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Revolutionary posture sensor and mobile app. Your mom will never nag you again!
Revolutionary posture sensor and mobile app. Your mom will never nag you again!
1,614 backers pledged $200,503 to help bring this project to life.

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LUMOback Ships Nov. 26- Dec. 17

Dear LUMO-backer,

The day we've been waiting for is finally here! We started shipping LUMObacks today and will continue through Dec. 17, 2012. As the units come off the production line, we will ship in the order that pledges were received. We'll send you an email on the day that your LUMOback is shipped so that you will know when to look out for it.  

As you await the arrival of your LUMOback, please check out our never-before-seen video about our mission to bring better posture to everyone, and our hope for giving the human body a voice.

Finally, as a sneak preview, here is a quick snapshot of the first batch of LUMObacks "being born" on the manufacturing floor. You can imagine our excitement in knowing that we are one major step closer to getting your LUMOback to you!

We are thrilled to deliver your LUMOback to you very soon. We will be eagerly anticipating your feedback through our app, email, or website so please let us know what you think, what you like, and how we can make LUMOback even better.

We also want to hear your stories about the role that LUMOback plays in your life. In fact, we'd love to start hearing from you now, even before you've received your package. We're curious to know: How do you plan to use LUMOback in your life? Please respond by posting a "comment" to this update.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to bring LUMOback to you!



Shipping in a Few Weeks

Dear Kickstarter Supporters,

We are working hard to get your LUMOback to you, and making great progress everyday. We expect to start shipping towards the end of November and will let you know when to look out for your LUMOback.

Here are some recent victories:

  • Our app has been approved by the App Store!
  • We’ve gotten the necessary certifications: FCC, IC, and CE
  • We don’t want to give anything away, but we have some exciting PR plans. Stay tuned…

In case you are curious, at the bottom are some pictures of our manufacturing and fulfillment setup.  We have so much going on behind-the-scenes for you and these are just a few quick snapshots.

We can’t wait to give people an engaging tool to improve their posture, and hopefully their lives too. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.


The LUMO team

The LUMO production line. Right here in Fremont, CA. Soldering is to the rear, assembly near the front.

This is what the boards look like coming off the component assembly line. There are 8 boards in one panel:

Next, boards are broken into pieces and then wait to be programmed:

Programming our very first board with production level firmware:

Almost everything is ready to be packaged, just waiting for the sensors so we can start the party!

The Green LUMOback, Take 2

Dear Kickstarters,

We apologize that many of you could not see the image in the previous update. Here it is below.


Team LUMOback

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The New Green LUMOback!

Hey Kickstarters!

We wanted to show you the green LUMOback design up-close and personal, so here it is! 

Please let us know if you love it and want it, or would prefer to stick with the classic black design. Either way, we look forward to getting your feedback.

Here’s to making green “the new black”!


Team LUMOback

Check out LUMOback's testing video!

1) We are testing LUMOback for you so it survives anything you put it through. Here's an example of one of our Engineers making sure LUMO is very sensitive to movement:

2) The LUMOback team will be exhibiting around the U.S. so you can see us at the following events:

3) Here's a posture tip to help you through the rest of the week: Good posture involves learning how to isolate your pelvis without moving your whole back or legs. Start by trying to do pelvic tilts laying down and progress to standing.

                  *Image taken from

4) We'd love to keep the communication going!

Thank you for supporting our vision and product. We can't wait to get LUMO to you!