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Prismata is an energetic online game that distills real-time strategy down to its purest form, and removes the "real-time".
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Prismata has been greenlit! Plus, a 24-hour April 1st celebration, new units, Arena mode, and more!

Posted by Lunarch Studios (Creator)
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Hi, everybody!

Prismata has been Greenlit!

Prismata, being the wonderful game that it is, was just Greenlit on Steam. We can't express how floored we are. Thank you so much to everyone who voted; we do plan on releasing a desktop client for Prismata later this year; we'll keep you all updated with new developments

A completely full-on insane 24-hour April 1st celebration on the Prismata server.

In celebration of our recent greenlighting, the beginning of spring, and the March 32nd pranking holiday, we're doing something completely crazy tomorrow. During the 24 hours from 11:59 pm EDT March 31st until 11:59 pm EDT April 1st, we will be deploying 10 new units on the Prismata server. However, there is a small catch. Only one of those 10 units is real. The remaining 9 are crazy Prismata units that we tested internally, but later scrapped because they were deemed too ridiculous. We'll be enabling all of them on April 1st for 24 hours, so you'll have a day to experience the insanity for yourself.

Below are four of the ten units to be unleashed at midnight tonight:

The remaining six units will be announced later today on our Twitter page.

These units will only be playable for 24 hours. When midnight strikes at the end of April 1st, they're gone. So if you want to try out these super limited-edition crazy units, log in tomorrow to Prismata and prepare to be entertained.

The Ambassador Program

To celebrate Prismata's awesome community, we've launched the Prismata Ambassador Program, an initiative in which we will invite outstanding community members to become Prismata Ambassadors. Anyone can become an ambassador. The only thing you need to do is help spread the word about Prismata or create value for the Prismata community, whether it’s by streaming the game, creating Prismata content, giving away alpha keys, or recruiting new players. To get more information or join as an ambassador, just contact our community manager Megan, or message her on reddit.

Prismata is now "award-winning"!

We mentioned in our last update that we'd be exhibiting Prismata at PAX East and SXSW. We showed off the game at both events, and met tons of players, streamers, Youtubers, devs, and other people interested in our game. We also took home a Curse Award and were lauded by Blast Magazine as being one of the best indie games at PAX. Awesome.

New Units 

Not counting the 10 crazy ones that we'll be unleashing tomorrow, Prismata now has over 85 units. We still release new ones each month, such as the Wincer, which was added just a few weeks ago:

Meet the Wincer, almost double the damage of the Zemora Voidbringer
Meet the Wincer, almost double the damage of the Zemora Voidbringer

Arena Mode

Prismata's Arena Mode is coming! What is Arena Mode, you may ask? Check out our latest blog article, which explains absolutely everything there is to know bout Arena Mode (including your rewards).

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