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Develop the Underground and attract passenger traffic! A remastered edition of the clever network-building 1-hour game for 2-5 players.
Develop the Underground and attract passenger traffic! A remastered edition of the clever network-building 1-hour game for 2-5 players.
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On the Underground: London / Berlin



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It's rare to be able to work on something you love.

This is what happened with On the Underground. Long out of print, it was a favourite in our gaming group and when we realized that the rights were available, we reached out to Sebastian Bleasdale and, well, here we are!

The massive network of London Underground stations makes up one of the most complex transportation systems in the world, and On the Underground challenges you to develop it. 

Build the most successful lines, connect them to landmarks and attract passenger traffic! 

On the Underground is a game for players who love to create.

While seemingly a simple game, the strategic depth takes you beyond other network-building games such as Ticket to Ride, Thurn & Taxis and Through the Desert.

Besides each game being different due to the on-board objectives, the Passenger introduces a singular challenge to each turn of the game, inviting you to participate (and earn points) even when it is not your turn.

This edition of On the Underground includes the all-new Berlin map, a challenging change of pace for those who have played the original London one, which has also been updated to match the real-life Underground and improve gameplay.

Besides adding Berlin and improving the art and graphic design, we took the opportunity to perfect the contents of the game, and even more so for the Deluxe edition that we hope to create with your support!

We decided early on to include more than one Passenger shape options, and thus the five custom-shaped tokens were born. Three of them (wheelchair user, elderly and pregnant) were kindly provided by Ian O'Toole and Alban Viard.

In addition, we felt the need to do even more to thank you for your support, and with  something truly special. That is why we created the transparent acrylic token, and we gave it a shape that may be familiar to our previous backers...

Finally, we decided to wrap the whole package up in something even more "Deluxe", a beautiful slip case that will have your box shining amongst others on your shelf - literally. The wraparound UV coating on the water-colour graphical elements gives it an elegant sheen that stands out.

The Deluxe edition will be available through this campaign (including any retail backers - see below) and through events where we participate.

We also wanted to make sure that we offer the basic edition of the game to those who do not want improved components. There are no other differences between the two editions.

Note that the included rulebook for any basic edition copies fulfilled as part of this campaign may depict Deluxe components.

In On the Underground, players compete to build the most valuable and convenient transportation network in London or Berlin. Each player controls 2-4 different lines, depending on the number of players.

 At the beginning of each turn, 4 Destination cards are facing up, corresponding to stations on the map. A player’s turn consists of taking four actions, followed by the Passenger’s movement.

After the player’s turn, the Passenger token is moved along built lines and avoiding empty track spaces as much as possible, in order to reach 1 or 2 Destination stations.

 The Destination cards corresponding to the visited stations are then replaced by new ones, and then play passes to the next player in clockwise order.

Players score points in two ways:

By building track and connecting their lines to various types of stations, by building a circular line in London, or by collecting Landmark tiles in Berlin.

• By having the Passenger use their lines when moving.

The game is over after all Destination cards have been drawn and all players have taken the same number of turns.

The player that has earned the most points is the winner, having built the most valuable network On the Underground!

You can download the rules of the game here (5 MB, right click and Save as…):


Please download this file, as PDFs viewed in-browser may not be displayed properly. This file is the low-resolution version of the rules document. If you find any mistakes, please use this form to submit them: 

Other languages

On the Underground is completely language-independent. We are definitely going to have rules in German and French in the box. Other languages are a possibility, and we will update this space with new information.


David Turczi has worked with Sebastian to create a really cool solo mode, with its materials available as a post-campaign add-on, via Backerkit.

As usual, we offer you the chance to try the game before you back the campaign. The game has been implemented on Tabletopia, and you can play for free by clicking here:

Note: The videos below show prototype components.

The game may look really good in these videos, but know that the final product is even better (linen-finish cards, board & box,  wooden screen-printed tokens, etc.). With that said, here we go!

Tom Vasel

reviewed the original 2006 edition. This video also illustrates the effort and care that went into updating the art and the materials for the 2019 edition.

Richard "Rahdo" Ham

runs down On the Underground:

Paul "Gaming Rules" Grogan

gamely rules this playthrough:

Tom "Slickerdrips" Heath

loses to a glass cat called Marty:

Jon "Actualol" Purkis

actually makes you lol (if not with this video, try this or this):

Luke "Broken Meeple" Hector

had things to say, important things (note, Luke is referring to prototype components):

Also, in case you missed it at the top of the page, here is the awesome

On the Underground trailer

Matt "Creaking Shelves" Evans

took a look at On the Underground at the UK Games Expo:

Joel "Devon Dice" Wright

played a rather eventful game, also at the Expo: 

General Terms

We expect to fulfill the rewards bound for the USA from within the USA, and the rewards bound for EU and other countries from Germany. EU backers do not have to worry about customs or VAT.

Shipments to backers outside of the EU and the USA will have 35 EUR declared as the value of the package. That's roughly equivalent to 39 USD / 52 CAD / 57 AUD / 39 CHF / 4288 JPY. Note that we can not be responsible for any customs fees.

We can also not be responsible for any re-shipping fees in case your package is returned as unclaimed, or if the address you provided is not valid. Should a package not arrive within a certain time frame that will be announced when it has been shipped, we will spend a period of time investigating its fate before any action is taken.

Certain countries do not appear on the list of available shipping destinations. This is due to past experiences and potential cost overruns due to weight fluctuations. Click the pledge level and please contact us via KS message if your country does not appear on the list.

We expect to have tracking for the USA, but not for anywhere else. If tracking is important to you, please contact us via the KS messaging system before the campaign is over. We do not expect to be sending tracking codes when the games are shipped.

Regrettably, we can not offer pickup at Spiel in Essen or at any other convention.

 We will be using Backerkit as our post-campaign fulfillment suite and pre-order management platform, through which additional copies may be obtained.


The real cost of shipping is subsidized and is offered for the period of the campaign. It includes costs like ocean freight, import fees and/or VAT, packing materials, labor, replacements shipping; and the risk of shipping cost increases. Those can add anything from $3 to $10 to the price you would have to pay if we did not subsidize them.

EU: 9 USD. Real cost: At least 12-22 USD

USA: 9 USD. Real cost: At least 12-22 USD

Worldwide: 14 USD. Real cost: At least 18-28 USD

IMPORTANT: Do not add these amounts to your pledge! We will collect the shipping cost after the campaign, via Backerkit.

Retailers who wish to back this campaign must back at the $1 pledge level, and then contact us via the KS messaging system:

This offer is available only to retailers which have a physical store in the countries allowed by the $1 pledge level. Stores with event space will be prioritized and all entities and locations will be verified.

Online-only retailers will be considered in territories where there no physical retailers have backed the campaign.

Fulfillment will be conducted in the following steps:

1. Individual backers

2. Physical stores

3. Online-only stores (if any) - at least 2 weeks after the previous step

There will be a limit on how many copies of each edition that a retailer can order. A deposit will be taken during the campaign, with the rest of the funds payable via Backerkit.

Only retailers who back this campaign will be able to re-order the game, should there be any stock available, for at least 6 months after fulfillment has commenced.

Please contact us for more information.

What You See Is What You Get - we like to run simple, straightforward campaigns. We are aware that stretch goals would increase the funding total. However, we have already thrown everything into this game - a lot of time, effort, and money. We are already going to print with the highest quality materials.

We also want to offer the game at the cheapest cost possible - and that is incompatible with stretch goals. We'd have to add "hidden" profit in the pledge levels that we can then "spend" to give you stretch goals - nothing is for free. Raising money beyond our goal does not give us extra money on hand to create stretch goals.

Retail availability: We pledge that, along with the exception of a limited number of retail backer and convention copies, your games will arrive long before the game (the basic edition) is available through wide distribution.

SPIEL availability: Should production be completed in time, we plan to airship a limited number of copies to Essen, where we will be selling them. As mentioned above, we can not offer pickup there or at any other convention, and we can not guarantee availability.

Game Design: Sebastian Bleasdale

Illustration: Viktor Csete

Graphic Design: Viktor Csete

Rules Editing: Paul Grogan

Trailer: Sonja Hatanpää

Tabletopia Implementation: Viktor Csete

Special Thanks: JKLM & Rio Grande Games, Teppo Saarinen, the JunaCon crew, Ian O'Toole, Alban Viard, Toni Heinonen, Kira Peavley, David Turczi, John Albertson, Adrian & Sandie Whipp, Brett Gilbert, Matthew Dunstan, Tom Vasel, Luke Hector, Matt Evans, Joel Wright, Martyn Poole, Derek & Lizzie Funhouser, Nick Welford, Antti Punavaara, and the many, many playtesters that helped  create (and re-create!) On the Underground.

LudiCreations is a publisher of such novel games as Crisis, …and then, we held hands, Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden, ESSEN, Kune v Lakia, Pocket Imperium, [redacted], and Town Center. Working with talented contributors from around the world, we create games with unexpected themes and mechanisms. Gather your friends, and turn wood and cardboard into joy!

Risks and challenges

All previous campaigns have been fulfilled. We are confident in our ability to deliver the game and any additional materials. That said, unforeseen events may affect how quickly fulfillment is conducted, and the final graphics and components that you see presented here are subject to (however improbable) change. We will be exhibiting at Essen, and it is very likely that some backers or other people may have the game in hand before you do. Note that our goal is to ship the game on time, by the dates listed on the pledge levels. Shipping a package is different than delivering a package. We do not deliver your game, the shipping company does. Therefore, delivery times will vary according to your local postal services – once we ship, the shipment is the responsibility of the shipping company. If tracking is important to you, please let us know. Informal currency conversions made on this campaign may not be accurate by the time you read this, and therefore result in seemingly cheaper prices further in the future. Warning: This train is ready to leave - please mind the doors. Mind the gap. Never mind the flowers and frolics. By backing this project, you indicate that you have read, understood and agreed with the above. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via the KS messaging system.

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    Shipping will be charged after the campaign, please do *not* add any shipping cost to your pledge.
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