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Update #17

Well, then!


Well, then! Today I received the email from Apple telling me that my developer license had expired, meaning that it's been a whole year since I sent them a hundred bucks for the privilege to publish Slider on iOS, but subsequently was never able to find the resources to do it. This is the point where I'm officially pulling the plug on the iOS version of Slider, and if you backed this project specifically for the iOS version and would like a refund, let me know and I'll be happy to send you some moneys (preferably via PayPal). Not all hope is lost, however, as I've given my friend Seantron free reign to publish the iOS version, so that may indeed happen some day.

I've also decided to mark this occasion by making the full Android version of Slider free, which I'm gonna go do right after I post this.

This is not a sad post, though; this Kickstarter project has been an enormous success, and I have all of my lovely backers to thank for it. One year ago I was living in Albuquerque, a town where "making video games" is something that hobbyists do late into the night, Henry-Darger-style, after having worked a full 8-hour day at their day job, as I did for ten and a half years after finishing college (not counting the time I spent making games late into the night during college). Thanks in large part to this very Kickstarter project, I was able to land a job last October at Liquid Entertainment, where I've been blissfully employed ever since, and I now live in the thriving L.A. area where there's actually a whole video game industry, and I'm absolutely elated every day to be a part of it, and to be getting paid a full-time salary to do exactly what feeds my soul.

Thank you again, backers, for helping me with this project, which I (and probably you, too) thought was just going to be about making a fun little game for Android (and maybe iOS), but ended up being about completely changing my life (and making a fun little Android game along the way). I couldn't have done it without you!

Update #16

I am full of lies.


So! Unfortunately, the method I had lined up for finally getting the iOS version of Slider published fell through, so now I'm looking into other options.

In the meantime, Slider is now available for the Nook Color, which is like iOS but totally different! So, if you have a Nook Color, then "yay, Slider!" and if you're waiting for the iOS version, then "soon!"

Update #15

iOS version is still on the way!


Hi everybody! Sorry for the continued delay, but the iOS version of Slider is still on the way! After a couple months of craziness with Apple developer support I finally got my developer account setup correctly, and the iOS version runs great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, but we just haven't had the time to sit down and get it submitted yet. Very soon, though!

I'm also slowly working through getting Slider onto the nook store, which will be exciting news to anyone with a nook color.

In other news, I've gotten a job as a game designer at Liquid Entertainment, which I owe in part to experience gained from developing Slider, which in turn I owe to my backers for helping me get the project off the ground! Thanks!

Update #14

Slider "LITE" now available on Android for FREE!


I've just published a free "LITE" version of Slider to the Android Market here:

It includes five puzzles, and a taste of the "Timed" mode.

Please check it out, and help spread the word! Thanks!

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Update #13 - For backers only

Your Slider for Android!


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