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An expansion for Pocket Imperium. Quick gameplay, small size, minimalist visuals. Space 4X for 2-4 players in 30-45 minutes!
An expansion for Pocket Imperium. Quick gameplay, small size, minimalist visuals. Space 4X for 2-4 players in 30-45 minutes!
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Pocket Imperium: Prosperity adds yet another layer of strategy to Pocket Imperium's minimalist gameplay. You must now guide your star empire to take advantage of changing new opportunities appearing across the galaxy.

Scroll down to learn more about Prosperity.

Kickstarted earlier this year, and with a long pedigree as one of the Good Little Games collection, Pocket Imperium is the space 4X game that will take much less space (& time) than you think.

With gameplay that sticks to the fundamentals and a minimalist visual identity, it offers a whole lot of value to those who appreciate constant meaningful tactical decisions in a small package.

For more detail on the components and mechanisms of Pocket Imperium, download the rulebook here (1.5 MB, right click and Save as...). Please download this file, as PDFs viewed in-browser may not display properly. This file is the low-resolution version of the rules document. The rules will be translated in French & German as well.

Click here to read the rules of the Mech Worlds promo tile.

If you would like to skip reading the rules, here's how to play:

1. Plan your actions

Planning actions is as simple as choosing which of your 3 cards to play 1st, 2nd and 3rd. That's it!

2. Expand, Explore, Exterminate

3. Exploit

Players sustain their fleets, using the resources to support from 1 (in empty space) to 4 (on Tri-Prime) ships per hex. Then the players score a sector of space.

At the beginning of the game, players set up to one Prosperity card per round face-down in a row, which represents the new opportunities and bounty available to those who dare seize them.

Each round of the game, the next round's Prosperity card is revealed, allowing for players to plan to occupy specific systems, raise fleets or take over Tri-Prime, all of which reward the player with additional points.

Here is an example:

Each card will also reward players with additional actions, depending on if they played a command card at a certain time in their turn, representing certain actions being more efficient due to market conditions.

You can download the rules here - they will be included in the card set.

As you might already realize, Prosperity is meant for those who are looking for more of a "gamer's game" out of Pocket Imperium. It is appropriately sized for a microgame, and its 14 cards offer additional choices at both the tactical (action timing) and strategic (changing goals for bonuses) levels.

We expect to fulfill all the rewards ourselves, from Finland. EU backers do not have to worry about customs or VAT.

Tracking is not offered through this campaign. If tracking is important to you, please contact us via the KS messaging system.

We have set the shipping deadline as July, but we hope to ship everything in June.

Backers of the main Pocket Imperium campaign that also back Prosperity will receive all rewards in the same shipment.

What You See Is What You Get - this is our doctrine, and we like to run simple, straightforward campaigns. We are aware that offering add-ons and/or introducing stretch goals would increase the funding total. However, we have already thrown everything into this game - a lot of time, effort, and money. We intend to print with the highest quality materials anyway and we will not cut any corners.

We also want to offer the game at the cheapest cost possible - and that is incompatible with stretch goals. We'd have to add "hidden" profit in the pledge levels, that we can then "spend" to give you stretch goals to get excited about. Therefore, raising money beyond our goal does not give us extra money on hand to create stretch goals.

Furthermore, because the games are made in Europe, and because we do small print runs, we do not benefit by economies of scale by producing more copies of the game.

If we do offer additional content, we will lock past pledge levels to reward those that supported us early without the promise of the extra content. That's it - you do not need to pay more, or like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or be a fan on BGG - although all of those things are nice of you if you do them, we want you to do them if you want to, not because of a carrot we dangle in front of you.

We do not do add-ons (not even our other games), because we want to keep our operations simple, and deliver efficiently. We are in this for the long run, so it does not help us to squeeze a few more dollars from a few backers, if we disappoint *all* backers.

We also have a maximum number of copies we can feasibly print and ship during this campaign. Therefore it is possible - as we have done previously in one of our campaigns - that we might lock the maximum number of pledges available across all pledge levels.

Finally, we do not pay anyone to give an opinion on our games.

Game design: David J. Mortimer

Illustration & Graphic design: Todd Sanders

Visual identity & rules development: Brett J. Gilbert /

Nutella: Yes, please.

Risks and challenges

The fulfillment for the main Pocket Imperium campaign is now beginning, on schedule. We are working with a manufacturer we have worked with before, and we are confident in our ability to deliver the game and any additional content we create for this game. That said, unforeseen events may affect how quickly fulfillment is conducted, and the final graphics and components that you see presented here are subject to (however improbable) change. Note that our goal is to ship the game on time, by the dates listed on the pledge levels. Shipping a package is different than delivering a package. We do not deliver your game, the shipping company does. Therefore, delivery times will vary according to your local postal services - once we ship, the shipment is the responsibility of the shipping company. If tracking is important to you, please let us know. Informal currency conversions made on this campaign may not be accurate by the time you read this. In space, nobody can hear you complain about early birds. This campaign is offered only to Earth-based intelligent life forms. By backing this project, you indicate that you have read, understood and agreed with the above. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via the KS messaging system.

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    Pocket Imperium: Prosperity

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    The base game + the Mech Worlds mini-expansion + the Prosperity expansion, shipped ahead of the game's release at Gen con.

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