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Our goal is to re-publish 500 old Christian books. Available to read online, to download, or as physical books. Help us make it!

Stretch Goals!

Thanks to all of our great friends and backers, we hit our goal with 11 days to go. And that means, now it's time for stretch goals.

$10,000 was the minimum amount to make this work - everything else will result in more and/or higher quality books! Here are our three big stretch goals:

$15,000: Deep Roots Library coffee mug

Because what goes better with an old book than fresh coffee?! The deeper the author, the stronger the brew!

This is not your average cheapo white mug, either. We're talking a nice, coffeeshop-style mug. We're trending to break this anyway, so back, share, and get your mug!

$20,000: 2x the goal, 2x the books!

If we reach double the original goal, what better way to celebrate than to double the books?! Here's what'll happen: If you were originally getting a physical book, now you get two! If 3, then 6! If none, then 1 (if you want).

And if your original reward was the whole project in digital form ($100+ levels), then you will continue to receive books every week even after the 500 project books are done, until we reach (wait for it...) 1,000 books!

2k Facebook Shares: Awesome stickers with quotes from dead theologians!

Facebook has been responsible for a huge amount of the traffic for the project - it's super important!

We're under 1k shares now - if we can get to 2,000, not only will we hit this goal and get everyone some more old-school swag, but we'll be well on our way to reaching the other two stretch goals as well!

• • • Original Project • • •

Fighting Off "Chronological Snobbery"

There are thousands of new Christian books published every year. We're constantly bombarded with fresh, supposedly better ways of doing things, better ways of thinking about things, better ways of connecting with God.

But what if the new ideas aren't really new at all? What if Ecclesiastes is right, there really isn't anything new under the sun? What if Christian brothers and sisters, pastors and leaders from the other 20 centuries have important things to teach us in THIS century?

There is a story behind Deep Roots Library, but we really can't claim it for our own. It's the story of God's people who have been experiencing life with Him for over 2,000, reading, studying, praying, and writing. That's the REAL story.

We're just here to make sure that it gets told! To make sure that in an age of blog posts and bullet points, status updates and tweets, we still take time to read the brilliant thoughts of those who have gone before us.

500 Books? That seems like a lot.

It is a lot, but we can do it, and the goal is to be done by February. Here are a few things that make us think we can make it:

  • The books are already written!
  • Every text is run through our highly customized system that runs over 6,500 different fixes. Spellings & punctuation are modernized, Scripture references are standardized, and many typos are automatically corrected. By the time a human looks at the text, well over 50% of the mistakes have already been corrected.
  • We have developed a blazing fast, easy to navigate website that gets out of the way and lets the content shine. It's also mobile responsive, so it looks as good on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop.

What will the money be used for?

Lots of stuff - it's 500 books after all! Here are just a few of the costs we're going to be dealing with, some of which are for every book.

  • ISBNs
  • Cover designs
  • Typesetting
  • Specific OCR software for pre-1800s texts (whose idea was the "long S", anyway. Seriously.)
  • Integrating book printing/shipping into the website.

What's the timeline for this project?

For all 500 books: February 2014. But that doesn't mean that you won't have anything until then, because...

Books will be released as they're finished. 

So that means that if you sign up for a reward that gets you digital access to the project, you'll start getting new (old) books in early September, and print editions later in the month. We're getting as many of the pieces in place right now as we can, so that when we get funded we will hit the ground running and starting getting rewards into your hands, Kindles, and iPads!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are enough challenges in publishing ONE book, let alone 500! Here are a few of the challenges that we will face:

• Finding good digital copies of original books, especially pre-1800s.
• Managing multiple books at various stages of the publishing process.
• Perfecting the process of getting our print editions to press.
• Getting the books approved for inclusion on the iBookstore™ and Kindle™ Store
• Introducing modern readers to authors they may not be as familiar with.

We don't anticipate these things slowing us down too much once we get the hang of it (we're going to do it 500 times, after all!). If there are any specific major setbacks, we'll be sure to update.

In fact, backers can expect lots of updates anyway, so that you know what books we're working on and how to download them!


  • It all depends on how the project goes. Backers who back at the Book Sponsorship level get to CHOOSE the book they want to sponsor, so to make a list now would be incomplete and inconsistent.

    After the project ends, we'll send out a survey to all the backers to get a sense of what people would like to see in the books, i.e. what time period, authors, and type of books (general Christian living, devotionals, commentaries, systematic theologies, biographies, etc). We'll then try to balance those out and come up with a list of the books that will be awesome in every way! ;-)

    So with those two caveats in place, we'll be publishing men like Spurgeon, Edwards, Luther, all the Puritans, Wesleys, Whitefield, Horatius Bonar, D.L. Moody, Theodore Cuyler, etc. etc, and hopefully a few early church fathers as well. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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  • Of course! Once you click back this project, just choose the $20+ reward level and multiple $20 by the number of T-shirts you want!

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  • After the project is succesfully funded, we'll be sending out a survey via Kickstarter to our backers. We'll collect that information then.

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