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Fusing fashion and technology. "Live Bright" with the Lumativ Snapback.
Fusing fashion and technology. "Live Bright" with the Lumativ Snapback.
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Update #7

Time for an UPDATE!! We appreciate all of the emails coming in about the new technology upgrades! If you missed the video in update #6 we have included a new video below. We’ve received many inquiries and YES the Kickstarter pre-order pledge rewards will include the upgraded electrical system featuring the 21-color options and 9 Motion Activated Effects!! 

We’ve also had lots of backers asking for an updated delivery date for their pre-order pledges. Going into our Kickstarter project we had just completed production of our first 355 Lumativ Snapbacks. We felt confident we had completed a working design that would allow us to move forward with larger production runs. 

However, in February it became clear to us that we had an issue with one of our suppliers. As it turned out, they would not be able to provide us with the goods we needed to complete larger productions. This forced us to make a very difficult decision to redesign and upgrade the entire electrical system. 

This was not a decision that was easy for our team to make. Once the decision was made we attacked it with the goal to still come as close as possible to reaching our shipping date of May 2013. Ultimately this has been a beneficial process for our product and the customer as we were able to make the system lighter, less bulky and add additional features. This system if now completed and ready to go! 

Last week we had to make another very difficult decision that we felt was in the best interest of our company. For multiple reasons we felt it was time to move away from our current headwear manufacturer and source a new manufacturer. 

We know that everyone is excited to receive their Lumativ Snapbacks with the upgraded electrical systems seen in the video below. We are thoroughly committed to finishing this process and producing these snapbacks for our loyal backers. However at this time we are unable to give a firm shipment date until we are able to complete the elaborate manufacturing processes with a new factory. 

84%* of successfully funded Kickstarter projects that have shipped late. We are grateful for the understanding of our backers that pledged for the pre-order Snapbacks that have continued to show us support and enthusiasm. 

If you were lucky enough to pledge for one of the original 355 Boss Snapbacks we’d love to hear your feedback! Where do you wear your Lumativ Snapback? How do you like it? What kind of a reaction do you get from it? How may people have tried to buy it off your head? 

Kickstarter is a great platform that provides start-up companies the chance to build an audience and secure funding for growth and development. We are proud to be a part of the Kickstarter Community. It has been an incredible experience for our small team. We’ll continue to keep you updated and share the story of our small company over the next few months until each of our backers have their own LUMATIV Snapback. 


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    1. Loukas on October 9, 2013

      Glad to hear these improvements.
      Is it a big 'Lumativ' logo now instead of the 'a'on the cap?
      Please keep us updated with your work.

    2. Jere Vekka on October 3, 2013

      Do you have any idea when shipping will be? Bought this for my godsons birthday ^^

    3. Missing avatar

      Denise Honaker on August 9, 2013

      Thanks for keeping us updated. We are looking forward to receiving our hats whenever they are ready.

    4. LUMATIV Creator on July 17, 2013

      We will be sending out a new email to all backers when we are ready to ship to verify all shipping addresses. Until then just hold tight. Thanks for the question!

    5. William Hoskins on July 17, 2013

      I moved recently, how can I get in touch with you guys to change my shipping address?

    6. LUMATIV Creator on July 17, 2013

      We do our best to launch updates as soon as we have new info. We were hoping to have a delivery date locked in but as we mentioned in the update we had to move away from our headwear manufacturer. As soon as that happened we launched the update to let our backers know what was going on. Glad to hear everyone is stoked on the new tech!!

    7. Nigel Mackinnon on July 17, 2013

      I can wait for my hat, the longer it takes the better it will be. I didn't order one of the originals because I thought I'd have mine by now but with all of this new tech, its worth the wait. The one thing I don't understand is why it took so long for an update?

    8. Terence Johnson on July 16, 2013

      Hey I understand and I can wait, I want the best product that I can get so waiting a few more months to make things better I am all for...keep doing what you do.

    9. LUMATIV Creator on July 16, 2013

      Glad you are excited about the updates! Sorry that we won't have that for you in time for your event. Next year!!

    10. Terence Johnson on July 16, 2013

      Ouch...I was hoping against hope that I would receive mine before August 9th the day of the Outside Lands Fest in San francisco. I am a dancer and wanted to use the hat as part of my routine..Oh well new tech looks awesome and hope to receive soon thanks for the update.

    11. LUMATIV Creator on July 16, 2013


      Thanks for the comment! We ran into some at Coachella as well! Yes we have fixed the noise that you mentioned. You know your stuff because that is just the nature of the EL technology. The bump in the top of the head you mention will also be eliminated along with that entire pocket. Don't get that thing jacked off your head!

    12. Draper
      on July 16, 2013

      Thanks for the update!! I have one of the 355 bluesnap backs and I've taking it plenty of places from Vegas to Phoenix to Coachella and everywhere around So Cal... Everyone loves it and Ive had so many compliments with the hat its awesome!! Coachella probably the most everyone wanted to know where to get it! haha I'm actually a little afraid of getting it stolen off my head because so many people have liked it!! The hat has been worn for numerous hours probably a good 200+hrs and the battery life on the hat is awesome too i rarely charge it! The one down side like stated above is the bulk there is little bump on the top of your head from where the components are. But this seems to be fixed with the new design and I cant wait to see it!! There was also a high pitched wine you could here from time to time, this is common with the EL Lightings.. I cant wait to see what you guys do next with the new designs! Good Luck in the future, and for everyone else waiting for there hats you wont be disappoint everyone will envy you and your hat.