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Plot to seize the throne in this dynamic game for 2 players. Choose anime or dieselpunk and help us republish this Japanese gem!
Plot to seize the throne in this dynamic game for 2 players. Choose anime or dieselpunk and help us republish this Japanese gem!
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The Queen is dead!

Who will be the new queen?

Long Live the Queen is a dynamic tactical game for two players caught in a dangerous struggle for power and prestige!

Originally published in Japan in a very small print run, Long Live the Queen is a quick yet engaging game with no downtime, a tug-of-war where you must constantly outmaneuver your opponent with bold tactical moves, within an expected playing time of 30 minutes.

Now, with your help, we can give Long Live the Queen the production values it deserves and publish this great little game again!


The Queen Mother has died unexpectedly, under mysterious circumstances, leaving the line of succession uncertain. Twin princesses Black Rose and White Rose both seek the throne. 

Each has arrived at court with her skilled supporters, ready to claim the throne for herself. While either can gather the Prestige needed to win the crown by popular acclaim, sometimes it’s easier to simply eliminate the competition.


In the criminal underworld of Axia, a dystopian nation torn by economic Crisis, someone took out a hit on The Queen, who until now has ruled the crime syndicates with an iron fist.

Now it's up to the upstart leaders of two rival gangs to fill the power vacuum, taking out any opposition.

When backing, you can choose between two editions of the game: courtly intrigue featuring art from the original Japanese edition or gritty dieselpunk-themed artwork by Anthony Cournoyer, the talented illustrator of Crisis.

The gameplay is the same in both editions, as is the quality of the materials and our dedication to giving you a great playing experience.

We have also added a pledge level that includes both editions. You can then gift or trade one of them, or play them according to the preference of your playing partners.











For a high resolution image of the classic edition components, click here.

For a high resolution image of the dieselpunk edition components, click here.

In Long Live the Queen, players secretly organize their royal courts on opposite sides of a line numbered from 2 to 12.

On each turn, a player rolls two dice to determine which characters to reveal or activate. Each character possesses a special ability that, if used at the right time and place, may be the key to victory.

The active player can then swap two adjacent characters, maneuvering them into position for future turns or taking them out of harm's way.

The Court

Assassins and Snipers slip through the halls, a forceful reminder of power. Nobles and Schemers ply the court with wealth and secrets.

The clever Witch and the quick-witted Clown meddle with the court itself, helping you position courtiers right where you want them. The Princess directs other courtiers to reveal themselves, and the Guards can protect them from attack.


Behind the scenes, a secret Master directs two Apprentices, duplicating the Master's skills. As circumstances evolve, a player may change who the Master is, shifting the landscape of power with a new set of abilities.

Winning the game

A Princess can win this contest through two very different means. She can gather enough Prestige by show of force (red), wisdom (blue), or prosperity (yellow), or win by making sure there is no one else left competing for it!


For more details on the components and rules of Long Live The Queen, download the classic edition rulebook here and the dieselpunk rulebook here (right click and Save as…). Please download this file, as PDFs viewed in-browser may not display properly.

If you find any mistakes, please send us a message via the KS messaging system.

To get a feel of how it feels to play Long Live The Queen, check out this fantastic Vassal module, by clicking here. You can get the latest version of Vassal here.

You can also try the dieselpunk version on Tabletopia!


Originally published by Circle 3D6 in Japan, we first played it in 2014, and we were immediately intrigued by the quick back-and-forth gameplay with no downtime and constant interesting tactical decisions.

When we decided to publish the game, we knew we wanted to preserve the original Japanese art and theme, upgrading its graphic design and materials, something possible with a larger print run than the usual limited releases in Japan.

So, we made the tiles bigger, we added the number bar, we gave the game an expanded rulebook, and we added the marbled dice.

In addition, we adapted the graphic design: 


We also knew that we wanted to work on another theme for the game, since anime does not appeal to everyone. We reimagined the game in dieselpunk, inspired by our recent hit Crisis.


The dieselpunk version of Long Live the Queen takes place in the world of Crisis and continues a series of games in this universe. While there will be a variety of mechanisms and gameplay styles, each curated title will have the same quality of art and design, as well as premium materials, all possible with your help and support.

We expect to fulfill all rewards from Germany. EU backers do not have to worry about customs or VAT. Depending on the amount of backers, we may fulfill US rewards from within the USA.

We are not able to offer multiple-game pledge levels because to be able to fulfill the campaign as promised, we must ship every game individually. Since we already subsidize the shipping costs, a bulk pledge would not even save any money. We wish KS would allow for the same backer backing for a reward multiple times. A solution that some backers have found is to back for an additional copy through a second KS account.

That said, we have been able to offer a combined pledge for both art versions. We are currently exploring post-campaign add-on possibilities.

Shipments to backers outside of the EU will have the most updated EUR value of 19 USD declared as the value of the package (currently 18 EUR). That's roughly equivalent to 25 CAD / 25 AUD / 19 CHF / 2140 JPY. The same applies for the $38 pledge level, with the corresponding amount declared. Note that we can not be responsible for any customs fees.

Tracking is not offered through this campaign. If tracking is important to you, please contact us via the KS messaging system before the campaign is over.

Please note that we can not take any responsibility for any lost or damaged copies to Brazil, Hungary, Russia, or South Africa.


What You See Is What You Get - this is our doctrine, and we like to run simple, straightforward campaigns. We are aware that add-ons and/or stretch goals would increase the funding total. However, we have already thrown everything into this game - a lot of time, effort, and money. We intend to print with the highest quality materials, and we let you, our fans, decide which version you want.

We also want to offer the game at the cheapest cost possible - and that is incompatible with stretch goals. We'd have to add "hidden" profit in the pledge levels that we can then "spend" to give you stretch goals - nothing is for "free". Therefore, raising money beyond our goal does not give us extra money on hand to create stretch goals.

Furthermore, because the games are made in Europe in a small print run, we do not benefit from economies of scale by producing a few more copies of the game.

We do not offer add-ons (not even our other games) during the campaign, because we want to keep our operations simple and deliver efficiently. We are in this for the long run, so it does not help us to squeeze a few more dollars from a few backers, if we would disappoint *all* backers. We have a reputation for shipping on time or early, and this is how we minimize the risk of missing our deadlines.

Finally, we do not pay anyone to give an opinion on our games.


First we would like to thank MissMerc007, who introduced us to Japanese games in general, and Long Live The Queen in particular.

Circle 3D6 and Andy Kitkowski worked with us to bring Long Live The Queen to a larger audience, and have been great partners in this adventure!

Our Japanese translator, Saigo, worked very hard to give us the exact intent of the original design team, and we are very thankful for his invaluable support.

The graphic design was adapted by Daniel Solis & perfected by Viktor Csete, who also made high-quality prototypes, the great KS campaign video and the final rules layout.

Many thanks are owed to the support team of Alvin Chen, Falko Sieverding and Kai Mölleken, who provided numerous suggestions for improvement and helped bring this project to fruition.

We are also grateful for the support of our wonderful Spiel volunteers who helped us take some time to demo Long Live The Queen last year - we would not be able to launch this campaign without their continuous faith in what we are trying to achieve. Danke!

Risks and challenges

All of our many previous campaigns have been fulfilled, with rewards either having arrived or currently in transit. We are working with a manufacturer we have worked with before, and we are confident in our ability to deliver the game and any additional materials. That said, unforeseen events may affect how quickly fulfillment is conducted, and the graphics and components seen here are subject to change (however improbable). We will be exhibiting at Essen, and it is possible that some backers or other people may have the game in hand before you do, although we plan to ship your games first. Note that our goal is to ship the game on time, by the dates listed on the pledge levels. However, shipping a package is different than delivering a package. We do not deliver your game; the shipping company does. Therefore, delivery times will vary according to your local postal service. Once we ship, the shipment is the responsibility of the shipping company. If tracking is important to you, please let us know before pledging. If your reward does not arrive, it is returned to us, so we need you to patiently wait until that happens. Many times we have re-sent a reward only for the backer to receive both the original and the replacement. Informal currency conversions made on this campaign may not be accurate by the time you read this and may therefore result in seemingly cheaper prices in the future. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this game are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, or products is intended or should be inferred. Please do not try to assassinate, discredit, or dishonor any of your siblings for personal gain, prestige, or Nutella. OK, maybe for Nutella we could understand, but please don't. By backing this project, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agreed with the above. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via the KS messaging system.

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    Long Live The Queen - classic edition

    The original Japanese anime-illustrated edition, with updated graphic design and high-quality materials.

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    Long Live The Queen - dieselpunk edition

    Illustrated by Anthony Cournoyer in the style of the grim dystopia of Crisis. Each tile features a unique character illustration, created to fit the new setting.

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    Long Live The Queen - both editions

    Can't decide which one you like the most? Get both and decide later which one to gift or trade.

    This level contains a copy of each of the two editions, for those who value variety in thematic experiences.

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