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LyfieEye™ allows users to record and share Spherical 360⁰ content using their Android™ smartphones.
LyfieEye™ allows users to record and share Spherical 360⁰ content using their Android™ smartphones.
LyfieEye™ allows users to record and share Spherical 360⁰ content using their Android™ smartphones.
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    1. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      @Keith Perkins, Thank you for reaching out, we have sent you a direct message to troubleshoot further. :)

    2. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      @Keith Perkins, Thank you for reaching out, we have sent you a direct message to troubleshoot further. :)

    3. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      Hi @Yun Fei, it should have resolved this issue. We just sent you a direct message to troubleshoot further. Thank you!

    4. Keith Perkins on

      Happy Friday eCapture Technologies, Inc. Team,
      I'm still having the same "error code -2487 can not get eys paraLUT!"? Thank you for your time.

    5. Yun Fei on

      Is the Jan 19 update (1.0.7) supposed to fix the Android 7 compatibility? I'm still having trouble getting the camera to work with my Nexus 5X.

    6. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      Hi @Wynn Tan, our recent app update should have addressed this quality issue. Please let us know if you continue to have issues with this! :)

    7. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      Hi @DeltaLima, the latest update for the LyfieView app should have resolved your compatibility issues as well as improved quality. Please let us know if you are still having issues using LyfieEye with your Nexus 6P! :)

    8. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      Hi @Keith Perkins, we recently updated the app to resolve this issue. Please let us know if this resolved your issues or if you have any additional questions. :)

    9. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      Hi @Paul Koerber, we apologize for any issues you might have run into while using LyfieEye. We recently conducted an update to the app to resolve some compatibility issues that other users were having and fear this might have been the cause to the app locking up. We recommend updating the app and restarting it before using. Let us know if this helps! :)\

    10. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      @Phyllis we recently conducted an update to the app that should improve the quality of images and videos. Let us know if this helps!

    11. Missing avatar

      Phyllis on

      Brought it to vacation with me and feel disappointed with the quality of the videos and pictures.
      Even with good sunlight, the pictures are extremely blurry and pixelated.

    12. Alejandro Torrejon Guerrero on

      Please... i need to know when u send me the camera????? Im waiting for more than 3 months.....

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Koerber

      Installed the updated Android app on my Pixel XL with Android 7.1.1 (including the January 2017 update). I was able to take one picture. Deleted that picture and the app appeared to lock up. Now it doesn't allow me to do anything when I run the app with the LyfieEye installed.

    14. Alejandro Torrejon Guerrero on

      please, i need toknow when i receive my cam????? im waiting .....

    15. Keith Perkins on

      Good Day eCapture Technologies, Inc. Team,
      Is there a projected release date for the next update to rectify "error code -2487 can not get eys paraLUT!"? Thank you for your time.

    16. Nikolai Ramos

      This crap ruined my new year's video . I press record and to find out at the end it didn't record anything and the app froze an it keeps freezing.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Reply to myself...Using the Lyfie app and choosing upload to youtube does NOT upload the spherical 360 data...I had to drag the video file over to my computer and use the 360 Video Metadata Tool linked through youtube...Lyfie...fix the app.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Has anybody successfully uploaded a 360VR video to youtube?

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Koerber

      New Pixel XL running 7.1.1. I received the same error as @Robert. Looking forward to an update to the app!

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert C. Raine on

      Just updated the app unfortunately I am still receiving the same error.

      "An error occured, error code:-1.
      Failed to open camera, please replug in camera".

      Hoping the Lyfie Team can resolve this issue with Android 7.x (and/or the Google Pixel XL) so I can use the camera

    21. David Hothersall on

      Got my Lyfie this morning.

      To set the scene I create 360° imagery and video for my work and I own some pretty highend and expensive devices and I bought this as a quick 'toy' but I wasn't expecting much and was ready to be very disappointed after reading the reviews here and elsewhere.

      I unpacked the device and I have to say the packaging is excellent and of a very good quality. I downloaded the app to my Samsung S7 Edge,(V6.0.1) plugged in the camera and away we went.

      The app started instantly and ran without issue, however after taking the first photo it caused the app to hang. I restarted the app and it's run faultlessly since. It records photos and images to a decent quality equal to the sample videos shown on the campaign page both indoors and out, so I'm not sure why some people are saying they're disappointed with the image/video quality as it's the same as the sample videos.

      The colour saturation could do with being toned down for my taste and it would be nice to have a slider to control that in the app. Even better if you could choose to control the front and rear separately or together which would probably help with the point I make below

      There is a noticeable seam caused by a difference in the light balance/colour temperature/saturation between the front and rear images which is a shame as the image is stitched very well and would probably be less noticeable if the colour temperatures matched.

      I shared test videos and images to my Facebook page and the quality is as I expected, not pinsharp, or high end HD quality but perfectly acceptable on my phone and iPad but less so on my 4K PC monitor for obvious reasons.

      There are some strange clicking/interference noises on video at the beginning of recordings that seem to clear up after a few seconds which otherwise spoil what is some decent sound.

      All in all I'm very impressed for a device so cheap and easy to use, I wouldn't use it for paying work but as a 360° 'catch the moment' camera it's something I'll carry with me and use.

      If this could be developed further and used higher resolution sensors it would be amazing, but doubtless more expensive, that said it would probably be worth it as this is a very good first effort in my view.

    22. DeltaLima

      @wynn i noticed the same thing early on and posted some comments. It seems there are some limitations in the hardware used that will make indoor imaging less than optimal. Outdoor images im hoping will be more than acceptable but the camera/app doesn't work yet on my Nexus 6P (v7.1.1) so i haven't been able to test any.

      Were your less than desired images under indoor or outdoor lighting conditions?

    23. Missing avatar

      Wynn Tan on

      Got mine last week. Tried and I'm very disappointed with the pic quality. Have yet to try the video but i wasn't expecting much on the video quality when i backed.

    24. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      Hi @Keith Perkins we apologize for the inconvenience and are currently working on another update to resolve this. Thank you for your patience, we will keep you updated!

    25. Keith Perkins on

      Since the last update my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge now gets an error code -2487 (followed by) "can not get eys paraLUT!" Can someone tell me what that means?

    26. Missing avatar

      Erik Valenta on

      Got my Lyfie Eye today. So far, so good. I have a LG 360 Cam, Nikon Keymission and now this. All three perform at different levels. So far, Lyfie Eye has been the easiest to set up and use. I now need to compare image and video quality. Thank you!

    27. Stephane

      It works on my galaxy s7 but I find that the quality is not there. Video and photos are grainy, and the video sometimes flicker. I'll still bring it with me on vacation and see how it goes with better sunlight.

    28. DeltaLima

      Having pretty much the exact issue Robert reported below
      For me, i have a Nexus 6P on Android 7.1.1
      " receive the following error message:
      "An error occured, error code:-1.
      Failed to open camera, please replug in camera".

      It detects the camera, the app opens, permissions are granted but as soon as it starts to try and capture video from the device this error shows.
      I have also used a different adapter to ensure it was that, the tested adapter works fine with other micro-USB -> Type-C devices like Seek thermal and Flir One

    29. Yun Fei on

      Having issues getting it to work on Nexus 5X (USB Type C). Works fine on Nexus 5 (Micro USB). When I try to turn on the camera it says "Attach your LyfieEye. To create a new 360 photo or video, this app requires a Lyfie camera."

    30. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Capture video does not work for yes, video no.

    31. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      BTW, in your box are some instructions...

    32. Missing avatar

      Chua Teong Boon on

      Got the reward today. So excited. The packaging is nice and i have all the accesories needed. Tried to take picture with it but there are some distortion lines appear in my preview and saved picture. Just want to find out is it software or hardware problem?i'm using Xiaomi Mi Max with android 6.0.1.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ben Woodward on

      What is the best way to get support?Experiencing multiple issues.

    34. Missing avatar

      Phyllis on

      Picked up my package today...

      Seems the quality of the videos aren't so great in low light. Hope to test it out in the open...

    35. Stephane

      Hi. I was surprised and very pleased to have receive the lyfieye yesterday. On time for vacation.
      Quickly testing it yesterday, it seams to be looking at me (selfie) as basic, I have to reverse it if I want it to be looking forward to start with. Shouldn't it be the opposite.
      Also, you say it know if I want to do it landscape instead of portrait mode video. But when I try it, it shows my video on the side when looking at it afterwards. But when I do a video portrait mode and then look at it from my phone, it will change portrait or landscape depending how I place my phone. But I want to make sure it's landscape for people watching on a PC.

    36. SaM Wong on

      @eCapture Technologies, Inc.
      any chance to add some editing capability in the app, such as little planet or edit alignment before share?

      @Kenneth Cheah
      I didn't fix it for the S6, the S6's USB is simply busted, no data transfer and only charges.
      it works on other phones like Nexus 6p, Samsung GS7, HTC 10

      @Robert C. Raine
      I had the same issue on a Nexus 5X, and couldn't fix the error yet.

    37. Missing avatar

      Robert C. Raine on

      Just received the LefieEye camera but it will not work. I attached it to my Google Pixel XL (running Android 7.1) using the included Micro-USB to USB-C single but every time I attempt to use the camera I receive the following error message:

      "An error occured, error code:-1.
      Failed to open camera, please replug in camera".

      Any assistance would be appreciated

    38. Missing avatar

      Curious Geroge on

      Thanks Lyfie team, Received mind today great overall packaged, I like the pouches it came in to protect the lens and the unit itself. Connected to to my phone with no issues and did a quick photo shot and it was good. Looking forward to capturing more memories in 360. Great work Lyfie team.

    39. Kenneth Cheah on

      @Sam Wong how did you fix it on your S6? Can't seem to get it working on my Z5

    40. Missing avatar

      Will on

      I am using one plus 3. When I want to install LyfieView from Google store, Google store mention that the app is incompatible with my device.

    41. SaM Wong on

      erm, something I don't think other 360 cameras can do

    42. SaM Wong on

      tried on another Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S7, and found when you plug it in, there is an Android message saying allow USB. Then it will work in the app after that.

    43. SaM Wong on

      Amazed by the speed of the delivery, Just received it in Hong Kong.
      The only problem is, after I downloaded LyfieView from Google play store, given the app all the permissions, then it can't detect the LyfieEye and only has button to buy it or cancel.
      Does the app needs updating? Using Android 6.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

    44. Yeung Jason on

      I am a backer from Hong Kong.
      Can you add some kind of stabilization algorithm into the device/app?
      Since actually I owned another 360 video cam (360fly) and its videos make me feel dizzy

    45. Kenneth Cheah on

      Hi! Would you guys be sending out tracking information the minute you guys have sent out the cameras? SO EXCITED!

    46. eCapture Technologies, Inc. Creator on

      @RL, the app is ready for download via Google Play. Hope you enjoy your Lyfieeye and taking Lyfies. Please do contact us at for any enquiries that you might have.
      @Robert, we are ready to ship now, just awaiting Kickstarter to forward us your pledge before we do so
      @Stephane, we currently only support spherical 360 picture and video capture modes. We will definitely consider adding other options in time to come.

    47. Missing avatar


      @Lyfie team, thanks and exciting to wait the app :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Robert C. Raine on

      /Very excited for this product. When do you plan on shipping?

    49. Stephane

      can't wait to get my hands on this. Any chance that we could decide of the angle of view on it? (180°, 300° or other). Because I would like to be able sometimes to restrain the view like that, so we can look around , but not at me holding the phone/camera. It would be kind of like someone standing and only looking around turning his head, not the torso.

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