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Rift Rush is the best platformer available for the Rift. Period. (This may be because it's the only one.)
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Day Seven

Posted by Lumina Celare (Creator)

Good morning, Rift fans!

A little bit of housekeeping as we move into Day Seven.

First - if you haven't received any sort of demo copy yet, you've evaded our mailing list.  Shoot us a Kickstarter PM and we'll get you set up.  Apologies if we've missed one!

Second - we're talking with some great artists who sound like they've got great ideas to bring to the table.  Prepare for beauty.

Third - Our demo schedule looks as follows:

  • (no later than) April 12: Story/Campaign release. Levels will be added over time, but the mode and the first set of levels will be in place in this version. (This is a few days later than we thought this would be out; we apologize! We underestimated the list of non-game-related work we've had to do.)
  • April 26: The April "monthly release" (for Watchful Eye backers). Will contain story level fill-out and some graphics work.
  • May 31: The May monthly release. This will contain Multirush! If we can get it out earlier, we will. The Multirush release will be the last release for $10 backers.

From there on out, we'll have update information with our progress and new builds to $25+ backers every month.

Look forward to Multirush!  We are.



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      Scott on

      Is there any way to give an indication how many monthly releases there will be? Excited to see the next update :)