Rift Rush: First Person Platformer for Oculus Rift

by Lumina Celare

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    1. Ryan McClelland on

      Wow, you are so much better at platforming than me. I can barely get past level 2 on the current build.

    2. Missing avatar

      david jackson on

      Well, I'm satisfied. Those hideous corners were the only thing preventing me from complete enjoyment. Glad to see it's all wrapped up. ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Remi D. Finjord on

      Remember that Kickstarter only lets you send one survey to each pledge tier through their system. It can be different for each tier, but each tier can only get one.
      So if you are planning to send more than one to each person, you should use SurveyMonkey or similar sites like other Kickstarters tend to do when they realize this, or when they need feedback on something later/earlier, or some form of survey that is not supported in the Kickstarter one.
      Also remember that Kickstarter requires every question/field to be answered/fillled, so take what into account when you make the survey.
      Just some reminders and tips from me. ;)

    4. GalactaVision on

      Simple, but nice change. Where do I apply for artist? =]