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Lumu is the light meter for the iPhone and Android. Made to unleash the creativity in photographers.
Lumu is the light meter for the iPhone. Made to unleash the creativity in photographers.
Lumu is the light meter for the iPhone. Made to unleash the creativity in photographers.
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Beauty lies in simplicity

Hello everybody!

We appreciate all your comments and suggestions made in the past few days.

In the last year we have been working hard to develop something different. Something innovative. Not by reinventing, but by fixing things. Caring about creative people, about the experience they have with light meters. Because our team cared deeply about making something wonderful. We made Lumu.

We all agree there is much more to do. It is hard to say no to some things, but when we do, we can make other things perfect. We don't want to promise you something which can't be truly innovative and finished in a reasonable time. There are some excellent devices for professionals out there, which are good and capable of doing many things Lumu doesn’t. At least not at the moment. However Lumu is different. It really cares about user and his/her experience.

In a past week of Kickstarter campaign everyone of us made a lot of things to improve Lumu. To push it even further. We must stay in focus. But we can’t ignore your desire to have Android and flash support. Like all challenges worth challenging, this two are hard.

If we want Lumu to have flash support. Only capability of measuring flashes isn’t enough. It’s not how we do things at Lumu Labs. The Lumu way is to improve the user experience. To right wrongs. To make it easier. To make it intuitive and leave creativity to photographers. So please be patient. We are working on that. But can’t promise you when flash support will be available.

With Androids the story is a little different. The core idea of Lumu is to be timeless and intuitive. With that in mind. Lumu must not have battery. It is not easy, neither cheap to do that. But it speaks for itself. It shows what we think about Lumu. How serious we are, when we say “Lumu - the light meter for 21st century”.

To be more specific about that. Lumu wakes up, when you play a special sound through headphone jack. It’s all the energy Lumu needs. We made this work with iOS devices.

But with Androids we have trouble. With lots of different models there is a lots of different hardware to test Lumu with. And that is not all. Headphone jack power output of some Androids is only one tenth of what Lumu needs.

But we are very optimistic about that and already have two of most popular Android phones which Lumu support. With additional improvements on Lumu’s hardware we hope we can make new update in a future with enough Android phones which Lumu support. Until then, we’ll be burning midnight oil.

To show you we care about you and are more than happy of your big support. We already started production of some parts for Lumu. We have responsibility to deliver you perfect Lumu in a right time. That is our promise we want to keep. Because of your kindness and hard work we did in a past year. It is possible. And we think you will be more than happy of our Lumu.

But don’t get ahead of ourselfs. Lets focus on things Lumu does perfect. It is unique in versatile apps Lumu can work with. Our goal is to support you with some really good applications, taking different approaches and completely new functionalities. To unleash creativity and make sure your experience will be joyful.

We really hope that you embrace this as much as we at Lumu Labs do. Because we have a chance to do something really good.

Thanks for your support and keep spreading Lumulove. Yours,


p.s.: check our progress and updates on our tumblr blog, twitter or Facebook page.


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    1. Hans Ning on June 25, 2013

      Thanks for the update. Very excited about this!

      In regards to the flash, would it not be possible for the meter to determine the brightest point, over let's say 3 seconds, and meter from that? Since the processing is done by the iPhone, I'd suspect that it could crunch that out?

    2. sinerge on June 24, 2013

      Thanks for the update. This accuracy video is exactly what I was hoping to see. Thanks!