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We have been granted unparalleled access to make a film that explores one of the most distinctive voices in modern cinema: David Lynch.
We have been granted unparalleled access to make a film that explores one of the most distinctive voices in modern cinema: David Lynch.
1,397 backers pledged $179,554 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. David Flindall on

      Still haven't received a DVD from this. Anybody know what the situation is? Thanks

    2. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      @Eric Hannis
      True that! And for the amount of years we had to wait, I'd say it's hard to say ANYONE will ever really trust them ever again.

    3. Eric Hannis on

      “containing bonus features made exclusively for this Kickstarter campaign.” Also hilarious.

    4. Eric Hannis on

      “Special Edition dvd.” Hilarious.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Duarte on

      I never got my DVD. When can I expect it?

    6. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Yeah, these guys basically took the money and ran away with it until came time to fulfill their "promises" where they thought "f#$% this noise, we'll just sign with Criterion and make even more money". -_-

    7. Eric Hannis on

      I’ve backed quite a few kickstarters and this is the winner when it comes to most disappointing. Not exactly something you want to win. What a joke...

    8. Missing avatar

      patrick sullivan on

      lol, the final insult arrived in the mail--a cracked dvd in a bent craft mailer. There was absolutely no packaging beyond the paperboard mailer. I didn't wind up feeling very good about participating in this kickstarter. I knew it before this dvd arrived, but I wasn't too worried about it. I understand the inherent risks in supporting a project like this. Yet after seeing this crappy little package I feel the need to register my discontent. I won't detail my grievances because I assume this will only be read by other unsatisfied participants, and you folks already know. I will definitely think twice before supporting another kickstarter by anyone. This experience made me feel like a powerless sucker.

    9. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      And you know, while we're at it, we might as well plan to do a petition to let people know that 1,397 people feel pretty bad about this situation (us backers) and that this is in dispute.

      What are your thoughts on this matter?

    10. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      As much as I'd love it for them to actually give back the money they basically stole from us (their deal with Criterion most certainly helped them more than enough), I believe it's a "perish the thought" situation where we'll NEVER see our money back.

      But I'll fight for all backers who got screwed as bad, that's for sure!

    11. Lucia Hyde on

      This is my advice to the so called creators (David Lynch, himself, has nothing to do with this project)- Return the money to those who have OBVIOUS and consistent complaints. Let's not make this any messier than it already is.

    12. Lucia Hyde on

      If you complain enough,they will send a dvd which never reads on any player. They are thieves.

    13. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Tried communicating with Criterion, and other top echelons, but we ARE backs against the wall, waiting for time to do its justice, or things to change by themselves.

      I honestly don't know how we can ever possibly get our due apologies, but rest assured I have no intention of letting go that easily.

      Even if it takes all of five years to do so (get it? Five years? Because they took five years to do this and basically stole our money while signing a deal with Criterion??)

    14. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Will not back down either.

      Seems we are tied and can't really communicate, because it's seen as "spam", when we are clearly trying to see a way to get through and get our due respect.

    15. Johnny W on

      I've been spreading the word. I suggest you join in, too. I have no intention of letting the creators off the hook, and will share what they've done as far and wide as possible. (Again, Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm, all we're asking for is COMMUNICATION.)…

    16. GWM28 on

      Five and a half years later the DVD arrives - truly the longest and most painful of my 150+ KS projects - product amazing, management abhorrent..

    17. Brent Johnson on

      Got my DVD, 5 years after the fact. In a plain white envelope. I know you didn't promise a package in your $50 pledge category, but your really under-delivered. This is why I don't do things on Kickstarter these days. Dumbasses.

    18. Missing avatar

      Agnes Orosz on

      Has anyone in the UK received their DVD yet?

    19. Ronald van den Kieboom on

      Even the original uploaded bonus content isn't available in the original format, I get an error: NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.

      Maybe not the right place to ask but is someone willing to rip the Criterion dvd as a region free format and link it

    20. Carlo Bonaiuti on

      In my opinion, bakers should have been the first in line to be given access to the final product. After all, they are the producers and invested their own money to see it finished. Unfortunately the final product took longer than expected to complete. Moreover, once completed, it seemed to be very good and eligible to be shown in festivals and, eventually, for some commercial exploitation.
      Bakers understood the situation and waited quietly, patiently until the time time was right, hoping that,maybe, their patience would have been rewarded somehow, at the end.
      So, the documentary DAVID LYNCH: THE ART OF LIFE (formerly “LYNCHTHREE”), after being acclaimed in festivals and sold everywhere, was made available to paying audiences through many channels: movie theatres, cable/pay TV, streaming etc. Most of bakers could not just wait and joined the others “non-bakers” and eventually paid extra money to see it, even if that put them in an awkward situation, to say the least.
      Now, the documentary commercial exploitation path has finally come to an end and bakers can “officially” be given access to it.
      Firstly, through a downloadable HD file through VIMEO, waiting for the upcoming and long awaited HARDCOPY reward. It is clear that Most of bakers have seen this documentary already somehow and it is no more a curiosity . Bakers are only waiting for the exclusive HARD COPY EDITION promised, that include EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. The one for which they have been very patient for. Something that, other than their tiny name on ending credits, (impossible to spot in SD) can tell them “You are one of those who contributed for it. Thank you for making this possible”. Something so exclusive to compete or, possibly, proudly shadow the “meanwhile published” Criterion Blu ray edition that eventually their friends put hands on. And, at last, after all that, 5 and half years after the original estimated delivery, the promised exclusive reward has been shipped to all the bakers.
      And here it is……

      Whoever is responsible for this…

    21. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      It's like the people who made the movie took away most of the money, stashed it somewhere and sold the flick to Criterion in order to make even more money for a mere 88 minutes of length when it could indeed have lasted 180 minutes and be even better.

      It's a nice opportunity for this doc, but I'll tell you, at 88 minutes, it's WAAAAY too short for all the time we had to wait. Very unsatisfied. (watched the Criterion edition, which was a TRUE blu-ray and not a cheap copy made at home by people who do not care about us and are only responding when forced to do so.

    22. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      One thing's certain, 100% of us are NOT happy about it so far.

    23. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Your recent "efforts" look much more like people who want to shut us up or at least make Kickstarter "happy" so they're off your back.

    24. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on


      Sadly I do not think it's region free :/

    25. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Just received the flimsy "postcard" envelop with the DVD inside. Will not open it.

      Your recent email saying Lynch would not approve any special feature is BS. You first announced exclusive extras on the DVD, and if you noticed, Lynch's DVDs are LOADED with tons of features.

      You just don't want to admit that you didn't want to put the efforts needed to make them, let alone use a PROPER Criterion DVD or blu-ray for the trouble of making ALL of us wait for five years and more!

      This is an insult to all 1,397 backers and I hope you know it. Toying with people's expectations cannot be tolerated. This will not stand in any way.

    26. Missing avatar

      peter senteris on

      Sorry, but that burned DVD you sent was a joke after making me wait 5 years. Criterion, Kickstarter and David Lynch will be contacted to voice my frustration. Poor effort on your parts after making everyone wait so long.

    27. Missing avatar

      Charles Geoghegan on

      What a shit show after all this time. Just a quick-burned Standard Definition DVD in a paper sleeve. No case, no artwork, no booklet, no authored menus of any sort or included bonus materials. This kickstarter was funded SIX TIMES OVER by us backers, and this is what they give us? What a scam...

      For folks who still haven't received the download links for the bonus material and the portrait, here you go:
      Password: kickstarterDLgum215

      Portrait download link:

    28. Ronald van den Kieboom on

      @simon, this criterion blu-ray isn’t regionfree is it?
      Would like a copy but I havent have a regionfree blu-ray player

    29. Jon Urry on

      Did anyone ever receive the "really cool portrait of David Lynch photographed by Jason S. (High resolution digital download)"?

      I can't find any emails with a link to the image...

    30. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Ordered a Criterion edition a couple weeks back... got it WAAAAY before the flimsy DVD, which I have yet to receive (and will return after taking note of the original address).

      Seems like something's VERY amiss here.

    31. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Here's what Kickstarter sent me as an "appropriate" response, showing how much they care about backers being swindled:

      "Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. I’m sorry to hear that backing this project has been an underwhelming experience, and that you’re dissatisfied with the reward.

      We do our best to maintain an ecosystem that gives project creators the support and freedom necessary to bring their creative ideas to life. This often means that when projects launch on Kickstarter they’re still in the early stages of development. We expect creators to make every effort to complete the project as promised. I apologize that in this case, the finished product was ultimately different than what the creator originally presented.

      As a backer of the project, you played an important role in its development. At this point, I encourage you to reach out to the creator directly with input regarding the reward. To message a project creator, simply go to the project page and click on the "Contact me" link under the creator's name in the bio section. Receiving constructive feedback such as yours may help them to resolve your issue, or even improve their process or communication down the road.

      We appreciate the time you took to send in your thoughts, and hope you continue to find new projects to get excited about in the future. We’ll continue to evaluate experiences of backers such as you, and take these into consideration as we improve our platform and policy moving forward."

      In other words, since I only pledged around $50, maybe I'm one of the expendable people. I guess I didn't want to be the one who gave $10,000 without knowing a thing.

    32. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      People, there's this little button on the main page of the "project" called "report this project". By clicking it and selecting the last option, you are helping us all making the bastards pay.

      There's no way I'm backing down of this.

      As Ms. Walter said: they owe us.

      And they owe us big time after stealing our money.

      A campaign should be done against this and the individuals should at the very least compensate us for the amount of money we gave.

      In other words, fraudulent individuals like these should not be able to get away with this.

    33. Linda Walter on

      A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I pledged $50 to this campaign. This was actually quite a bit of money for me to give away at the time but I thought the project was going to be worth it. Considering what I make per hour now times the amount of time I have spent wondering where the heck my DVD is, reading through the misery of comments of everyone else, and taking extreme care to only supply the facts to Kickstarter when I sent in a complaint to the Kickstarter Board of Ethics in Spring 2017...You Owe Me. This is my last comment on this site. I have already watched the film for free on Amazon Prime. I can see from the comments below that the DVD that will be shipped (sometime, in some galaxy, probably far, far away) is not a quality product and contains no bonus materials. So why would I want it? ... All this aggravation after 5 1/2's such a shame. Everything would have been alleviated if you had only communicated with us more and made us feel like the special people we are for helping you at the beginning of your project.

    34. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      We could also return all of our burned DVD copies to the sender and write on it: "I waited five years for this doc and all I got was this lousy home made DVD" ^_^

    35. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Sarah Mae Harper, I definitely support that idea!!!

    36. Sarah Mae Harper on

      Still havent received the DVD. Let’s start a twitter campaign.

    37. Daryl Danforth on

      I pledged at the $200 level and did not receive any DVD at all.

    38. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Let's not forget that the more we make our voices heard, the more the problem will be addressed and hopefully, the more it will be dealt with accordingly.

      It seems hoping for a wonderful special edition was asking too much of these individuals, let alone keep ONE of their promises to backers of providing exclusive content.

    39. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      For everyone who received your flimsy DVDs, you may want to contact the complaint department of Kickstarter, they're already into investigating this matter and if you add your voice, it'll help that much more.

      Your voice counts!

      Just because these guys ran away with our money, doesn't mean there's no way to fight back!

    40. Missing avatar

      Patrick Schwarz on

      Received the DVD in a transparent sleeve. A DVD Case would have been nice, but wasn't promised. But the DVD only contains the film; there are no bonus features. Finally, the names of the backers at the end of the film are not readable. That's very sad and could have easily done better. The film is nice, and it's nice to see it completed after that many years, but the anger and frustration of the backers voiced on this platform is completely justified. The minimal information we got on the delays and not delivering on their promises is poor style and should be sanctioned.

    41. Roger Sarao on

      $200 pledged March 2012. Fast forward 5 years, 7 1/2 months later: no DVD.

      And given the comments I’ve read from those that did receive one, my hopes of seeing a Criterion box in my mailbox are shattered.

      I’m patient and understanding but this is ridiculous. Campaigns like this make me leery of further crowdfunding activity. I don’t think David Lynch would approve of how the backers of this project were treated - it’s a shame he’s not directly involved.

      Simple communication goes a long way and, as previous commenters noted, it doesn’t cost anything.

    42. Eric Hannis on

      Thanks for taking our money and not fulfilling any of your promises! Good going!

    43. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      Seems like the digital copy code we were also sent isn't working anymore XD

      What a joke.

      This campaign will have been a disaster from start to finish.

      I'm definitely not sure we can ever pull this off.

    44. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      I contacted Criterion and the person assured me my email was forwarded to the director of the doc. Which I'm SUUUUUUUURE will help tremendously seeing as how much help we're getting. I also contacted Kickstarter once more in order to add my voice.

      You're all strongly encouraged to make your voice heard. If you have a hard time finding a way to contact Kickstarter, just google "kickstarter complaint" and you'll be all set!

      It's time we get back at those individuals for making us wait for five years. I say if you're in, we should at least get our money back, if possible, and if not, the promised DVD with special features and our names in the credits (which I'm sure we didn't get either).

      The Kickstarter mailbox also says they're a bit overflown, and so making your voice heard becomes that much more important because an overflowing problem is never good. Because it'll look bad for them, and for the director or fraudulent individuals who ran away with our hard earned money.

      Let's not back down, people. Time to take a stand.

    45. on

      I've now sent a message to Kickstarter about this situation as well - the more that do this the better. I'm also thinking of trying to contact David Lynch (on Twitter?) and/or Criterion Collection about this.

    46. Carlo Bonaiuti on

      I 've been out of town for some days work and when today I came back I found this tiny parcel in my mailbox. I could have never guessed that it was my kickstarter reward. I add out loud my voice to all the complaints here. A home burned dvd That i could have done better with NERO.
      Honestly when i Opened the tiny parcel and first looked at the content my only thought has been: - You've go to be fxxxxxg kidding! -

    47. Johnny W on

      Kickstarter have confirmed they are investigating what's happened. Please write to them as well. Thanks.

    48. Damien ANRÈS on

      I second strongly all has been write lately.

    49. Simon ESBÉ Bergeron on

      I just contacted Criterion to let them know about the situation, we'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted once I get more details, but I'll make sure the guy doesn't get away without any scratch.

    50. Ronald van den Kieboom on

      What did they do, transfer the MP4 to dvd, what a joke.

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