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Prismata is an energetic online game that distills real-time strategy down to its purest form, and removes the "real-time".
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Prismata Episode 2: Recombination is out! Plus, Golden Cup finals

Posted by Lunarch Studios (Creator)
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Prismata's second thrilling single player story campaign episode is now available!

Travel to majestic Tauren Prime, the academic center of Beacon's biotechnology research efforts. Home to the Earthlife project, Vorexus Technologies, and a secret bio lab or two, Tauren Prime has been infected by the deadly VILE malware, which threatens to turn the city's robots against their creators. As Swade and Anya battle to contain the robot threat, they find their efforts undermined as something even deadlier arrives...

 All Kickstarter supporters with a supporter badge or golden pass have been granted access to this premium content. If you're missing your rewards, check the Humble Resender and make sure you've redeemed all your codes!

Golden Cup Semi-Finals

Finally, we have one more thrilling thing to hype up... the Golden Cup ($1750 prize pool) semi-finals have just started and are live right now at Last week's games were some of the most insane Prismata matches we've ever seen, so don't miss these two incredible best-of-9 series, casted by Arkanishu, Elyot, Zezetel, Msven, and friends!

The finals will run on (possibly) Sunday, check this schedule for more information.

That's all for now!

~ Elyot and the rest of the Prismata team

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    1. Joseph Elkhorne on

      Hi, guys

      Maybe you could email my Steam key to me? I had a difference of opinion with them over some schlock they were willing to sell but not honor a refund. That was years ago and I've changed ISPs since then. But I'm persona non grata as far as they are concerned.

      Kickstarter used to be easy, one on one. Then third partyism proliferated and I stopped pledging on anything.

      Have a good weekend.