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Fusing fashion and technology. "Live Bright" with the Lumativ Snapback.
Fusing fashion and technology. "Live Bright" with the Lumativ Snapback.
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263 backers pledged $55,119 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. seliqui on

      I got a parcel 2 month ago from Lumativ, but it was empty.

      The transparent tape arround the package was still intact, also the Customers Declaration (From, To, Contents, etc...) was ok. Therefore i suggest its neither the parcel-service's or one of the Customs Services (US or Austrians) fault.

      Most likely someone just forgot to put my Hat inside the package before taping it up and putting the CustomsDeclaration on it.

      I've messaged Lumativ multiple times, but no response at all so far.

    2. Missing avatar

      Soundwave070 on

      Ok, I've been pretty irritated during the long wait, but I thought it'd be nice to say here that I think this is the coolest hat ever. The reactions I've had the last 2 months while wearing it on nights out were awesome. They almost completely made me forget all the troubles.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      I am an international backer and I got mine today. The quality is good. Not really sure if worth the wait but I am happy that I got it. Thank you Lumativ.

      Question though, Is it possible to wash the hat? If I want to clean it. How would I go about it?


    4. Chris Taylor on

      I got my gat today

    5. Chris Taylor on

      Still do not have my hat?.

    6. Missing avatar

      Soundwave070 on

      w00t w00t finally got it! Good luck to all of you, don't think I'll ever be on kickstarter again

    7. Adrien Charles on

      I don't receive my track package. Do you have some information for me please. Thanks guys

    8. Missing avatar

      Soundwave070 on

      Just received my international tracking number. Been quite the wait, but I'm pretty sure the hat will make up for all that

    9. Missing avatar

      Caddy on

      Any news on the international hats? It's been 2 weeks since you said they were shipping, but I still haven't received any confirmation that this has happened.

    10. Missing avatar

      Stanley Reid on

      Has my hat shipped?

    11. Chris Taylor on

      Any news on the shipping of the hats?. I. Never got a tracking number.

    12. Stuart Kielty on

      Yeah I'm still waiting on mine too, very patiently as well, i understand things can take a while so i just hope that i receive mine soon!

    13. Stuart Williamson on

      still waiting on my hat too. I'm located in canada and the email sent does have my correct address, wondering what's going on

    14. Missing avatar

      Soundwave070 on

      Any international backers who have received their hat yet? Still waiting :(

    15. Ali Al Rahma on

      Very impressive hat. Quality of the E5 hat and the light effects are 5 star. So glad to have backed Lumativ. Thanks guys for such a good reward.

    16. Missing avatar

      Bobby Knox on

      Final Update: The hat arrived! I must say, I like it a lot and it can do quite a bit more than I originally thought upon reading the instructions. Took me an hour of fiddling to realize that even the core colors can have effects placed upon them (simply double click the button on ANY of the 7 settings. So you can have a solid color fade or strobe etc). I'm not sure if it was worth a year and a half wait but I am happy in the end so I guess it was. Well done guys and thanks for finally delivering on a very cool product.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bobby Knox on

      Update: I was contacted by the team and at this point my shipment should be corrected. As long as it gets here I will be happy. I do applaud the timely response and correction.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bobby Knox on

      So, I got my shipment confirmation and it's shipping to the wrong address. It's shipping to 8825, not 8835. I double checked the address change confirmation you sent me and it's correct there. Please fix, someone obviously made a typing "error".

    19. Missing avatar

      Bobby Knox on

      I'm still waiting on a shipment notification.

    20. Missing avatar

      EGJ177 on

      Got my hat today 7/7. Looks great will try it out later.

    21. Missing avatar

      EGJ177 on

      I received a shipping notification from USPS on 7/3. All I hope now is that I get the hat with just "a" on it and not the full Lumativ hat. Afraid if I try to exchange it will take a long time to get the right one.

    22. Adrien Charles on

      Me too it's not my opinion we backed for the cap with the "a". If you want the EDC snapback pre order it or buy it on the website. Easy no ?

    23. Missing avatar

      Bobby Knox on

      I'd like to be a little more constructive here and simply say the following: This is the first Kickstarter I ever funded. I have, to date, not complained yet. I did ask what type of hat we'd be receiving and said I would be disappointed if it was significantly aesthetically different than the one originally pictured during the campaign. I'm also guessing, of the 263 backers you have, maybe 10-20 have expressed complaints or gone too far in their complaints. But that would leave 253-243 people who have given you money on or before Jan 2013 who have waited patiently. Hoping. Waiting. Hoping some more that they would finally receive this awesome hat. We knew the risks. Granted. But we also figured you would keep an open dialogue with us. I still just want an awesome hat I can show off. I never badmouthed you. Yet the most recent update basically says you think I am someone you owe absolutely zero to. I beg to differ. I am a customer of yours. I feel thus far as if I got the very short end of the stick. Just speak to us, without defensiveness. Tell us what to expect, that is always better than nothing at all. I am a businessman. The first rule of business is to keep the client/customer/person-who-sends-you-money happy. This ensures that they will continue to do so. I like your product. You need to hire an HR person though. You may be a suave businessman but your client relations do leave room for improvement.

    24. Nigel Mackinnon on

      So you're no longer supporting comments or listening to the people that made you? Made your company what it is today? You say that we are the bottom of the barrel scum that only gave you money. You had 2 options, you didn't have to use kickstarter. If you couldn't handle all the comments and rumours you should of went a different route and went to a giant company and sold your idea there. Then again if you would of talked to said giant company like you are talking to us, like we are nothing. You would of lost funding on day one. Your project is nothing without us. You say that kickstarter is not the major reason for success in your company. I beg to differ. Without our money, because you didn't go a different route and picked us. You gave us the power to make or break your idea. Without our money, you wouldn't of had the power to create all these proto types and take your sweet time and have all these delays. We are what made you. So when you say how dare we talk bad about you when we have been sitting here waiting patiently through all of this, through your delays. Which we now find out that one of which, if not more of these delays were to create a different line of hats for a client. You must understand there wi be rumours floating around. There is an old saying. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Now this other line of hats. I understand a client bought it and you had a deadline. I understand. For these rumours. They could of easily been dispelled if you would of just told us, the people who made you who you are today. Yes some people would of been upset. It comes with the territory of being a business. You are always going to have people mad, no matter what. You could of just us this, but you have been terrible at updating us since the beginning. It takes a few minutes to write something up to explain what's going on. How dare we bad mouth you? How dare you bad mouth us. Get your shit together.

    25. Missing avatar

      remy on

      Gladly but where do you mean @Nigel Mackinnon? I just read the comment from the creator's below and all I got is that we as a Kickstarter community and backers are insignificant. You talk about these thousands of hats but have 263 Kicktarters so I'm failing to see how we as an "extremely small part" could not have our hats made already?

      I understand trying to make the best product you can, I've pledged to projects that 100% under delivered but with your 5 month expectations of completion turned into 1 year and 7 months .. without even a small incentive? Its worth commenting about.

      And yes if people want to replace their E5 hat with an EDC hat then how hard would it be to take their portion of the seed/pledge money and buying the hat from Insomniac Events because at the end of the day your community drives you, unless you have a ton of marketing dollars that you won't need us or our word of mouth on these hats then the best course of action would be to do right by us in anyway possible.

      I honestly don't want to be the person that speaks out about a company and their business practices or lack thereof but a lot of people feel this way and it should be said .. on as many platforms as it takes. Good luck in all seriousness, if this gets out there its not going to be a good look for you no matter how small you think we are.

    26. LUMATIV Creator on

      Kickstarter -

      So everyone is clear, the LUMATIV x EDC collaboration has nothing to do with Kickstarter. The Kickstarter hats and the EDC style hats were produced in two separate production runs and were delivered at the same time. Due to an extremely tight schedule and deadline we had for EDC, those had to be delivered first. There are a lot of logistics involved with all of our decisions. The EDC hats are not our property and are owned by Insomniac Events. It is their intellectual property. We do not have the rights to sell it under our own brand.

      It's shocking that everyone here is SO upset that we have clients and are succeeding as a business... Isn't that what this whole "Kickstarter" platform is about? Helping business succeed? You guys wonder why we don't reply to you with all the negative comments and assumptions...

      We are in the process of shipping out everyones "a" style LUMATIV E5 Snapbacks. We apologize for the delay, but it is a lot of work to process thousands of these hats. We are disappointed to see how upset everyone is about getting a product 10x better than the original you had purchased...

      We will no longer be supporting any comments or issues through Kickstarter. We ask that you not assume things about our company and bad mouth our brand as Kickstarter has been a extremely small part of the success of our business.

    27. Nigel Mackinnon on

      Would you kindly post that email.

    28. Missing avatar

      Bobby Knox on

      So I got my address update: thanks! So my only question is since you guys seem to have a whole line of different hats now, which one are we getting? I'm hoping it's the one (or close enough to) that was shown in the kickstarter (with the glowing "a"). If mine comes with the full word "lumativ" stamped on it, I'll likely be very unhappy. I don't mind advertising a product on my head but I have to say that one is my least favorite of the ones currently on the website. just sayin... otherwise I am very excited to FINALLY be getting my hat. Don't disappoint me guys!

    29. Missing avatar

      remy on

      Exactly EGJ177. They also seemed to have had the time to create custom and new lines of hats like the EDC hat which was sold for the event and have the nerve to say they don't offer that, especially here .. where if it wasn't for us wouldn't even get this thing off the ground!

      I've actually had this conversation about those EDC hats with them, lets just say they were very much a dead end and extremely eye opening as to how they treat their customers ...

    30. Missing avatar

      EGJ177 on

      Thank you for the update. I don't know about anyone else here, but I'm kind of pissed after looking at Lumativ's instagram and I see people that didn't donate get the hats before us, most likely for free too. I know you were promoting the project, but damn....... Riff Raff gets a hat before us.

    31. LUMATIV Creator on

      Everyone should be receiving a Pledge survey update allowing 48 hours to update your shipping address and details. After this time you can no longer change your address. If you do not receive this please send us a personal message with your updated mailing address.

    32. daftpunk on

      Scott Campbell, CEO of Lumativ, don't try to do another Kickstarter campaign in the future please. You obviously have no idea what you are doing. This is a joke.

    33. Missing avatar

      remy on

      I've backed a lot of projects, some worse in their claim then others but this one is why I don't back anymore Kickstarter's. No real compensation for such long wait times, no willing to change an order or anything and believe me I tried. I also didn't get mine .. at all. The worst!

    34. Adrien Charles on

      Please guys, we can have a last update ?

    35. Missing avatar

      Bobby Knox on

      I got neither the final address confirmation nor the shipping confirmation.

    36. Missing avatar

      EGJ177 on

      Anyone get a shipment confirmation?

    37. Missing avatar

      EGJ177 on

      Can't wait to get that shipment sent notice.

    38. Nigel Mackinnon on

      Shipping today! Well better be shipping today...

    39. Ali Al Rahma on

      Finally shipping tomorrow!!! The excitement is real!

    40. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Refund please.

    41. Frank Tran on

      I'm just bother by the lack of updates from your group given that the project's estimated delivery date was over a year ago. I've funded projects that went over their delivery dates by months but they kept us consistently updated as to what was causing numerous push backs and kept us excited about their product. In comparison your team has kept us relatively in the dark to the point where I had actually forgotten I had funded this project until I realized I could use a new snapback. I personally funded a lot of money into your project not because I could use 4 hats but because I found this project rather creative and innovative. The last thing I want is to be scammed, so after a relatively long period of patience I think it's only fair to ask for what you promised us or ask for the option to get our money back.

      With that being said, I'm sure everyone here is super grateful at your dedication to an awesome product and we're all super excited to see the final results.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ian Rogers on

      Thank you Lumativ for your quick response, because as I have said, most of the time you leave us in the dark. I did not want you to feel like it was a threat but merely a demand for communication. If you look at previous comments below, several concerned backers have asked just for an update but instead you ignore them and say nothing. I was hoping if I wrote a long comment like mine below, I would actually get a reaction. I do support Lumativ fully and the product you have is honestly ingenious. I understand that it is a complicated product and that delays do happen. I am sorry if you felt it was a threat or absurd demand. All I was looking for was a response from you and to point out that you could have communicated with us more frequently. I apologize if you think I was threatening your product or company. To be honest, there are a number of backers who wanted to say what I did, but didn't because of your threats to remove their order and refund their money. I know how it could look like I was being impatient, but at the same time it's a little hard to just call me impatient when we gave you the pledged money 1 year and 4 months ago from today and the poor communication from January. All I wanted was some clarity and a definitive response from you. Thank you for getting back to us, and I hope that even though it looks like some are impatient, we have all still been waiting eagerly to see you successfully launch your product. I did not mean to attack your business in anyway, but just wanted a response from the Lumativ that periodically disappears. I hope this clearly shows why I am here; to support and help your company mature, and to assist in launching a new product. I was also attempting to teach you the reality of the situation and hold you accountable for the radio silence you showed us this Spring. Instead you merely tried to bounce me off as just another critic and not admit that you could have handled communication more properly. The fact that you attacked me after only one time that I have ever shown any concern, has just hurt my respect for you as a company and for you Scott Campbell as a CEO. All it would have taken is a, "Yes we have had some setbacks. There was a slight issue in manufacturing (or maybe customs), and we are sorry." If you had sent us something similar to that, then I most likely would have never been concerned and wouldn't have sent the comment in the first place. The most I would ever expect is a monthly short message giving us an update. You weren't even near close to that this Spring. You cannot tell me that my concern was out of context.
      I hope that I have proven my point and you will at least listen to and consider my advice. I do support Lumativ and your Snapback completely.(or else I wouldn't have backed it) I believe it is ingenius and it will take you far. You are right that Kickstarter is a place to jumpstart your company and it will teach you certain necessary skills for a business like yours. (Communication) Please do not take offense from anything I have said but merely look at it from our perspective. Thank you again for your rapid response.

      Kickstarter and Backer Community

    43. LUMATIV Creator on

      Kickstarter -

      We appreciate those of you that have continued to keep the faith and provide positive feedback and support throughout this past year! We understand and are completely aware of the delays we have had. There is reason behind all of it and we have made the careful decisions internally to push back shipment several times to ensure the products quality and success. We will not sacrifice this for some given individuals impatience to receive their hat. I personally stand firm and confident with these decisions.

      The shipment dates provided for June 20th are on schedule and confirmed. We are in the process of finishing the final assembly and you will be receiving further information about shipment shortly. We apologize that we had to push back previous shipment dates and go against what we told everyone. I realize this makes it difficult at times to trust what we are doing. You will see within the next few weeks though why we chose to do this.

      The messages we have received from various individuals over the past year have shown us that many people of the Kickstarter community are not interested or concerned on the success of the projects they back or LUMATIV for that matter. Many of you have made it clear to us that you are only here to participate as a "consumer" and purchase product that are not yet on the market. This is not what the Kickstarter platforms is supposed to be about, and we find it unfortunate that many of you use it this way and that Kickstarter allows this sort of behavior.

      Once again I will reiterate that we are not required to share every piece of information about our business with the Kickstarter community. There is an extensive amount of hard work, dedication and time that has gone into this venture and we find our valuable time best spent in the further development of our product and business management. There is much more involved behind the scenes that no one is aware of (not just the Kickstarter community), and we ask you as supporters of our cause to respect this privacy while we prepare for some big announcements.

      We have full intention of fulfilling our commitments to your purchases.

      There is a lot coming in the next few weeks and we hope you will all enjoy your new LUMATIV E5 Snapbacks. We have upgraded the product 10 fold, which the Kickstarter community never pledged to originally. We did not have to do this, but as a thank you for your patience we have offered this as a gift. We do not appreciate those of you that have returned this gesture with threats, impatience and demands. It clearly shows why you are here.

      Those of you that have been supportive and positive throughout this past year will be receiving some special incentives and invites to participate in some future LUMATIV programs. You will be receiving this individually with your snapbacks.

      For future questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at and check in to for some exciting new updates over the next few weeks.

      Thank you again for you positive patience and support -

      LUMATIV - Live Bright
      CEO & Founder
      Scott Campbell

    44. Missing avatar

      Ian Rogers on

      I appreciate the latest updtae, number 14, and I would appreciate it even more if you could stick with your deadline this time. The last time you sent out an address update, back in November, you also said it was shipping soon too. I wouldn't consider 8 months soon. The fact that the original deadline was May 2013, and it is currently May 2014 is ridiculous. I've been waiting patiently for a year and a half almost since backing the product. I haven't said anything until now. I've sat here, waited for updates and gone through comments as well but I never said anything. This is outright ridiculous. I, myself are an entrepreneur who has come out with a couple products as well, but I have never had someone pre order and then be put off like this. You just keep designing new hats with the money used from this Kickstarter instead of actually putting into production the hats we paid for. I am sorry, but these delays are extremely unprofessional and honestly if you were working in the corporate field with venture capitalist money and did everything you have done to us, you would have been sued. I'm just putting that out there. It has been way too long and the money from this Kickstarter was extremely mismanaged. You tell us May 2013, and you inform us in the update that talks about your new "Lab" that fulfilling our preorders was your number 1 priority. If it truly was, then why did you continue to spend money and time on the R&D of new product? Companies don't do that until they have actually had a successful product launch, which I do not believe you have. Why did you sell us the product if you didn't have a reliable supplier in the first place? Instead of going to trade shows and spending your energy on that, you could have sold thousands of hats by now if you put your resources in your suppliers and other important manufacturing processes. Then in November and December 2013 you posted pictures of your manufacturers in Asia. Compliance testing and quality control does not take 6 months. Since the January update, you have only given us less than 100 words in writing about the same shipping address updates that you have said since November. Then just a few days ago, you give us a date in June. What happened to Spring??? We've hardly heard from you and by the way your Facebook page hasn't said anything since March. This is getting ridiculous. It is extremely unprofessional and there isn't even another way to reach you. I hope you actually respond to me and not just ignore us like you have been since January. Please let us know why it has taken since January for you to inform us of a shipping date.

      The Backers (Your Investors)

    45. Missing avatar

      EGJ177 on

      So no more Spring? Lets just hope it's early June then.

    46. Ali Al Rahma on

      @Soundewave070, I sent them a message a week ago asking about shipping and got a reply today. They said it in production oversees and will be delivering in June! Finally! It is also the hat I want and that's why I am very patient and don't mind waiting a bit longer.

    47. Missing avatar

      Soundwave070 on

      So Lumativ creators, if you DO check out the comments once in a while. Please have the decency to inform your backers on a more regular basis. If you guys are not able to deliver the goods, than at least be open about it and explain how the money was spend. I'm not ready to give up on it just yet, because what I've seen so far still looks like the hat I definitely want, but if 'spring' is over, I'm done with this.

    48. Missing avatar

      Soundwave070 on

      Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?
      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn't fulfill their promises. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

    49. Ali Al Rahma on

      At least they told someone 3 weeks ago on their Instagram to "Be sure to follow us to get updates for release soon!" I believe they'll deliver it on or before May (maybe extend it to June). Still looking forward to getting it.

    50. Ali Al Rahma on

      EGJ177, hahaha never knew! Thought it was recent... Oh well, only thing to do is wait...

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