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Update #10

slider goes great with comics!


Over the weekend I took an Android phone running the current build of Slider to the Albuquerque Comic Expo. I demoed it to over a hundred people, and got some great feedback and overwhelmingly positive responses, ranging from "super addictive" to "the best argument I've seen for getting an Android phone". This version was still using my super-rough "programmer graphics", but the gameplay was compelling enough that only a handful of people asked if the final version would have better graphics; the rest loved it as-is. Since I was specifically demoing it to gauge interest in the gameplay, this was even better than the response I was hoping for.

At this point I estimate that there's about a month of work left before it's ready for release, including all of the "skins" and puzzles. I've emailed all of the backers contributing skins and puzzles, but have only heard back from one of them, so if you're a backer at that level and haven't received an email from me please let me know! Thanks!

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    1. Sexy_anime_hunty.small

      Creator Hunty on June 29, 2011

      I think minecraft counts as "work". :)

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jason Gage on June 29, 2011

      Yeah, sorry, just been busy working. OK, I lied. I blame minecraft.

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