is going to do.

    42. Amir Soltani on

      @Penny, thanks for your comment, yes if I bought shoddy product from Apple and it wasn't working I expect them to replace it as they do with without question. Also I wouldn't appreciate non-communication gestures from sellers that their product don't deliver and they ignore the unlucky bunch that instead got the lemon from them.

      Now I'm very happy for you enjoy your new Apex, oh and the new stand, after all you've WON it :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Christa Knight on

      I personally am thrilled – bought the new one first thing yesterday (I really hope I won the stand) and can’t wait to receive my new apex! Really looking forward to not having to worry about the battery running down anymore when I forget to turn the thing off!!

      And btw, this is a technology company… can you really blame them for being innovative and for coming out with a new stylus? Which, most of us backers asked for the exact changes they made!

      @Amir- Seriously - do you think if you went into Apple with your old iPhone and asked them for the new iPhone 5s they would give it to you for free? No way. How is a company supposed to come out with a new product and hand out free products to everyone?

      @Natasha—That is an awesome discount for a new product.

      Well, I guess you can’t please everyone on here.

      @Bob -I am still one happy customer and a true backer! :)

      I applaud you guys for applying our feedback and look forward to getting this new Apex!

    44. Amir Soltani on

      It's really hurts me to see the backers that got the lesser quality Apex now being spammed multiple times to get them to spend more money on the newer improved version, now that we all spent tens of dollars on batteries.

      Bob I think if you have real respect for your backers you should allow them to exchange theirs with the new model, how about it? I know the answer, it take lots of honesty and courage to have that kind of customer service.

    45. Natasha on

      The only thing I'm complaining about is that they released a newer, better version so quickly after sending out the ones they spent so long "retooling".

      I loved my Apex, until it stopped working. But I would have rather held out longer for one that actually shuts off and doesn't drain batteries.

    46. Will Miller on

      My apex is still working great on my iPad after these couple months and I just ordered the new one. Not sure what some of the other people like Natasha is complaining about but I gues haters gona hate.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jenny Wolf on

      I would have rather waited a couple extra months to get the rechargeable version rather than get AAAA battery version.

    48. Natasha on

      How about I send you my barely working Apexes and you send me back the new one?

    49. Natasha on

      I just got an email about a discount for the new rechargeable Apex. The discount price is $49? Are you kidding me?

    50. Haitham Albader on

      hi please ship my perk ASAP.


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