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21 hand-made rugs from Mexican designers, a 3000 year-old rug weaving technique, joined to promote design through an ancient craft. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 7, 2011.

21 hand-made rugs from Mexican designers, a 3000 year-old rug weaving technique, joined to promote design through an ancient craft.

About this project

What it is: In 2009, I invited a group of 21 Mexican architects, industrial and graphic designers and a couple of visual artists to participate in an unprecedented project:

Each member designs a one-of-a-kind hand-made area rug that is produced using the best materials, knot count and quality possible. I produce them through my family's 90 year-old company's infrastructure using looms in India and Nepal, and exhibit them at the Franz Mayer Design Museum in Mexico City.

The project is now a reality. The rugs are woven and the designs are amazing. They are all one-of-a-kind and collectively provide an unprecedented look at a diverse cross-section of Mexico's re-invigorated design, architecture and art movement. They are manufactured using the following characteristics: - Tibetan knot in a 100-line quality (100knots per sq inch all made by hand). - All using High quality New Zealand wool which is among the best in the world. - They are all manufactured by adults in proper conditions, just as we have done in the past 90 years. - They are one-of-a-kind design pieces

Participating talent:

Architects and Interior Designers: 

Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco  

Aurelio Vázquez Durán


Paul Cremoux   


Paola Calzada Prats

Graphic and Industrial Designers:

Gonzalo Tassier de la Maza

Ariel Rojo

Jorge Cejudo

• Adolfo González Gómez - 

Manuel Álvarez Fuentes -

• Benito Cabañas Aguilera

La Jabonera

• Emiliano Godoy - 

• Igloo Design - 

EOS Mexico - 

• Joel Escalona

Visual Artists:

Ximena Pérez Grobet

Mexico has 4,000 years of history, color and cultural wealth that is clamoring to be shared to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, very few individuals and companies have placed their bets on this collective talent and I want to be the first to do so with hand-made rugs.

Fusing contemporary hand-woven rug design with Mexico's millennial heritage is our way of giving back to a country that has given us so much and I have made the decision to invite the creative community to be a part of such an important exhibition.

Venue & Exhibition The rugs will be exhibited for the firs time at The Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City. It is the premier location to exhibit this type of design showcase. Residing in an 18th Century converted convent in the heart of Mexico City, the museum showcases the evolution of design, architecture and decorative arts through Mexico's dynamic and colorful periods: From the Spanish Colonial era, Independence, revolution to modernity.

We already have a confirmed launch date for the exhibition on Apri 6, 2011. The exhibit is curated by one of the best curators in Mexico.

What the funds are for: The funds will be used to pay for the production costs of the exhibit which include: - We need to build the exhibit design which includes logistics, security, materials, lighting and media tools to tell the story and design process of each individual rug. - We need to complete the research and curatorial activities of the exhibit. - We will produce a small opening event on April 6 where we will invite the top architectural, design and art community in Mexico City. - We will initiate the process of consolidating the information to release a book in the second half of the year. - Hopefully, we will also use the funds to promote the exhibition to travel wholly or in part, to other locations across Mexico and the world.

We are very confident that this project will inspire not only the design and art community in Mexico, but across all of the Americas an beyond.

Thank you!


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    A Thank you personalized email, regular updates of the progress of the project, and a high-definition digital image of one of the designers custom rugs that have been manufactured in the past.

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    The above perk and your name in the list of sponsors in the Franz Mayer Museum entrance during the time the exhibition will be there.

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    $25 - the above perk(s) and a printed high definition photograph of one of the designs from the professional photography session. A recognition in the aknowledgements of the catalogue that will be released in the Fall and mention as sponsor on our facebook page.

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    the above perk(s) and the printed photograph signed by the designer(s) and A one-day admission pass for two people to the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City to visit the exhibition during it's run.

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    he above perks, and the signed printer photographed sent in a frame, as well as a 1x 1 sample of a 100-line nepalese weave hand woven rug that was used in the production of the exhibit

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    the above perk(s) and a 2x4ft genuine hand-woven Odabashian rug as well as an invitation to the pre-opening event of the exhibition on April 6 in Mexico City. The sample will be sent via regular mail to US, Mexico only.

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    the above perk(s) and invitation to the opening of the exhibition, a genuine hand made 6ft round Odabashian rug designed by Ariel Rojo, one of the participants, and a personalized tour by the Museum director or curator.

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    the above perk(s) and one custom one-of-a-kind hand made rug from the exhibition (several of the 22 designs cannot be duplicated due to copyright reasons). Shipping is not included.
    Remember, these will be one-of-a-kind pieces and the first sponsor to commit, will have the privilege to select any of the 21 one-of-a-kind pieces.

Funding period

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