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Lunesdargent Workshop is proud to introduce its first miniatures gaming environment : The Path of Osiris. (D&D compatible)
Lunesdargent Workshop is proud to introduce its first miniatures gaming environment : The Path of Osiris. (D&D compatible)
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Weekly update !

Posted by Lunesdargent Workshop (Creator)

Hi Backers,

Things are really going well since last Thursday, we should start production sunday ! The hidden piece is a corner sarcophagus that permit better looking room design in many conditions, this pieces will close the gap when placing 2 corners (angled or normal) at a 90 degree angle with a floor tile in between. We will include 2 of those pieces in a set since it make more sense and enable symmetrical rooms. We will switch the large floor tile for different reasons, more on this later.

There is now parts with alternate hieroglyph (walls) and parts with different floor and wall cracks. (walls, corners, angled corners, floors, half-floors), some parts have been redone for better details and I've got an idea for a future addon :)

Pictures soon !

*When creating this weekly update I found last week update here... saved but not published :/ this explain some comment hahaha !*

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    1. Missing avatar

      David & Mareike

      Thanks for keeping the large tile ^_^

    2. Lunesdargent Workshop 5-time creator on

      Indeed, I will do one friday and if everything go as planned it should have pictures

    3. Christopher Manos on

      Any chance of a 'weekly' update?

    4. Lunesdargent Workshop 5-time creator on

      Additionnal production time and failure, as the mesh could be visible and making the piece thicker would result in a higher floor then the rest of the tiles.
      It should be alright with normal use. It was mainly a mold space/production efficiency thing but I found and alternative.

    5. Jason O on

      @Lunesdargent, I like James' idea of either a wire mesh inside the 4x4 tiles, or even just mold them slightly thicker if need be. I understand that can lead to additional production costs for the additional materials, but it wouldn't need to be that much thicker, even just a millimeter thicker would likely increase the durability by a large amount. Just my 2 cents.

    6. Lunesdargent Workshop 5-time creator on

      Alright, I will do what it take to keep the large floor tile. Thanks for your advices :)

    7. Missing avatar

      William Ryan Maddox on

      I very much wanted any and all 'large' floor tiles I/we could get. Its nice to have larger tiles, especially when creating larger rooms.(obviously) 2 of the 2x2's would be the next best thing i guess. I am sad that you were unable to make a large tiles happen and it sucks when things change so late in the game. :(

    8. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      sigh. make that 16sq inches for the 4x4 tile. its late, I'm tired and my Bachleors in math is 30 years old...

    9. Missing avatar

      James Edwards


      A Couple of thoughts for you.

      1st off one durability of large tiles. Not sure what your build process is but if strength of larger pieces is a concern you might try embedding a wire mesh inside the piece (think rebar for concrete)

      2nd its almost never a good idea to change rewards after the kickstarter ends, especially when the best reason you can give is "more on this later.". it can lead to unintended drama no one needs.

      3rd. You should also consider the relative value and usefulness of the pieces offered for exchange. In this case a solid 4x4 tile with 2-2x2 and a wall filler.

      The 4x4 is 12sq inches of table coverage, the other 8sq inches and a piece as yet unseen, which makes it a bit hard to judge relative value.

      The 4x4 does however have applications 4-2x2 can not be substituted for. The simplest example would be an elevated platform sitting on top of some of those columns you're giving us. Can't really do that with 4-2x2's the way you can with a 4x4.

      4th. If you do need to change something, it might be better as its own update, not buried inside of another. I like to believe most people can be reasonable but know from personal experience that reasonableness can evaporate quickly if someone thinks your trying to put one over on them.

      Having said that while I'm not fond of the change, I had plans for 4x4 tiles (see elevated platform above) I do understand the tight schedule and need to do some research to make sure the tiles are up to snuff before release them, so I can understand the change.

      I would ask that you do release 4x4 tiles at some point via the webstore (like I said I did have plans for them) and see if it would be at all possible to give backers a small break on shipping or price (without of course hurting your business off course).

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle Duesterbeck on

      So excited to be getting these. Found some great scenery for the EXTERIOR.…

      When the interior is going to look this great.

    11. Lunesdargent Workshop 5-time creator on

      @Kristian, You got it right about, possible durability, mold space and storage. I suspect that if droped a large thin tile would break more easily. but I would need to test it and right now we do not have the time and do not want to take the risk.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kristian Williams on

      Just another thought after reading Thea's comments about aesthetics of decorative tiles and potential symmetry concerns, maybe these floor tiles could be molded on bother sides, giving the user an option of what style to use at any given time, either standard on once side or decorative/cracked/trapped etc on the other?

    13. Missing avatar

      Kristian Williams on

      Is the large floor being replaced due to potential durability issues? Being thin and a large surface area it's durability may be reduced when compared to smaller tiles? I don't mind the large tile or replacement by smaller tiles of the same or greater area. If Durability is a concern of the larger tile and manufacturing quality and production can instead be ramped up making standard smaller tiles with less tooling/molds then that may be a good move overall? It may also allow for more consistent storage options if all tiles are the same footprint.

    14. Vincent DiCello

      I would definitely prefer to have symbols on some of the floor tiles, preferably different symbols on different tiles. The eagle sounds good, as does the moon(s). So does a giant snake, jackals, the sun for Ra, scarabs, Falcons, et cetera.

      The more variety the better!!!

      Hopefully there will eventually be 4x4 floor tiles with cool Egyptian symbols also.

    15. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung on

      I don't have a problem with replacing the 4x4 floor tile with 4 of the 2x2 floor tiles.

    16. Hella101 on

      I'm ok with 4 2x2 pieces.

    17. Heresy

      We're losing a 4x4 piece for whatever reason, why not just replace it with 4 2x2 pieces? Floor pieces are always short in sets like this which is why larger floor tiles like the 4x4 was so nice.

    18. Hella101 on

      The only thing I understand about this update is that production starts today (sunday) - yay! The rest still has to be explained or shown through pictures. I hope soon.

    19. Rick Bledsoe on

      Guys & Gals. Read the update. There will be NO LARGE FLOOR TILE. It's getting replaced for one reason or another. I suggested replacing it with the 2x2 eagle tile from the throne room instead of normal floor tiles.

    20. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria on

      I also liked the original large floor tile. Is there a problem with manufacturing it?

    21. Hella101 on

      I prefer a plain large floor tile as well. I'm not even sure I will use the eagle floor in the throne room. I like the double moon symbol that I see on the wall pieces of the throne room. It's simple and beautiful. Perhaps that can be done as a floor piece?

    22. Jason O on

      I'm in agreement with Thea. Plain large floor tiles are fine with me. The throne room would likely be the only place where you'd find any special artwork/etchings anyhow in real life, so to speak.

    23. Rick Bledsoe on

      So what was the issue with the large floor tile?

    24. Lunesdargent Workshop 5-time creator on

      The eagle tile is normal sized. Yes I would like to create different ground tiles with emblem sometime.

    25. Jeffery Lattin on

      I would agree with Rick and the large eagle tile. I would also like to see other style large tiles offered at a later point in time.

    26. Thea

      I dunno, I like the plain large floor piece. I don't need interesting floors, lol. Having one that's different than every other one would bug the heck out of me visually. I think maybe an alternate purchasable floor pack is a better idea.

    27. Lunesdargent Workshop 5-time creator on

      This is a great idea ! Are more of you ok with this idea ?

      (some floor tile will be normal, some will have some cracks and one will have multiple hole for spike or acide trap.)

    28. Rick Bledsoe on

      Why not replace the large floor piece with the eagle floor from the throne room add on. Then it's a different floor piece at least to break up the repetition of the floors.

      Later you could make a floor pack with ankh, scarab, cat, or several other symbols that you could sell online or during the next kickstarter as an add on.

    29. Lunesdargent Workshop 5-time creator on

      -I would prefer to create a nice center piece tile with a nice emblem insted of just 4 ground tiles as one but I don't have any time for that now since I dont want to push back the production. I will include 2 standard floor tiles instead + another corner decoration piece, which will take the 60 pieces set to 62 pieces.

      -Nothing interesting now in the unpublished update.

      We finished the touch up on 20 master pieces today. I made a shipment to the USA this week as a test and custom verification and everything went as planned, 5 work to days to California.

    30. Rick Bledsoe on

      So what's up with the large floor piece?

    31. Vincent DiCello

      Is there anything in the unpublished Update that we would still want to see? If so, please go ahead and publish it with any new info or photos.

    32. Lunesdargent Workshop 5-time creator on

      The production room is functional but not picture worthy, but I will show you pictures of the parts :)
      I intend to ship the first shipment on friday October 28.

    33. Christopher Disney on

      So do we have an eta on when the first shipment will be out?

    34. Jason O on

      I'm looking forward to some pics of the production room and of these pieces and parts next week once production begins!