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Prismata is an energetic online game that distills real-time strategy down to its purest form, and removes the "real-time".
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Casual Match, Steam Launch Plans, and the PLANETARY MEGA BRAWL on Sunday!

Posted by Lunarch Studios (Creator)

Hi Prismata fans!

Prismata is quickly approaching Steam Early Access. With the addition of our new Casual Match feature, all of our planned game modes for Early Access are now in place (except for the campaign, which will debut alongside the Steam launch). Read about Casual Match, upcoming events, and our launch plans below!


Casual Match

Our new Casual Match feature is finally live! Casual Match is Prismata's newest mode, featuring over 25 unique bots with different skills and personalities.

Casual Match is designed to be the perfect introduction to 1-on-1 Prismata for newer or less competitive players. Give it a try and let us know what you think! More details can be found on our blog.

Steam Launch Plans

"Prismata is great! How come is isn't on Steam Early Access already?"

Answering this question requires a bit of understanding of the Steam discovery system and what challenges Prismata faces in doing well on Steam. If you're interested, check out the video below, where I list everything that needs to be done and outline our plans for Prismata's Steam Early Access launch.



We've added a number of new event modes to our rotation, with more to come. Our Friday weekly event continue to feature bizarre and amusing changes to Prismata's units and rules; today, you can play Prismata with a completely new base set and a starting configuration that includes Ferritin Sacs!


The Planetary Mega Brawl

This Sunday, we're testing a new tournament mode—the Planetary Mega Brawl—as part of our Beta Pre-Season event series. Unlike previous tourneys that ran on Challonge, the Mega Brawl happens within the Prismata client itself. Players have 3 hours climb as high as they can on a special leaderboard. There are time handicaps, so players of all skill levels can enjoy the fun. Everyone is eligible for raffle prizes.

Event: Planetary Mega Brawl
Time: Sunday, February 26, 2016 from 2:00-5:00 pm EST
Mode: base+8, 30 seconds (with time handicaps)
Sign-up: Not needed! Join at any time from within the Prismata event menu

More Tourneys

The Mega Brawl isn't the only Prismata tourney happening this weekend. Be sure to check out Arkanishu's picks-and-bans tourney on Saturday. We'll be announcing some new brawl-style events next week as well!

See you next time!

~ Elyot and the rest of the Prismata team

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    1. Lunarch Studios Creator on

      I'll be posting an update next week! Sorry for the delay, it's been a very busy week for us.

    2. Anthony Uccello on

      Hi, it's been quite some time. Could you post an update on the status of release?