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Lumio unfolds from a book into a multi-purpose portable lamp. Transform Lumio into many shapes to meet your needs!
Lumio unfolds from a book into a multi-purpose portable lamp. Transform Lumio into many shapes to meet your needs!
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    1. Wynter Cobweb on October 9, 2015

      Can't use lumio now as the USB has failed. Crap

    2. Wynter Cobweb on September 16, 2015

      Lamp will not charge properly - usb possibly faulty if you complain you get blocked on every social media network out there. Broke within a month. Will not hold charge off USB. And I will complain on every photo place where this is.

    3. Dylan Lavine on February 28, 2015

      Worked perfectly for 3 weeks until it decided to never turn off. Works plugged in and holds a charge but when closed the led lights still shine bright so not very portable.
      This information is 6 months old and I am just now writing about it for no reason.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian Tsai on February 10, 2015

      Not received my Lumio yet. Please check and feedback.

    5. Missing avatar

      CHEN LIANG YEN on February 6, 2015

      I still not receive my Lumio. What happen?

    6. Wynter Cobweb on October 11, 2014

      Emailed you 3 times about the lumio not working off the usb cable.
      They're not keen if you complained via Facebook account

    7. Missing avatar

      Ian Tsai on September 25, 2014

      I still not receive my Lumio. What happen?

    8. Bruce Benderson on September 5, 2014

      I hope the makers of Lumio will correct the following FAQ:

      "Can I dim the light when it's in a fully open position?"

      "Yes, you can easily connect Lumio to a dimmer (not included) to control the lighting level without moving the position of the cover. "

      Not any dimmers I have. I have two Lumios, a brand-new fully functional one, and one that only works plugged in, due to the fact that I dropped it shortly after receiving it. The fully functional lamp showed no change connected to a dimmer, except that its little red charge-indicator began to blink. The Lumio that only works plugged in behaved like a non-dimmable compact fluorescent when plugged into the dimmer: it blinked on and off as soon as I lowered the current.

      While we're on the subject of electric power, I must also point out that the Lumios that I purchased have no charger, only a USB charging wire. I've been to Radio Shack and Best Buy and can discover no USB charger with a voltage above 2.1, which takes approximately 12 hours to fully charge my lamp. So I wouldn't really say that a 3-volt charger is "easily obtainable." Other than that, I'm quite pleased (even obsessed!) with my lamps (and hope you're using better glue so that one 6-inch drop from the hands of an all-thumbs type such as myself onto a table won't unseat the position of the battery/lights so easily, making it impossible to turn the lamp off).

    9. Gome on August 28, 2014

      Hello Luminairies,

      I love it when it works.

      But sorry to say, when it goes wrong does not respond.

    10. Wynter Cobweb on August 18, 2014


      Have had mine on for full charge by the plug, unplugged it and it lasted 10 mins and went off plunging me in darkness.

    11. Thomas Hindermann on August 14, 2014

      Hi Max,

      thank you for your mail.

      I supported your lumio-project because I loved it from the first moment i saw it. So it was very hard to wait about 10 months to get my lumio. And it was even more great, when I held it in my hands!

      But two months ago it happened an accident with my lumio: I put it with the magnets under my metal-table in the garden. When I tried to get it loose again from the table, the magnets were so strong that my lumio slipped out of my hands and fell down to the stones under the table. The wooden back broke. The LEDs are still working, but there are two parts now :-(
      Before the damage of lumio - because of this stupid accident - there was another technical poblem: One of the LED-pads was not completely fixed on the inside of the cover. So the panel jumped out by opening the lumio sometimes and made it impossible to get lumio closed without putting the panel back by very pointy fingers.
      Nevertheless, I think about a new lumio. But 195 $ (including shipping to germany!) is quite much more than I paid, when I was supporting the lumio project ... What aobut a special offer to Your first supporters?
      And just another last thing: I think your laser-finishing of the word "lumio" on the cover is not really good. There are marks of smoke inside - that is not state of the art. This company in Germany would it do much, much better:

      Have a good time!

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chen on August 13, 2014

      Hi, I received my 2nd batch Lumio a while ago and absolutely love it! However, the spine is warped, and the wood cover/faces are significantly bowed in, like cat eyes. If I order one off the website, will it have these issues?

    13. Max Gunawan Creator on August 8, 2014

      If you're in need of support or inquiring about the status of your backer reward, send us an email at — we're happy to help!

    14. Max Gunawan Creator on August 8, 2014

      @Nerissa: Thanks for contacting us at We’ve got your Lumio in queue to ship in about a week. Thanks for your patience in getting these to you!

      @Max: Your replacement is going to be shipped in about a week. Thanks for waiting for this for such a long while.

      @Schoenberger: It looks like we shipped two Lumio to you in November. A message was sent to you a few days back with more information.

      @Shawn: Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about your return and replacement. It looks as though you should have received this over a month ago now. If you have any other issues, do be sure to let us know and we’ll get them sorted out straight away. We’re best reached at

      @Anthony: Thank you! Happy to hear you’re enjoying your new Lumio!

    15. Missing avatar

      Nerissa on August 7, 2014

      Havent received a single one, and backed 3 Lumios :(

    16. Missing avatar

      Max Rösch on August 6, 2014

      @Schoenberger: The website says "Orders placed now will have an estimated delivery timeline of September 2014." a week ago it said August so I hope you get your Lumio and I will get my replacement unit after almost 5 months :o

    17. Missing avatar

      Schoenberger on July 31, 2014

      They are taking new orders and selling the lamp via their website
      And I have not even got my Kickstarter Lumio!!!!!

    18. shawn shekarchian on May 30, 2014

      Does anyone know what happened to creators of this thing. I received a defected Limio so I was asked to send it back. It's been months since I've heard back from any of them.

    19. Missing avatar

      Anthony on May 28, 2014

      hi, I'd just like to thank Lumio for shipping my replacement lamp. The new one turns off and produces a wonderful light like the first. A truly great product and good customer service ( you did respond to emails within a few days and managed my expectations so well done! )

    20. Constantine Zuev on May 13, 2014

      Hi! Something break loose inside my 2nd batch Lumio. I sent two emails about it already. Could you please check the inbox? ;)

    21. Rainer Knobloch on May 12, 2014

      They're obviously having supply issues.

      I just wish they'd be honest about it, and communicate to those people who have turned over money over a year ago to them. I still have not received my product. I'm getting sick and tired of it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Troy Hill on May 8, 2014

      @robert. Sorry I just saw your comment. I just emailed the info at Lumio email address. Just had to send them another email. Same basic response pushing it out another month. Next week will be 14 months since I backed this project and still no working unit. At this point the only thing I really want is a refund.

    23. Ellen Mulder on April 24, 2014

      Dear Max and the team,

      I received my Lumio a little while back, and am super happy with it :)
      Thank you for designing such a beautiful product. I feel like I own the awesomest lamp ever. The lamp is making people jealous and want it too, so... when will the lamp become available in the Netherlands? Any designer places that have it? Want it?

      In the name of balanced feedback, the only critical remark I could make about the lamp is that the light is quite bright. At least, brighter than I had expected. Maybe future models could have a dimmer of sorts?

    24. Robert G Cole on April 23, 2014

      @Troy Would be interested to find out who you mailed in order to receive return instructions as that process is, to me at least, very unclear. My 6-month warranty window is closing so any tips would be appreciated. And I doubt I'm the only one that would benefit.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ian Tsai on April 19, 2014

      Still not receive anything. What happen?

    26. Missing avatar

      Troy Hill on April 10, 2014

      So I received a damaged unit in February. It took 3 emails to get a response on how to return it, then 6 weeks and three emails to get a response that they received it and now I'm being told that it will be another month for a replacement. I'm sure during these multiple months they are filling new orders.
      The finished product, based on my wife's unit, is slightly less than we expected in utility and design and the customer service has been atrocious. I hope I can finally get a working unit and then I'm done with anything to do with this company.

    27. Rainer Knobloch on April 8, 2014

      I STILL have not received my Lumio. I've been told that it was "sent in november", and then "arranged for another to be sent". NO shipping notification, no Lumio.

      Starting to feel like I've been robbed, and starting to get quite annoyed.

    28. Etienne Vandamme on April 8, 2014

      little to nothing to do with it, but if you are afraid of losing it, you might consider ordering for free this bluetooth tracker:…

    29. Missing avatar

      kristen chicago on April 7, 2014

      They sent me a damaged case. And say they can't replace it because they don't warranty the cases. I could understand if I damaged the case (obviously), but I think I should RECEIVE an undamaged case to begin with.

    30. Alex Selkov on April 2, 2014

      Supposed to be in first batch but still no shipment or any information. Is there any chance to get something?

    31. Etienne Vandamme on April 1, 2014

      Just saying although we don't use it much because it's a pain to charge it, it is always on when we invite friends over. However I found the light a little too bright, it was disturbing me while readind. if you could incorporate different luminosity in the next generation it would be perfect :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Tan Nguyen on March 15, 2014

      Hi. I have notice that my lumio battery drains out even when im not using the lamp. I charged it full and used it for 10 mins and 2 days later its empty. Any one got the same problem?

    33. Missing avatar

      kristen chicago on March 4, 2014

      It's been 3 months since I received my damaged Lumio and I've still not heard from you when I can get a replacement. Please reply to my emails. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, and now it's March.

    34. Ron Van Hul on February 25, 2014

      We've received earlier this month our lamp: what a beauty. Peace of the art. It brings the atmosphere of Tomorrowland (Boom) when opend. Even the box where it was enclosed looks nice. Great job.

    35. Missing avatar

      Sarah Nicholson on February 21, 2014

      I just opened my (second batch) lumio a few minutes ago. I'm very excited about it! My kids think it's the coolest thing ever, and I have to say I agree with them. I can't wait to post pictures on Facebook to show off to my friends :-)

    36. Lindsay Cullen on February 18, 2014

      This is a little late, but when I received my Lumio I was so blown away that I immediately ordered the other two wood types so as to have a matching set of three. Great product, and I'm a very happy backer! Well done!

    37. Missing avatar

      Charly Preis (deleted) on February 16, 2014

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    38. Missing avatar

      Rod S on February 16, 2014

      Nani - Cherry is light coloured wood see here

      Your product wouldn't have been supplied in cherry if there was a problem with it, hence why you didn't get an email about it.

      It's only an issue for the people who've been supplied late as supplies have run out- I'm 2nd batch backer and will be getting a walnut finish due to the production issues.

    39. Nani Blyleven
      on February 15, 2014

      Okay, I received my Lumino from batch two about a month ago, and the finish was not at all Cherry colored but a light color. Even though the box is labeled with a two, which I took to be the code for Cherry according to the project page or something I checked at the time. The lamp is surely beautiful, but I only tried it out and put it back in its really cool box and haven't touched it since. Now I read from past comments about the production issues with Cherry and how some received email about it (not me), and it looks like they just switched out people without saying a word. None of the updates addressed this issue. I'll contact them directly and see if I have any options!

    40. Varun
      on February 15, 2014

      Just today received my Lumio (Second Batch) from INDIA and I was charged by local Postal Customs Fee Rs.1275/-

      Opened the package, It was very unique and I love the product design! :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Jing Tan on February 13, 2014

      Hi Max,

      Received my Lumio this week. After waiting for months for the product to arrive, my first reaction was what an absolute beauty, from the packaging on the outside to the actual product itself. Something unique and artistic

    42. Alak on February 13, 2014


      I’m a second batch backer of lumio. Few days ago I receive an email to track my lumio with parcelforce tracking number.


      The following item was included in this shipment:

      1 x Cherry Lumio (Single Unit) (LU-01CH)

      This shipment was sent to:

      CATHALY Kevin
      VILLEJUIF, 94800

      You can track your package by clicking the link below:…


      The name and the address above are correct.

      On the parcelforce tracking system we can see :


      Signed for by


      I check my mailbox but there is nothing, I ask everyone in my building and there is nothing.
      I don’t know any person named KATHLYN (the name is close to my family name CATHALY but…. not the same).
      I call the company in charge of the delivery of my parcel in france (GLS) (cost me around 10 euro in call taxes), they said I’ve to contact you, and you will ask parcelforce for infos.

      I hope you can help me to get my lumio, I was waiting for too long.

      Best regards,

      Kevin CATHALY

    43. Lorenz Goebels on February 12, 2014

      I'm also from Slovakia and mine also arrived today! It's beautiful and now my girlfriend wants one too. I'll hold on until there is a discount code for KS backers. ;)

    44. Kristian GS on February 12, 2014

      Received my second batch Lumio yesterday here in Denmark. It works great and looks amazing. The 5 month delay was a bit much & communication could have been better. I hope you learn a lot from this experience, you have a great product here.

    45. Missing avatar

      emtione on February 12, 2014

      I'm a second batch backer from Slovakia and today i finaly received my Lumio. It seems to work properly, I hope it will stay like this.

    46. Missing avatar

      Sander on February 11, 2014

      I've enjoyed my Lumio for about a month now and it's a great experience with very thoughtful and attractive packaging. Sadly, the glue of the page folds near the spine of the book seems to have given away now causing the single pages to undulate and increase the breadth of the lower section of the book. This, in turn, has led to the book being always lit up even when closed since the lower section has become too broad to effectively affect the on/off switch.
      So yeah, great product but this issue seems to be one to watch out for for the next generation of Lumios.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jamie Holyoake on February 10, 2014

      Second batch backer. Still no Lumio, no shipping info and no response to my email query. Wonderful.

    48. Beagle on February 10, 2014

      It actually arrived and I'm pleasantly impressed. Remain disappointed with the four month silence, but there you go. However, with your dubiously EU unfriendly sales, warranty and return terms, I can't justify a risk outlay of £120 per additional unit.

    49. Koen Vingerhoets
      on February 8, 2014

      I was in the #2nd batch shipment and have been using the Lumio for quite some time now. It remains what it was when I first opened it: stunning and fabulous. Visitors are surprised, people stare in the light and dream away... we used it to light our table during new years eve... must be by far the best kickstarter I've supported. Splendid product, excellent communication.

    50. Missing avatar

      Rod S on February 7, 2014

      It it possible to swap finish? I understand Cherry are in short supply, so happy to take a Walnut finish.

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