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Rift Rush is the best platformer available for the Rift. Period. (This may be because it's the only one.)
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Funtimes Friday, or, Let's Finally Play The Damn Thing

Posted by Lumina Celare (Creator)

Good morning, beloved backers!

CK here with a quick update as we launch into Day Three.

First and most importantly, I want to get a demo in your hands today.  We've got a sample copy of Endless Rush that we're going to send out.  Early next week (probably Tuesday), we're sending a new version with Story Mode rolled in there, but it was really important to us we get you something today.

So if you've backed at $10 or higher, shoot us a Kickstarter PM with an email address of yours.  If you've already done this (or if you've contacted us in some other way), you probably don't need to, but we won't be offended if you do anyway just to be safe.  Expect to hear from us some time this afternoon (EST).  Thanks for being patient!  (We've got better distribution in the pipe for the post-Kickstarter era -- we'll announce that more formally when it's set.)

Second and also importantly, we're almost at *200%!* of our original goal after just two days.  I know we didn't ask for a whole lot, but we're floored.  Thank you so, so much.



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