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Rift Rush is the best platformer available for the Rift. Period. (This may be because it's the only one.)
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    1. Lumina Celare Creator on

      Steven: We'd love to do this (and will in an upcoming build). A calibration mode is pretty necessary, we think.

      SJ32: We've just received a note from Desura saying we'll be live on it in about thirteen hours! We'll send out keys as soon as we can.

    2. Missing avatar

      SlimJim32 on

      Hi guys,

      Great work so far! I don't seem to have received any builds yet though. I pledged on the $25 tier. Any ideas what I should do?


    3. Steven Lopez on

      Just a suggestion, but could you make an in game area to calibrate your oculus rift interpupillary distance? Had to go to the forums to find how to change this.

      A 'calibration' selection at start would be great for first time players. Especially when you go to release.