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Lumi Co. creates prints that were previously impossible. Using their new technology, two young designers want to turn the fashion world upside down!
Lumi Co. creates prints that were previously impossible. Using their new technology, two young designers want to turn the fashion world upside down!
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    1. Lumi 2-time creator on

      Hi Rainer, unfortunately we made only enough of the card wallets to reward our Kickstarter backers. However, our products will soon be available at retail. Please follow us on our website and join our mailing list for updates about their availability!

    2. Rainer on

      Hey guys, it may be that I'm new to this Kickstarter thing or that the goal has already been met, but I can't find a link to back you. I'd love to support and I'd love one of those card carriers. Please let me know if there's a way I can achieve either one.


    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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      deleted on

      how can u me in cattel farming......?????????????????????????? . ....

    5. Lumi 2-time creator on

      Hi Hokyu, sorry for the delay, wood was more challenging than we expected, but you should receive your reward very soon. Check the email we sent you for more detail & contact us at if you didn't receive the message. Thanks!

    6. Hokyu Kim on

      Hi Guys, I'm a $120 pledger but I haven't received my art print yet. Can someone help me out please. Thanks!

    7. Lumi 2-time creator on

      Hi Sue. According to our list of backers, and your profile page, we did not receive a pledge from you. Perhaps your pledge didn't go through? Look into it, and shoot us an email at

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      Sue McGhie on

      I have not received the item that resulted from my pledge.....? Sue McGhie

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    10. Nimble Scooters on

      I got my card holder! It's awesome! And great packaging too, good job on the whole product presentation! I feel special :)

    11. Claire Levy on

      Hi Lumi,

      Your printing method sound very interesting! I'm working with my sister on a design business ( and we're all about textile design so new forms of printing always intrigue us. We'd love to get more details on how you work (setup costs, run costs, minimum quantities, etc). Here's my email address:, would love to hear from you! Best, Claire

    12. Mary Barnett on

      thanks for posting the work in progress. so cool to see!
      can't wait to receive my custom lumi wallet!!
      realy really can't wait to see what else you guys do with all of this.


    13. Zim Kalinsky on

      All I kept saying was "wow". I love the idea of this!

    14. Nimble Scooters on

      can't wait to see some handbags one day from you guys!

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    16. Tricia on

      I would definitely like to see you contact Shutterfly and the other photo gifting companies at some point too as I see that as a rich field for you.

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    18. Lumi 2-time creator on

      J Hite, this is something we'd like to develop, and with more research it can be done. This is something we'll be working on, thanks to all your help and support!

    19. Missing avatar

      j hite on

      Can the process do more than one color at a time?

    20. matthijs on

      Good luck Lumi! :)

    21. Beau Buck on

      Glad to be a supporter! Looking forward to your ongoing success >>

    22. Joshua on

      Congratulations on making the goal! The photos from the speech looked great!

    23. Gianni D'Alerta on

      I just scheduled all my social platforms to blast the request in the next hour... HIT IT.... we are in the home stretch!

    24. Linda Dong on

      Wow! A huge leap in pledges in just a few hours. You guys are so close!

    25. mikehedge on

      yay!!! so excited for you guys!

    26. Missing avatar

      NINA on

      Only $657 to reach the minimum... you can do it!

    27. Missing avatar

      NINA on

      YAY! Hurray for Lumi Co. - Nina
      PS. Lumi in Finnish = Snow

    28. Missing avatar

      Brandy Laidler on

      You product/process sounds really cool, and marketable. I hope you get up and running because I am definitely going to be a client!

    29. Missing avatar

      Sue Magyari on

      Here's to all the funders who realize that a small contribution can make a big difference in a start up company's life!! I congratulate you!

    30. Shawn Traub on

      I saw that your project was the project that kickstarter was promoting on facebook and thought WOW! that's way COOL! I hope that you are fully funded and get to realize your goals and dreams. I know that when ZakshaK finally gets up and running that we here at ZakshaK definately be interested in your services! GOOD LUCK LumiCo!

    31. Kathryn Hartrick on

      I agree with Gianni! You've got the product, you've been great in the marketing, now you're in the crunch-time that calls for the marketing-blitz! Blitz, blitz, blitz!!! You are so close your goal . . . let your backers know how we can support you and help you meet your goal.

    32. Linda Dong on

      What Gianni said!

    33. Gianni D'Alerta on

      Send out an update to your backers to put out the word, heavily the next three days

    34. Kathryn Hartrick on

      Best of luck to you Lumi! Love your enthusiasm and your updates -- hope you make your goal.

    35. jane palmer on

      Hi Lumi! I am also very happy to share some textile love on this site--as well as to know about you! Your printing looks gorgeous. Best, Jane

    36. Pete Fecteau on

      That's a "Native American" not an Indian you printed on that cloth swatch.

    37. Missing avatar

      Alexa McLain on

      judge pledged for a wallet -- looks awesome!

    38. Michael Kunitzky on

      the wallet looks great! can't wait to get mine. the experimenting looks fun, good continued luck with it.

    39. Missing avatar

      Golden Acoustics on

      Good Luck to a unique idea. We hope to be able to use your services in the future!

    40. Missing avatar

      Monica Angoulvant on

      The only dreams impossible to reach are the ones you never pursue. Hope you reach your goal!

    41. Gautam Desai on

      Hope it all works out for you, looks cool, innovation is a wonderful thing!

    42. Jackie H. Brewer on

      What can I say. Fantastico! "Oh yeah, that's the one!"

    43. Lumi 2-time creator on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    44. Missing avatar

      Good Samaritan on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    45. Lumi 2-time creator on

      My mom just pledge, I feel validated. Thanks mom! -Genet

    46. Missing avatar

      Sue Magyari on

      Good Luck LumiCo! Perhaps LumiCo can print some Company branded items for our companies... Immersion USA, Inc. and Golden Acoustics. Looking forward to doing business with you!

    47. LAYERXLAYER on

      Good Luck - you can count us in for some Lumi Printing services once you guys get set up.

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